Soulmancer – Chapter 46: Entertainment Section I

The [Entertainment Section] bustled vibrantly in the eastern part of the [Numbers Section], serving as a gateway to the [Ether Section]. Despite the relentless downpour of the past two to three days, a mighty river, spanning over twenty meters, flowed at the other end of the Section, while the [Ether Section] sprawled like a folding screen in the distance. Amidst the chaos of the weather, with mechanical noises and piercing torches of light from patrol flying boats, remnants of a recent underwater labyrinth outbreak lingered in the air. The aftershocks and mana aurora of the overwhelming battle that took place there painted faint various auroras over the lively [Entertainment Section], yet even amidst this turmoil, the largest entertainment section in Eliluam seeming 500 meters close – remained undisturbed. Though the indigenous people of the [Ether Section] were predominant in the lively and coquettish vicinity, many superior beings were permitted to reside and conduct business in the Section by their [Border Hunters].

Speaking of business, while the regulations in the [Section] were stringent regarding age and occupations for those seeking to enter, they made exceptions for [Hunters] and [Merchants] who complied with the requisite documentation from their Hunter’s Kit and Merchant’s Kit. They then underwent screening with the [Cybermodeler Weapon Scanner ver 5.0] to detect any potential infiltrators such as hoodlums, gangs, acolytes, or hidden Hunters attempting to sneak utilizing [disguises], [stealth] skills, or [Mana Concealment], ensuring the integrity of the process and maintained security within the [Section].

Despite strict security measures, the import and export of cash have facilitated the continuous flow of foods and specialty products for many years. Merchants have never ceased visiting, leading to the well-established operations of facilities for both hookers and Joytoys, managed by humans and superior beings alike. Outside, a relentless downpour drummed on everything in its path, accompanied by flashes of eerie lightning that tore through the gloomy clouds. Thunder rumbled, shaking the air. The well-polished wooden buildings with slanting roofs dripped steadily, their waterproof paper walls and intricate wooden latticework adorned with streaks of colorful lightning. Neon LEDs illuminated the gloomy atmosphere, casting a hypnotic aura.

With [Section]’s detailed architecture of maze-like infrastructures, it exudes a sense of history and cultural richness. Standing side by side and in opposite positions, they create a unique feeling of a futuristic setting mixed with a bygone era.

“Ho-ho! Come here.”

“How about having a drink here today?”

The hookers and joytoys, dressed in platinum robes with beautiful and enticing make-up, lured passersby by sticking their upper bodies out of the window.

“Heheh! Good!”

“These guys! Wash up and wait. This old man will come running to you after today’s deal is over.”

Merchants dressed in bamboo hats, raincoats, cloaks, or hoodies, all familiar with this atmosphere, looked at the hookers and joytoys with sinister smiles. Young men unfamiliar with the situation turned their heads away, their faces flustered and quickly fled.


The high-end hookers and Joytoys laughed heartily.

As dark clouds twisted amidst the intensifying downpour, the atmosphere grew hypnotic, seductive, and lively. The streets of the entertainment section were adorned with neon lanterns that cast a warm glow, enhancing the already magical and inviting ambiance. The soft light from these neon lanterns illuminated the maze-like cobblestone pathways, guiding entranced customers from one establishment to another. The hookers and joytoys acted more hot and coquettish, drawing visitors deeper into the allure of the district.

However, no matter how gloomy and chaotic the weather is, in the [First District] as a whole, it was still early. There were not many customers coming into the [section], mostly due to the time.

[Red Heaven Tower] was one of the largest and most splendid establishments among the Hookers and Joytoys in the Entertainment Section.

There were many high-level hookers and joytoys in the city of [Numbers], each with unique origins. Some hailed from the upper districts, while others were half-cyborgs from the [Ether Section], [Exodus Section], and even [Velk Section]. There were also members of renowned and influential Guilds also added to the diversity. For this reason, people visiting [Numbers] section for the first time, whether for business or pleasure, often preferred staying in the [Red Heaven Tower] to unwind.

