Soulmancer – Chapter 42: Hunter’s ID acquired…

Izel took a long time trying to pass the Hunter ID test and prove his worth in an unfathomable way. However, the end couldn’t have been more anticlimactic. Velkist Cambomir, watching through the translucent glass partition, was furious. ‘No, what the Fuck is this?’ he gnashed his teeth as he smashed the wall in fury, leaving hideous cracks in the previously invisible glassy wall. He couldn’t begin to comprehend what had just happened before his eyes.

‘Fuck, how did this even… What was that purplish-dark eerie-looking flame that enveloped his sword?’ He wondered, recalling its eerie humming sound that had resonated through the air. But the question that troubled him most was, ‘How was he able to gain such a skill?’ Yes, it was ‘totally’ different from any [flame skill] he ever encountered. His teeth gnashed uncontrollably as he struggled to find an earthly explanation for the inexplicable events. Taking a deep, calming breath, Velkist directed his simmering rage towards the woman standing beside him. “… Can you explain what just happened here?” he demanded, his eyes icy.

Mia, still in shock, wiped the cold sweat from her soft, pale cheek. “I’m speechless,” she replied, her voice trembling. “…Is this really a blind ex-hunter who couldn’t kill a goblin?”


Secretly, her eyes narrowed as she delved deeper into her thoughts. It wasn’t entirely unexpected. In fact, she had anticipated this much, and then more. Yet, as she replayed the duel from start to finish, it became apparent that the blind teen was concealing his true strength, possibly even utilizing a new skill he seemed to have acquired alongside another. It could be mere speculation, but the notion lingered nonetheless. ‘Hmm,’ she mused, though one thing was certain. Her previous notion about the overwhelming mind-jerking bloodlust that squeezed the life of the Acolyte squad leader into gibbets seemed undeniably true. The eerie, sizzling flame that engulfed the scene bore a striking resemblance to what she had witnessed on the recording kit, and what her gunslinger subordinate had told her… Before she could dwell further, her thoughts were interrupted by the words of the latter.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” Velkist Cambomir snapped, his voice tinged with anger as he struggled to maintain his composure. “I explicitly requested for him to be paired with a strong monster that would ‘obviously’ fail him in ten seconds, not pass him.”

“Are you accusing the [Bureau] of something?” Mia asked as her eyes turned icy as she loosened her hair ribbon in response to Velkist Cambomir’s accusation. Her long hair fluttered gracefully as she stared at him. “We did everything we could, just as you said. This was meant to be impossible for Izel Ethalt Blind.”

A few hours before Izel’s arrival, Velkist informed the [Bureau] to select a strong monster one rank above whatever he initially chose. That’s what Velkist Cambomir requested, and the [Bureau] accepted. He was a valuable pipeline of the [Bureau] and a High Hunter of 1525th position in the Eliluam Continuent ranks, providing many new hunters of high talent with a verbose background. So, they had no choice but to accept. Of course, adding to the facts, Mia was also looking forward to the test to see for herself the capabilities and limits of the blind teen who escaped the identity and invasion predicament through unconventional means of transportation. Though he hid his real capabilities, she analyzed that Izel seemed to use some kind of [detection] skill to move around—perhaps from the effect of the stylish, expensive uptowns he was wearing, which explained why the blind were walking well without a cane.

As those thoughts raced through her mind, she spoke, “First, he chooses the highest level, rendering the initial plan implausible. Then, he single-handedly obliterates the practical test. How does that become my problem?” Her narrowed eyes conveyed her frustration, “We even deployed the monster he was least suited to fight against.”

The reality of Izel gaining “Worth” without any connection, fame, or verbose background felt unnatural to Velkist Cambomir, his face betraying hesitation mingled with doubts and anger. Just how did he prove his “worth” that never existed?

“As the announcement said, he’ll receive a B-rank Hunter ID,” Inspector Mia inwardly feels quite proud about Izel proving himself to someone like Velkist, who underestimates and belittles him all because he is blind, a slow learner, and an achiever. Of course, her outer expression had the layer that this whole ordeal was surreal and unexpected.

