– Chapter 3- The Villain overwrites his destiny

“I just walked by and coincidentally heard how the young master needs a knight. I would like to offer myself.”

With those words, the lord, Cale’s father, inspected the White Star.

At first, he thought the man who offered himself was a knight he hired, but he knew all his knights well and the man in front of him was a stranger.

Deruth heard from Ron how his son took a guest in at night, and since he didn’t recognize him, it must be Cale’s guest.

‘Does he want to become my son’s knight out of gratitude?’


Nothing about his appearance told him he was a knight or a fighter. He could see some scars that could be a result of fighting, but they could also be from something else.

But what was more important…

“I can’t trust you.”

How could Deruth let his son off with a stranger? How could he know that this man wanted to protect Cale?

Ron, who was still in the room, heard his lord’s word and nodded in agreement. He knew the count would never trust a stranger. He was satisfied with the answer.

Of course, the White Star wasn’t.

‘Should be expected from a caring father, but I thought he might not care for his son since he allowed him to wander alone at night and get drunk.’


Or then again, he might be thinking of honor and such not knowing if the White Star was capable of being a knight. Failing to protect the oldest son would bring shame not only for the knight but also for the count who hired him.


“It’s understandable, my lord but what if I defeat every knight of the household, a proof of being qualified as a knight?”

The count began to think.


‘Is this not enough?’

Well then…

“Then how about fighting them all at once?”

Hearing those words shocked not only the count but also the butler and all the other servants eavesdropping on them.

Whispers could be heard outside the room.

“Just who is this man who is willing to do so much just to serve the young master?”


The count, Deruth, summoned all the knights who were in the residence and not on an important duty.

Cale’s father always made sure everyone and everything was well protected and safe so even without all the knights present here he still had plenty.

So many that it was unbelievable for the servants and maids that the stranger with black hair could defeat them all.

Ron gathered every knight so they were still waiting for their lord and the stranger.

The knights who still didn’t see the unknown man were guessing what he would look like.

“I bet he is a muscle freak who doesn’t even know how to fight properly with a sword.”

“What else? A true knight would know his limits.”

“A crazy bastard with muscles and no brain.”

“He is probably from the Whipper kingdom.”

“We shouldn’t expect much from him.I heard young master Cale bought him here.”

The knights made jokes about the White Star and laughed. They couldn’t wait to show this punk what it meant to be a knight.

The servants and maids were more concerned. One of them believed in the White Star.

“He had such a strong aura when I passed him by.”

“Right? He also is such a gentleman.”

“I saw some scars on his body so he knows how to fight. He has been to battlefields.”

The place was filled with different sentiments, and everyone was talking. Well, such an event never happened before.

When the count and the man arrived, the place quieted down.

The knight inspected the stranger carefully, and whispers started among them.

“He is more like a stick.”

“Look at his face. What tired eyes he has.”

“I think he has a death wish. Should we release him from his suffering?”

Some knights became concerned while others were mocking him. They didn’t care if the White Star heard them, but the White Star didn’t care about what they were thinking.

They would see soon.


Everyone’s attention went to the count after he cleared his throat.

“I am sure you’ve already heard from the butlers and maids, but I shall repeat it making sure each of you heard it right.”

“Since all of you know my eldest son doesn’t have a knight, I wanted to appoint one for him so he receives more protection.”

“This gentleman wants to volunteer, but he is not a knight in my residence nor anyone’s knight.”

“Since I don’t know his strength, and I can not trust his words alone, he said he will fight all of my knights at once.”

“Everyone will receive a wooden sword and will use only that, no other weapons. Once you are no longer able to fight, you are out.”

“That means once every knight is down, the fight is over, and the same goes if mister Ruth goes down.”

“Everything clear? Then you are allowed to attack Ruth altogether!”

With these words, a smile rose on the knight’s face. This was a training to be excited about. They could show this punk what reality was like.

With no second wasted, the knights started running towards the black-haired man, all at once.

The White Star looked around. He was rather disappointed.

“All of them are weak and stupid.”

He whispered those words under his breath. No one was able to hear his mocking.

He waited for the knights to come closer. He did not need to rush.

‘Let’s play a little.’

There was no fun in striking them all at once, and the White Star didn’t want to stand out so much.

One of the knights started to scream.


After he was done, the others began to laugh and to mock the White Star as well.

The maids and butlers who knew that some knights were rough and brutal became even more worried after seeing the White Star move not one bit.

Even when the White Star hadn’t been there for a long time, he could already steal some of the maid’s and butler’s hearts. He smiled at them and greeted them right after and with his handsome face, that was all he needed to do.

Humans were sometimes so simple.

The maid who the White Star helped in the morning was ready to scream and stop this bullshit. She couldn’t handle seeing the black-haired man get hurt.

“Tsk boring.”

But before she could do anything, the White Star began to move.

With his wooden sword, he hit the first knight on the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. He didn’t use much strength, just enough for the knight’s sword to fall out of his hands.


That’s what the White Star thought. The spots he hit were all bleeding and blue spots were visible.

‘That was too much, I guess.’

With not much care the White Star continued his fighting: this time he would use even less strength and just kick the next knight to the ground.

He chose his next target and kicked him to the ground as planned, but the other three behind him also fell on the ground.

‘What the…’

The White Star couldn’t think long why the knights were so weak—two other knights tried to attack him from behind.

With his two hands, he punched them in the face with no need for him to turn around.

Another one ran toward the White Star, and both of them clashed together.

‘Heh, not bad.’

The White Star was talking about himself. He calculated his strength just enough to not break his opponent’s wooden sword.


The knight was smiling proudly but the White Star could see his sweat. He was having trouble holding out against him. He pushed this attacker away and was about to hit his shoulder when another knight came between them, trying to protect his partner, but the White Star could react fast enough. He swung his sword, breaking the knight’s sword in half and striking the knight’s head.

The White Star immediately turned to make eye contact with his opponent from before. He wasted no time smashing him in the stomach.

The knight fell to the ground, and while he was falling he bumped into the knight behind him taking him down with him.

‘Such beginners.’

The more the White Star fought against the Henituse household’s knights, the more disappointed he got.

Their postures were faulty, and they all had so many openings the White Star could just strike them with his eyes closed and still make a hit.

The way the knights held and swung their swords was lumpy and slow, their attacks predictable and weak, easy to counter.

‘Should I finish it quickly?’

The White Star planned to play a little, but after seeing how weak they were he was convinced he had only wasted his time. Fighting was the only time when he could feel a bit of joy.

Attacking them was annoying. They laughed, then screamed, and it hurt the White Star’s ears.

So he just ran into the crowd and struck each knight’s sword out of their hand. He didn’t make any special moves—the White Star just attacked. He also stopped calculating his strength as it would be fine as long as no body parts flew around.

It didn’t take long till every knight was unable to fight signifying the White Star’s win.




It wasn’t a great victory. All the knights were wincing and groaning out of pain.


Because it was so bothersome to hear, theWhite Star clicked his tongue.

‘All crybabies.’

He wanted to return to his position but he remembered why he was here and doing such things.

He needed to find out what Cale was. There was a possibility he had a mysterious power since the curse had almost no presence.

‘I will do my research and then return and continue my plans to become a god.’

It would only be a short time.

The White Star turned to the count, and it wasn’t a surprise to find the lord with a shocked face.

“I kept my promise. There should be no problem in becoming Cale’s knight, hmm?

It took some seconds for the count to react. In the end, he couldn’t say a word and just nodded.


‘Time to play the role of the shining knight for the young master.’

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