Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 237 – I Will … You (2)

The Gorge of Death that splits the two kingdoms is still there.
No matter how strong they are on land, the enemy cannot get here if they do not have a way to cross the gorge. In fact, the Breck Kingdom’s mages had the advantage as they could use long-distance attacks to strike from the other side of the gorge.

They had a lot of soldiers, but it didn’t matter if they couldn’t attack.

“…Young master Cale, that’s what I wanted to ask you. Did something happen?”

Rosalyn had been waiting for Cale until now. She was waiting for Cale to bring her information from Clopeh.
However, Cale’s question made her realize that Cale had no information as well.

“Raon is sick.”

Rosalyn’s expression changed. She quickly took out a video communication device and handed it to Cale.

“Where should I connect you to?”
“His highness, prince Alberu.”

Rosalyn did not say anything else as she started to channel her mana in order to connect the video communication device. However, she did not need to do that.

Beeeep- Beeeeeep-

Her video communication device started to glow red. She immediately connected the call and handed it to Cale.

– Cale.
“Your highness, what did he say?”

Alberu Crossman was the only other person’s contact information that Clopeh had. It was because Alberu was the only person who would know what Cale was planning to do and take care of things properly.

Cale was certain that Clopeh had told Alberu how they were going to move the troops.

Cale was waiting for Alberu’s response.

It was at that moment.

“Commander-nim, the soldiers are stepping back!”

A knight shouted toward Rosalyn.
At the same time, Cale could see the enemy soldiers moving in formations.
The large number of soldiers were all moving at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground started to shake.
At the same time, a path appeared from in between the soldiers.
Cale heard Alberu’s voice at that moment.

– Apparently, they made wings. They supposedly got the idea from seeing the necromancer’s flying monsters in the Henituse territory’s battle.

Alberu Crossman urgently continued to speak.
Cale could see the Bears walking through the path between the soldiers.

– Since it was difficult to control the wyverns without Clopeh, they supposedly killed them all. The Dwarves then used the wyverns’ bones, steel, and magic stones to make wings. They were able to make multiple wings with every wyvern.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
The ground started to shake with every step the Bears took.
They were the Beast people tribe that was known to be the most numerous of the strong Beast people.
The Bear tribe.

There were large wings on each of their shoulders.

They were bone wings that were imitating wyvern wings.
The large Bears in their berserk states were able to carry those wings.

Rosalyn’s urgent voice could be heard.

“Your highness, how many of them are there?”

She looked toward the Bears that were starting to appear on the other side and asked as Alberu immediately responded back.

– At least 1,000.

That was not a small number.
There were at least 1,000 enemies that could fly in the air.

– It’s not just the Bears. It is 1,000, including the Dwarves.

Cale could see the strong but short Dwarves with smaller wings behind the Bears.

The Flame Dwarf tribe. They appeared for the first time in this war.

They were all short but muscular and had strong looking weapons in their hands. Furthermore, Dwarves in general were known for being physically strong.

Rosalyn watched them and started to get a headache.

‘How are those wings activated? If they are using magic stones, it has to be using magic.
Can’t the mages just shoot them down with magic when they are in the air?’

She then suddenly had a different question.

‘…How will the soldiers cross over?’

Cale and Alberu soon answered that question for her.

“That’s not it, is it?”
– One more thing.

Alberu immediately responded back.

Screeeeech, screech.
They could hear the sounds of machines. It sounded as if extremely heavy wheels were moving.

“Commander-nim! The knights are stepping back as well!”

Now the enemy knights were stepping back as well.

Tens of thousands of enemies were moving now.
A large item appeared between those moving soldiers and knights.

– They made a bridge.

Something to connect the two sides of the gorge in multiple locations.
The Dwarves had announced that they were going to build bridges.

– The one thousand soldiers with wings are meant to fight until the bridges can be installed.

The thousand flyers were not aiming to attack them directly.
The enemy was aiming to defend as well.

Their jobs were to protect the bridges.

“…That is a bridge?”

Rosalyn could not trust Alberu’s words.

“No! It is not a bridge!”

