TWSB – Chapter 146: The world’s greatest show! (5)

‘Does he…… not know what an auction is?’

“We have 200,000,000. Anybody want to go higher? Madam? Your client has not said anything?”

Emille de Haas was an amazing bastard for multiple reasons.

I didn’t think that I would be able to continue the auction after the Imperial Crown Prince called out 200,000,000 and made everybody unable to say anything.

However, he leisurely asked the regulars their opinion and tried to up the asking price.

I picked the cloth up and thoroughly covered the tank.

Water was dripping from my head and the harp seal looked apologetic.

‘It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. Anyway, the flow of things right now……’

“It is currently at 200,000,000. His Royal Highness has made the bid. This is a rare demonic beast, a flawless baby that was caught on the Haas shore this morning. I guess there are no other bids. Then I guess we have our winning bid. His Royal Highness has purchased it for 200,000,000 franc!”

– Tap!

Emille tapped the hammer with fluid movements.


Applause and cheers started pouring out. I could see fans flapping and gloves moving through the darkness.

I calmly got my brain to work.

Vice Captain Élisabeth said that she would inform Christelle and the crown prince that the harp seal was a divine beast.

The two of them should have figured out the situation by now.

But the crown prince paid 200,000,000 for the baby that was marked as a demonic beast instead of taking it off as an auction item.

There was only one thing that could mean.

“My goodness. I was wondering who the trainer was but it was the Marquis-nim. I humbly apologize for not recognizing you. How could something like this happen……”

Emille quickly approached and knelt down in front of me.

He had an extremely innocent look on his face. It was amazing that someone could be so malicious.

The employees of the merchant guild stiffly came on the stage to move the harp seal.


I then heard Ganael’s voice.

I looked behind me to see the young boy and Benjamin rushing toward me with a towel.

I saw a calm David as well.

“You must be out of your mind. Did you really think you could get away with mocking royalty?”
“I truly apologize, attendant-nim. However, who would have imagined that the Marquis-nim would be hiding on the dirty floors of the merchant guild?”

Benjamin scolded Emille who used a soft and weak voice to claim his innocence.

Ganael glared at him as if he wanted to stab Emille to death with his gaze.

I silently stood up.

I did not forget to quietly whisper to David while the young boy put a large towel around me.

“Please hand the divine beast to me.”
“Yes, your highness.”

He agreed without asking anything. It was obvious why this was the case. This was the crown prince’s trap.

As soon as I reveal that the harp seal is a divine beast, that bastard Emille will be imprisoned immediately for deceiving a member of the Imperial family.

I did not look at him until I got off the stage.

I just calmed an angry Percy and looked at the little guy in the water.

The ball was back in my hand.


The cutie, who was obviously a harp seal, and the prince both disappeared.

It was so that he could find a way to prove that it was a divine beast.

Christelle barely managed to suppress the frost forming at her fingertips.

She could not forgive that terrible merchant guild leader bastard for putting the Prince on stage and using him as a laughingstock.

However, right now was not the time to step in.

The crown prince next to her was releasing ether as hot as the temperature in a red clay room.

‘Yes, you are doing a good job holding yourself back too.’

“This is our second auction item. We have prepared a holy artifact befitting the week’s theme of divine items. This is Julite’s Headdress.”

Emilled pulled back the red silk.

A headpiece that sparkled as if it was new appeared on the center of the stage.

“My goodness!”
“I was wondering if it was a terrible joke but it truly existed.”
“Is it okay to own something like that?”

The auction house became ominously loud once the second item appeared.

The crown prince and the Duke and his wife also looked uncomfortable after hearing the name, Julite.

Only Christelle looked as if she had gained a great opportunity.

She pushed the paper in her pocket with her hand.

This was the document she had received this morning after playing that shitty game with that Haas bastard the other day.

She felt Cédric’s gaze but ignored him.

She could not have the fire fox figure out the card she procured while holding back her disgust.

“‘Holy artifacts’ are treasures that high-ranking priests or Holy Knights used during their lifetime. This was an item personally used by Julite. There are records of it being seen on the battlefield numerous times and it has been in the possession of the Empire’s Baron’s House of Bellang since her passing. The family has included a letter of guarantee with the item.”

