Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 176: My goodness. The sea, the sea! (2)

‘What is up with this guy?’

Cale stepped back with an unsettled look on his face.

– Human, human! This guy’s condition is the most serious of any humans I have seen until now! He’s so crazy his head has spun 450, no, I have no idea how many degrees it has spun! Even Clopeh can’t beat this guy in craziness! This guy, his gaze!

‘I know, right? This is real. Those eyes.’

Cale ended up releasing his Dominating Aura.

He had it directed only at Old man Baek.

Of course, he did not use much of it. This person has not learned any martial arts, so this should be enough to suppress him.



Hoya and Yoon flinched despite the aura not being directed at them.

‘I’m certain of it now.’

These two were especially sensitive toward this strengthened Dominating Aura.

What was the reason for that?


Old man Baek groaned at that moment.

‘I guess I can finally chat with him.’

Cale turned his gaze. He thought that Old man Baek would have calmed down by now. However, Cale was truly surprised.

“Ugh, ooo!”

Old man Baek was clenching his chest because of the suppression of Cale’s aura but still raised his head to look at Cale.

His eyes were bloodshot and red and he was foaming at the mouth and drooling.

“L, let’s really become a god. Hmm? A god, hmm?”


– Wow.

Cale and Raon wowed at the same time.

“I have to give him credit for this. Seriously?!”

Choi Jung Soo, who was fighting against a True Jiangshi, gasped in admiration and clapped.


Of course, the attack was still going as he did that.

The True Jiangshis continued to attack the two Chois. Cale wanted to get a good look at the True Jiangshi, but…

“Ugh! You’re being too loud!”

Old man Baek annoyedly twisted his body and clapped despite finding it hard to move because of Cale’s aura.


The True Jiangshi stopped.


Choi Jung Soo gasped in admiration again.

Old man Baek, who was still being suppressed by the Dominating Aura, glared at Choi Jung Soo.

“Humans, shut the hell up! Otherwise I will rip apart your damn mouth! Humans, humans are terrible! Those shitheads have created all of the sins in the world and are destroying everything! Humans need to disappear! Aaaaaaah! I hate them so much! I hate humans so much!”

Choi Jung Soo flinched.

Cale did as well.

Choi Jung Soo quietly mumbled.

“…This guy is seriously crazy.”

– Human, I agree with Choi Jung Soo.

Cale’s group quietly watched Old man Baek, who was twisting his body as he shared his annoyance.

Of course, Ron and Sui Khan had their usual calm expressions.

Cale nonchalantly asked Old man Baek, who was on the ground like a child throwing a tantrum.

“Is the god you guys are talking about the omnipotent god?”

Old man Baek stopped moving. He was suffering under the pressure but still raised his head to look at Cale.

Drip. He was drooling.

“You know about that?”

Old man Baek’s eyes clouded over as he said that one sentence. He quickly got off the ground and sat down.

Cale looked at the old man and recalled something from his memories.

< Offer a world in order to create an omnipotent god. >

The Hunters households, which started as seven…

The five remaining households were currently protecting the King’s Successor and were working to fulfill the grand vision of that successor.

Cale was about fifty percent certain that this grand vision was the creation of the omnipotent god.

‘The omnipotent god-’

The team leader said that this omnipotent god did not exist yet.

He said that a title of ‘omnipotent’ could not exist in the world of gods.

‘If the King’s Successor is to become the omnipotent god, then I guess it makes sense to call that successor the god’s plate.’

Cale chuckled.

“Old man Baek. Are you saying that I am a god’s plate like that successor of yours?”


Cale shook his head.

“What fucking bullshit.”

If they wanted to talk about Cale’s plate, while it was quite large now…

It was barely held together right now and would be difficult to fix if it was to break again.

That was the reason Cale was trying to fight without his plate breaking, but…

‘Such a plate is a god’s plate?’

Something like that was unbelievable.


Old man Baek suddenly started laughing.

“You don’t know, do you?”

He snickered while looking at Cale.

“You have no idea that you are turning into a god’s plate! Kahahahahah!”

Cale ended up using more of his Dominating Aura.

“Ugh! Ugh. Kekeke. Kekeke!”

However, Old man Baek could not stop laughing.


He then let out a deep sigh and stopped laughing. He looked toward Cale and explained.

“I will tell you everything you want to know if you make all of the humans leave.”

Choi Han flinched after hearing that.


However, Cale answered with no issue. A young voice flowed out between Old man Baek and Cale at the same time.

“Is it okay for nonhumans to stay?”

Black Dragon Raon raised his chubby front paw.


Old man Baek was calm. He looked completely relaxed as if he already knew about Raon’s existence.

How could an old man who has not trained in magic or martial arts be like this?

“Let’s go talk in my room.”

Old man Baek got up and energetically walked into the house that was now a mess. Cale followed behind him without any hesitation.


He waved to the concerned Choi Han as he walked. Of course, Choi Han didn’t say anything after seeing Raon sticking to Cale’s back.