That was not a bridge.

“There are magic bombs on it!”

She looked toward the large item being pushed on top of wheels. She was certain that there were magic bombs inside of it.


She could tell by the vibrations coming from the other side of the gorge. They were full of magic bombs that were on the verge of exploding.
Rosalyn heard Cale’s voice at that moment.

“The soldiers and knights are continuing to withdraw. It looks like their goal was to cover those things.”

Their goal was to prevent the Roan Kingdom from seeing.
Rosalyn looked toward the wings and magic bomb that the soldiers and knights had been covering up. Cale continued to speak.

“The cliff. A path will be created if you destroy both sides of the cliff. I suppose that is a bridge of sort as well.”

Rosalyn looked down.
She could see the ground.
The cliffs were on separate sides of the gorge. However, if both of these cliffs crumbled, the debris from the cliffs would cover up the gorge.

Rosalyn could see the enemy continuing to withdraw. They were stepping back as if they were doing their best to avoid the impact.

“…Destroy the Gorge of Death?”

Rosalyn then turned toward Cale. Alberu started to speak again.

– He said that the Dwarves had one goal. They are trying to create a path for them to be able to come down to the south at any time.

This was the final battle.
However, it was the final battle to prepare for another start.

– They will destroy the gorge that hinders their ability to do that.

The Dwarves had prepared for this final battle with thoughts about destroying one of the Five Forbidden Regions.

– That is why the Askosan Kingdom and the Norland Kingdom moved all of their forces in order to show their support for the Dwarves’ decisions.

It explained the sudden increase in the number of soldiers.
This was the way of the rest of the Indomitable Alliance showing their support. It would mean that they would not lose, even if they lost this battle. It would give them the option of planning for the future.

“These damn bastards……!”

Rosalyn could not understand the thoughts of people who were pushed into a corner. That was why she had not expected such a situation.
That was also why the sights in front of her were making her anxious.

Rosalyn’s expression became cold as she started to speak.

“Back! Everybody move back!”

She then gave another order.

“All mages get into attack formation!”

Raon was sick right now. Rosalyn felt that she was the only one here would could take charge of the magic. She gave an order to the mages who were teleporting the soldiers over.

“Stop the teleportations!”
“Excuse me?”

Magic bombs and the resulting explosion.
It would be more difficult with the soldiers here. The soldiers may end up getting dragged into the explosion as well.
She needed to delay their teleportation.

Furthermore, magic was more important than the soldiers right now. They needed long-distance attacks.

“Everyone prepare to attack.”

She decided to have the mages responsible for the teleportation magic circles to join in on the attack as well. The greatest defense was completely sealing the enemy’s attack.
Rosalyn hid her anxiety as she continued to give order after order. She then heard something she did not want to hear.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
The Bears with the large wings.
They started to run. They started to run toward the cliff.
Hundreds of them jumped off the cliff as if they wanted to get help flying up.

Boom! Boom!

Rosalyn’s pupils started to shake as she watched them move. She also heard something else she did not want to hear.


The large container with tens, no, an unknown number of magic bombs started to make noises as well.
The device activating it seemed to be slow, however, it was progressing bit by bit.
It seemed as if it would be flung this way soon.

‘Is alchemy mixed in as well?’

All sorts of thoughts were on her mind right now.
It was at that moment.

“Miss Rosalyn.”

She could hear Cale’s voice.

“Young master Cale!”

Rosalyn, who looked toward Cale with despair on her face, flinched.

“Consider it as payment in advance.”

Cale handed her a small pouch. Rosalyn could not help but flinch at Cale’s sudden action.
It was because of what was inside the slightly opened pouch. She could feel large vibrations inside.

It was as if the contents were responding to the magic bombs.
A large amount of mana could be felt inside the back.

Rosalyn received the pouch with slightly shaking hands and opened it up.
It was a spatial pocket bag.

“There are hundreds of highest-grade magic stones.”

Rosalyn could not breathe for a moment.
Just one highest-grade magic stone was extremely precious. However, hundreds of them were gathered together and resonating.

