When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 70: Formula (4)

-Is this real???

-He got into the Korean National University of Arts? Wow hehe

-I didn’t know that Kang Do Wook was also good at acting lol

-People with talent do well no matter what they do!

-I was wondering why there was no news about him going to college. I guess after not getting into Ju Won College he was preparing to apply to the KNUA…

-To my understanding, it’s hard to get into that school…that’s celebrity connections for you lolol

-Please stop saying such ignorant things. It’s even harder to get in as a celebrity, it’s famous for not accepting celebrities.

-I know hahaha He would have easily gotten into a mid-level school hahahaha If the KNUA applicants heard that they’d faint

-But who do the people at Ju Won College Practical Music program think they are, denying Do Wook?

-Didn’t they use to have a reputation for being terrible at spotting talent?

-I guess he’s not as good as Seo Jun lolol

-That’s why it’s weird…Is Kang Do Wook worse at singing than Seo Jun?

-He has so many hit songs, yet he couldn’t get into the practical music program?

-Ju Won College must be kicking themselves lol

-It’s just Kang Do Wook, why would Ju Won College be kicking themselves? Are you a Kang Do Wook stan?

-I am a fan of Do Wook He’s not ‘just’ Do Wook. Since they let go of someone who’s good at singing and composing, and is totally flawless, of course they’d be kicking themselves.

-It’s weirder that Seo Jun is Ju Won College’s PR model when even Kang Do Wook couldn’t get in. lol

-KK fans, please stop harassing our Seo Jun for no reason;;;

-We’re not harassing him, it’s a genuine question

The comment section was on fire. It was hotter than ever before. Just as their popularity had increased, interest in KK and Do Wook had significantly increased too.

Most of the comments were about being surprised Do Wook got into KNUA or complimenting him on being a polymath.

KNUA’s acting program was a program whose name alone carried tremendous fame and dignity. They were different from other broadcasting programs in universities where one can get in if they’re popular.

Just the fact that he was admitted meant that his skills were acknowledged to a certain degree. Because of that, those who heard the news were curious about Do Wook’s acting skills.

At the same time, people started to have doubts about his rejection from Ju Won college’s practical music program.

Currently, the face of Ju Won college’s practical music program was M2M’s Seo Jun. People naturally thought of Seo Jun when they thought of Ju Won college.

The fact that Seo Jun and Do Wook had a rivalry to a certain degree played a part in people comparing them.

The opinion among the comments started off with ‘Why can’t Do Wook go to Ju Won when Seo Jun made it in’, only to blur the essence of the matter with the question of ‘Is Seo Jun or Do Wook better?’.

However those types of off-topic responses were the response that Do Wook wanted.

Do Wook left the portal site, then went to the ‘Treasure Island’ site he had bookmarked on his cell phone browser.

A membership-based community, it was an adult* community site where female fans interested in idols gathered. Because it ran on a strict membership system, the number of people was smaller than that of large communities, but it was a place where a lot of useful information was gathered because it was mainly for adults. Broadcast officials were also often seen here.

Title: GDI* Treasures who were surprised to see the news when he was rejected from Ju Won College assemble
(TL Note: GDI = God damn it)

-My friend works at Ju Won college and they said corruption at Ju Won college has been rampant for a while.

-Doesn’t it seem like something’s going on?

-He failed, it’s not like he was accepted. What does this have to do with corruption…

-I’m saying that the people who were accepted are suspicious.

-Isn’t this a high-degree backhanded comment?

-It is referring to singers in entertainment agencies getting admitted to college every year?

-It is a backhanded comment o.o

-Please delete this ridiculous post

Do Wook confirmed that he had succeeded in raising suspicion to a certain degree.

Currently, it was only to the level of raising suspicion, but it was clear that once suspicions are raised, it will become bigger and bigger until it becomes a fait accompli.

It was because corruption really was rampant. If there were a connection between Ju Won college and Ara Entertainment, he would need help to properly dig it up.

For now, there was a possibility that evidence would come up since it was mentioned in the adult community here, so Do Wook thought he should continue to check ‘Treasure Island’.

