– Chapter 2- The Villain overwrites his destiny

Cale Henituse, a man who brought the White Star to his home without knowing him, or maybe it wasn’t like that.

It was almost midnight when both met each other by coincidence. That’s what the White Star thought, but after Cale Henituse made a surprised noise when White Star told his fake name, White Star began to doubt.

It seemed as if he wanted to meet someone else or Cale had a target and brought the wrong one to his home.

Since it was dark, it was hard to see and then make the mistake.

“What is wrong? Is there something with my name?”

White Star asked, he was curious what the young noble would do if he was right about his theory.

Would he kick him out and search for the actual person?

“…No, it was surprising how similar your name is to my father’s.”


There was a short hesitation and even the stoic face, White Star could see trouble for a short time. But when he denied it, it meant White Star could stay here as a guest.

Plus he could watch Cale easily. He needed to know what his goal was and if he could be useful to the White Star.

Cale Henituse must be hiding something.

If the White Star followed, it might show something even more interesting.

“Why is it so loud here…? Young master? What are you doing here and who is this person next to you?”

An old man came through the door. White Star couldn’t feel his presence at all.

‘He is not normal either.’

Like the kitchen guy, the old man who was probably a butler had a smell of blood on them.

Both of them had murdered someone more than once.

Meanwhile Cale the young noble didn’t smell anything like that, nor did he have a black aura around him.

Actually…he smelled good. Without noticing White Star sniffed a bit to smell Cale’s sense more.

When White Star thought about it, Cale also felt soft when he supported the young noble so he could walk better.

Something was happening to his curse. It wouldn’t be bad if it stayed to this extent but he couldn’t lose the curse.

If he died he would meet death and won’t be reincarnated anymore. All his plans would go to waste.

He needed more clues to find out.

Cale Henituse must stay longer with him no matter what.

“Ah Ron, this is my guest. Please give him a room to stay and more food.”

The old man’s gaze went to the White Star. He clearly showed his dislike for him. He wasn’t even trying to hide his murderous intent.

Ron probably also found out that the White Star had killed many. He wouldn’t be surprised if he gets attacked. The old man hid knives behind his back.

He wouldn’t mind a fight. The butler and the cooking guy must be quiet. It didn’t look like Cale knew about their true identity, though he was careful speaking to Ron.

‘This is going to be some work.’

At least they were simple tasks, refreshing and simple.

“Of course, young master, I shall bring him to one of our guest rooms.”

The butler didn’t break contact with the White Star. He could also feel the gaze of the chef.

‘Hoo. Protective aren’t we.’

Cale went past the White Star and the butler opened the door and before he closed it, he spoke on the last thing.

“Ron, I will sleep now, so no need to look after me.”

Without waiting for Ron, Cale closed the door.

It was silence after that, Cale’s steps were the only thing that broke the silence until the sound was gone.

When Cale’s steps couldn’t be heard anymore the old man’s and also the chef’s murderous intentions grew. They didn’t like White Star being here.

“What are you planning and what do you want from the young master?”

“He already told you, I’m your guest tonight. If he wants to know more, you have to ask your young master. He brought me here by his will.”

The butler stayed just a short time on the White Star and then suddenly pulled a knife out and threw it toward the White Star.

With ease, the White Star evaded the knife and parried the knife of the chef who attacked him from behind with his fingers.

But that wasn’t it. Ron took another knife and was ready to stab right in the White Star’s heart.

The White Star kicked the kitchen guy away and grabbed the wrist of the butler with strong force. The chef tried to attack again but with a kick, he lost his weapon.

“This isn’t the kind of service you should give a guest of a noble.”

The butler freed himself from White Star’s grip and took one, or two steps back. The chef tidied his clothes which got dirty from the White Star’s kick.

“No matter how innocent you look. I can smell the blood on you.”

“Same goes for you and your partner.”

All of them looked at each other, eye contact switched more than just one till the butler moved his arm and threw something at the White Star again.

He caught it with one hand after he realized it was not a knife or any other kind of weapon, he looked in his hand.

It was a key.

“Your room is on the second floor. Which one is something for you to find out but I will at least show you which hallway. I can’t let you disturb our master’s sleep.”

Ron began to walk and the White Star followed. It won’t be hard to find the right room. He was amused by how the butler acted. Probably someone more important since he could act this way.

The chef stayed behind, his eyes never left White Star’s back till he couldn’t see him anymore. In his hand was a knife again which held strongly. He would throw again if the White Star made one wrong move.

Soon they reached the second floor and White Star immediately found his room, he had to give the key back to the butler. The old man left and White Star was alone.

He opened the window of his room.

“Cale Henituse.”

The name of the young noble came out of his mouth. He wasn’t satisfied with today’s result. The White Star wanted more answers.

‘Should I sneak into Cale’s room?’

Just want one more look. The White Star required one more look at least. Maybe he would feel something again to make sure Cale was the cause of those changes.

