TWSB – Chapter 77: A Knight’s Honor and Middle-aged Romance (1)

“The Duke-nim and young lady Sarnez are the type who require a lot of ether?”

I suppressed the sharp rebuke that was about to come out of my mouth and asked an appropriate question.

Sir Johann Geens nodded his head.

“The young lady absorbed a divine item, so she will probably not be satisfied with a regular priest’s ether. As for his Royal Highness, the Duke……”

He made a small hand gesture in the air.

A transparent private domain appeared around the four of us again.

His mint-colored eyes were keenly sparkling.

“He is quite a peculiar case. The Sword of Wisdom from the Flaming Star seems to be replenishing his ether, but it seems to me as if he has some foundational kind of depletion.”

I felt chills at his sharp deduction.

I could feel the air around Imperial Prince Cédric get heavier.

I quickly avoided Sir Geens’ gaze and inspected the unconscious Sand.

We laid the young priest on a mat that Benjamin had quickly placed on the ground. I opened a healing circle for mental and physical stability.

It was one of the basic circles that was easy to memorize, so I did not make any mistakes.

However, my mind was a complicated mess even as I used my healing power on Sand.

Maybe it was obvious that Christelle, the main character of QNW and someone who was on the munchkin route, would feel hungry for more after getting ether from a Clergy level priest.

However, the Imperial Prince was different.

I didn’t know the details, but he turned into a young boy when lacking ether.

Even after getting the Sword of Wisdom, he came to me for help after turning into a kid that one time.

I thought that the Imperial Prince wanted a divine item to fix that issue, but it must not be fully resolved yet.

‘Foundational depletion’ might be an accurate way to describe his situation.

“Will the situation be a bit better when the Duke-nim’s instructor and priest arrive?”

I asked.

Technically speaking, Sir Geens and Sand were only here for Christelle. They are not in charge of the Imperial Prince’s education.

“The Vatican is currently minimizing the transfer of personnel. Gathering together is necessary right now because of the Pope’s absence.”

Sir Geens brushed his fallen hair out of his face as he said that.

“I do not believe that another instructor will be dispatched. As for a priest, well… I doubt that they will send any priest higher than Bishop level for a Holy Knight who has yet to be appointed.”

I bit down on my lips for a moment before letting them go.

Sir Geens was basically saying that he would continue to teach the two of them because no one else would come. Even if another priest was likely to arrive, they would only be Clergy level like Sand.

That would only mean that there would be an extra victim.

I raised my head and looked toward the Imperial Prince. He met my gaze, as if he had been waiting for me to look at him.

The reason he, or ‘Sadie,’ has not chosen a priest partner until now was clear.

He was the Imperial Prince, someone who would become the Emperor in the future.

Ether depletion that could not be cured with a divine item was too big of a weakness, so it was probably hard for him to trust an outsider priest.

Cardinal Boutier could not give him ether either, as she was already the Empress’s Religious Partner.

I’m sure there are ways to build a decent connection with a nice Archbishop and make them swear an oath of secrecy, but……

“Is there something you wish to say?”

I doubt he would have wanted to keep anybody by his side with that terrible personality of his.

‘Don’t touch me.’

I remembered how sharply Sadie had responded to me when I first met him in the Imperial Palace’s Confessional.

He was the type to suffer because he couldn’t get past his stubbornness. I couldn’t help but sigh quietly.

“The two of you are participating in this month’s annual prayer meeting, correct?”
“Yes sir.”

Christelle calmly responded to my question.

The sharp Christelle seemed to have noticed that the mood around me had changed.

“Her Majesty ordered the two of you to look for a priest partner there.”
“That is correct.”

She nodded her head. Sir Geens was looking at us with an amused gaze.

I stopped for a moment before slowly enunciating my every word.

“Then until then, I will help supply ether for the two of you.”
“Eek, jackpot.”

Christelle suddenly covered her mouth with both hands.

Her big round eyes looked as if they might start crying.

The Imperial Prince’s orange eyes widened slightly in a rare show of surprise.

I almost scoffed while looking at their reactions, but I held myself back.

I spoke with the most serious expression I could make on my face.

