Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 236 – I Will … You (1)


Cale called out to Raon. However, all he got back was the rough sound of Raon’s breathing. It was completely different than when he had caught a cold last time.

Cale blinked after seeing Raon who seemed to be sleeping but had a serious fever and was breathing heavily.

The first growth phase.

That was the only thing he could think of. Cale recalled what Eruhaben had told him in the past.

‘He’s quite smart. He’s able to learn three months’ worth of content in only one month.’
‘But he is not growing.’
‘He’s not hitting his first growth phase.’
‘It’s about time for it to happen. I wonder what is going on.’

Raon was a Dragon who could not grow even though he had learned everything he needed to learn in order to activate it. Cale recalled what he had heard as he was falling asleep.

‘Human, will you save me again if I become that weak again and require you to save me?’

‘Damn it.’
Cale couldn’t help but swear.
It was not because he recalled what Raon had told him.

Beeeeeeeep- Beeeeep-

Was there a need for an alarm to wake people up to continue to ring this loud?
Should they be making this much noise when they should be wary of the enemy hearing them?

Cale bit down on his lips after suddenly thinking about something. He then looked toward Raon. The young Dragon had Cale’s video communication device in his spatial dimension.

The Guardian Knight Clopeh. He had only contacted Cale through that specific video communication device.
Cale had ordered him to contact him through his personal video communication device if anything changed with the Indomitable Alliance’s plans or if any urgent situations came up.
Of course, he did give a separate video communication device’s information to him in case of emergencies.

Beeeeeeeep- Beeeeep-


A voice called for him from outside the tent. Choi Han was calling his name.
Cale brushed his eyes with his hands.

What if something happened during the three hours he was sleeping.

No, what if it happened once Raon became sick? If Clopeh had contacted him during that time?
Then Cale would not have been able to answer that call. He didn’t have Raon to connect him.

Beeeeeeep- Beeeeeeep-

This was not the sound of an alarm.
It was a warning signal.
It meant that something had happened.

‘This is driving me nuts.’

Cale stopped frowning as best as possible and headed out of the tent.

He could see soldiers hurriedly moving about outside the tent. Light continued to flash from the teleportation magic circle located at the base as well.
The soldiers and knights stationed at the nearby city were all being teleported over.

“Cale-nim, the enemy is appearing on the other side of the gorge!”

Cale turned his head toward the direction of Choi Han’s voice. He could see Choi Han, Hilsman, Mary, and Lock. He could also see some of the knights of the Royal Knights Brigade, no, the core members of the Roan Kingdom’s forces.

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“Choi Han and Lock, come inside. The rest of you standby.”

Choi Han found it odd that he was calling them inside, but followed Cale’s order anyway. He could see the urgency in Cale’s eyes.
The enemy did not seem to be the problem.

Had Clopeh betrayed them?
That thought made Choi Han hurry.
He then saw the darkness inside the tent and stopped walking.


Even Lock who was following behind him stopped in shock.
Choi Han and Lock could see Raon who was on the bed with his eyes closed. The expression on Choi Han’s face changed. The confusion on his face quickly disappeared.

“…I was wondering if the Guardian Knight betrayed us. This must be why you didn’t say anything about the current situation, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han realized that Cale had not received any information from Clopeh right now. He felt upset after seeing Raon being sick even though they were in an urgent situation.


But seeing that Cale, who should be the most upset, was calm made Choi Han be able to calmly continue to speak.

“We noticed ten minutes ago that the enemy was using teleportation magic circles to do large scale transportations. That is why we are gathering our forces as well.”

They were using the large teleportation magic circles that the Mage Brigade had prepared for the gathering.

“Although it is three hours earlier than expected, all five large teleportation magic circles are currently being used to gather the Breck Kingdom’s forces to the Gorge of Death.

The Gorge of Death cut through the Western continent from east to west. They had placed five teleportation magic circles by the center of the route that was the shortest distance to the nearby Breck Kingdom city.

The third magic circle was located at the center of this route. That was where Cale was currently stationed.

