Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 240 – I Will … You (5)

Originally, the Gorge of Death should have been destroyed from the magic bombs coming out of the large containers.


The cliffs started to break apart.
The broken pieces started to fill up the deep gorge.

“H, how is this-”

The knights of the Indomitable Alliance urgently got off of their horses after feeling a rumbling that was beyond what they had expected. They were clutching onto their reins, however, they did not even notice this action as they were at a loss for words while watching what was happening in front of them.

This was the same for the people on the Breck Kingdom’s side as well. The soldiers who had been running away from the magic bombs quickly got back up after having fallen from the shock of the explosion.

“That is from our side-”

The soldiers could not help but shake at what their allies had done. Their gazes all headed to a single direction as they got back up.
They were all looking at Cale and his group. They were the only ones who were looking at this explosion with calm expressions.

It was just one part of the Gorge of Death that was hundreds of kilometers long. Those few kilometers of the gorge were filled with rock and dirt.

“The Indomitable Alliance’s plan succeeded.”

Rosalyn started to laugh even though the enemy’s plan had worked.


It was because she could see a wall of dark blue fire gulping up the broken area of the cliffs.
The dark blue flames glowed in Rosalyn’s red pupils.

‘Dragons really are amazing.’

Although her insides were not well because of her overuse of mana, she could not stop laughing. She heard a quiet voice by her ear at that moment.

“…Miss Rosalyn, I’m going to let you down now.”

Rosalyn flinched. She was still being carried over Cale’s shoulders.
She slightly turned her head. She could see that Cale’s arm was shaking.

‘…Ah, this weak person was-’

Realizing that she was being carried by this weak person, Rosalyn felt extremely sorry. She quickly got off of Cale’s shoulder.
She then looked toward him, expecting to see him frowning from being tired. She then flinched again.

His extremely calm face was looking toward the dark blue wall of fire.

‘The bridge was blocked.’

The Gorge of Death spanned hundreds of kilometers. The enemy’s bridge that should have appeared in the middle of the gorge became useless because of the dark blue wall of fire.

Of course, the enemy may try to do the same thing at the other cliffs around the Gorge of Death.
However, the Dragon’s Rages that were installed throughout the cliffs would block them each time.

“Miss Rosalyn.”
“Yes, young master Cale. Now the Mage Brigade can slowly take down the enemies in the sky.”

Rosalyn was already giving orders to the Mage Brigade with her hands and having them prepare long-distance attack magic spells. She continued to speak with a much more relaxed disposition.

“Have the knights and soldiers line up against the cliffs so that we can detect and prevent the enemies from attempting to do the same thing again.”

It was now going to be a prolonged battle.
Cale’s group managed to block the enemy’s path, however, it also meant that the Breck Kingdom’s side could only attack the other side with magic as well. Although they had strong individuals with them, there were not enough of them to handle hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers.
Furthermore, Rosalyn wanted to win while having the least number of casualties as possible.

“The enemy will end up retreating in a prolonged battle due to a lack of supplies. The north always has a shortage of food in springtime. The Breck Kingdom does not have such issues.”
“We cannot allow that.”
“Excuse me?”

A rare stern voice answered back.

“We cannot let it become a prolonged battle.”
“Young master Cale?”

Rosalyn’s heart started to beat faster again. Cale had a relaxed expression on his face, however, there was nervousness in his eyes now.

It was a word that did not fit well with Cale. That was why Rosalyn was getting worried as well. At that moment, Cale turned away from the dark blue pillar of fire.

“We need to quickly take care of them.”

Cale’s battle was only just beginning.
It was a fight against time from here on.

Cale could not stop fighting because of a certain individual. It was someone Rosalyn had heard about but not experienced herself.
But Cale had experienced his strength before.
Cale called forward someone who had been preparing ever since earlier.


The black robe moved toward Cale. The sky had turned dark as night was approaching, now only being lit up by the dark blue light of the wall of fire.
That made Cale’s red hair stand out.

“Those things over there.”