“In return, I have some conditions.”

The Imperial Prince responded immediately. I finally said the things I had been holding in.

“I cannot stand the way priest Sand has been treated. A Holy Knight and a priest are in an even cooperation relationship, it is not a relationship where one side has to sacrifice or volunteer themselves for the other.The two of you, your actions have been wrong. The priest-nim is working for you two and suffering because of it. Even if it is hard for the two of you as well, how could you ignore his health like this? No priest would want to be by your sides if you continue acting like this.”

Christelle opened and closed her mouth, not able to say anything. Based on the look on her face, she seemed to know she was in the wrong.

“My ether stomach was so empty that I became extremely sensitive…… I’m sorry.”
“This is not something you should be apologizing to me for. Please properly apologize to Sand when he wakes up.”
“Yes sir.”

She quickly responded. I turned my gaze toward the Imperial Prince.

“Yield a little. Can you do that, your Royal Highness?”

He scrunched his eyes.

“What else do you want?”
“……My safety.”

I calmly responded.

I looked to the side and noticed that Ganael was smiling while looking at the serious expression on my face.

My heart felt a little lighter after seeing him. It seemed like he was on my side despite not knowing what we were talking about.

I recalled the conversation I had with the young boy a few days ago.

‘I think I want to trust him.’
‘Then how about giving him a chance, your highness?’
‘……If it is only for a short period of time… Then giving the two of them an extremely small chance shouldn’t put me at a loss either. Probably.’

“Please promise that I will not be threatened by anybody in any way while I am supplying you two with ether.”
“I promise.”
“Who would mess with you, your highness…… No, I promise too!”

The two of them quickly answered. I couldn’t help but quietly chuckle this time.

This was a ‘deal’ where my safety would be guaranteed in return for helping the two of them.

This was the decision I made after a long period of deliberation, but the two main characters’ easy agreement made it feel like all that deliberation was wasted.

“How interesting. I guess the story I read about the three of you in the < Biweekly Riester > was not all fabrication.”

Sir Geens, who had been silently watching us, commented.

I turned toward him and slightly scowled.

“I know that I may be stepping out of bounds here, but you need to reflect on your actions as well, Sir Geens.”
“Oh my, I guess I wasn’t an exception.”
“You traveled such a long way with the priest-nim from the Vatican. Aren’t you neglecting your companion too much? You knew that the Duke-nim and the young lady’s actions were not just.”
“I accept that. However, I did that in order to understand how much ether they used and how much they needed, so…… Please forgive me this one time.”

His drooping eyes gently curled up as he smiled. I sternly responded.

“Please apologize to the priest-nim. Think about how much he must have been suffering alone.”

– Tap. Tap.

Ganael gently tapped the back of my hand at that moment.

The moment I turned my head to see what was going on, the air opened up.

I heard a welcomed voice as soon as Sir Geens’ private domain disappeared.

“Prince Jesse……”
“Are you okay, priest-nim?”

I quickly sighed in relief. I attentively looked at Sand’s round face.

He thankfully did not have a fever or any cold sweats.His nausea must have also disappeared since he sat up immediately.

The blue particles of ether floated up from the healing circle and surrounded him.

Sand blinked a few times before speaking anxiously.

“Did I, did I faint again? I’m sorry.”
“No, there is nothing for you to be sorry for, priest-nim. These three people over here are the ones who should be sorry.”

I calmed him down and peeked at the terrible Holy Knights. Sand still seemed a bit out of it.

“I will continue to observe the lessons for a while. I will also help with supplying ether.”
“Y, your highness……”

The young priest must have gotten emotional, as he started to tear up.

I smiled bitterly and patted his shoulder a few times.

There was a time I bought a bag of chips for a twenty-years-old new recruit when I was a sergeant.

I sat by him, allowing him to eat it in peace without any of the other senior soldiers giving him any issues. However, the kid suddenly stopped chewing and started crying.

I asked him if it was because of me and he talked about how he didn’t think I would treat him so well. He cried, saying that he wanted to see his family.

Seeing the teary Sand made me a bit emotional thinking about that kid.