“Rosalyn is currently at the border of the Breck Kingdom and the Gorge of Death in order to prepare for the enemy attack.”

Cale did not say anything before turning to look on top of his bed.

The only person who knew about Cale’s group’s situation and was able to use a video communication device was Rosalyn now that Raon was out of commission. However, she was currently waiting to fight against the enemy.

‘I guess Eruhaben-nim will not be possible.’

It was difficult to contact the ancient Dragon right now.
Many different thoughts passed through Cale’s head. At the same time, he remembered something he had heard as Kim Rok Soo when he first started a proper job.

‘You must be calm. A person who handles information must always have a cool heart. Got it, newbie?’

It was what his former team leader had told him. The voice of the man who noticed Kim Rok Soo’s talents and helped him grow was always calm.
Although his insides were boiling, Cale’s cold gaze looked toward Choi Han. However, he called for someone else.

“Yes sir.”
“You will stand by my side no matter what. No matter what. Got it?”

Lock clenched his fist and responded back.

“Yes, yes sir!”

Lock’s mind was boiling as well.
Beeeeeep- Beeeeeep-
Lock’s mind became complicated along with the loud sound of the alarm.

Cale turned and headed toward the bed once Lock responded. He used a blanket to wrap the curled up Raon. He covered him from head to tail. The small Dragon that was only 1 m 20 cm in length was quickly covered up.
Cale picked him up and held him in his arms.

He could not leave him here.
However, he could also not stay here by his side.

So what else could he do?

He had to carry him with him.

“Choi Han.”

Choi Han started to speak as soon as Cale called for him.

“I will stay by the three of your side at all times today. That will be my priority.”

Cale, Lock, and Raon.
Choi Han was clear about where he needed to be today. The battle was an issue and he wanted to help Rosalyn protect her kingdom, however, his family came first to him.

“What are you talking about?”

However, Choi Han could see Cale frowning at him. He seemed to have his usual grumbling expression.

“Choi Han, you destroy them before they get here.”

Destroy the enemy before they arrive.
Choi Han’s expression turned odd.

At the same time, Cale headed over to Lock and handed him the wrapped up Raon. Cale’s arms that were holding Raon up were slightly shaking. Although he was not very long, the now chubby Raon was quite heavy.

“Excuse me? Yes sir.”

Lock carefully held Raon in confusion. He could feel Raon’s weight in his arms. Once he looked down, he could see the heavily breathing Raon that no one else would be able to see.
Lock put some strength into his arms after feeling an unexplainable feeling. The existence that he thought was strong because he was a Dragon was not as heavy as he expected and was currently sick.

Raon was also part of Lock’s family.

“Are you not coming?”
“Ah, yes sir!”

Lock quickly followed behind Cale.

“Stick to my back without getting away at all today. Got it?”
“Yes sir!”

Lock understood Cale’s intentions. He was trying to protect the two of them. Although he had a calm expression on his face, how worried must he be on the inside?
Lock knew exactly what he had to do during this battle.
Carry the sick Raon.
Follow behind Cale properly.

They weren’t much, but the fact that he now had something to do during the battle made Lock’s body start to fill with strength.
Wolves became stronger when they had someone or something to protect. There was only a slight difference between loneliness and a sense of belonging. That was a fact that neither Lock nor Cale knew much about.

Choi Han watched as Cale left the tent with Lock.

The flap was lifted again and Cale stood in front of the Roan Kingdom’s core forces that were looking at him. Mary, Hilsman, the Mage Brigade, and the First Royal Knights Brigade.

Beeeeeeep- Beeeeeeep-

Although the alarm was going off and it was chaotic, the Roan Kingdom’s forces were waiting for Cale without any worries.
Cale stood in front of them as Choi Han came out of the tent and walked up next to Cale as well.
Cale started to speak at that moment.

“Our goal for today is simple.”

Cale clearly explained their goal to the group.

“Choose defense over attack.”

The Silver Shield.
The source of the power that people knew about was Raon. The defensive strength of Cale’s shield was only possible because Raon was with him. It was impossible to expect him to be able to do the same feats today.

