Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 238 – I Will … You (3)

Destroy it all.
The first people to respond were the ones who were always with Cale.

“Choi Han!”

Rosalyn called out to Choi Han. At the same time, she clenched one of the highest-grade magic stones in her hand.
Choi Han started to run toward the cliff’s edge.


Mana started to vibrate around Rosalyn. Her other hand was busy casting a magic spell. She made a total of five movements.
The moment all of her movements ended.

Tap, tap, tap!

Choi Han kicked off the ground.
Rosalyn started to smile.

She had been the most level-headed one in < The Birth of a Hero. > In other words, she had no sense of fear.
She was able to throw away her position as a princess and did not put a limit on herself by believing that she could become the Tower Master of a Magic Tower.

However, level-headed did not mean calm. Her gaze headed toward the enemies.

“You’re all dead.”

Her hand headed toward Choi Han.

Wind surrounded Choi Han’s body.

Flight magic.

Rosalyn sent Choi Han into the sky and then proceeded with her next actions.

“Mage Brigades one, two, and three, prepare the strongest attack magic circles!”

She threw a highest-grade magic stone to both the Roan Kingdom and Breck Kingdom’s respective mage captains who were approaching her. There was no hesitation in her movements.
The captains caught the highest-grade magic stones in shock.

“The fourth Mage Brigade will create a haste magic circle in order to send our allies to the back!”

Another highest-grade magic stone was thrown to the captain of the fourth brigade. The Royal Mage’s number one disciple, Count Ecross, approached her at that moment.
He was the Vice Captain of the third Mage Brigade.

“Commander-nim, what about flight magic?”

The Tiger tribe, Whale tribe, and the experts on Cale’s side.
They needed flight magic in order to send these strong individuals to fight against the Bears.

Making others flying in the air was not an easy magic to accomplish. You needed to be at least a middle-grade mage in order to do that type of magic.

“I will do it.”
“Excuse me?”

Rosalyn did not even look at Count Ecross as mana started to appear around her.

“I can take care of it. Return to the third Mage Brigade, Vice Captain.”

Count Ecross flinched and stepped back.

One, two, three.
The red mana that flowed out of her body became like threads as they wrapped around her.
No, it was as if waves were floating around her.

‘Ecross, you cannot consider Princess Rosalyn-nim with regular standards. There is a reason she threw away her position as a princess.’

Ecross remembered what the Breck Kingdom’s Royal Mage, his master, had told him before. He then looked around. There were numerous mages when they combined the Roan Kingdom and Breck Kingdom’s mages.
Ecross had never seen so many battle mages gathered together before.

No, he had never seen so many mages gathered together like this at all.
It was because there was no Magic Tower right now.

A Magic Tower.
That was a place where hundreds of mages would gather together. However, the current Magic Tower had fallen.
Ecross looked toward Rosalyn’s back.
So many threads of red mana were surrounding her that he could not see her anymore.

The woman who was leading the Mage Brigades seemed as fiery and explosive as her red hair.

‘Ecross. I’m looking forward to princess Rosalyn-nim, no, mage Rosalyn’s future. So pay close attention and learn from her during the battle.’

‘Master. I think I understand the future that you are looking forward to.’

Count Ecross turned away from Rosalyn. He quickly started to walk to his position. At the same time, Rosalyn looked toward the person standing next to her and started to smile.

“Don’t worry, young master Cale.”

She jokingly added on.

“I’ll make sure to pay you properly for all of the magic stones.”
“I will give you a discount if you buy them in bulk.”

Rosalyn chuckled at Cale’s response and closed her eyes before opening them back up and starting to shout. At the same time, the red threads floating around her shot toward a single direction.

“Please move!”

The Tigers reacted to her shout.
The ground rumbled as the large Tigers started to move. Shaman Gashan’s voice could be heard from within the group of Tigers.

“Oh wind, please bring forth the black wings!”

Gashan’s staff was stabbed into the ground. They could then hear cawing coming from the distance.

Caw, caw, caw.

A black cloud seemed to be heading toward them.
The black cloud headed toward them with the rising sun on its back. However, the black cloud was not just coming from one direction. Tens, no, hundreds of crows were flying toward them from all directions.

Rosalyn and Gashan made eye contact.
Gashan smiled and started to speak.

“They will be the ground for the Tigers that were able to fly up thanks to your help.”

These crows would become temporary footholds with the Tigers’ every step in the air.

“They will also blind the enemies.”

The crows would gather together in order to prevent the enemies from being able to see. In that moment of temporary blindness, the Tigers and Choi Han will strike.

“Wonderful. I like it.”

Rosalyn nodded her head, closed her eyes and opened up her hands.

The highest-grade magic stone floated up as the red mana threads followed her movements to wrap around the Tigers’ bodies.
Rosalyn’s red hair was glowing red like the rising sun.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Tigers kicked off the ground with force.

The red threads sent the Tigers up into the air.

The mana threads connected to Rosalyn ripped, however, the connection was still there.

The red threads surrounded the Tigers and slowly became transparent until they became the wind.

“Kehehe, we meet those Bear bastards once again!”

