TWSB – Chapter 83: To call her a villainess… (1)

“Wow, holy shit!”

Christelle shoved in from the side while I sat there broken.

With that single envelope between us, three people…boop!


Bumped heads.

Imperial Prince Cédric slightly frowned while Christelle and I rubbed our foreheads.

I felt as if bells were ringing in my ears.

‘You guys only hit my head but my head hit both of yours so it hurts so mu-’

“Benjamin-nim is the author of < Reason, Sensibility, and Holiness >?! Really?!”

Ganael, who pushed his body forward to understand the situation, shouted in a loud voice.

Vice Captain Élisabeth’s jaw dropped.

Christelle was mumbling things like ‘oh my gosh’ and ‘what do we do’ as she gently hit my shoulder.

After that, well, there was pandemonium inside the carriage.


“Benjamin-nim, then is the thing you send every week somewhere the manuscript?”

“I’m sorry that I said I wanted to grab young master Heathcliff by the collar. Can you at least splash some water on the young master’s face?”

“I honestly had no interest in romance novels, but…… I will read from the beginning when I get home. The punks in the Imperial Guard are all crazy about ReSeHo these days.”

Ganael, Christelle, and Vice Captain Élisabeth responded one after the other.

I felt like they must have each said a hundred things by now.

Benjamin smiled looking a bit embarrassed and it was new seeing this kind of expression on his face.

Being my attendant and overseeing Juliette Palace was no easy task.

But it was amazing that he was able to write and send a manuscript on a biweekly basis as well.

I couldn’t help but smile as it reminded me of my big brother back home.

The situation was quite different for Mr. Jung Hyunseo (32 y/o, webnovel author) who had a daily release of a martial arts novel, but it was amazing and nice to have an author by my side even after transmigrating.

“I was completely shocked, Benjamin. I would have given you time to write if you let me know in advance.”

“That is why I didn’t tell you, your highness. I knew that you would definitely try to be considerate of my situation.”

The middle-aged man calmly smiled.

“You don’t need to put too much thought into it as this is just a hobby, your highness. In fact, I should be punished for putting an outsider inside an Imperial family carriage. I have no excuses for doing it. Please accept my deepest apologies, your Royal Highness. Prince Jesse, please accept my deepest apologies as well.”

Benjamin apologized to the Imperial Prince and me with an extremely sincere demeanor.

I turned to look at the Imperial Prince. I was a bit anxious.

He revealed something of the Imperial family to not just any noble but a journalist like Sara Belliard and I also had no idea whether attendants in the Imperial Palace were allowed to hold other jobs.

Christelle, Ganael, and Vice Captain Élisabeth all looked toward the Imperial Prince as well.

He turned his stoic face toward the window and gave a short response.

“He is your attendant so you make the decision.”


I blinked at the unexpected response. ‘Wait, you are the person in charge of Juliette Palace, not me.’

“That’s great, Benjamin-nim!”

Christelle smiled brightly with joy.

My expression lit up as well thinking that things were resolved well.

“I’m okay with it, Benjamin. I know that Lady Belliard can be a bit pushy. However, please make sure something like this does not happen ever again. I will be cheering you on.”

“……Thank you very much, your highness.”

Benjamin bowed one more time.

The other three beside the Imperial Prince and I grabbed onto him and continued to ask questions.

“How did you start writing? Was there some sort of inspiration?”

“I’ve been interested in writing since I was young, young lady Sarnez. I started writing < Reason, Sensibility, and Holiness > for my oldest niece. That child enjoys love stories quite a bit.”

“Wow! Then is ReSeHo your debut?”

“My debut…… I wrote some essays once.”

“I’m curious about the title.”

“It’s called < What Our Lord Gave to Behold > young Countess-nim.”


“That’s the book Ganael brought for me on my first day at the palace.”

I butted into the conversation.

The famous collection of essays full of religious confessions that I had been curious to know whether the author had made the title rhyme on purpose was Benjamin’s work.

Ganael covered his mouth in shock at my comment. Benjamin had multiple pen names.

“That was my first book. It was difficult to write despite writing things I wanted to write about.”

Benjamin calmly commented. I nodded my head.

I could understand it since it was the same for my brother.

My brother, who had been obsessed with martial arts even from back in the days of video rental, could not let that obsession go even as he started working for a company.