“I mean, can’t you just say he cheated?” Velkist adjusted the wrinkles in his frock coat, tendrils of mana dancing around him. “Just look at the sword he used—it crumbled after he unleashed that attack.” His icy reddish-brown eyes narrowed, trying to convince her with some idea that caught his attention. “Isn’t that some kind of trick?”

‘What a bastard,’ Mia inwardly clicked her tongue before sighing aloud. “But how does that have anything to do with this? There’s not enough proof to support your claim.” Faint tendrils of mana began to emanate from Mia’s body as she continued, “After all, that weapon is the lowest grade. So even if it were surpassed by a power beyond its predetermined rank, such an aftereffect would be inevitable.” She glanced at the blind teen stretching his arm nearby. “And if he’d received a C-rank evaluation, we would have refuted it,” she retorted.

“Damn it,” Guild Leader Velkist muttered under his breath, swallowing his anger because deep down, he knew she was right. It meant that Izel not only proved his worth but also managed to retrieve and update his Hunter ID, all while achieving the status of a B-rank Hunter…

Velkist Cambomir, Guild leader of the [Cascade] branch, and the High Hunter ranked 1525th in the ‘Eliluam Continuent ranks,’ halted his ascent through the ranks. It took significantly longer to reach this point compared to his initial stop at the 2495th position. Recognizing the limitations of his talent and the time constraints hindering his ability to break through this bottleneck, he ceased his training. Instead, he redirected his focus towards proving his worth as one of the successors of the [Cascade Guild], aiming to garner popularity, connections, and fame associated with leading the [Cascade] branch in the [First District].

After all, multitasking was never his strong suit. That’s why Velkist was bothered so much. It was like looking at all the blind teen’s hard work he thought would never pay off, without a verbose background and surging talent, suddenly paying off. ‘Fucking shit…’ he thought. Izel is officially back as a Hunter now. And a very promising one at that, with a starting point of B-rank, he was probably, poised to ascend even further. A familiar voice interrupted his pondering—.

“You don’t look so well. Did something happen?”


The source of the voice was none other than Izel Ethalt. As the glassy wall door opened, Velkist’s gaze was drawn towards it as he turned his head.

“Izel Ethalt Blind…” The Guild leader muttered.

His sneer broadened brightly into a smile. Even without his eyes closed, it felt as though he was looking down on the disgraced Guild leader. Velkist’s body trembled as his fists clenched tightly, veins popping up in both of them.


“Haha,” Izel couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at the sound of Velkist’s muscles snapping. It was clear he probably didn’t even expect to defeat the monster they paired him with, let alone prove his worth at the highest difficulty. ‘I bet he wants me to struggle my hardest and give up,’ he briefly assumed, sensing his frustration and embarrassment through bodily responses. He wagered that Velkist also doubted his ability to resist the holographic Flame Gnoll’s bloodlust, given the humiliation Izel experienced at their last encounter. Little did Velkist know, that Izel had become an entirely different person since being invited to the Fortress of Dungeons – which shattered the predetermined outcome, giving way to a new result.

“Hahahaha, congratulations, Izel Ethalt Blind,” a small voice managed to slip through Velkist’s gritted teeth. “Or shall I say, B-rank Hunter Izel Ethalt Blind?” In all honesty, Velkist forced himself to continue, visibly faking a smile. He tried his best to keep together his already shattered composure.

‘Why’s he even so spiteful?’Izel wondered, curious about the source of the animosity directed towards him. All he did was perhaps pay him the cash he borrowed from Jane Austen to allow him to use the Guild resources for training, hoping to acquire the basic skills most low-rank hunters could learn… He soon let out a sigh, realizing it seriously didn’t matter now. It didn’t matter that Velkist had humiliated him in the past; after all, he had proved his worth, something he thought he never had. Plus, it’s not like Izel would keep seeing him around – as he is no longer associated with the Cascade Guild and hopes to ‘totally’ cut ties with them soon.

With an air of carefree grandiosity, Izel spoke, pressing his chest confidently. “You flatter me. Aren’t you still a High-Hunter, a bit above me?”

Velkist managed a fake, awkward laugh. “Y-yeah. Haha.”

