Soulmancer – Chapter 45: Financial future acquired…

With his stomach partially satisfied, Izel strode down the partially empty pedestrian road amidst the chaotic downpour. Occasionally, sleek cars zoomed by as he made his way toward the Hunter’s Section market, located at the center of the vibrant and lively [Main section]. He circulated mana around his temples and nape, attempting to minimize the banging headache.

The [Hunter’s Section Market] loomed in the distance, a gigantic complex of at least ten stories tall. It was where hunters went to buy and sell items, with stalls dedicated to repairing and strengthening equipment, as well as displaying a myriad of weapons. Though Izel hadn’t been there before, he expected as much from an organization associated with the Black market. One could preorder from one’s Hunter’s kit and auction for special and rare items at a higher price.

As Izel expanded his [Mana Inspection] alongside his [Sound Reading] over the relentless downpour, he observed that only a few hunters seemed to be in the market. Perhaps walkers from the Fortress hadn’t ventured out yet. Whatever the case, he guessed all that was left to do was to enter and get rid of the items weighing on him in his Cardigan Cloak. Feeling the items neatly arranged in his cloak gave him a bittersweet feeling. Of course, they had ‘Demerits’ that only a Walker could discern, but revealing them would diminish the already sentimental value of E-rank and F-rank items. So, he couldn’t do that.

‘Though, they are better items compared to the ones of this world.’

Indeed, once F-rank items were utilized by F-rank Hunters who advanced to E-rank. Not only did their durability decrease, but their value plummeted as well. Consequently, it made more sense to give them away or discard them rather than sell them. However, the E and F rank items from Fortress surpass this norm; their durability and longevity are notably superior. This brings to mind the longsword acquired by the Blind teen in an F-rank dungeon, which remained serviceable up to the D-rank dungeon and only shattered when facing Avalanche, the perilous giant snake lord. “Tsk,” Izel clicked his tongue in remembrance. Recalling the terror he endured to reach this point, he somehow felt a swell of pride.

‘Yet, no matter how good it is, they could lose all of their value once an influx of the same items comes in.’

With that thought in mind, he pulled his high collar over his mouth, aiming to look inconspicuous even amid the gloomy weather. This world was made for Hunters, where everything, from the [Guilds] to the [Bureau] to the entire economy, revolved around them. Thus, he wasted much time getting in the [Hunter’s market] because he’d never been qualified to be here before, but now—.

[Please scan your Hunter’s ID Model number.]

Immediately, he circulated tendrils of mana into his Cloak and brought out his Hunter’s kit toward the different spectrum of rays shimmering from the scanner emblemed in the glassy revolving door.

[Affirmative. Connecting to the Bureau’s Hunter Database…]

[Connected… Searching…]

[Model Number XXX23 verified.]

[Hunter Izel Ethalt Blind confirmed.]

As the security scanner confirms Izel’s entry, he pushes against one of its glassy panels, setting the entire door assembly into motion. ‘Wow, hunters sure have it nice with all this space,’ he remarks, sighing deeply as raindrops, propelled by the chilly breeze, patter against his drained hair. Entering the white, brightly lit lobby of the complex, he is greeted by a plethora of large screens displaying various items. Of course, he couldn’t see any of it; instead, he could only discern the frequencies and sound waves of different feminine item advertisements and their prices emanating from the screens and speakers.

“This…” His words trail off as he takes in all the advertisements surrounding him.

[… Fantasy Emporium Specials]


[Dark Elven Longsword – Imbued with ancient magic, perfect for any warrior.

Price: ¢500,000 Lupins…]

[Black Dwarven Warhammer – Crafted from enchanted mithril, a true masterpiece.

Price: ¢650,000 Lupins…]

[Wizard’s Staff – Amplify your magical prowess with this arcane focus.

Price: 400,000 Lupins…]

[Lichbone Bow – Fires arrows with unmatched precision and power.

Price: ¢700,000 Lupins…]


[Kyborg Plate Armor – Resistant to fire and rejuvenates over time.

Price: ¢800,000 lupins…]

[Assassin Shadow Cloak – Grants invisibility under the moonlight.

Price: ¢550,000 Lupins…]

[Mage Mystic Robes – Enhances magical abilities and provides protection.