“Use them.”

Cale walked past her after telling her to use the magic stones. He then walked over to the mages manning the teleportation magic circle. This was the large teleportation magic circle in this base.

“Does the blinking light mean that the other side is requesting teleportation?”
“Excuse me? Yes, that is correct.”
“Please let them through.”
“Excuse me? But-”

The mages looked toward Rosalyn and the enemies across the gorge.

“Please hurry.”

Rosalyn nodded her head as Cale asked once more, and the mages activated the teleportation magic circle again.

It was at that moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom-!

The first group had lifted up into the air.


Rosalyn could see approximately 100 Bears shooting up into the sky. They were flying.
The wings only moved a little bit.
It didn’t seem normal, however, they managed to do their job of keeping the Bears up in the air.

They were standing in a line and staring as if they were ready to fly toward the Breck Kingdom’s forces at any moment.

‘…Attack magic and flight magic!’

She thought of a way to block them. She clenched the pouch in her hand and immediately turned toward the Mage Brigade.
It was now a battle against time.

“I will help as well.”

Mary picked up her spatial pocket bag that was full of bones. Rosalyn smiled and walked toward the Mage Brigade.
It was at that moment.


The teleportation magic circle flashed.
The wind brushed by Rosalyn and blew toward the source of the light. Rosalyn turned her head. Her long red hair fluttered as she saw someone appear.

“It has been too long.”

The shaman, Gashan. The leader of the Tiger tribe had appeared with the Tigers.

Rosalyn could see the wind gathering around Gashan. She stopped walking toward the Mage Brigade.
She then heard Cale’s voice again at that moment.

“Gashan, use your wind incantation. Also, call your crows over.”

Gashan used the crows as if they were familiars.
They had helped quite a bit in order to deliver messages when they had destroyed Arm’s fleet over the ocean between the Western continent and Eastern continent last year.
However, there were many other ways to use them as well.

“Hohoho, do they just need to bother those large crows in the air?”

Large crows.
Gashan’s expression was calm as he pointed to the Bears.

A shaman.
Unlike mages, he could directly use the power of nature.

The Gorge of Death had the strongest winds in all five of the Forbidden regions.

Gashan revealed his sharp fangs as he could not hide his excitement.
At the same time, Cale started to speak to Rosalyn.

“Miss Rosalyn, let’s move them to the other side.”

Cale was pointing to the Tigers. Rosalyn looked toward them as well. Numerous Tigers started to appear through the teleportation magic circle.

Grrrrr, grr.

Their steps became stronger as they walked out of the teleportation magic circle. The Tigers were slowly growing after turning berserk. They then started to laugh.
They were enjoying Cale saying that he would send them to the location of the enemy.

The ally mages and soldiers heard another set of noises as they gulped after seeing the scary expressions on the Tigers’ faces.
Another hundred enemies followed the first group into the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom-

That noise made them miss a different noise.

It was the sound of the teleportation magic circle activating again.

However, the mages and Cale noticed it. He walked toward the teleportation magic circle.

“Long time no see.”

Last night.
Cale had contacted someone after learning that Lock was unable to fight.

A strand of water wrapped around the woman’s arm.


The future Whale Queen.
Whales were weaker than Dragons, but still able to contend with them. At the same time, they were also the strongest in the world other than Dragons.

The woman who was the leader of the Whales.

The Humpback Whale Beast person Witira clenched onto her water whip as she responded back to Cale’s greeting with a smile.

“Young master Cale, I didn’t want to come alone, so they came with me.”
“Young master-nim, it has been a while.”
“Ahem, it has been a while.”

It was the half-blooded Whale Paseton and Archie, the greatest Whale Warrior.
Witira had brought the two of them with her.

Huuuuuu, huuuuu.
Cale listened to Raon’s rough breathing coming from behind him as he started to speak to the Beast people.

The Whales and Tigers were known to be the most aggressive of the Beast people.
Cale was not pushing them toward defense as he had done with the others.

He saw Choi Han pulling out his sword and told them to do what they did best.

“Destroy everything.”

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