He started writing on the side before becoming a full time author, but he often said it was difficult to write despite writing about things he wanted to see.

However, his condition was pretty stable after starting a long-running series.

“Then how is writing for other people?”

I asked. Benjamin thought for a moment before responding.

“It is just as difficult, your highness. However-”

– Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the carriage at that moment.

Vice Captain Élisabeth, who was seated by the door, looked at all of us once before opening it.

An all too familiar handsome man was standing outside.

“My goodness, you’re all gathered here!”

“Is there an issue, Marquis Duhem?”

“Ah, your highness. It’s not a big deal, but… Could you please move your carriage if you don’t mind?”

I started laughing.

Benjamin held the young Countess back from kicking Marquis Duhem.

Christelle laughed out loud while the Imperial Prince let out a low sigh.

“Élisabeth, I’m being serious! It is difficult for my carriage to get past because it is too wide!”

He was probably the only person in the world who would look for the owner of an Imperial family carriage.


“Benjamin-nim, everybody is going wild! How could you think about such a development……”


Ganael was unable to calm himself down and continued to rattle on as we headed toward the Imperial Palace temple.

Benjamin gently covered the young boy’s mouth. I smiled while walking in front of them.

It had already been a week since Benjamin revealed the truth about his side job to us.

Of course, it was a secret to Sir Geens and Sand who were not in the carriage that day.

But Sand was unable to control himself after reading this week’s < Biweekly Riester >.

The Author’s Q&A with ‘Didier Hurmic,’ Benjamin’s pen name was interesting, but……

‘Young master Heathcliff requested a duel with Jane! My goodness, this must be the end!’

It was because of the newest content where the young master requested a duel with Jane, who mocked his beloved Catherine.

Jane was unable to maintain her calm at her fiance requesting a duel with her and splashed him with the water she was drinking.

The next episode teased a battle between the man and woman who were both Grade 6 swords people.

Christelle had said the following after reading the episode.

‘What a historic level of ridiculousness. But it’s so entertaining. The author even took my suggestion into consideration. I should send some sponsorship money.’

Only I seemed shocked at the fact that Benjamin was basically writing on the go since he was able to immediately use feedback in his work.

I gently bowed toward the knights opening the temple door for me and continued walking.

‘Well, I guess my brother didn’t have much stock either.’

“Please sign my collection of essays next time.”

I whispered to Benjamin. He smiled and agreed to do so.

“Demy, big bro is going to work. Be a good boy and wait for me.”

– Screeeech

I handed Demy, who was in my arms, to Ganael before heading into the Confessional.

For some reason, Demy flailed and signaled ‘No.’ despite never having acted like this before.

He must have been upset because I left him at the palace during the Imperial Prince’s duel because I didn’t want him to see any blood.

Rhea and Perry were still curled up in my room sleeping, but Demy, unlike them, seemed to like being outside.

I had no idea where Percy went since he was gone this morning.

‘I hope he’s not in the Imperial Prince’s bed pruning himself.’

“What is it? Do you want to go in there with me?”

– Squeeeee.

“Can you be a good boy? You can’t say anything when people come in.”

– Screeeech

Demy responded as if he understood.

He looked so desperate reaching both front legs at me that I had no choice but to give up and take him back.

I grabbed the basket of snacks from Ganael and walked into the Confessional to see the clean wooden window and the sliced decorative rope.

‘When are they ever going to change this?’

“This should be your first time in here, Demy.”

– Screeeech!

The area was a bit dark but Demy still responded energetically.

I chuckled and patted his back.

I had my lesson with the Cardinal in the morning, had lunch and observed the Imperial Prince and Christelle’s lesson, and was here to take confessions now.

There were a lot less penitents recently, potentially because I made sure to do this sacrament whenever I had time.

A lot of people were already busy because of the Imperial Crown Prince’s confirmation in August.

“Should we read a book until someone gets here? There’s a novel written by Uncle Benjamin too.”

– Squeeeee.

Demy quietly responded and placed himself on my knees.

I opened the < Biweekly Riester > that I had not finished reading yet.

I released my ether circle instead of turning on a lamp and the red panda created a bellflower at the tip of his tail as if he was extremely satisfied.

‘Let’s see.’