The Tigers split up. They each had to handle tens of Bear tribe enemies. It was a one versus many type of situation. However, the Tigers could not hide their excitement.

“…You bastards are the Tigers that killed our Brown Bear tribe members!”

The Tigers scoffed at the Brown Bears that were growling at them.

“Why are you blaming us when it was your own actions that killed them?”

The Tigers could feel the crows flying underneath their feet and lending them their bodies.
They heard their leader speak from the ground.

“Run like you are in the mountains!”

That was Gashan’s order.
The mountains were where the Tigers could be at their strongest. Run as if they were in the mountains.
One of the Tigers licked his lips.

He kicked off the crow underneath his foot. The Tiger’s white dojo uniform fluttered in the wind.

“Can you handle over ten of us on your own?”

The Bears moved their wings and rushed toward the Tiger that was coming toward them. The Tiger started to laugh.

“How would someone wearing around some obnoxious set of wings defeat a Tiger of a mountain?”

The Tigers who had the black ground (crows) and the transparent wind had nothing slowing them down. They were able to easily jump over the Bears that were rushing toward them with those uncomfortable wings.
They were moving as if they were the ground that was rumbling with an earthquake. The Tiger started to move.
He then landed behind the Bear who was talking to him.

The Tiger moved his hand and grabbed onto the fake wings.

“Y, you, eek!”

The Bear struggled, but he could not move very well with the Tiger holding onto the wings.
However, the rest of the Bears rushed toward the Tiger at that moment from the north, south, east, west, and above.
Anybody could see that the Tiger had nowhere to run.

“You can’t go anywhere! You will end up dying here! Ahahaha!”

The Bear with the wings grabbed started to laugh.

“You Bear bastards are so noisy.”

The Bear raised his head. He could see the tens of Bears rushing toward the Tiger, however, the Tiger was smiling. The Bear that had his wings grabbed suddenly got the chills.
The Tiger started to speak joyfully.

“We are on a mountain, a mountain. There are no flat plains on a mountain.”

The gentle smile seemed vicious because of his fangs.

“When it comes to a mountain, you have either the top or the bottom.”


It was the moment the Bear’s eyes opened wide open.
The Tiger kicked on the black ground again.
He then started to descend.

The Gorge of Death.
The Tiger fell into the darkness of the gorge with a Bear in hand.

“Y, you crazy!”

The Bear felt chills from the wind brushing by his face. He then started to feel fear from the laughter of the Tiger behind him.
The Tiger put some strength into the hands that were holding the large wings.

Screech, crack!

He ripped the wings apart. They were broken. The Tiger continued to break the wings as they fell.
The Bear could see the pieces of the wings falling down underneath him.
Pieces of bones and metal. They all started to fall, one by one.

And finally.

“I should save the magic stone though.”

The magic stone did not fall.
Instead, the Bear felt a hand starting to choke him.


The Bear could not breathe. The Bear had not been able to do anything because of the large wings that had hindered him from moving properly. His neck was grasped by the Tiger’s hand.

“Ugh, ugh!”

The Bear’s neck tilted to the side with a groan. He had lost consciousness. The Tiger let go of the Bear’s neck.
The Bear continued to fall to the ground.

However, the Tiger took a step forward.

The crows lent him their bodies as footholds.
The Tiger raised his head. He could see the gazes of the Bears looking down at him.

He started to smile toward them.

“Alright, let’s go up.”

The Tiger casually walked up toward the enemies as if he was walking up a mountain path. There was no fear or hesitation in his walk.

But he could see the slightest trace of fear in the eyes of the berserk Bears.

“This is why you Bear bastards are useless. Who cares if you are smart? When you can’t use your numbers advantage, you are all just cowards!”

The white dojo uniform’s wide sleeves fluttered in the wind. The Tiger felt the breeze by his side as he headed back up to the sky.
This was the case throughout the area.
All of the Tigers were roaming through the sky, showing the Bears the fear of those who ruled the mountains.

Rosalyn opened her eyes.
She had safely delivered the transparent wind to the Tigers.
Her eyes were bloodshot.

Those bloodshot eyes of hers looked toward a direction.

Boom, boom, boom.
She was looking at the other side of the cliff. The winged Bears who had yet to fly up had changed directions.

They were now heading toward her, the location of the Breck Kingdom’s forces, instead of the sky.


Rosalyn looked toward the round container behind the approximately three hundred Bears running toward her. She heard a mechanical noise as light started to surround the round container.
Dwarves with wings were protecting the container along with the enemy mages.

Rosalyn started to smile again.


She heard the ground rumble again as hundreds of Bears started to rush toward her. They were dodging the Tiger tribe and the crows while trying to destroy the Mage Brigades.

Rosalyn stretched her hands forward and shouted.


The ground underneath her feet started to rumble.
The robes of the Mage Brigade’s mages fluttered while a group of mages who were standing in a circle around a highest-grade magic stone all reached their hands out as well.

They could feel the fluctuation of mana in the air.

Rosalyn was preparing a spell to destroy the wings of the Bears flying toward her.

I will kill half of those flying bastards in the Gorge.’