Jane Austen was the most popular hooker, therapist, and succubus in the [Red Heaven Tower]. As a superior being from one of the city’s renowned guilds and a former influential [Ranker], it was her beautiful, slender yet sturdy features that drew people’s attention. Her brown skin contrasted with her long, black, neatly dreadlocked hair that cascaded down her waist. Her curved horns added to her allure, but it was her eyes that captivated people the most – eyes that could penetrate the deepest corners of one’s mind, revealing thoughts, desires, and traumas. These eyes were commonly referred to as the [Three Dream eyes].

These three sets of illusionary, colorful eyes, akin to different blends of paint on a canvas, gave off a strange atmosphere. Many men—hunters of all ranks and rich merchants alike—fell in love with Jane Austen’s unique atmosphere and visited her for therapy. However, it was almost impossible to sleep with her, even if she kept and entertained a customer by her side throughout the drinking and therapy session. Jane Austen didn’t allow it. No matter how wealthy or strong the customer was, or which verbose background, district, or Guild he or she was from, she wouldn’t allow access to her body if she didn’t like it. It wasn’t because she feared her succubus body would drain all essence from her customers; rather, it was a matter of pride, romantic, and mental feelings towards the other person. Still, many men were willing to pay a lot of money to join her.

As the relentless, clamorous noise of the downpour merged with both heaven and Earth, becoming a curtain between sky and ground, Jane stared at the water-soaked, well-paved street with a bored expression. With the Red Heaven Tower standing scarce, unlike other towers for hookers and joytoys, she envisioned herself as a droplet of water in an expansive ocean between Heaven and Earth—so small, solitary, and profoundly alone.

Amid it all, she aimlessly wondered how a blind teen was ‘actually’ doing. Could she be missing his teasing or admiring how strong he had become as a man? Whichever the case, his smile occupied her mind for a moment. It had been a while since she loaned him a little cash and sponsored him to the [Cascade] Guild using her authority and influence.

Her thoughts trailed off as she recalled how annoying Velkist Cambomir ‘actually’ was. “Ugh! Such a disgusting bastard dared to call my Izel weak?” she murmured briefly. She felt the urge to prove him wrong with a beating, but… to be honest, the blind teen was quite weak. However, unlike other weak hunters, Izel never saw his blindness, slow learning, and slow achievement as weaknesses; rather, he saw them as strengths.

Letting out a chilly breath, Jane watched as the torrential rain and its light fog enveloped everything, saturating the ground. She knew that after a few hours, all the rooms would be full of guests.

‘This is boring,’ Jane yawned lightly.

The deluge and mist obscured the sky, casting an eerie illusion over everything. The downpour seemed muted, its sound lost in the haze. Jane felt as though she’d stepped into a bridge between time, where people and surroundings ceased to exist. Despite being prepared for patients, she felt utterly alone.

Today, she adorned herself beautifully in a crimson robe with flower embellishments, showcasing her noble, elegant bat-like wings and a long, curled, arrow-like tail. Ornaments, crafted from her latest [blacksmithing] idea, adorned her body. Indeed, she was a demonic flower. Like any flower, it was her duty to lure butterflies and bees, regardless of her origin or aftereffect. Jane gazed out the window, her two eyes open wide, trying to exude happiness as she watched people stride down the water-drenched street amid the chaotic weather.

The natives of [Ether Section] rarely visited this place. Most of the people on the streets were foreigners. Among them, those who flaunted their absolute power, influence, and wealth earned from their ranks on the [Eliluam continental ranks] were common sights. Even those draped in bamboo hats, cloaks, and hoodies, passing by the streets with water-drenched, flickering neon signs, couldn’t help but steal glances at Jane Austen whenever they could. It was as if they were starstruck.