“Then, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before I become a High-Hunter,” Izel remarked, his tone tinged with jest. Then, with a touch of irony, he added, “Branch Guild Leader Velkist Cambomir.”


At the harsh yet truthful words, Velkist’s body flinched slightly as tendrils of mana slowly danced around him. His fist clenched, and wrinkles formed on his distorted forehead. It was evident to Izel that Velkist’s poker face was at its limit, indicating he understood the provocation. How could he not grasp such words? The Blind F-rank Hunter he looked down on had humiliated him to the point of despair, even peeing in the face of his bloodlust before the Guild’s populace. And now, to further degrade him, Velkist had restricted his Hunter ID’s test from taking even Dirty Jobs. Lastly, how could someone he considered living collateral not only prove his “worth” but also opt to ascend to his “Rank” in a matter of time?

‘Don’t make me laugh…’ Velkist briefly thought as he replayed the blind teen’s words. Such impudence from someone who just coincidentally began as a B-rank Hunter. Soon, slight yellow tendrils of mana began to form gradually around him. Despite his self-value, Velkist couldn’t contain his emotions as the sparks grew more vivid, mirroring the wrinkles on his distorted forehead. ‘Surpass me, Meeeeee!’ he thought, understanding all too well.

Slowly approaching Velkist, Izel leaned closer, poised to deliver his final blow to the aggravated man. With his dull-sharp eyes slightly opened, he remarked, “Too bad I could even rank higher in the ‘Eliluam Continental Rank’ of the top 900—and tell the world about your shit.”

It could mean different things without full context on how Izel could easily and rapidly achieve that. However, it was clear to Mia, who had witnessed the calamity he caused on the ‘Recording kit’ and was told by her subordinate who Izel ‘really’ is. Now, she also understands what he was trying to convey. Yes, it was only a matter of time; he would surpass A-rank soon, then S-rank, and he would become a High-Hunter, meeting Velkist when he hadn’t passed the age of 20. An indirect defeat that multiple Guilds will have no choice but to reach out to, and a disgrace to one of the successors of the [Cascade] Guild.

“… Ha, ha, ha. That might be difficult,” Velkist said, as all his pent-up frustration, rage, and embarrassment were about to reach beyond their limit in an uproar.

Of course, it was a completely underestimated response, but the blind teen’s smile only widened in return, and he spoke more carefree, “We’ll see; strange things have happened. Like a Blind Ex-Hunter becoming a B-rank Hunter in under four weeks.


At those words, he knew they could simply be a simple provocation, despite the truth in all that was said. ‘Fuck, I will never allow it. Don’t make me laugh. I dare you to say that…’ He briefly thought. At this point, he stopped struggling to hold himself, dropped the facade, tightened his muscles, and let go of his surging sparkles of mana.



With a vibrant burst of yellow sparks, the glass wall began to crack, as if his electric field had already begun to form, fueled by an immense amount of mana slowly convulsing from him.



‘The taunt worked better than expected,’ Izel briefly mused as cracking frequencies and ripples lanced through the glassy room, with yellow sparks residue tickling his skin. As the expensive translucent crystal wall threatened to shatter, a familiar authoritative voice echoed through the room, capturing Izel’s attention amidst the swirling petals of mana.

“That’s enough, Branch Guild Leader Velkist Cambomir,”

It was none other than the silent inspector, Mia Von Viedudam. Of course, she knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but she never expected the Guild leader to succumb to such a taunt. No, she also never saw that Izel was able to taunt him deeply that a once-closed book could ‘actually’ reveal his inner feelings. Her lips curled into an amused smile. ‘You always make things more interesting.’ She thought to herself. Externally, she maintained a facade of neutrality during their intense encounter, but internally, she relished the unfolding drama. She wasn’t willing to allow the [Bureau] property to become involved. If someone wanted to fight, by all means, be her guest. ‘In fact,’ she would watch but preferred it to be done else way.

Mia sighed disappointingly at Velkist’s outburst of his High-Hunter’s electric-like mana. Briefly, she wondered how his electric mana could be so potent, even after he had stopped training. The rapid crackling of electricity stung her heightened [perception]. Had he raided any Labyrinths before this day? Or was it simply his innate talent? Whichever the case, his electric-like mana possessed remarkable density and destructive potential. The chamber, crafted with the [latest Monster-scale Borosilicate technology v.3.0], bore numerous cracks, with more forming by the second.