“Kang Do Wook-!”

At that moment, the hotel room door opened wide and Ahn Hyung Seo yelled. Do Wook, who was sitting on the bed and looking at his phone, briefly put his phone down and got up.

The members, who had arrived at Tokyo, were returning after touring the city as a group.

Only Do Wook, who was tired from preparing for the full-length Japanese album and for the exam at the same time, stayed at the hotel.

“What is all this…”

Do Wook couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed at the members suddenly gathering around him. With a big smile, Manager Oh Baek Ho also joined them.

Holding a cake with a single candle, Park Tae Hyung slowly went towards Do Wook.

“We have to have a party to celebrate your acceptance!”

At Jung Yoon Ki’s words, Do Wook finally understood what the cake was for.

“You didn’t have to do all this.”

Do Wook muttered, embarrassed. Kim Won shook his head and said that these things had to be celebrated properly. They said “Congratulations~” and started to sing.

Ahn Hyung Seo urged Do Wook to blow out the candle. Do Wook blew lightly, blowing out the candle.

It was Park Tae Hyung’s idea to get him an acceptance celebration cake.

Of course the college Park Tae hyung was accepted to was a college any reasonable person could get into, but it had weighed on his mind that he got into college when Do Wook was rejected.

Kim Won was in strong agreement with Park Tae Hyung’s idea of getting a cake. He was next to him when Do Wook got the news he was rejected from Ju Won college. Kim Won was also feeling somewhat indebted.

The members all knew how hard Do Wook had worked to get these results.

Of course it was Do Wook’s personal business, but the members genuinely considered it a good thing for KK too.

The six members were not like best friends who share stories about their lives. Spending all day together, they were like family.

Do Wook was touched by the members coming together to congratulate him.

The members were significantly younger than him. Still, it felt like they were becoming true ‘friends’ more and more…Do Wook smiled, his mind at ease.

“I’m telling you, I knew he’d be able to do it ever since his good acting in the music video.”

Jung Yoon Ki boasted, standing next to Do Wook who was cutting the cake. Then, he looked at Suk Ji Hoon and said,

“Next year, you should follow Do Wook and get into KNUA too, man.”

“…I’m not confident I can do that. My acting style is a little different than theirs.”

Suk Ji Hoon shook his head as if saying it’d be difficult to do.

“It’d be perfect if Ji Hoon also got in! Two KK members attending KNUA! Then we’d be, what was that called, yungidol*?”
(TL note: Idols who also act)

“Only two of the six members know how to act, is that yungidol?”

Jung Yoon Ki blocked Ahn Hyung Seo’s fuss.

“Ji hoon can go where he wants to go.”

Do Wook put the conversation to rest as he distributed the cake on plates provided by the hotel.

Manager Oh Baek Ho, who had been observing, lightly patted Do Wook’s shoulders.

“You worked hard.”

“Thank you.”

“You’ll be busy balancing school on top of everything, but…”

Manager Oh Baek Ho picked his words carefully. He didn’t intend to unnecessarily break Do Wook’s spirit, but it was also time to face the things he was concerned about.

Do Wook silently waited for Oh Baek Ho to continue speaking. Looking at his expression, Do Wook had an idea of what he was concerned about.

“Although I’m sure you’ll do well on your own.”

“Please feel free to speak your mind.”

“You can’t ever forget that being a singer is your main job. You know that right?”

Do Wook acknowledged this part of Manager Oh Baek Ho. As expected, he didn’t climb to the position of department head and get scouted by various places for no reason.

He always knew how to manage the agency singers the right way at the right time. He didn’t just manage the schedule. After some time had passed from the debut and they were crazy busy from the fame they received, he even took care of their mental health.

He had a lot of outstanding virtues as a manager.

“Of course.”

“Oh hyung, Do Wook can take care of himself.”

Ahn Hyung Seo said, taking Do Wook’s side. Even Park Tae Hyung, who was mumbling with chocolate cake in his mouth, nodded his head saying Ahn Hyung Seo was right.

“On that subject.”