Jane, however, never blushed, despite their gazes filled with lustful desire and unsavory thoughts. Instead, she was accustomed to such looks of longing, need, and hunger of lust and immoral thoughts. Most of the countless hunters, merchants, and superior beings, even in [Cascade], had always regarded her with similar eyes. This constant attention led Jane to believe that men, regardless of their origin or accomplishments, were all the same. She had been treated this way since childhood and had witnessed the same around her mother as well.

If she were to show even a hint of a smile to indicate her fondness for something, many would be willing to give her all their fortune. They would become her devoted protectors, show her the world, and boast about her. Not because of her therapy or her feelings, but because of her looks and heavenly features. Sighing, she knew that in this way, more than half a thousand hunters and admirers alike had already been financially ruined. And even if she didn’t set boundaries, a [districtual war] could break out.

Jane sighed wearily, shivering in the cold as a faint, dark-bluish mana danced around her body. A warm embrace flushed her skin. She had always thought that men who kept her on her toes weren’t truly great. However, when she met a blind boy in an alley, beaten up by bullies, her heart fluttered in an unfamiliar way. She helped him through therapy, and he was the only one who could Only satisfy and truly understand her. Yet when he hadn’t come after becoming a hunter in the [Cascade Guild], she, as always, thoroughly concealed her inner feelings and seduced every man and lady alike that she saw for a therapy session, all with a bright smile…


Her train of thought trailed off as a familiar scent wafted through the moist scent of the relentless downpour, flashes of lightning, and rumbles of thunder, stirring up her succubus senses. It was a strange sensation she knew all too well. Turning her head, she narrowed her eyes following this indistinguishable scent. And soon, a strange sight entered Jane Kundere-like eyes.

‘Hmm,’ she mused briefly. Most of the people walking on this street wore high-quality protective gear, armor, and expensive attire. However, he was overly drenched, dripping from his head to his fancy uptown.

He stood out even more. In a sense, it was something not often seen here. What stood out more than his clothing, however, was the man’s aura and overall vibe.


It was then it clicked the moment she fully saw him, a burst of laughter escaped her mouth without her even realizing it. He wore a drenched black cloak with a high collar, layered over a neat inner outfit that hugged his androgynous, fairly brown-skinned body. His long, curly hair, a striking white-silver, was tied back in a ponytail, with well-trimmed bangs framing his face. His dull yet rich golden eyes mirrored the gloom of the overcast sky outside. Expensive-looking uptowns resonated with each step he took, adding to the unusual aura that surrounded him—a cold presence even colder than the chilly wind that blew about. Despite being soaked by the downpour, his appearance was undeniably striking, yet it dulled anyone who knew that this person was likely battling inner demons. Yet, his familiar scent and overall aura were unmistakably him. The approaching teen, amidst the chaotic weather, was undeniably Izel.

Yet, Jane couldn’t help but be curious as her two eyes of [three dream eyes] lit up as they scanned the dark vibe dancing around the approaching blind teen. ‘What had he been through for so many vivid inner demons to cling to him?’ she briefly wondered. It was as if different hands clung to every part of his body. However, she shook her head, reminding herself she shouldn’t make assumptions about someone she hadn’t seen in a while. Her kuudere appearance might seem coquettish, mischievous, calculating, and calm, but her mind

was swirling with confusion, in a sense that this teen felt and smelled like her familiar Izel, yet also not quite.

Having witnessed numerous F-rank and E-rank Hunters undergo profound transformations from extreme experiences—be it surviving a Labyrinth that should have been fatal or taking on ‘Dirty Jobs’ to eliminate Hidden Hunters or acolytes from which they shouldn’t return or undergoing significant change from gaining Job-related trait—she had never seen such rapid and fundamental changes in someone like Izel before.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him, and neither could the others, including the hookers and joy toys.

“Oh! Such a muscular yet androgynous body—I want him!” one exclaimed.

“How can a teenager have eyes so beautiful?” another wondered.

“But why are his eyes scarred? Could he be blind?” someone else pondered aloud.