He easily felt Cale’s presence, not just him. All the others, he could feel them too beside the old butler.

The butler was an eyesore.

“Well, he is not the only one who can hide his presence.”

He just had to avoid the butler. It should be an easy task and a fun little game. Time to see what the butler was capable of.

From shadow to shadow, the White Star moved quickly.

The estate was a huge place, many places could lead the White Star to Cale.

Not long and he reached Cale’s bedroom and no butler was in sight. The White Star opened the door and entered slowly. He didn’t want to wake Cale up.

Cale’s room was full of luxury and gold. Expensive carpets laid on the floor and the furniture were made out of leather or silk.

Even without light, the room sparkled.

But nothing was out of the ordinary.

Moving closer to the bed, White Star could see Cale Henituse’s sleeping face.

It looked so peaceful.

White Star stared at Cale a long time till he reached out and caressed Cale’s cheek. Cale moved closer to the White Star’s touch and even smiled a bit.

The White Star chuckled.

Being with this man made the White Star feel better. It felt different when he was alone or just with the old butler.

“Just who are you.”

The White whispered.

He stayed a bit and watched Cale and then he went back.


“It’s time to wake up, young master.”

It was already late in the morning, almost noon. The sun went up a long time ago, his family had their breakfast and were working on their tasks.

Only Cale was able to sleep that long. If Ron wasn’t here, Cale would sleep all day.


Cale wanted to sleep longer, he didn’t have a good sleep.

He dreamed about how someone was watching him while he was asleep, it was scary but luckily it was only a dream.

He stood up from his bed, ready for the bathroom and later to get dressed by Ron.

Cale had to do something with the guest.

He wasn’t expecting Choi Han that night. Cale had just drunk and was suddenly hit by a man with black hair. He thought Choi Han arrived earlier and took the chance to bring him home only to find that out it wasn’t him.


He looked like a Korean, with hair and face he had everything.

‘Maybe he was also from another world??’

The story didn’t say anything about a second transmigrator but Cale couldn’t rely too much on the book. He was also not from this world.

Just how should he explain the situation?

There was no way he would explain to Ruth that Cale was not from here. Even when Ruth wasn’t part of the story. Cale wanted to avoid getting involved in the story in any way possible so can have a quiet life.

Should he just say he looked pitiful?

Cale remembered how messy his hair was and how dirty his clothes were.

It was not a nice thing to say but Cale could care less.

Ruth was more on the lucky side; if he could fight, he could join Choi Han’s party. It was a better life than living on the streets.

Cale still had to find Choi Han though.

Tonight, Choi Han will jump over the wall.

“Ron, I will go outside, don’t follow me.”


White Star read books in the library where he was allowed to enter. Trying to find any clues about his ancient power.

He closed the book he was reading.

“This is pointless.”

No books had any useful information. Either he knew it already or it was just nonsense history nobody cared about. He doubted that the Henituse family knew anything either.

This was disappointing.

He would have left the place if it wasn’t for Cale Henituse.

The curse was in a way reacting to Cale. Its effectiveness weakened when the White Star was near him. He already tried many things today to confirm.

He left his room when the sun had risen and annoyed the chef for breakfast.

Of course, as an answer, knives flew towards him, and then received his breakfast which had no taste, not like Cale’s sandwich.

He caught a maid who stumbled and was about to fall. The maid reacted with a heavy blush and couldn’t form a word. That’s how nervous she was.

But the White Star couldn’t care less

He only wanted to know one thing; if he could feel her soft skin. At least he heard how women her age had soft skin but there wasn’t even a bit of softness. He felt nothing, not like with Cale.

He left the woman on the floor while thinking about how to stay longer and always be within Cale’s reach.

To find out what Cale made so special he needed to be near him and do some experiments.

Walking down the hall there was a door slightly open. The White Star took a glimpse through the gap in the door. There was the lord of the territory.

It couldn’t be someone else than the lord. His clothes and aura screamed the word ‘lord’.

Also, the old butler was here too. White Star decided to stay and listen to what they were talking about.

“Ron, I think my son Cale needs a knight by his side who can protect him from danger. Lately, he often goes alone and comes back late at night. What if something happens to him?”

Ron nodded.

“This is a great idea, my lord. I am also quite worried about the young master.”

“He always drinks and throws the bottles at gangsters, I am surprised no one beat him up.”

Deciding a knight for Cale that late, what a father.

‘Who knew what could have happened to him if I didn’t bump into Cale.’

Letting their child drink till night and wander around town to fight against gangsters…

Did this father truly care for him? He probably was thinking about what trouble he could bring rather than protecting him.

But it didn’t matter.

The important thing was that the White Star found a reason to stay.

Without caring what the butler and the lord might think, the White Star entered the room.

“I just walked by and coincidentally heard how the young master needs a knight. I would like to offer myself.”

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