「••••••That was how young Duke Robert Blanquer’s splendid travel came to an end. According to my sources in the East, the young Duke’s injuries are permanent, but not serious. The Ducal House of Blanquer did not respond to our request for their comments on the matter. However, Duchess Blanquer is believed to be ashamed of her heir’s disrespectful act. It is also rumored that the Duchess’s husband sent his son a message about how he should be thankful for his Royal Highness’s mercy.」

I thoroughly read through Lady Belliard’s article about the Imperial Prince and the young Duke’s duel.

Thankfully, there was nothing that suggested that the Imperial Prince didn’t kill the young Duke because I told him not to do so.

The article was focused on the Imperial Prince’s beauty and generosity, as well as his Holy Knight abilities he showed in front of the nobles of the Imperial Capital.

Lady Belliard had put an article that was advantageous for me once again.

I’m sure she only did it after calculating the benefits, but still…


「On another note, the performance of three certain esteemed individuals was quite eye-catching. His Royal Highness, Imperial Prince Cédric, young lady Christelle de Sarnez, and Prince Jesse of the Venetiaan Holy Kingdom succeeded once again in gathering everybody’s attention at this duel. From here on, they……」

‘There’s nothing like that. I have no future plans with the two of them. Probably.’

I scowled a bit and rubbed my chest area.

I could feel the small crystal bell in my pocket.

The note from ‘Usil,’ umm, crown princess Elise, was immediately burned after I copied the note in my notebook.

Now that I knew who sent it and why, having it on me only increased the danger of it getting lost.

– Click.

I snapped out of my thoughts. A penitent seemed to have come in while I was focused on the article.

I heard the quiet noise of sleeves brushing by as I naturally deactivated my Holy Domain and closed the book.

Demy slightly raised his tail after detecting an unfamiliar person, but he did not make a noise.

“Welcome, beloved believer. When was your last confession?”

“I am not here to confess.”

The imposing tone made me click my tongue out of reflex.

‘I guess business is going to be bad today if my first customer is like this.’

“I’m sorry but please leave if you are not here to confess. I will need to listen to the story of another believer.”

“However, I have a question. Do you plan on having his Royal Highness in one hand and young lady Sarnez in the other as you toy with their feelings?”

“Ah, what?”

I stopped speaking respectfully in disbelief.

I rubbed my face a few times and shook my head.

‘This isn’t the first time you’re seeing a crazy person at the confessional, Jung Yeseo. Don’t be shaken.’

“Oh esteemed believer-nim, this is a holy temple. Please refrain from spreading rumors.”

“Why else would a young lady without a partner reject a meeting with an Archbishop while his Royal Highness stops his attack at a single comment from you? I am suspicious of your intentions, Prince Jesse.”

“I will not respond anymore. I will summon the temple knights if you do not walk yourself out.”


The young and soft voice was shaking.

It sounded like a voice I had heard before, but I wasn’t sure because I had listened to so many penitents.

At least the woman seemed to plan on walking out on her own as I could hear her get up.

I felt thirsty.

I pulled out a glass bottle and gulped down the corn tea that Ganael had packed for me.

As I handed Demy a piece of sugar pickled rose petal…

– Slam!

The Confessional door slammed open. The person who had walked out of the other side had barged into mine.

My eyes opened wide in shock.

Red hair curly like ramen, cheeks flushed from being unable to contain her anger, dark brown eyes slightly filled with tears…

“……Young lady Eva Blanquer?”

‘It’s the young Duke’s younger sister?’

“I cannot become the Duchess nor can I marry his Royal Highness. But my last chance to succeed was blocked because of you, Prince Jesse. I don’t like you!”

The young girl was shaking as she spoke. I could only open and close my mouth as I didn’t know what to say.

“Umm, first.”

“Drink this and get away from his Royal Highness and the young lady!”

Eva thrust the bottle of water in her hand toward me. ‘Did you read the most recent chapter of ReSeHo too?!’

– Splash!

– Screeeech!

However, Demy used a large leaf to block the water!

Translator’s Comments

And go Demy! You’re the best poke…divine beast.

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    haha the crazy must be in the blood if both siblings can’t seem incapable of not inserting themselves in other peoples relationships.
    And the nerve of trying to drug someone at such a vulnerable spot.
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