The hookers and joy toys leaning out of the windows couldn’t take their eyes off the teen, who had intentionally captured their attention. The women regarded him with a palpable but restrained desire, seeing him as a rare gem they wanted for themselves.

Unfazed by the attention, the teen continued on his way, his ears finely tuned to distinguish the familiar ripples, bodily responses from a specific flower among a myriad of ripples, and bodily responses emanating from the perfectly aligned rows of flowers. Given that this [Section] changed daily, he needed to be careful.

His dripping [Cloud boots] halted in front of the [Red Heaven Tower], head held high, as raindrops pelted down relentlessly, each drop following its ‘own’ path, punctuated by flashes of eerie purplish lightning and the rumble of thunder that shook the ground.

For a moment, Jane felt lightheaded, her heart pounding in her chest. She knew deep down that this teen had truly changed. Their gazes locked; the blind teen’s eyes were unfocused and dulled, yet Jane couldn’t look away… A mischievous smile curled at the corners of her mouth.

Excitement, curiosity, and interest surged within Jane as she opened her cherry-red pumped lips.

“Come in here, boy.”

A lot of men had visited, but this blind teen was the only one Jane told to come in first, and he would be the last.


The teen didn’t refuse and entered the [Red Heaven Tower]. Jane hurriedly went down to the first floor to meet him. He seemed too stressed and unstable to come ‘all the way’ up. There, she saw the teen on the first floor of the [Red Heaven Tower].

“Oh—! Been a while Izel!”

The teen she saw up close was drenched to the brim, extremely exhausted, stressed, confused, and cold. He seemed to have endured what was never meant to be endured with only a partially stable mind. Of course, none of the hookers or joy toys could figure it out. They only saw his outer shell of pure handsomeness that shimmered under the light of the neon lanterns and decorated colorful LED strips.

“How have you been?” Jane asked as she approached the teen with a faint smile.


“Would you leave this young maiden hanging?”

The question sounded familiar to Izel, but he couldn’t recall where or from whom he had heard it before. All he knew was that Jane, whom he had longed to meet at all costs, stood before him.


Izel didn’t answer. Instead, he noticed that despite his newfound strength, Jane still towered over him. He couldn’t help but feel disheartened by how slowly he seemed to be growing in comparison.

Seeming to pick up on his thoughts, Jane chuckled, “Comparing heights, are we? Quite an offense, especially visiting after a long time, Tch.” Her tone, intense yet tinged with irritation, contrasted sharply with Izel’s awkward silence. Internally, she thought, ‘Still, an awkward guy.’ As she spoke, Jane took a deep breath, inhaling Izel’s familiar scent. It was stronger than she remembered, clouding her thoughts and causing a subtle, mesmerizing sensation with each breath she took.

Soon, the blind teen’s lips slowly opened.

“Truth be told, I’ve been through worse.”

“Is that… so? Why didn’t you come sooner?” Jane replied. Unbeknownst to her, Cascade had already expelled Izel, and the cash she’d loaned him wasn’t enough for his journey to the entertainment section.

“A lot has happened,” Izel said, massaging his temples while slowly circulating his mana. “Can I stay a day without any disturbance? I need to get some things off my chest,” he requested.

“Of course, I’ll add all disturbance fees to the tab.”

If any other patient or guest had asked to stay a day without disturbance—meaning they would only pay upon completion and no other customers would be allowed in the tower—Jane would have looked at them with contempt and perhaps turned them away for making such a demand. But when the blind teen in front of her made the request, there was no contempt, only regret.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry about anything; come inside.”

Jane said, pulling the teen’s hand as naturally as if he were entering his apartment on the upper floor.

— — — —

Sirin Milia, the owner of the [Red Heaven Tower], was a mature woman dressed in a dark platinum robe, exuding elegance and authority. She glanced at Grancia with a frown. “Why aren’t we making a profit? Haven’t our sales been below average for the past six to seven hours?”

“That is…” Grancia bowed his head, looking troubled.

