Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 117: I know who you are (4)


The Alliance leader looked at the teacup in his hand.


The teacup stopped shaking.

He had not even realized that his hand was shaking.

‘What is going on?’

He could see the reflection of his face in the tea.

His eyes were wide open and he had cold sweat on his forehead.

His face was feeling anxiety, no, fear at this situation he had never faced before.

Yes, he, the Alliance leader, was currently scared.

‘Just what exactly-’

He needed time to comprehend what just happened to him.

Of course, it didn’t matter that the time for it was short.

Just a few seconds… That instant was enough.


This young master Kim…

‘We can’t have you treating your guests like this.’

When he had heard that, he thought that even this young master Kim could not hide that snobby disposition of the Imperial family members.

At the same time, it made him confused as to how the Namgung Clan, people who were said to be almost as snobby as the Imperial family, especially the stubborn Sword Saint, bowed toward this guy.

It was at that moment.

An intense aura had suffocated him.

There wasn’t a way to describe it.

He had been enjoying using his internal ki to scope out the other person’s level ever since he gained a significant amount of internal ki.

During those times, the other person sometimes used their internal ki to resist him.

However, nobody was able to defeat his internal ki.

OF course, he had never had a chance to test it out with the Heavenly Demon or the Divergent Coalition’s leader, but even the Sword Saint was not at his level when it came to just the level of internal ki.

Later on, those so-called experts started stealthily avoiding his internal ki tests. Their pride would be hurt whenever they faced it.

That was why the Alliance leader only continued the test with his subordinates and the young rising stars.

There was no easier way to figure out a person’s plate.

As Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo mentioned, this was his ill-mannered hobby.

‘But this was not at the level of a hobby.’

Ko Seh Bum had subconsciously channeled his internal ki to resist against that strong aura.

However, his internal ki was unable to grasp it.

‘That aura was not internal ki.’

He could tell because he was an internal ki expert.

That strong aura was the movement of something like the air that fills this room.

Nature, an aura filled with the power of nature, had suppressed him. It was demanding that he immediately lower his head.

However, the Alliance leader lived up to his name as the leader and barely managed to keep his head from bowing.


He was able to finally figure out who was using this aura like internal ki as a deep sigh left his mouth.

Unfortunately, he was unable to continue his thoughts.

The strong aura that had been suffocating became even stronger and dominated him.


The moment his hand that was holding the teacup started shaking… Ko Seh Bum was able to come back to his senses.

He finally learned what it felt like to be dominated by someone.

At the same time, he realized that those tests he had been conducting with internal ki truly were a terrible hobby of an extremely ill-mannered person.

The real thing was different.

No matter how strong people got, they could not stop an approaching storm.

Even the Emperor could not get rid of a storm pulling up the wheats filling up the autumn fields.


In front of young master Kim, I am simply like a stalk of wheat being broken by a storm.

However, young master Kim’s aura was different from a storm.

It did not cause a strong wind, make a sharp noise, or make everything around them loud.

It just silently…

Suppressed everything.

“Alliance leader-nim.”

He heard a lighthearted voice through the silence.

As if he was the sun shining down from the clear sky after a storm…

Young master Kim Hae-il started speaking.

“How long will you keep a guest standing?”

Ko Seh Bum felt his lips going dry and tried to use his tongue to wet them. However, he realized that the inside of his mouth was completely dry as well and could not do anything.

‘I need to look.’

He needed to look at young master Kim.

But why was that so scary to do?

Ko Seh Bum had become the Alliance leader despite not being from a large clan or school. He was a genius among geniuses.

However, he was just a person in the secular world who had never faced a heaven above the heavens before.


He let out a deep sigh.

He then took a sip of tea. The tea was no longer hot, but he was thankful for it.

He put the teacup down.

‘I made a mistake.’

Young master Kim. He had made quite a serious mistake about this person.

To send his internal ki out toward such a strong individual…

He was embarrassed and thought that he was quite foolish.

That must be why this person sent him a warning.

‘I will not be like you and test you.

Instead, I will just snap your life in half.’

That warning made it so that Ko Seh Bum had to focus and answer properly.

The Namgung Clan…

Those bastards had been the wise ones.


He then got shocked.