“Man, You’re not already working on the next album are you? You just finished working on the Japanese album!”

The members, who were the closest to him, knew best what a workaholic Do Wook was. Ahn Hyung Seo asked, concerned. Do Wook smiled and shook his head.

“No, I’m not. But speaking of that, about Yoon Ki’s situation. I wanted to ask what it is.”

“Ah, that!”

When Do Wook brought up the subject, Manager Oh Baek Ho thought that this was a good time to talk about it since everyone was gathered.

Recently Jung Yoon Ki received an offer from the management team of ‘Student Rapper’ to appear on a program.

It was an offer to appear on the newly planned adult version of rapper survivor program called ‘Show Me the Honey’. If he made it to the finals, the program would take about two months from the first competition to the last competition.

It wasn’t a team activity but a solo activity for Jung Yoon Ki.

Since it was a survivor program, it was clear that there’d be a significant amount of stress and a divided debate over your skills. It would be a great help in getting your name known if it went well, but there was just as high a risk that it’d cause you trouble.

‘Show Me the Honey…It’s a program that gains a tremendous amount of popularity.’

Do Wook fell into deep thought as soon as he heard that the program Jung Yoon Ki was offered was ‘Show Me the Honey’.

‘He did not get the offer previously because KK wasn’t as popular, or did he reject the offer?’

To Do Wook’s knowledge, Jung Yoon Ki never appeared on ‘Show Me the Honey’.

Because of that, Do Wook couldn’t help but worry. It was a future he couldn’t foresee. The popularity of the program itself was substantial, but it was a program that was just as controversial, which is exactly what Oh Baek Ho and Jung Yoon Ki were concerned about.

‘It’s, as they say, a high-risk, high-reward program. Will it end up being good, or bad…’

Jung Yoon Ki spoke his thoughts frankly.

“I did burn the candle at both ends when doing Student Rapper, and I’m concerned that I’ll end up dragging KK’s name through the mud. I have a lot to lose this time around.”

The other members had a serious expression. It wasn’t an easy situation to determine if it was good or bad.

As Jung Yoon Ki said, he might disgrace the KK name, but on the other hand, it was an opportunity to make the name shine even more.

“It’s not something I should decide by myself, I thought we should all come to a decision together. Whether to go on it or not.”

The members nodded their heads.

Do Wook searched in his memories. He recalled the participants in ‘Show Me the Honey’. Currently, Jung Yoon Ki’s rap had progressed significantly compared to his Student Rapper days.

‘It’s definitely competitive. When comparing it to the winner’s skills, it doesn’t seem like he falls too far behind.’

Do Wook said as he looked at Jung Yoon Ki,

“Yoon Ki, as long as you’re confident, I think you should just do whatever you want to do.”

“True…I don’t think you’d do bad, in fact I think you’d do well. The problem is that it might be really taxing on you…Don’t do it if you think it’d be too much for you.”

Continuing what Do Wook said, Ahn Hyung Seo also spoke earnestly. Jung Yoon Ki was grateful to the members. The feeling that they believed in him strengthened his resolve.

The other members also offered similar opinions.

Jung Yoon Ki nodded his head with a troubled expression.

“Ok. I’ll give it some more thought.”

Actually, Jung Yoon Ki was already leaning towards going on the program. As long as the members were ok with it, the rapper in him really wanted the challenge.

‘If Jung Yoon Ki’s individual recognition increases…it’s not bad for KK either. If his skills are acknowledged too, all the better.’

As he thought it over, Do Wook started to picture what the future with Jung Yoon Ki would look like.


The next day. A group photo of KK appeared on a huge electronic display board located in a high-rise building at Shibuya Intersection.

It was an ad made to actively promote Nakamoto.

Before they headed to the handshake event in celebration of the full-length album release, the members had taken a car to check out the advertisement and were mindlessly staring at their picture that was hanging in the center of Tokyo.

And in Seoul, Seo Jun, who was selected as the sub male lead of the public broadcast station’s Monday/Tuesday drama < Sun and Moon Lovers >, was doing an interview at the production presentation site.

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