Price: ¢359,999 Lupins…]

[Potions & Scrolls]

[Phoenix Elixir of Strength – Temporarily boosts physical prowess.

Price: ¢599,000 Lupins…]

[Ederling Scroll of Teleportation – Instantly transports you to a known location.

Price: ¢200,000 Lupins…]

[Elegant Potion of Healing – Restores vitality and mends wounds.

Price: ¢300,000 lupins….]


[Vibrant Crystal Ball – See visions of the past, present, and possible futures.

Price: ¢300,000 Lupins…]

[Grimoire of Spells – A collection of powerful incantations.

Price: ¢450,000 Lupins…]

[Cyborg Lucky Charm Amulet – Grants the wearer good fortune in endeavors.

Price: ¢100,000 Lupins…]

[…Visit us any day for these exclusive deals! Limited stock is available. Prices are subject to change based on availability and market demand. Don’t forget to visit our online App to pre-order more epic items!]

“… quite pricey,” Izel muttered, aghast for a few seconds as his [Sound Reading] in the unfamiliar surroundings. His Cloud boots, adorned with dripping droplets, led him through ripples where faint humans dwindled, and his breath lightened. With the heavy downpour, flashes of lightning, and resonating rumble of thunder drowned out, the only frigid scent of magical air-conditioning remained, making him shiver lightly.

As he had expected, there were stalls dedicated to repairing and strengthening equipment, and glass galleries displaying a myriad of weapons, their details, and tags. And of course—.

‘They are pricey beyond belief,’ he briefly thought. The galleries were filled with C to A-ranked items that, if it were the blind teen of 27 days ago, he might have lost himself among those gleaming sacred items, regardless of the mind-jerking price tags. However, as he groped his fingers on the bold fonts on their steel plates, he knew they were not up to the heavenly items in the Trading Center in the Fortress of Dungeons. Even though their details were ‘mostly balanced,’ they were quite not overpowered like the ones he was used to, so he walked past them toward the Order Counter. As he got close to it, a black-haired young woman in a suit, seemingly the receptionist of the complex, greeted him, “Welcome, sir.” She asked, “What items are you looking to buy today?”

“Hmm, not buying, but selling some items I happened to stumble upon,” Izel remarked, slipping his hand into his cloak and retrieving the items one by one.

The receptionist observed each item as it landed on the counter, wondering how such items could fit in such a cramped space. She also noted that this Hunter had his eyes closed, with faint tendrils of mana dancing around him—a strange sight, even for the Hunter’s Market, which she had seen for three years.

“Ten swords, Five daggers, a single diminutive shield, and a gold ring. The grades are…” she trailed off, examining them.

“Six E-rank and Twelve D-rank,” Izel replied indifferently.

“Oh, that’s unexpectedly high,” she remarked.

With a faint smile and nod, Izel opened his mouth. “I got sincerely lucky,” he said, acknowledging his good fortune in finding them at the Trading Center.

She didn’t ask Izel for any further details but wondered when her free time would arrive. So, she could get some smoke from the backwoods pack she had just bought from the [upper districts]—a new yet limited edition yesterday.

“Alright. Let’s appraise them,” she said, slipping on her enchanted appraisal glasses. With a practiced eye, she meticulously scrutinized each item, delving into their depths with precision.

[Shadowsteel Longsword

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: Forged from rare shadowsteel, this blade cuts through darkness itself.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price]

[Flameforged Saber

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A sword imbued with fire magic, capable of igniting foes.

Price: can’t allocate suitable price.]

[Assassin’s Shadow Dagger

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: Lightweight and razor-sharp, perfect for stealthy strikes.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Crystal Shard Dagger

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A dagger made from enchanted crystal, capable of channeling magic.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Diminutive Adamantite Shield

Grade: Legendary

Grade: E Rank

Description: Despite its small size, this shield is incredibly durable due to its adamantite construction.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Plasma Cleaver

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A sword with a plasma-infused blade, capable of slicing through even the toughest cyber-armor.

Price: Can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Nanite Claymore

Grade: Legendary

Grade: E Rank

Description: Infused with nanotechnology, this sword can repair itself and adapt to different combat scenarios.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Holographic Blade Dagger

Grade: Legendary

Grade: E Rank

Description: A dagger with a holographic blade, allowing it to change shape and appearance at will.