‘I haven’t been able to contact him for over a year. I wonder if he is doing well.’

“First, young lady Sarnez has something to say to you, priest-nim.”

I commented.

Sand, who was slowly taking out the handkerchief I let him borrow, flinched and looked up at her.

Christelle was heading toward us with an extremely apologetic and embarrassed look on her face.

I was sure that the person inside was the same age as me but she frequently had this child-like innocent look, potentially because she transmigrated into the body of a nineteen year old.

“Umm, priest-nim. I’m sorry. I was irritable and……”

Christelle slowly started speaking. Seeing her honestly asking for forgiveness was nice to see.

The cool breeze of the north brushed past her pink hair and all of our clothes.

Benjamin smiled gently and poured a cup of liquorice tea for Sand.

His tears slowly dried up.

Summer in the Summer Palace was not too bad.


Empress Frédérique, the Cardinal, and the Imperial Prince returned to the palace after their summer retreat.

The prince of the Holy Kingdom was with them as well.

“It was that good? I’m sure it was good. Your smile almost reaches to your ears. People are going to think that you got a girlfriend.”

The attendants, who were quickly and busily walking down the hallway of the Empress Palace, slowly raised their heads to peek at the Imperial Prince after hearing Élisabeth’s comment.

He was the same as usual.

His uniform had absolutely no wrinkles and his cold, emotionless face suited his nickname of Ice Prince.

They couldn’t see how his mouth looked as if it was going to reach his ears.

It must be something that only his childhood friend could see.

The lowly attendants quickly started moving again, acting as if they never peeked at the esteemed Imperial Prince.

“I heard that you went all the way down to the beach? Ganael told me all about it. Did you go into the water?”
“I didn’t, so control yourself.”

The Imperial Prince responded stoically. However, Élisabeth continued to rattle on.

“It must have been fun. I also want to play with young lady Christelle, Prince Jesse, and our Ganael. I was all by myself, being scolded by my mom……”

The young Countess moved her hands to soothe the phantom pains in her back.

“Have you ever been smacked in the back by a sword master? I thought that I was going to be sent flying all the way to the Imperial Capital.”

She continued grumbling.

Cédric quietly listened to her complaints.

It was because he knew what his friend, who was quite chatty today, was concerned about.

The reason he was not stopping her, despite thinking that he was past the age for her concern, was maybe because he had gotten used to a certain person’s nature after the past few months.

He scowled after feeling this odd sensation.

They turned a corner to get to their destination when they heard a ruckus on the other side.

“How does this make any sense? The prince is a diplomatic hostage. Who in the world would believe that he came here as a Confessional Priest? Even a peddler passing by would laugh at that.”
“Young Duke Blanquer, please lower your voice. This is the Empress Palace.”
“Why do I have to do that when I am speaking the truth?”

The Imperial Prince stopped walking.

Élisabeth, David and the other attendants stopped as well.

The voice continued to speak.

There was a riled up young man and a couple of people trying to calm him down.

The Imperial Prince’s gaze sank low like cooled lava.

“Didn’t they say that the prince had all sorts of scandals even in the Holy Kingdom? Her Majesty and her Eminence are being fooled.”
“Young Duke. I understand your concern, but during the ‘Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts,’ the prince…”
“I’m saying that it might have all been part of his scheme. He’s trying to earn her Majesty’s trust in order to infiltrate the Riester Imperial family.”

The man seemed to have an answer for everything. The young Countess frowned.

‘What is that trash from the House of Blanquer up to now?’

“It is completely unacceptable that he is helping his Royal Highness with his ether supply. Even if he is the son of the Queen, his father was a commoner. How dare he, someone whose father is a priest with such an unclear background…”

They heard a cold, low voice.

The Imperial Prince moved without any hesitation to appear in front of them.

The trio, who had been causing the ruckus, bowed respectfully.

Their voices were shaking. They stuttered as they greeted the Imperial Prince.

However, only two of the three looked completely pale.

The Imperial Prince looked down at the son of Duke Blanquer, Robert Blanquer, the only one of the trio who still looked confident.

He then pulled off one of his black gloves and threw it down at Robert’s feet.

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