‘No wonder he ranks in the 1,500s position in the continental rank,’ she inwardly admired Velkist’s enormous pool of dense electric mana, capable of deferring even the hardest glass. In other words, regardless of not training for a while, Velkist was still capable. Mia pondered what heights he could reach if he resumed training. Her own emerald petals-like mana soon erupted, spreading through the area like blossoming flowers. Yet, she also knew Izel Ethalt Blind, with the identity of Blake Griffin, would prove even more formidable in the future.

‘In that case, I must lend a hand once more,’ Mia sighed. She couldn’t allow her intriguing subject to become ensnared in such a predicament. Her thoughts trailed off as she attempted to rectify the situation with her ‘own’ High-Hunter’s mana.

“There’s nothing to gain by escalating this situation,” Mia dropped the previously strict tone and continued in a frigid tone. “After he proved his ‘worth,’ the [Bureau] will handle B-rank Hunter Izel Ethalt Blind from now on. You don’t have to worry.”

As shockwaves, mingled with green petals and electric mana, collided, Velkist responded in a similarly low yet threatening voice, “Are you ‘really’ going to end our relationship just to save face for a new Hunter?”

Yellow sparks of mana fumed toward Mia, threatening to overwhelm her as Velkist’s brown-red eyes, now tinted with gold, lit up with intense malice. A sneer curled Mia’s lips, finding things quite interesting. She wasn’t intimidated in the slightest; rather, her eyes glowed bright green, and a cascade of leafy petals of mana emitted from her body, implicitly conveying that she outranked him for a reason. Her lips parted as she responded firmly, “I suppose so.”

The inspector didn’t back down. Izel hadn’t expected Mia, or rather Anastasia Dunaleff, to intervene like this, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected since he realized she had stopped taking advantage of him after he had entertained her a bit. ‘And it kinda reminds me of the first time she stood up for me,’ Izel briefly thought, feeling somewhat awkward about her helping him again. But in this case, it didn’t matter much since he didn’t want to reveal most of his strength to fight here. Maybe that was what Mia was thinking, or perhaps it was just her amusement, like last time. Whichever the case, it was all good for now.

Honestly, If anyone were to witness this scene, they’d likely conclude that the [Bureau] prefers to avoid battles in its costly and meticulously maintained domain, especially if one participant is a highly anticipated newbie and the other holds a much higher rank. ‘But the real issue lies in the aftermath of such a clash, which would undoubtedly result in significant losses of both [Lupins] and [points].’ Izel pondered briefly. Another aspect that troubled Izel was the phrase “End of the Relationship.” Could they be dating? With his [Sound Reading] haywire as two awkward wavelength frequencies and ripples of mana types and job-related traits clashed overwhelmingly yet not quite vivid, beads of sweat trickling down his cheek. ‘A relationship between Anastasia and Velkist, huh?’

A secret relationship between the daughter of “Dunaleff”, renowned for crafting armor and vests for top-tier Hunters in the [First District], and a successor of the [Cascade Guild], a major force in Eliluam rivaled only by the [Reaper] Guild, a faction of ancient Demon Lords. And such a relationship that they had couldn’t be ended until this point. Of course, this discovery was new to him, but whether romantic or purely business, elicited a mischievous smile from Izel, knowing he now held some leverage for the future. ‘Probably,’ he mused, uncertain. Too bad we couldn’t ascertain the nature of their relationship. Regardless, I’ll keep it in mind.

“Damn it all,” Velkist muttered under his breath, realizing the gravity of Mia’s outburst. If word of this reached the [Bureau]’s board of Directors or worse, his father, the guild master of [Cascade] Headquarters, his hard-earned reputation would crumble. He could even lose his position as Branch Guild leader. And if his elder sister—that damned succubus happened to hear of this—he will get hammered. With a deep sigh, he withdrew his crackling yellow mana and unclenched his fists. He couldn’t afford to jeopardize his relationship with Inspector Mia just for a petty yet worthy blind teen. Yet… “Fuck it all,” he muttered again, nodding in reluctant agreement. He briskly exited the room, slamming the glassy door behind him, however, sparks still lingered about the floor and glassy wall.