Price: Can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Eclipse Blade

Grade: Legendary

Grade: E Rank

Description: A mysterious sword that phases between light and shadow, confusing enemies.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Frostfire Rapier

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A sleek rapier that alternates between freezing and burning its targets.

Price: Can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Serpent’s Kiss Scimitar

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A curved blade that delivers venomous strikes, paralyzing foes.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Stellar Dawnblade

Grade: Legendary

Grade: E Rank

Description: A radiant sword that harnesses the power of dawn, blinding enemies at sunrise.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Thunderclap Claymore

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A massive claymore that can summon thunderous strikes with each swing.

Price: Can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Whisperwind Dagger

Grade: Legendary

Grade: E Rank

Description: A lightweight dagger that allows the user to move silently like the wind.

Price: ¢3,000,000 Lupin.]

[Venomshard Stiletto

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A slender dagger with a blade coated in deadly venom, perfect for assassinations.

Price: ¢7,000,000Lupins.]

[Lunar Crystal sword

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A sword infused with lunar energy, enhancing magical capabilities.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Ring of Fortune

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A finely crafted gold ring that brings luck to its wearer in endeavors and adventures.

Price: can’t allocate a suitable price.]

[Wind Sword

Grade: Legendary

Grade: D Rank

Description: A lightweight Sword that lets out a gush of wind just from a swing.

Price: ¢3,000,000 Lupin.]

The nonchalant lady widened her eyes with surprise as she tilted the golden glasses with golden frames. “This kind of quality… you ‘really’ want to sell these?” she asked incredulously.

Izel scratched the side of his head, feeling bitter at her praise for items whose ‘demerits’ could be fatal. He opted to keep silent, not willing to reveal their drawbacks for the sake of his financial future. “Yeah, I don’t think they were that valuable, but I no longer use them,” he replied casually.

“Ah, you were a High-Hunter,” the lady nodded, offering her insight before falling silent, her gaze lingering on the items spread before her. She couldn’t help but wonder why only a few items had allocated prices attached, unlike the others.

Though her assumption wasn’t entirely accurate, Izel had no intention of correcting her. After all, it was only a matter of time before he became a High-Ranker.

After completing her overall estimation, she removed the appraisal glasses from her eyes. “¢30,000,000 million Lupins altogether,” she declared.

Izel was quite shocked, though he had expected a high estimate. He had never anticipated it would be this high. Indeed, trash items from the Fortress of Dungeons were not something any Walkers, who desire fast growth would consider purchasing for any amount of Verdes. “Don’t E and D-rank items usually go for like 5 million lupins at most? And a ‘Rare’ grade of such items would also be worth 7 million lupins,” he queried, trying to make sense of the valuation.


Scoffing, the receptionist sighed, glancing at Izel as though he were a naive High Hunter who had never appraised his items before. Well, he couldn’t be entirely blamed; deeply appraising all these items was costly, after all.

“No, not all of them. These are both high-quality Legendary items,” she explained.

“High-quality Legendary items?” Dumbfounded, the blind teen repeated. He had never expected such trashy items from such the low Verdes in the Fortress, not “Rare” nor “Mystic,” but “Legendary.”

The receptionist shook her head at the shocked blind teen’s reply before saying, “Yes, they both have more valuable effects than I thought, so those more hidden qualities are marked by the system as ‘Legendary.’”

“Are you saying that the ingredients the items are made of and their origins? Like some high-tier values in the explanations in your appraisal?”

“Correct…” She continued, sensing his confusion.

Of course, Izel was completely over his head. He didn’t ‘really’ have any experience in this area, so he felt a little lacking. But with some research beforehand and the response of this receptionist, he acquired yet another piece of knowledge on how valuable the items of the Fortress in Eliluam were.

“If you want, you can go ask another sales receptionist.” She suggested.

“…It’s fine. I’ll just take care of it here.” Izel sighed, massaging his right temple. Unlike the [normal markets’s Plaza] where anyone could go and come, the [Hunter’s Markets] were tightly regulated. Transactions relied on mutual trust and cash, no need for unnecessary confrontations or lies at different counters.”