‘Then I need to cast a spell while making sure it doesn’t affect the Tigers.’

Rosalyn turned her head. She made eye contact with the shaman, Gashan.

Caw. Caw.

The crows started to create paths. Routes for the attack magic spells to go through were starting to be created one by one.
Three for the Mage Brigades and one for Rosalyn. A total of four paths were created.

They could see the Bears crossing the gorge.

‘We need to first attack the Bears and then attack or stop the container.’

Although it might strain her body, Rosalyn planned on using multiple large-scale attack magic spells in a row. Since there were a lot of highest-grade magic stones, she needed to block that container even if it was painful for her to do.

She needed to make it stop moving or have it blow up on the enemy side.
She bit down on her lips.

‘With that size, it’ll be a problem even if it goes off on the other side.’

The shock from the magic bomb would reach the Breck Kingdom’s side as well. However, it was still better than going off on the Breck Kingdom’s side.

She opened her mouth to speak.
The attack would start as soon as she said that word.

“Miss Rosalyn.”

She heard someone stopping her at that moment. She could see Cale, as well as people moving behind Cale.

Tap, tap.
One woman floated up into the sky. Her hair that was blue like the ocean fluttered in the air.
At the same time, a large water whip cut through the air.


“Dodge! It’s the Whale tribe!”

The Bears urgently dodged the whip. However, the whip was not aiming for the Bears.
The thunderbolt-like whip reached the other side of the Gorge of Death.

A loud noise was heard as the ground on the other side of the cliff collapsed. In its place was a water whip.
However, the whip soon disappeared. Instead, the woman with the whip around her arm used the pull from her whip to land on the other side.

Witira was the first to land in the enemy territory.
She picked her whip back up and split the water whip in her hands.

The whip easily divided into two. Witira started to move with a whip in each hand. Rosalyn watched this before slowly starting to speak again.


The Bear tribe’s voices filled the area right before she gave the final order.

“Damn it! Half of you chase the Whale. The other half of you, do as we planned! Hurry up!”

The people leading the Bears sped up as they flew toward the Breck Kingdom’s forces. The sight of hundreds of wings flying forward like arrows gave them the chills.

“Miss Rosalyn.”

However, Rosalyn could not say anything. Instead, she looked toward Cale, who continued to call her name.
It was when the Bears were only about ten meters away from the Breck Kingdom’s forces.
The Breck Kingdom’s people flinched in fear.
At the same time, all of the Roan Kingdom’s people’s gazes went toward a single person.

The person receiving these gazes, Cale, had a silver thread coming out of his hand. At the same time, a loud noise echoed on both sides of the Gorge of Death.


A silver shield appeared and crashed against the Bears.


Cale’s mouth started to bleed. Rosalyn could not understand why Cale was defending her.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!

The Bears’ wings and Cale’s shield continued to crash into each other.
Rosalyn started to speak.

“…Young master Cale, you don’t even have Raon.”

The power that always protected Cale’s silver shield. Rosalyn knew about Raon’s shield. That was why she had watched Cale activating the shield with shaking eyes before urgently speaking.

“I just need to use attack magic in order to defend against the Bears and then find a way to stop that container! It should be possible because we have the Whale tribe and the Tiger tribe as well!”

Rosalyn could see Cale smiling at that moment.
Although he was smiling, he looked as if he was annoyed.

“Miss Rosalyn, I will keep it short.”

Black blood started to come out of Cale’s mouth again. This made Cale’s complexion turn worse, however, nobody else was able to see it due to their fatigue.

“The Whales will not block the container. Neither will the Tigers.”
“Just what-”

‘Not block the container? They’re not going to stop the magic bombs?’

“Miss Rosalyn, you and half of the Mage Brigade attack the container, while the other half will create shields and prepare to run.”
“…Won’t the bomb go off? Tens of bombs will explode!”

The Bears were still crashing into the silver shield as they spoke. Rosalyn quickly continued to speak after seeing the calm and confident gaze in Cale’s eyes.
The mages were waiting for her to attack.

“If the bomb goes off, a bridge will definitely be created! The enemy soldiers will cross over using the rubbles as steps. We will have a lot of casualties because of their numbers!”
“The enemy will not be able to cross.”
“…Excuse me?”

Cale made sure Lock and Raon were still behind him. He then coughed up some more blood and felt much better.
He had a smile that would cause Raon to say, ‘human, why are you smiling like that?’ as he quickly tried to forget about the emptiness from Raon not saying it.

He then opened his mouth to speak.

He was waiting for the moment the gorge started to shake.
The enemy will be met with anger.

“The Dragon’s Rage will shoot up.”

Dragon’s Rage.


Rosalyn let out a gasp. She had forgotten about it.
Earlier this year, Cale had the Tigers plant them inside the gorge.

It was a pillar of fire that would reach the heavens.
It was a pillar of fire that was multiple grades higher than the one that the Alchemists’ Bell Tower has made.
The pillars of fire that the ancient Dragon Eruhaben had created were quietly sleeping underneath the Gorge of Death.

“We will start to trick the enemy from here on.”

Cale’s smile was etched in Rosalyn’s eyes.

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