Taking a deep breath, Mia pulled back her green-shattered, petal-like mana, her eyes reverting to normal as she briefly pondered. ‘What a cheeky bastard,’ she seethed, infuriated by the latter’s refusal to accept reality. ‘How does he dare raise his mana at me?’ Yes, she would have to deal with him later. With a sigh, she continued the conversation as though nothing had happened. “Ah, Izel. No, Blake Griffin, don’t forget your briefcase.”


‘Huh?’ Izel exclaimed, aghast. Where did that come from? Why did she have to call him that? Still shocked, Izel sensed the bodily responses implying she purposely did it as her lips curled up in a creepy, amusing smile, as though she wasn’t satisfied with the latter’s entertainment with the flame gnoll and wanted to play with him a bit to brighten up the mood.

As though never to be taken advantage of again, regardless of the situation, Izel sneered mischievously, as though he would finally use the trump card he had just discovered. “Miss Anastasia, it seems I shattered what wasn’t meant to be shattered,” the smile broadened. “Your dear relationship, I mean”

Izel’s words unexpectedly pierced Mia’s heart, causing her once-amused face to change in expression. To think this blind teen would spoil the fun she is having, cast a reddened hue of embarrassment and shame across her face. In response, her mana erupted once more toward Izel.


Izel flinched slightly and dashed out speedily to retrieve the briefcase. This… lady is trouble. Indeed, he mustn’t provoke her too much. He might not only get beaten up but get arrested for his crimes.


At the departure of the blind teen, Mia let out a sigh. The Blind teen Izel’s carefree demeanor never failed to amuse her; a faint smile formed on her lips. ‘…I guess he never wanted to be taken advantage of, no matter the situation.’ She found him even more interesting.

— — — —

“Hm, it looks like everything’s settled,” Mia said, her gaze fixated on the briefcase in Izel’s hand.

“I think so,” Izel replied, raising his guard to the maximum. He couldn’t afford to be fooled; any misstep could lead to arrest with this troublemaker around. Regardless, he seems to look cool as his throbbing headache tickles his temples, slightly urging him to begin moving.

“On that note, there’s something I want to tell you about your Hunter ID,” Mia’s lips curled upwards as their eyes met. “Can you spare a bit of your time?”

“Sure,” Izel sighed lightly. It was crucial to undergo the Hunter ID test today. Despite the major annoyances along the way, he had diligently pursued his goals, proving his worth and exacting a measure of revenge by humiliating Veklist Cambomir. Though it was unlike the way he did to him, but the expression and bodily responses he made make it satisfying, to say the least, ‘I also gained and lost a friend today,’ he thought briefly, ‘and avenged him as well.’ He closed his eyes briefly. ‘I also managed to meet the Moderator and unexpectedly acquire a great skill.’ Lastly, he noted the small details that implicated the [Cascade] Guild, solidifying his resolve to eradicate them from the root…

“Well, let’s change the scenery. I’ll install the Hunter ID into your Hunter Kit first,” she said as she began to move.

Izel nodded, following her out of the glassy-observatory chamber. Their footsteps echoed through the plain, glassy space, and a familiar ripple caught Izel’s attention again—a subtle frequency distinct from the footsteps, electronic beeps, and the rumbling of thunder, subtly vibrating in the air from somewhere. It was finally sinking in that he was back to being an official Hunter, able to raid [subterranean labyrinths] and take [dirty jobs].

“I guess I’ll be called Hunter Izel Ethalt Blind from now on,” he murmured. It wasn’t the most satisfactory rank after all he had passed through to get here, but— ‘This is just the beginning,’ Izel smiled reverently, yet keeping his guard up and alert, satisfied at his new accomplishment.

However, something else wasn’t satisfied as it growled silently and got quite loud—his damned stomach craving food and accumulated trauma hoping to break through the bottleneck of his partially stable mind.

‘Don’t worry, let’s get to the next agenda,’ he decided, his hand holding the handle of the briefcase tightly.

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