Despite releasing such a strong aura, young master Kim, this feeble and pale young man, was smiling gracefully. He did not seem to be struggling at all.

He looked almost as if he was out for a walk.

And this was the truth.

– Cale! Your body is overflowing with strength! It must be because of the noonims waking up!

At the Vitality of the Heart’s excited words…

– Human! I heard a sound transmission! The Chief Advisor asked Elder Ho Song Yi, ‘who the heck is that person?!’ She’s scolding him now!

Thanks to the sound transmission Raon stealthily overheard and told him about…

And the fact that the Alliance leader’s face looked as if he would no longer try a trick like that…

‘It’s nice.’

Cale was satisfied.

‘This is what is good about the wuxia world.’

Most martial artists would focus on Cale if he showed off his strength once without requiring him to explain anything.

They were then cautious about how he would react as well.

‘Seriously. They claim they care about justice and cooperation but they end up reacting to strength.’

One corner of Cale’s lips curled up.

He walked toward the Alliance leader.

Nobody stopped him.

Tap. Tap.

He leisurely walked and slowly approached the Alliance leader.


Zhuge Mi Ryeo could only watch this.

She could not stop this person who was entering with the Alliance leader’s permission.

Neither could the martial artists who were stationed outside the Alliance leader’s office.

However, she could not scold those guards.

‘That aura just now-’

The strong aura that had been directed not at her but at the Alliance leader…

She did not have to face that aura head on.

However, that aura did brush past her and the guards.

‘I’m sure he did that on purpose.’

Young master Kim must have sent a warning to not pull anymore shenanigans if they did not want to be suppressed by that aura.

– Elder Ho-nim, please say something!

All she could do right now was to seek information from Elder Ho.

Elder Ho scowled in response.

– Can’t you tell by what you saw? You’re the Chief Advisor but you can’t even figure it out? Hmm?

Elder Ho was annoyed.

These snobby people of the Martial Arts Alliance, these fools, they were treating our young master Kim-nim disrespectfully.

These idiots have eyes but they cannot see!

No wonder they don’t know the Blood Cult is attacking them in secret!

He was filling with rage.

He immediately sent the Chief Advisor a sound transmission.

– He’s in the Nature Realm! It’s obvious that our young master Kim is in the Nature Realm!

The Nature Realm. Those words made Zhuge Mi Ryeo stiffen up as if she had been struck by lightning.

Elder Ho clicked his tongue before sending another message.

– Please call my Gang leader-nim. And you should have stopped the Alliance leader’s wicked hobby. Tsk! We all know that you stealthily support the Alliance leader conducting these tests! Did you really think that the young master-nim would not know?

Elder Ho looked away from Zhuge Mi Ryeo and at the Alliance leader as he sent a sound transmission.

– Alliance leader-nim!

As Ko Seh Bum flinched…

– Nature Realm. I have faith that you will know what I mean.

As Ko Seh Bum stiffened in response…

Elder Ho quickly ran forward and past Cale.


Cale was confused about this but Elder Ho smiled before pulling the chair across from the Master back.

“Please sit here, young master-nim.”

Tap tap.

He even fluffed up a cushion on the couch.

Elder Ho mentally whipped himself, thinking that at least he had to think straight.

He needed to do his best so that young master Kim would not have a bad impression about the Martial Arts Alliance.

“Aigoo, there is no teacup for you, young master-nim. I will quickly go get one ready.”

He put on an extremely warm smile toward Cale.

“…Thank you very much. Elder-nim.”

‘Why is he acting like this?’

Cale wondered why Elder Ho was suddenly acting like this but just sat down since it was a good thing.

Elder Ho quickly went and procured a teacup, cautiously poured tea into it, and placed it in front of Cale.

– Human, Elder Ho Song Yi is acting like grandpa Ron.

‘I know, right?’

Since Elder Ho reminded Cale of Ron right now, he did what he always did with Ron and picked up the teacup to take a sip.

Anybody watching would think that he was a member of the Imperial family who was used to others serving him.

“Alliance leader-nim.”

He then addressed the Alliance leader who had still not said a word.

“Do you know why I came here?”

The Alliance leader could not answer that question.

He did not know why young master Kim was visiting the Martial Arts Alliance.