However, Cale could not show his weakness to them. He could only give them a different order.

“Do not go far. Do not be alone either. Make sure you are always moving in groups of at least three people.”

Although they came to help the Breck Kingdom, Cale cared more about his life and the lives of the people from his territory first. He was making sure that he, and the people close to him, survived.

That was why Cale was telling the Roan Kingdom’s people to choose to act defensively.
Except for one person.

Choi Han clenched the scabbard in his hand. He nodded his head instead of responding to Cale, who was looking at him.

Go out before defending.
That was why he was the only person who was told to destroy the enemy before they arrived. Choi Han understood the meaning of that clearly.

Raon was not available.
Then he was the only one left.
Cale started to speak again as Choi Han started to smile.

“Everybody to your positions!”

The mages’ robes and knights’ armors made different noises as their formations started to move in different directions.
Cale started to walk somewhere as well. Mary, Hilsman, Choi Han, and Lock were next to him.

“Did something happen to Raon-nim?”

The mechanical voice of Mary was shaking for once. Cale looked toward the black robe and the concerned Hilsman next to her as he responded back.

“Something came up.”

He could see the two of them flinch.
However, Cale did not say anything to them like, ‘relax.’ You needed to face your troubles head-on. That was the only way to accurately determine the situation and find a path out.
Cale explained this fact to the two of them.

“That is why you both need to make sure that you are alert so that nothing happens to anyone else.”

Mary and Hilsman closed their mouths at that response.
Do not get hurt and stay alert.
Mary’s shaking lips and Hilsman’s concerned expression quickly returned to normal.

Cale turned away from the silent duo and headed toward someone.

He needed to go to her.
She was the one who would have the best grasp of the current situation and he needed to ask for her help.

* * *

Cale could see Rosalyn’s back.

Swiiiiiiiish- Swiiiiiiiish-

The wind was blowing. It was still dark as it was very early in the morning.
The Gorge of Death was made of extremely deep cliffs that twisted left and right for hundreds of kilometers.
Rosalyn was at the deepest cliff that was the border between the Breck Kingdom and the Askosan Kingdom.

She was standing there looking at the Askosan forces on the other side of the cliff.
Next to her was the Mage Brigade and the large teleportation magic circle.

Paaaat, paat.
The large teleportation magic circle continued to flash nonstop as knights and soldiers continued to appear.

However, Cale did not look at any of that.

“…Just, what the-”

He heard Vice Captain Hilsman’s voice, however, he could not pay attention to him at all.

He looked across the cliff.
It was the enemy land.

Many flashes of light were appearing there as well.
Another light flashed on Cale’s side. It was the light that was coming off of the large teleportation magic circle.

Tens of those lights were flashing on the other side of the cliff.

“…Seems fitting for the final battle.”

The other side of the cliff.
A large number of enemies were looking at them as they stood by the gorge.
It was an impossibly large number of enemy forces.

Flap, flap.
The flags that symbolized that they were part of the Indomitable Alliance were fluttering in the rough winds on the other side of the gorge.

It was an unbelievable number in comparison to the number of soldiers that had attacked the Caro Kingdom or the Roan Kingdom.

Furthermore, the northern lands, including the Paerun Kingdom, were all kingdoms of knights.

Knights were stronger on the ground. And if they are strong on the ground, they would naturally have strong soldiers as well.

Other than the river at the bottom of the long cliff cutting between the Breck Kingdom and the Askosan Kingdom, no source of water existed here.

“…I expected it, but seeing it in person makes it feel real that there are a lot of them.”
“No, there are more than what that crazy bastard told us.”
“Excuse me?”

There were more enemies than what Clopeh had told him.
Specifically, there were too many soldiers.

“Miss Rosalyn.”
“…Young master Cale!”

Cale’s hand was placed on Rosalyn’s shoulder. A single question continued to fill his mind.
He quickly whispered in Rosalyn’s ear.

“How are they going to cross with that many people?”

That many people.
Just what were they going to do to get all of them across the gorge?

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