Raisons d’être: Beyond the Light – Chapter 16: A Lone Sun (5)

“You’re right, this is just a war. What’s so special about that?” Ruth agreed, but quickly changed her tone to one of mockery. “But do you know who His Majesty declared war on?” 

I didn’t know if they were the bad guys or if I’m just an easy target for their gossip. However, unlike Ruth, Daisy could be said to be an innocent child due to her relatively young age. Maybe, she just got exposed to the harsh environment of the imperial palace as a maid too quickly without knowing what’s right and wrong, and due to that bad luck, she ended up hanging out with the wrong type of person. 

After taking a few moments to think about the answer to Ruth’s question, Daisy finally shook her head a few times—not knowing the answer. 

“His Majesty the Emperor declares war on the Celeste Kingdom, but here’s where it gets interesting; it is believed that if anyone dares to attack or touch the ancient land of the kingdom, they will get a curse.” Ruth said as she smiles maliciously. 

“Oh my…” 

Daisy could only gasp in shock while listening to Ruth remarks. 

“Well, even if it’s just a myth and His Majesty indeed returns safely, that doesn’t mean the young lady’s position will be safe either. What if His Majesty forgot about her existence exactly like three years ago?” 

I unconsciously clenched my teeth, and my eyes narrowed as I balled up my free hands into a fist until my nails lightly bit into the flesh.  

I know my position better than anyone else, therefore I didn’t need the likes of you to remind me about that! 

“Because even after His Majesty gave her a name as a token of acknowledgment, no one actually took His Majesty decision seriously…” Daisy mumbled in understanding; she tried to lower her voice as much as she could, but to no avail because not only Ruth, I could also heard it perfectly fine. 

“Not even by the nobles or the palace’s workers. Hence, no one called her by ‘Princess’, everyone still called her by the Young Lady of the House of Henyscira, unless they were in the presence of His Majesty the Emperor.” Ruth added, with a condescending and mocking tone that she directed frankly to me as she started to take a step forward, entering the emperor’s room. But her eyes were set sideways, looking at Daisy. 

After entering Kieran’s room, Ruth raised her right hand up in mid-air as she drew closer to the bed. She opened her mouth again, trying to continue her nonsensical comment. 

“And believe me, once she recovers the head maid will definitely kick her out of the emperor’s quart-” 

Daisy pulled Ruth’s left hand with force, her eyes widened, and her body twitched erratically. She was definitely in panic, and that made her unintentionally cut Ruth’s words, “Wait-” 

Kieran’s room was relatively dark because there was no light, except for that coming from the window. So, it took them quite a while to notice that I was no longer in bed. It was only thanks to the distance and their now closer position that they finally could see it, they finally noticed that I went missing. 

It didn’t matter how much they hated me and how often they bullied me with the rumors they made up because if I went missing, they would eventually get into trouble. 

Daisy exclaimed, “Oh no, the young miss is missing!”  

As soon as I realized the chaos Diasy was about to cause, I quickly hid my small body deeper behind the door, hoping they wouldn’t see and find me. 

However, when I heard the sound of a rough sigh, I felt my heart skip a beat. 

Ruth had sighed harshly, blatantly showing her annoyance. 

 “We’d better report this to Estelle immediately.” 

A forced and displeased tone, showing perfectly about her feelings that told me as if I was a nuisance to her. And I recognized that tone the moment she spoke for the last time before running out of the room with Daisy in hurry, leaving me all alone in the spacious empty room with an open door which they forgot to close. Well, at the very least, they forgot to close the door or else I wouldn’t be able to get out of the room. 

It was only a moment of shock, which did not last longer than three seconds. I had gotten used to being treated and spoken of harshly from the time Kieran abandoned me in our very first meeting. I have heard all kinds of bad comments, and all kinds of blaming remarks from the maid who was unlucky enough to be assigned to the derelict Palace, Iris. 

Thus, instead of feeling irritated with the maids, my head was filled with questions revolving around Kieran and the war. So, I ran out of the room, hoping I could see him for the last time. 

War? Kieran is going to war? 

But this… doesn’t make any sense? 

Destiny and human feelings are complex and incomprehensible; they are unfathomable and easily biased. Just when I had made up my mind and was convinced that I didn’t need a father figure in my life—because I only need Estelle and had decided not to form any ties to him… Kieran just came uninvited then turned my world upside down. I’m sure that everything I do is only decided based on my survival instinct, but somehow my heart is starting to soften and has been given a special place for him. 

That psycho! Did he finally go cuckoo again? 

So suddenly? 