However, he could not easily answer that he did not know.

‘He is a member of the Imperial family and in the Nature Realm.’

Ko Seh Bum finally snapped to his senses.

He was starting to understand the situation.

Young master Kim was not a lowly collateral line member of the Imperial family who was no threat to the Emperor; he was the Imperial family’s hidden sword.

His forehead filled with cold sweats for a different reason once he figured that out.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo was heading toward Ko Seh Bum and Cale.

Ko Seh Bum noticed and opened his mouth.

“I do not, sir.”

He was speaking formally now but nobody talked about that.

‘He should be quite old since he has reached the Nature Realm.’

Ko Seh Bum thought Cale was a hidden reclusive expert who was from an older generation.

“Yes. I’m sure you don’t. I asked Elder Ho-nim to not tell you much.”

“May we hear the reason now, sir?”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo cautiously asked.

Cale looked toward her.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo flinched at his nonchalant gaze. His eyes reminded her of windows that could look into anything.

“Chief Advisor-nim.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

“May I conduct a test first?”


That word made both Zhuge Mi Ryeo and the Alliance leader scowl a bit.

Their test must have angered this expert in front of them.

‘Yes. Our side caused the issue so I should step up.’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo made up her mind and responded.

“Yes sir. We are ready for any test you may give us.”

Chief Eunuch Wi and the Fist King quietly gasped in admiration at her calm tone.

Although her martial arts abilities were the lowest in the room, her mind was calm even as she stood in front of someone in the Nature Realm.

As people had their thoughts about Zhuge Mi Ryeo…

Cale nonchalantly commented.

“The Blood Demon is a motherfucking son of a bitch. The damn bastard deserves to be pummeled to death.”


Zhuge Mi Ryeo was silent for a moment.

“…Excuse me?”

She then blankly asked back.

Cale didn’t care and continued in a serious voice.

“Please repeat what I just said.”

Cale was thinking that the Chief Advisor was not a spy from the Blood Cult. However, with Zhuge Eun So being a living jiangshi, he needed to confirm things with the people of the Zhuge Clan at least once.

“Ah, did you forget? Let me say it again.”

Cale said the sentences for the blankly standing Zhuge Mi Ryeo one more time.

“The Blood Demon is a motherfucking son of a bitch. The damn bastard deserves to be pummeled to death. He is a trashy bastard. Easy, isn’t it? Please say it.”

“Excuse me?”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo asked once again, the Alliance leader looked anxious, and Elder Ho looked as if he didn’t know what to do, when…

“Alliance leader-nim!”

Someone urgently entered the fifth floor.

As Cale looked toward the person who seemed to have quite a high position…

– Young master-nim, that person is the Mount Hua Sect’s Kang Ko Hee, the leader of the Justice Corps, one of the Martial Arts Alliance’s core troops.

Chief Eunuch Wi informed him about the person through sound transmission.

Kang Ko Hee. She looked at Cale’s group and flinched but continued speaking.

“The Embroidered Uniform Guard is heading toward the Martial Arts Alliance! What could be going on? Why are they suddenly here-”

Her voice slowly trailed off.

The Chief Advisor, Alliance leader, and Elder Ho… The people she was familiar with were all looking at the same person.

Cale received their gazes and looked out the window.

Warriors in red were approaching the gates of the Martial Arts Alliance.

They were the members of the Embroidered Uniform Guard.

Cale looked stupefied.

– Human! So many of them are coming!

‘I know, right?’

The red clothes of the Embroidered Uniform Guard members fluttered in the wind as they walked past the Wuhan gate and fiercely approached the Martial Arts Alliance.


Cale subconsciously commented after seeing all of the gazes on him.

“…I think they are here to see me.”

He then awkwardly smiled.

Of course, he urged Zhuge Mi Ryeo once more.

“Please do it.”

The moment Zhuge Mi Ryeo said all those things about the Blood Demon was when Cale shared the reason for his visit.

The Blood Cult, living jiangshis, the Great War of the Triumvirate… Everything was shared with the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance and his right arm.

That was the moment the Embroidered Uniform Guard stopped in front of the gate to the Martial Arts Alliance and announced that they were there to escort Cale.

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