‘Especially if they’ve mistaken you as a High-Hunter.’

No market in the [Main Section] and [First District] as a whole would dare to grift a High-Hunter.

“Just write down your Lupins Account Details. We’ll wire you the ‘Lupins’ immediately, ” the receptionist proudly said, “If you desire ‘points,’ you will have to go to the Exchange counter.”

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied, satisfied with the initial suggestion, then the latter. After all, he isn’t ready to venture out of the [First District] yet. Soon, Izel manipulated mana into his Hunter’s kit, emerging from his cloak pocket as mana swirled around it, to give her the info as the feminine voice narrated it in his mind.


Before long, his Hunter’s Kit vibrated, tendrils of mana dancing around it as the orb floated to the front of him…

[The Hunter’s Market has deposited ¢30,000,000 Lupins to your main account.]

[¢3,000,000 for remodeling and packaging taxes had been deducted.]

[¢300,000 lupins for Sales policy and further advertisement had been deducted.]

[Transporter and other miscellaneous fees have been deducted.]

[Current balance: ¢25,499,999 Lupins.]

the familiar monotone voice narrated the new changes in his account, leaving Izel’s heart fluttering. He almost suffocates on his ‘own’ spit, trying to process the new reality. Indeed, he finally feels like a real hunter. Of course, after gaining his mind, his attention repeated the notifications he got before his main balance.


“Holy sh~moly!” Izel sighed deeply in distress, realizing the substantial impact on his final amount. He knew there would be taxes, but these deductions were ‘really’ mind-whacking. It’s essential to account for these costs even though he absentmindedly wondered what ‘Transporter fees’ ‘really’ meant when he brought the items on his own feet. But on second thought, he figured he would never find out. To be honest, it’s still frustrating to realize such a significant chunk of the total amount taken away.

“I’ve confirmed the deposit.” Not a single tremble in the blind teen’s voice, but anyone could feel his body trembling from what he just discovered from his final amount.

“I see the final balance after all the deductions. Those taxes can ‘really’ take a roll, can’t they?” The receptionist sympathizes with the very depressed blind teen.

“Y-yeah, it’s quite a shock seeing such a substantial portion deducted. I was prepared for some fees, but this…” Izel was only able to mumble his words out as a drowned-out rumble of thunder vibrated under his feet and flashes of lightning reflected through the white hall; his shoulders drooped.

With a gentle smile, the receptionist encouraged him, “I completely understand. It’s always tough to see so much of your hard-earned Lupins being taken away. Unfortunately, it’s a part of the process we can’t avoid.”

Sighing weakly, he knew all these broad daylight robberies would always say the same thing everywhere, as though it was compulsory to sneakily and cunningly steal. ‘Tsk!’ There was nothing he could do; it was the everyday norm of Eliluam. In any case, he somehow feels proud and quite positive; he is a millionaire. Indeed, a rich blind teen. He also guessed it was quite the right choice to purchase his precious Verdes for that disgustingly expensive Runic stone to return.

“I’ll go ahead and take care of these,” she said, retrieving the items from the well-made counter.

It was bitter to imagine the pain the buyers of these items would suffer, but they would gain more power in return, so it’s a win-win. Besides, it wouldn’t be of much use to a C-rank Hunter or higher-ranked Hunter.

“Anyway, I will get going.”

“Ah, thank you for the patronage; we hope you will continue to choose us for future business.”

With a nod, Izel moved away with a full load of cash in his Main account, stylishly striding to the exit. His headache banged as he circulated his mana to every nook and cranny to reduce the burden on his partially stable mind. He already knew what to do next. Indeed, with his goals almost done, it was about time to visit the [Entertainment section].

Right, a time to receive a new therapy session.

— — — —


A large amount of lupins Izel couldn’t even imagine as an F-rank Hunter. No matter what he went through in all training in the [Cascade] Guild to at least gain this much, he was only a slow learner and achiever to reach this achievement. Just his Hunter’s Kit beeping from such an amount for the first time had his poker face broken for an instant, and the corners of his mouth slid up in extreme shock and disbelief. Indeed, it was a greater reaction he had unlike when the ‘Moderator’ repaid his debt in the Magical train for summoning him. It was more he felt like crying, not for sadness or terrors he was used to, but a sense of joy and extreme euphoria sensation tingling in his very soul reaching a goal he never believed he could accomplish in his entire blind lifetime. Never mind the fees and other taxes deducted by [Hunter’s Market], a thousand ideas instead popped into his partially stable head with all the things he could do with this money, but—

‘I need to calm down, I’m getting too excited.’