The merchant guild leader explained. The nobles started to whisper to each other.

“Bellang? Oh, it must be that house. The ones who sent the twins to be the Marquis-nim’s attendants……”
“Shh. Lower your voice.”
“As expected of a Holy artifact, it has a special ability as well. The headdress absorbs the flow of mana from outside and redistributes it, minimizing the burden and side effects on the user’s body. This will be the greatest support item for someone who frequents portal traveling.”

This was it. Christelle peeked to the side. The crown prince’s eyes were showing interest.

‘I knew it.’

“We will start at 100,000 franc. Madam, I see 200,000 from you. Thank you very much. Do we have 250,000? 300,000. 350,000, 400,000. We have up to 500,000 right now.”

Emille skillfully guided the auction.

The crown prince did not shout out a million right away like before. The price went up without stopping.

This was not a bad response for an item that was said to belong to the rare villainess, Julite, who betrayed the late Emperor Romero.

Christelle maintained her poker face and quietly sat there.

The Duke and his wife also maintained their position as spectators. Time continued to pass.

“1,000,000. Should we try to go a little higher? No? We have 1,500,000. Thank you very much. And the gentleman over here? 2,000,000. Oh, 2,200,000. Would someone please offer 2,300,000. 3,000,000!”

The respectful cheering continued. It was because someone in the back put in a decently high bid.

It was about time to move. Christelle solemnly put up her hand.

Emille immediately recognized her.

“Yes, madam?”
“We have 4,000,000!”

‘Oh no!’

The spectators clapped and those were some of the comments that could be heard. Isabelle looked toward her daughter in shock. It was not because of the price but because she was shocked that her daughter was participating.

“I really want this item, mother.”

Christelle smiled. Her mother could only smile back.

The Duke was shocked as well, but it was not that expensive and his daughter was an adult. He just nodded his head and brushed it aside.

However, the crown prince immediately responded.

“4,500,000. His Royal Highness’s agent has bid 4,500,000. Do we have any other bids?”

The venue quickly quieted down at the involvement of the problematic heir.

Christelle angrily looked at him.

She then quickly looked away and called out a number.

“We have 4,800,000. Do you wish to continue, your Royal Highness?”

The crown prince whispered something to his attendant. The attendant informed them of his decision.

“It is currently at 5,000,000! Dame Christelle?”

The guests started to whisper. Emille warmly called out to her.

The auction for Julite’s headdress was now a battle between the two of them.

Christelle put on a face that made it look as if she was extremely angry, upset, and disappointed but that she was stepping back due to an issue of funds.

She even grinded her teeth and bit down on her lips. The crown prince scoffed as she scowled.

“You will not put in another bid? Are you sure?”

Christelle nodded her head in an annoyed manner. The Duke and his wife warily looked at their daughter.

The corners of Emille’s eyes elegantly curled.

“The current bid is at 5,000,000. Do we have any other bids? I guess not. Then we have our winning bid. Julite’s headdress has been sold to his Royal Highness at 5,000,000 franc!”

– Tap!

He banged the hammer. Applause filled the venue as if it was planned.

Christelle raised her hand at that moment.

“Yes, Dame Christelle?”
“I would like to use my Right of First Offer.”

The crown prince sharply asked back.

Her face instantly changed as she pulled her ace out of her inner pocket.

His orange eyes were burning.

Christelle smiled while handing her weapon to the errand boy.

The young boy quickly delivered it to Emille, who looked troubled after seeing the document he sent this morning to her again.

Christelle’s heart was beating wildly.

The moment to put a serious look on that bastard’s smug face was coming.

“I see. Dame Christelle de Sarnez has used a Haas Auction house Right of First Offer. As a result, she is able to procure this auction item at the winning bidding price. My deepest apologies, your Royal Highness. Julite Statia’s Headdress has been sold to Dame Christelle for 5,000,000 franc!”

– Tap!

He banged the hammer one more time.


The spectators gasped.

They applauded. Christelle smiled and looked at the crown prince.

‘Big sis has won again, you young fool.’

“……Not bad.”

The young man mumbled in a low voice. The Duke and his wife, especially Duke Sarnez, were quite shocked.