“Please take care of things here.”

He started moving with the others to do as Cale commanded.

* * *

There was a simple reason Cale followed Old man Baek.

He had a lot of things he was curious about.


“Would you like some tea?”

Old man Baek looked too normal.

Honestly speaking, his appearance did fit this demeanor.

He had white clothes that gave off a scholarly vibe and his hair was neat and tiny. He was extremely skinny, but his appearance and demeanor were fitting that of an intellectual.

Of course, he was just a crazy bastard who made jiangshis…

“No thanks.”

“Then I will just make some for myself.”


Old man Baek brewed some tea without any regards for Cale’s look of disbelief and then sat down on the seat across from Cale.

“It is great now that no humans are here.”

The smile on his face was peaceful.

– Human, that human is weird. He’s also human so why is he like this?

Cale agreed with Raon and wondered how he could make this old man talk without wasting any time.

It wasn’t as if he expected to sit and chat like this.

‘I don’t think most threats would work on him.’

In fact, this crazy bastard might run even more crazy and die without saying anything.


As Cale was about to fall deeper into contemplation…

“Based on the fact that you know about the successor and the omnipotent god, I guess you were the one who destroyed the Black Bloods in Xiaolen?”

But the other person immediately brought things up.

Cale found this to be odd but answered anyway.

“Yeah. It was us.”

Old man Baek immediately asked after seeing Cale accept it so easily.

“How much do you know?”

“That the five Hunter households are trying to create the omnipotent god. And that the candidate for the omnipotent god is the King’s Successor.”

The latter was something he was only hypothesizing, but he spoke as if he was certain.

“You basically know everything.”

Cale’s hypothesis was turned into confirmation at Old man Baek’s acceptance.

The old man peacefully took a sip of tea.

“I am not interested in the human world or the thoughts of the Hunters. That is why I don’t know the details. I am not the patriarch or the young patriarch either. There is no way they would tell someone like me, someone who just moves according to the orders I am given, about such important things.”

He then leisurely answered.


Of course, this was not a good answer for Cale who wanted the important information.

– Human, he does not seem to be lying!

As Raon mentioned, Old man Baek did not seem to be making this up.

Cale’s posture became stiff. If this guy didn’t know anything, all that this crazy jiangshi creator was useful for was the jiangshi purification.

As he decided that he didn’t need to waste any more time with this guy…

“Should I say that I can see what is inside humans? Or maybe that I can see their limits? I was born with a peculiar set of eyes. I guess it would be correct to say that I can see their true nature. Anyway, that is why I hate humans. They are terrible.”

Old man Baek continued without stopping.

“Anyway, when I was very young, I once participated in a celebration held by the Transparent Bloods.”

Cale looked toward the old man.

“I was able to see the King’s Successor despite it being very far away. His face was covered in cloth and the King’s Successor must have been young as well as his small figure was covered by an extremely long cape, but… I could still see it. I could see his true nature.”

The old man’s eyes filled with an eccentric look of desire.

It seemed to resemble the delight of adventurers who found a new continent.

His gaze also seemed to show that he had respected this person for his whole life.

“That was definitely a god’s plate.”

‘What the hell is a god’s plate?’

Cale did not ask it out loud. He felt as if the old man would explain.

“The King’s Successor already had a world within him. His small body was full of all sorts of things.”

He looked at his own eyes through the tea. His voice was calm as if he was savoring that moment, but it slowly became faster.

“Numerous despair, delight, joy, sadness, good and evil. It was full of their screams. That was definitely not something a human could hold as he lives.”

The old man looked at Cale.

“It is the same with you. Of course, you are different from the King’s Successor. The size of your plate is too small compared to the successor. It is also weak. It wouldn’t be weird if your plate was to break at any moment.”

Cale’s face became unsettled.

This plate was already an enlarged plate.

Although it was weak, the size of Cale’s plate was not something that would lose out to most people.

He nonchalantly commented.

“Then why did you call it a god’s plate?”

“I told you that I could see true nature, right?”

Old man Baek’s face was bright.

Too bright.

“Although the things within your plate are different from the King’s Successor… The things within you are also the components of a world. To be more accurate, it is similar to a world being created.”

What did he mean by that? As Cale had that thought…

“Nature is inside you.”

That was true as the ancient powers were representative attributes of nature.

“Also, you have powers gained from numerous time and space.”

Kim Rok Soo and Cale Henituse. He had the powers of both people. There was also power he earned in the Central Plains.

Powers he gained through different times and spaces…

“Basically, you have nature, time, and space within you. You’ve also recorded those things.”

Cale flinched.

“You’ve recorded yourself and your worlds. The foundations to create a world exist within you.”

Old man Baek’s voice slowed down again.

He looked almost as if he was savoring alcohol.

“Of course, your world is still not balanced. Water is overflowing and fire is sweeping over the earth.”

Cale chose to remain silent as this man accurately assessed his situation.

“But it is beautiful. It is like the process of the creation of a world. Nature is sparkling as it creates the foundation. Numerous records are flowing like the river, gathering and releasing everything.”