And the moment when I thought that our relationship had formed some kind of foundation and had started to develop well… the decisions and actions he chose and did tell me otherwise. Is all this just my mere imagination? I wanted to hate you and curse you, but in the end, I would never be able to do all of them just because you are at least my first and last father. 

I didn’t know where to go, but I kept running. 

I kept running because I wanted to hold you back, I wanted you to stay with me in this big and lonely place. 

I didn’t choose to be born and I couldn’t decide my own parents, but here I am being his only daughter. The daughter he despised. However, for me who has been trapped in darkness for so long, you are my light. You gave me hope the moment you showed me the scattered stars in the sky for the first time in my life and made a promise under them. 

But the reality was: Kieran had declared blood retaliation against Celeste Kingdom and was preparing to leave immediately after making such… an unpleasant decision. 

Stupid Kieran! 

That’s the fact, even though I tried to deny them. 

Dumb dad! 

Without knowing it, my face has been fully wetted by my tears which have fallen erratically since only-God-knows when and managed to blur my vision; my legs finally ran out of energy and just gave up immediately, sending me crashing to the floor. I stared at the back of my palms that looked pathetic, trying to support my body so it wouldn’t hit the floor. 

Ah, I’m completely helpless, what a complete mess… 

It was then that I heard a familiar whining voice, and I guessed it right. It really came from Asher who had managed to find me. He was at his original form—true size—making him look so tall and majestic with a manly presence, which undeniably made me felt so small in front of him, even though the distance between us was still quite far from one other. 

Asher took steps toward me, while my eyes followed his approaching body. When he was right in front of me, my posture had changed. I now sat on the floor with my legs forming the letter W. 

He licked the tears off my cheeks gently, and then tried to calm me down by lightly bumping his head to me before nudged himself against my tiny body. 

“Dad!” I shouted—well, more like begging at him, with my voice that sounded hoarse or kind of raspy. 

Bring me to my dad. 

That’s what I meant, that’s what I wanted to tell him. But my voice choked while my nose was blocked and the snot kept flowing down, so that was the only thing—one simple and short word—that managed to come out of my mouth. 

As if understood my desire that was hidden behind that one short word, Asher quickly carried me by scuffing the clothes in my back, making me hang in the air—he carried me like a cat moving its kittens. Before I had a chance to let out any comment or get used to this unique new state of situations, Asher had already taken his swing and started running very fast. His movements were swift but also careful, trying not to injure me in the process. 

I didn’t know how long I’ve been in this unique, yet strangely safe and comfortable position. But, when Asher passed by a few people swiftly like lightning, all I could hear would be a sound of them gasping. 

After some time, Asher finally put me down and began to purr at me; making me automatically open my eyes, which I had closed earlier because Asher was moving too fast. Quickly, the sunlight blinded my vision, making me reflexively squeeze my eyes shut, before trying to open it again. 

Compared to Bay Wreath Palace, this place is more luxurious and magnificent, you must see the unique carvings on the walls, everything feels completely different from Bay Wreath Palace which is much simpler but blends well with nature. Asher brought me to—I don’t know what this palace called—’s balcony, which was facing precisely to the outdoor assembly hall, it was located right before the entrance gate that connects between the imperial palace to outside world; From up here, I could see a long line of people in black armors—ranging from the soldiers themselves who would follow Kieran to war, right down the maids and to noble officials who stood at the side to pay their respects to the departing Emperor and all his subordinates.  

I also could spot the two maids from earlier, the panicking Daisy and Ruth who were running towards Estelle. Then, they whispered to her, and soon Estelle’s facial expression changed quickly to one of worry mixed with panic. She immediately left her position and followed them, seemingly about to start looking for me, who she believed was currently missing. 

When I took my eyes off Estelle, my vision spotted Kieran. He sat straight, looking handsome mixed with his usual cold demeanor, proud and arrogant as ever on the back of his horse. Kieran turned to look at the good-looking shining uncle as if giving a signal, and soon Marquis Zanquen shouted out loud with a purpose so every single person could hear him nicely and clearly, even me. And, when I heard the soldiers giving a loud unison shout in return, the servants and noble officials started to bow deeply. 

That was when I realized that it seems their time to leave has come. 

As Kieran’s horse began to take steps forward, the people behind him also started to follow, and so did I. My little legs started to run, and my hands reached out to the empty air, trying really hard to reach his figure, which exceeding my ability to catch and hold him. 

Again, I started crying. 


I mumbled softly. 

That’s when his cold eyes moved sideways in my direction. He saw me, he obviously saw me, and our eyes definitely met. But at the same time, he left while knowing I was here, without even giving me a second glance or a proper goodbye. 



The final part of the Lone Sun is here! I hope you enjoy this kinda long chapter.

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