To use the crown prince’s competitive spirit to win the bid at the price she wanted… This was something that no Pair de Riester would dare to do.

He could even say that his daughter’s boldness was amazing.

However, in a father’s perspective, this was done because of a form of trust that Christelle had for the crown prince was used as a foundation.

She had full trust that the crown prince would not get in her way or retaliate against her for this……

“With this, the Marquis-nim will be able to go anywhere without issue. He can travel the entire Empire with us. Don’t you think so, your Royal Highness?”
“Are you that free?”
“Yes, it is wonderful, your Royal Highness. I guess you have to work again when you return?”
“It will not go as you wish.”

Isabelle quietly chuckled while listening to Christelle and the crown prince’s quarrel.

The Duke felt odd while watching them.

The employees then delivered the headdress to her. The next auction item was coming on stage.

Emilled started to speak.

“The third and final auction item for today…this is probably the reason that all of you have gathered here. The artist from the Holy Kingdom… This is the newest work of Haade O. Jansen. I present to you the < Creation of the Continent >.

– Flap!

He pulled the red cloth off in one movement.

‘How magnificent!’

Those comments and whistling filled the venue. Only the crown prince and Crown prince’s gazes turned cold. It was time for Joanne to appear.


“That’s right, good boy.”

– Aooooooook……

I calmed the harp seal as I wiped his fur.

The little guy let out a cry that sounded odd and rolled around the couch.

But my mind was calm.

The merchant guild offered us the most luxurious guest room.

Benjamin urgently sent someone to the Lord’s Castle to bring new clothes while Ganael boiled some tea for me.

I washed the harp seal as I showered.

He wasn’t shy and seemed calm since I had already given him ether once.

Demy and Percy, who were digging into my gown, seemed quite curious about their new friend.

– Squeeeee.

– Piiiii

“Yeah, he’s still a baby. He can’t even flip over.”

‘……Can harp seals usually flip over?’

I did my best to recall the things I watched in a nature documentary.

However, this guy was not a real harp seal but a divine beast.

In addition, there was something else this little guy had to do for me other than flipping over.

[Will you use your ability, if that’s okay?]

I opened my circle and cautiously asked.

It might be easier if I gave him a name and tamed him but I did not want to do that just because I wanted to use him.

The reason I gave names to Demy, Rhea, and Perry was to rescue them.

Percy was named because the chimney bird did not leave our side.

On the other hand, this guy was not here because he liked someone.

– Aaaarrrf, aaaaarf……

[Yeah, it’s okay. You don’t need to do it. There is no rush.]

I slowly petted his back. Honestly speaking, there was quite the rush.

If the little guy never showed his power as a divine beast, the crown prince would have no choice but to give up approximately 20 billion korean won.

‘Crazy bastard.’

[Should I give you a toy? Take a look at this. Big bro has a lot of cool things?]

I made an ether orb appear on my palm.

Although it was not as cool as Christelle’s icicle salad or the crown prince’s flame bouncing ball, the red pandas frequently chose this toy to play with as well.

Thankfully, the harp seal’s eyes curled up in joy. As I smiled brightly…

– Growl.

My stomach let out an embarrassing noise.

Benjamin and Ganael, who had been quickly walking around doing things, stopped and looked at me.

I opened and closed my mouth without being able to say anything.

‘No, you see…’

“I must have digested everything after all of that walking and washing off. Yes… I am a bit hungry. But it is bearable.”

The two attendants gasped at my excuse.

“What should we do, Benjamin-nim? Should we call Laurence?”
“It’ll be too late. Let’s go to the merchant guild’s kitchen for now……”

It was at that moment.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaarf!

The harp seal raised his voice. At the same time… plop! Something fell to the ground.

Demy, Percy, and well, all of us looked toward the sound out of reflex.

And we were all shocked!

“It seems to be sea bream.”

Flap flap. Living, breathing, fish were flopping around the carpet.

The area around us was dripping wet. I gasped and looked at the white divine beast.

His black round eyes were sparkling.

– Aaarf!


‘What is this? Is he of the sea(food) attribute?’

Translator’s Comments

Mm… I am of the ‘see’food attribute too. I see food and I eat it.

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