Right, what’s the use if he decides to explore other districts? “Lupins,” whether millions or billions, would be rendered quite low in “points.” With that thought, he calmed himself down and organized his thoughts. Though there were a bunch of things he needed to test out when he got money, the first was not to obsess over “Lupins” that ain’t worth much in “points”. At least, these were his train of thoughts as Izel took a step forward amid the relentless downpour toward the [Entertainment section].

Passing through the first introspection, back to where he previously stayed at the hotel for a night, Izel ventured into the bustling water-soaked main street, illuminated more by neon signboards than street lights. The complexes and skyscrapers, which had been built in well-aligned orders, swelled with tendrils of mana, could handle the passage of time, and withstand even some types of attacks from gangs and hoodlums.

Utilizing the bouncing ripples and varying frequencies of raindrops, radio signals, and other ambient and mechanical noises, Izel charts the swiftest course to his destination. Within moments, he discovered an alternative route, diverging from his usual path through the conventional port to the Entertainment section. Time was short, and he had to adapt as he sniffed out the right trail from different spectrums of mana within the newly discovered routes.

With the desired route in mind, Izel’s [Cloud boots] propelled him swiftly, tracing the path where a certain trail of mana strews from. Though these routes were unfamiliar, the sensations of feeling, scent, and liveliness were dulled by the chaotic weather. It was unique, he thought, how he might get accustomed to it, even as he endured the throbbing headache and the instability of his trembling footsteps.

Just like it has been so far, it’s been too long since he last visited Jane Austen. Her feelings, scent, bodily language, voice, and attitude are somewhat dulled within his dizzy mind since a lot has happened to him. Of course, he misses her and anticipates meeting her and getting this accumulated trauma over with. He at least hoped to reset his mind back to zero, yet there was no excitement. His heart and soul were so calm that it was strange. Only his water-dripping body was quivering from the cold, and his mind was confused. No, his mind and heart lack inner peace. Perhaps his [Lucid World] succumbed to sorrow, tears, and most of all despair and terrors like ‘that being’ hated and warned him from, which made him slowly lose his mind trapped in the abyss.

“Never let this world succumb to sorrow or tears. I cherish vibrant, natural landscapes with sunny skies, fluffy clouds, lush forests, and thriving wildlife.”

Recalling the instruction of that being, ‘Hu,’ he exhaled deeply as rain dripped down his face from his bangs, knowing he must remain level-headed and never let his guard down. Izel halted his train of thought as the pain swerving through his head subsided.

‘Let’s stop dwelling on it,’

Overthinking was taboo; in the present moment, he needed to concentrate on the task at hand. Instead of succumbing to despondency over these strange events, he found solace in reaching this point. Raiding in an alternate world filled with uncertainty, mysterious niches, laws, regulations, dungeons, and entities turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It granted him, once a despondent blind man with nothing, a chance at life. Despite pushing everyone to their limits through life-threatening battles and encouraging conflicts among Walkers amid fighting monsters, those fortunate enough to survive gained valuable experiences in survival and growth, coupled with enchanting rewards. However, amid Izel’s internal turmoil and trauma, he acquired something more than he ever thought possible.

“I’ve achieved three goals,” he said, a faint smile curling his lips, as he acquired a few other unexpected things along the way since coming back to Eliluam.


Izel meticulously followed the directions he had uncovered, adjusting his course whenever necessary. He gracefully navigated between buildings, deftly maneuvering through the bustling streets. As the cold wind whipped through the rain, accompanied by flashes of eerie lightning and resonant thunder, he sensed he was nearing his destination.