“Why can’t you tell me?” Sirin Milia banged the table. “What the hell is going on in the Red Heaven Tower?”


Dripping in sweat, Grancia seemed uncertain. However, he appeared to have an idea of what might be going on. “Jane Austen hasn’t worked for the past few hours.”

“Jane Austen? Why?” Sirin Milia asked.

“That’s because that blind teen she fell in love with…” He turned his face away, “…is here.”

“What? That bastard is here again? Are you joking with me?” She doubted that their therapy would take this long, even if he did visit.

Sirin Milia knew that Jane Austen had some attachment to the boy. However, she couldn’t believe that Jane would let it interfere with her work for so long based solely on Grancia’s words.

As Sirin Milia’s face wrinkled with anger, Grancia clenched his fist tightly. With an unhappy expression, he said, “It’s true. She’s been stuck in her room for seven hours now and still hasn’t come out.”

“Really?” she remarked.

“Yes!” Grancia answered firmly.

“I’ll check for myself,” she said as she stood up from her seat. “Have the other section’s Hunter ready.” Her dark eyes turned icy.

Red Heaven Tower was a business she had worked hard to establish. Jane Austen, though an ex-influential hunter, succubus, and excellent therapist, was her best hooker and joy toy. It was impossible for her to see such a valuable asset become so obsessed with that brat and cause damage to her business.

Dozens of section’s hunters followed Sirin Milia. These hunters were normally from the [Entertainment Section border], but since Sirin Milia had a close relationship with Mattis Dean Karl, the Head Hunter of the [Metropolitan Border Hunter Agency] of the [Entertainment Section], things were different. Although she had retired from being a C-rank Hunter unable to transcend her limits, she still boasted decent beauty and education. Because of this, Mattis Dean Karl, the most powerful Hunter in the [Border Hunter] of this [section], fell in love with her and sent Border Hunters to look after her.

Although they couldn’t be compared to the other [Border Hunters] from different sections that make up the [First District], no Hunters or merchants dared to compete with Sirin Milia in the Entertainment Section.

When Sirin Milia appeared, leading the [Border Hunter] of her section, all the hookers, joytoys, servants, and maids they encountered turned their heads and avoided them as they ascended. Simply put, Sirin Milia’s power was so great that no one dared to stop her; all they could do was stare at her back with bewildered expressions.

“Why is Big Sis Sirin so pissed?”

“Beats me, perhaps because of Jane Austen.”

“What did Big Sis Jane Austen do?”

“She’s been out of business for the past few hours because she fell for that blind brat. With that best hooker and Joytoy in the [Red Heaven Tower] not selling her services, the damage is huge.”

“Why did that blind nuisance make that sassy big sis Jane Austen stop doing her business and be locked up in her room?”

“I don’t know! But that teen’s skill is no joke. I mean, after chatting for a bit, why were they moaning continuously for hours now?”


The young-looking hooker widened her eyes; her eyes were full of curiosity. Of course, she hadn’t seen the blind teen before; however, she wondered how such a blind teen could be such a high hooker as big sister Jane, unable to get enough. Since she was a special case, between a man and a woman, either one of them usually got vigor; however, in a succubus case, unlike other hookers and joytoys that moan briefly during intercourse to please a man until the man ejaculates, it was impossible for a succubus to do it moan for such a long time without draining all the latter’s essences. Unless the teen has mind-blowing vitality.

“Oh my God! What a great teen he is!”

“Ho-oh! He must have a large libido— No, perhaps he’s a High-Hunter.”

Sirin Milia’s expression was distorted by the chatter of fellow hookers and joytoys who were unable to grasp the atmosphere, misunderstanding the situation.

‘These empty-headed bitches can’t even understand the atmosphere. After being lenient with them for a while, everyone became out of tune.’