Mary looked toward where Cale was pointing. He was pointing at the winged individuals that were floating around the pillar of fire looking concerned.
Cale gave the order as soon as she looked toward those winged individuals.

“Get rid of them.”

Get rid of all of them.

“Mary, those wings have skeletons on them as well.”

Mary let out a gasp.

Rosalyn was also shocked as she looked at Cale.

Dead wyverns’ bones. A necromancer who can make skeletons move. It was the moment an image was created in Rosalyn’s mind.
The necromancer underneath the black hood started to smile.

“I understand.”

Her mechanical voice echoed in the area. At the same time, black threads started to come out of Mary’s hands.

Flap, flap.
A black bone wyvern flapped its wings. It then kicked off the ground and flew up.

Cale lifted his head up.
Someone fell down from high in the sky and toward the flying black wyvern.

The wyvern’s body lightly shook.
However, the person who landed on top of it did not shake at all. Choi Han, the black-haired sword master, grabbed onto the wyvern’s neckbone as they headed back up next to the dark blue fire.

A group of crows flew next to him. The hundreds of crows had created a black road in the sky. It was as if they were creating new ground in the air.

One of those crows landed on Choi Han’s shoulder.
It then opened its mouth and a familiar voice could be heard.

“This is Cale-nim’s order.”

It was the voice of the Tiger shaman, Gashan.
The crow was a familiar that was delivering its master’s voice.

And there was more than one familiar.
The Tigers in their white dojo uniforms were high up in the air looking down at the dark blue wall of fire. The crows also gave an order to these Tigers who were patching up some light wounds.

“The enemies’ wings are all remains of the dead. Destroy all of the wings.”

Remains of the dead.
The Tigers properly understood the meaning behind those words. Their gazes headed toward Choi Han and the black wyvern that were flying back up.

Caw, caw.
The black birds that delivered the orders started to ride the wind and move again. Choi Han followed their movements and flew up before taking out his sword.


Black aura came out of it. Choi Han could see some people moving by him and going down.
The three Whales smiled at Choi Han before heading toward the ground. He could hear the voice of the Killer Whale, Archie.

“A fire made by a Dragon is a bit difficult for us. We will take care of the ground.”

Choi Han responded with a short nod before moving even faster up into the sky. Archie shook his head at Choi Han’s vicious appearance.

‘That guy is not normal either.’

He heard a loud noise as he had that thought.


The black aura cut through the air.


The Flame Dwarves’ bodies were pushed back.
They all looked down at the weapons in their hands. The weapons that were slashed by the aura broke into pieces and fell down.

The pieces were then gobbled up by the dark blue wall of fire.
The black aura was scary, but the Flame Dwarves were more scared of that wall of fire.

“…How, how could there be such a fire?”

A Flame Dwarf who was holding now just the handle of an axe subconsciously gulped.

Their plan had failed.
There was a fire where there should have been a bridge.
As they were the Flame Dwarf tribe, they could feel the fierceness of the fire extremely well.
Could there be a human who could create a liquid that was filled with such a pure power as this?

The Flame Dwarves were surrounded by an unknown sense of fear. No, it was actually a fear that they knew about.
They knew that neither humans, Dwarves, Beast people, nor Elves could create such a pure fire.
The existence that could create this fire was someone the Flame Dwarves feared.

However, they could not withdraw.

“…No. We need to do it on our own. We can’t live under someone else’s rule forever.”

In order to overcome their fear, in order to escape from someone else’s rule, the Flame Dwarf tribe had already done things that the shouldn’t do. They controlled their wings to move again. However, they could not hide the fact that they were shaking in fear.

There were less than thirty Tigers and the sword master.
On the other hand, there were still hundreds of people from the Indomitable Alliance flying in the air.
There were still beings that were guarding the Flame Dwarves.


The Bears clashed against Choi Han.

“You crazy bastards! A pillar of fire?! Are you planning on setting the entire Gorge of Death on fire?!”