Old man Baek looked at Cale as if he was looking at something truly beautiful before his face stiffened.

“The world within the King’s Successor was terrible. It was not beautiful at all. It was scary. To have something like that in such a young body- But you are beautiful.”

He smiled with an extremely relaxed look on his face. He looked like a good person.

“A god’s plate is nothing much. The mental fortitude to persist despite having a world within you. Someone with the ability to rule over it. That person is called a god’s plate. You, if you continue to create your own world inside of you, you can even become a god.”

A smile appeared on Cale’s face as well.

“So, I will turn you into a god.”

Cale asked Old man Baek, who spoke so confidently.

“How am I supposed to believe that?”

Old man Baek’s face lit up at Cale’s response.

The King’s Successor.

He had received quite the shock when looking at the young King’s Successor. He thought that someone who would become a god needed to hold something like that within them.

He was more scared of what was inside the young successor than the scary patriarchs of the other households.

At the same time, he had been confused.

Could the other Hunters not see that scary thing?

Why were they not scared?

That was why Old man Baek had kept his mouth shut. He did not share what he saw with anything else.

However, he continued to research endlessly and envied that person.

The King’s Successor’s scary world was also charming.

However, he now found someone who showed the potential of creating a world.

Although it was just one world and this world was small, it was beautiful.

It was also pure.

‘Yes, it is pure.’

How could nature give off such a pure aura?

It was as if the souls of heroes were absorbed into this nature.

‘However, the power of a single person cannot become as strong as nature.’

Old man Baek had no idea what kind of strengthening process Cale’s ancient powers had gone through.

However, he had a thought on his mind.

‘What kind of god would this person become once his world is fully created?’

Old man Baek had no ideas about the person in front of him.

He didn’t even know this person’s name.

However, something like that was not important.

All he needed was this person’s true nature and their potential.

“There are things I have researched until now! That is enough!”

“Are you talking about the jiangshi research?”

“The jiangshi research is only a portion of that. I’ve researched how to overcome the human limits to create a world. This is something even the people of my household do not know!”

“Hmm. I can’t believe you.”

Cale nonchalantly asked a question.

“Do you have it recorded anywhere?”

Old man Baek flinched at that moment.

Even if a bewitching treasure existed in front of him, he could not share the treasures in his hand.

“…I can’t share that. That is my treasure.”


An extremely bright smile appeared on Cale’s face.

“But that means you do have it recorded somewhere.”


The moment that Old man Baek flinched…


Cale looked at the ceiling as he spoke.

“Knock this old man unconscious and look for any records nearby. It should be here somewhere.”


Ron suddenly appeared behind Old man Baek after coming down through a broken part of the ceiling.

“Yes, Young master-nim.”

He then immediately knocked Old man Baek unconscious.

“You, you-”

He shouted as he fainted.

“How could someone with such a pure aura go against a person’s goodwill like this—-!”

He then lost consciousness.

Cale looked at him in disbelief.

“Why does he call himself a person when he claims to hate people so much?”

He then spoke in a stoic tone.

“A god my ass. Do they feed you if you become a god?”

He didn’t need it.

Cale snorted as he heard the Sky Eating Water’s voice.

– I don’t like gods.

The Fire of Destruction cheapskate mumbled.

– Ah… A god is bit…no thanks?

He heard Raon’s voice.

– Human, human. Based on what I’ve seen of the God of Death, I think you’ll be even busier if you become a god. Is that okay? You won’t get to play!

‘I know, right?’

Cale did not like gods either.

No thank you.


He heard the alarm from the mirror for the first time in a long while.


Cale saw two messages that came for him.

< The settlement after a dramatic negotiation! We are able to control Cale Henituse's power balance! ...Please take a close look. - Sincerely, Central Plains >

There was one long message from Central Plains.

The other was from the God of Death.

< Are you sleeping……? >


Cale sighed as soon as he saw the message.

He really didn’t like the God of Death.

“Seriously, this is so annoying.”

As he subconsciously said his thoughts out loud…

Di, ding!

There was the urgent sound of a message coming in from the God of Death.

The contents made Cale’s eyes open wide.

< I think I found some information on Alberu Crossman's father. >

Alberu Crossman’s father.

The current King of the Roan Kingdom.

They currently had no idea about his whereabouts. There had been quite the chaos when the Hunters attacked the palace and the King’s Palace had been attacked.

They had been unable to find the King since then and crown prince Alberu was currently filling in while they searched for the King.

< His father’s name came up on the list of people to die in six months. >

‘…The list of people to die?

In six months?’

< But he seems to be being dragged around. His location keeps changing. >


< I am doing you a special favor to give you this information. I'm not supposed to reveal it, but I swiped it because you seem to be struggling. I did good, didn’t I? Hoo hoo. By the way, are you interested in being a god by chance? >

Cale’s expression stiffened up.

“Ah, you’re really annoying me.”


< Sob. You're so rude. >

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