Sirin Milia thought that, though all of them only assumed Jane Austen was just having intercourse with blind brat all hours purely for pleasure, that wasn’t the case. If she were to put it into words, then the brat… she hated to admire it, but he was a special case, so undergoing normal therapy that would allow a Succubus to enter one’s mind just with her coquettish gaze was impossible for a blind teen. Never mind, clearing the air; they would never understand anyway since when she solved the problem of Jane, she would also talk about disciplining the other hookers and joytoys.


After climbing a flight of steps decorated with blue LED strips, Sirin Milia and the Border Hunters finally arrived in front of Jane’s room. Her door was firmly shut.


When Sirin Milia glared at it, the Border Hunters immediately forced the door open.


As the well-polished door swung open, an icy blast of air rushed out.

Sirin Milia frowned; she knew all too well what the cold emanating from the room meant. She scanned the room: silver silk needles, a black cloak with a high collar, scattered uptowns dripping with droplets, and Jane’s platinum robes lay strewn about. Jane herself was lying on a teen’s lap, breathing heavily as if she had been using her powers continuously for hours.

Just by looking, Sirin Milia could piece together what had happened. Anger flaring, she burst out, “Jane Austen! What are you doing after closing your services?”

“Big Sis Sirin?” Jane Austen turned her head to look at Sirin Milia. Her three eyes were dreamy yet exhausted, and her face was flustered.



With her bat-like wings and tails on display, Jane Austen raised her upper body and quickly covered her nakedness with a silk blanket.


Sirin Milia turned her gaze to the blind teen. She was curious about what had captivated Jane’s obsession with him. She had seen him before; he was handsome, but not strikingly so.

Even though Sirin Milia entered with the door open, the blind teen remained seated, his attention fixed outside the window as the relentless downpour continued. He hadn’t turned his head to reveal his face yet, but she sensed a strange atmosphere, unlike their previous encounters.

His undressed, fairly brown-skinned upper body was smooth, and his androgynous body had well-balanced muscles. The red neon strips beautify the room, illuminating his smooth body and making it more mysterious. For a moment, Sirin Milia felt a sense of incongruity that couldn’t be explained in words. There was something off about him this time, as the teen didn’t match the atmosphere. Still, it was strangely mixed. The blind teen’s appearance stimulated Sirin Milia’s instinct as she opened her mouth carefully.

“I want to see the face of the unauthorized guest that hadn’t come here in a while.”

The blind teen slowly opened his unfocused, dull yet sharp Golden eyes and turned his head at her voice. “Ah…!”

As soon as their eyes locked, Sirin Milia let out a soft gasp, not realizing it. The teen’s eyes were too beautiful, rich, and gold-like honey, too indescribable for words. She had spent nearly twenty-eight years as a Grand Hooker and joytoy, meeting countless Hunters, merchants, and superior beings and slept with them. But, no other man could match the striking gaze of the teen standing before her. It was as though he had undergone some changes or experienced rare events. Especially his scent and overall aura seemed to stir Sirin Milia’s heart.

At that moment, Sirin Milia seemed to understand why Jane Austen had been obsessed with the blind teen all this time. Yet, it seemed that hidden features had only recently blossomed. With such a teen, it would be difficult for any woman to easily escape his grasp. Since Sirin Milia has seen through everything with her mature age, she can keep her reason against this teen, but it seemed that it would be impossible for other hookers and joy toys to get out of the charm of the teen.

‘Where did such a person—’ Sirin Milia instinctively took a step back, her face turning white as she suddenly smelled a dangerous scent emanating from the teen. It was as if she had come face to face with a monstrosity beyond belief. Goosebumps covered her body, and her hair stood on end.

As Sirin Milia’s face turned white, beads of sweat formed on her forehead. The Border Hunters rushed to support her, their concern evident.

“Are you okay?” one asked.

“Maybe that teen used some sort of [illusory magic]?” another speculated.

Unable to easily answer the Border Hunters’ questions, Sirin Milia only shook her head, shivering. However, one of the Border Hunters, seemingly the leader among them, believed she had been enchanted and turned to glare at Izel.

“Bring him out this instant!”

He commanded, his voice laced with rage.

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