This vibrant and extremely lively [Section] was another familiar yet uncharted place for him. It was like a small crack where only little vulnerable bats were small enough to crawl in there, but they could guarantee that there was room for them to return to. Ironically, if they would make a mistake, they could get stuck in the middle and be unable to continue or go back. No matter how self-control or tolerance and resistance were, any normal, they couldn’t help but feel fear. But Izel was different. After everything he has been through, and living with traumas, cramps, and seizures for a long time, he could no longer feel the emotion called fear or a tingling feeling, so all this place sounds to him was meant a ‘precious person’ and was nothing more than a rehabilitation center, nothing less, nothing more.

“Hou–eup!” Izel drew in a deep breath, savoring the crisp air swirling around him. Though the atmosphere seemed noisy and cramped, the gentle ripples brought a sense of calmness. Nothing remarkable about the air itself, yet it felt different against his skin. His heart raced, not from any particular excitement, but from the realization that this air had journeyed from his intended destination, not merely from the chaos of the surroundings.

Plus, being blind was truly a meaning of someone living in a dark place without eyes for light or just a shadowy vision. Indeed, it was so dark that he couldn’t imagine what his hands looked like. However, Izel didn’t make a fearful expression even when he discovered when he was ‘really’ little. Rather, he smiled without hesitation. The darkness was familiar to him. Others may fear it, but to him, it felt as comfortable as a mother’s womb.

Eat in the dark, walk in the dark, have a conversation with a friend in the dark, visit the toilet in the dark, and, most of all, fight in the dark. Izel has adapted to the darkness perfectly, and the darkness has perfectly adapted to him. Together, they’re siblings. So, if one says the First District is gloomy, then the dark atmosphere is still bright like broad daylight if he can see. Izel walks non-stop. There are hoodlums and a few gangs nearby causing some ruckus here and there, identifiable by their drowned-out bodily languages, ripples—and scent of metal, blood, and gunpowder amid the scent of moist air, but Izel doesn’t pay attention to them and just walks past them. He walks gently, not to intensify the throbbing headaches, but not slow enough to delay himself, as his water-splashed steps echo in the gloomy atmosphere.

It was impossible to guess where the end of the long route was. Sometimes, he leaped onto complexes and navigated maze-like tall buildings and skyscrapers, and at other times, he would pass through a near-vertical intersection through slums and alleys. However, the blind teen walked and walked without any sign of exhaustion. He didn’t know how long he had walked.


A harsh ripple and a familiar yet rare frequency burst forth in the distance, causing his Sound Reading to go haywire. Instantly, a turbulent expression swept across Izel’s face. No matter how calm, level-headed, and sealed his emotions usually were, they stirred and leaked in front of the Section he hadn’t visited in so long. He longed to go to that place and meet the precious person—Jane Austen—right away, but Izel halted, stiffening his trembling feet.

Though his heart raced, he forced himself to stop and calm the leaking and stirring emotions. Quickly, Izel checked his pockets and cloak for the ‘key’ to the hotel and the ‘Runic stone’. Fortunately, all seemed intact. He massaged his nape to his temples, circulating his mana to every nook and cranny. Exhaling deeply, frost escaped his lips as he tried to alleviate the pain. It felt like thousands of needles were stabbing his whole body, yet Izel persisted, circulating more precisely, exhaling and inhaling little by little.

Gradually, the soothing feelings overwhelmed his neurotransmitters, minimizing the pain. His flustered skin calmed, and the banging in his head and trembling in his feet began to calm down.


Izel sighed, gathering himself in a sense of detachment from reality before shifting his attention to the familiar yet rare landscape within his [Sound Reading] range. It felt as though the sensations in his body were stirring to life, and only now did he truly feel alive. After walking for a while, he came upon a fairly large ceremonial entrance adorned with a spectrum of lanterns, rare in this Eliluam.

The water-soaked road reflected a vibrant spectrum from nearby lighting, casting an ethereal glow upon his features. He bore the semblance of one touched by decadence, almost regal, yet with an air of strangeness that belied his youth.

With golden eyes slowly open, Izel strode slowly, his steps echoing on the extremely water-drenched road. He entered the vibrant and lively [Entertainment Section], amidst a torrential downpour that had suddenly begun, accompanied by flashes of lightning and the occasional rumble of thunder. Here, amidst the chaos of the storm, the ripples of various human existences converged. Immoral activities intertwined, creating a tapestry of vice and allure.

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