One of the Bears shouted at Choi Han as he quickly looked around. The Flame Dwarves seemed to be in shock from the pillar of fire and the ineffectiveness of the magic bombs.

‘This is why slave bastards can never change!’

The Bears were looking at the Flame Dwarf tribe as if they were trash for claiming that they could get this done but were now being scared.

The Tigers were bleeding, but continued to take down the Bears one by one.

‘Crazy bastards……’

The Bear bit down on his lips.
There would be the Lion tribe on the Eastern continent and the Bear tribe on the Western continent.
That was the deal that made them take out the Western continent’s Wolf Tribe and the Eastern continent’s Tiger tribe, but how could things get messed up like this?!

‘They are also in cahoots with the Whale tribe.’

They were planning on giving the ocean to the mermaids and using them to Arm’s advantage, however, the Whales had messed it all up.
He should have known things would go weird as soon as they appeared.

However, the Bears that finally figured out the flow of things could not stop.
The video communication device on his waist shined and delivered the Bear tribe’s rulers orders.

– Fight. Persist.

The smart bears could not go against their ruler’s orders.
He was a mid-level administrator, so they had to listen as he raised his voice and commanded them.

“Kill the crows first! Make it so that the Tigers cannot move freely!”

A loud noise reached their ears at that moment.


The Bear looked to the front.
He could see his subordinates fighting against Choi Han’s black aura.

‘Crazy bastard.’
The black aura that was shooting up into the sky was similar to the dark blue wall of fire. Contrary to the sword master’s gentle-looking face, the black aura was violent and chaotic. The sword master seemed to be purposely letting the aura run wild.

‘…He may look gentle, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.’

The Bear lightly tapped his fists together.

He could hear the noise of his gauntlets clanking. At the same time, his wings started to move.
He rushed toward the center of the battlefield.


His gauntlet smashed into a portion of wyvern’s wing bone.
The Bear turned his head in order to look at Choi Han. The two of them made eye contact. He smiled at Choi Han before ordering the nearby Bears.

“Destroy the wyvern!”

It was an airborne battle.
The Tigers and the sword master were in the same boat. They just needed to get rid of their rides.
The Bear could see Choi Han lightly biting down on his lips.

‘This must be the right method.’
The Bear’s eyes became cloudy as he dodged a black aura coming his way.


The aura was fast. However, the Bears continued to hit the wyvern’s body at that moment.

Boom, boom! Bang!

The wyvern skeleton raised its claws and tried to slash at the nearby Bears each time. However, it was too slow.
The wyvern’s claws could not touch the Bears other than leaving light scratches on their wings.

“Kahahaha! You think wings made of metal and bones will break by those stupid claws?”

The Bear laughed at what the necromancer on the ground was doing in order to try to protect the wyvern. However, her actions made the black-haired sword master unable to regain his balance and stumble.
It was a two for one deal for the Bears.

“Who cares if you can use aura? I just need to dodge!”

The Bear dodged Choi Han’s aura once more. Yes, the place that this sword master had shown his strength until now was the ground. Well, sometimes the water as well, however, it was never the sky.
Although that sword master had fought against the dead Guardian Knight, Clopeh, that was when he was riding a dead Dragon’s bones and not a black wyvern’s bones.

‘We are able to move more freely in the air!’

The Bear was certain about this, and this certainty led to a change in his actions.

Boom, bang!
The wyvern shook. Choi Han could not even use his sword properly because of the shaking, nor could he block the enemies’ attacks.


Choi Han let out a groan. The wyvern continued to twist its body and scratch at the Bears with its claws.
However, the claws still could not touch the Bears other than leaving light scratches.

“Hahaha! How fun! I will throw you and the wyvern into the fire that your allies created!”

The Bear was smiling to the point that his fangs were showing.

“I’m not so sure about that.”

The Bear could hear Choi Han’s voice at that moment. At the same time, Mary quietly said something on the ground as well.

“It’s ready.”

Black light started to come out of the black wyvern’s empty eye sockets.

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