TWSB – Chapter 169: Exit (5)

I knew that Christelle didn’t think of me as a backup battery, but I still pouted.

The main character’s large eyes seemed full of dark clouds after seeing that I avoided her gaze and did not answer.

“I won’t do that ever again, your highness.”

“We are partners. What kind of partners stick together in the peaceful and good times but separately in the hard times? Furthermore, you didn’t discuss it with me once again.”

“You’re right, your highness. But it was dangerous, no. Everything you say is correct, your highness.”

– Booboboboooooooooom••••••

A boulder moved and the air suddenly changed. We looked up at the dark sky at the same time.

The golem that was frozen like a statue because of my Divine Oracle……

– Craaaaack!

It was continuing to swing its fist.

‘My goodness!’ The soldiers gasped while the Blanquer Knight Captain clenched his teeth.

He put the cloth that was pressed against his forehead in his pocket and pulled out his sword.

Thankfully, everybody was inside my Holy Land.

Duchess Cecil Blanquer lifted her staff into the air. Paaaaat! A light that seemed to make the whole world white appeared.

“Close your eyes, your highness!”

Christelle turned my body toward the opposite direction.

Boom, boom! The golem’s footsteps became distant and then close over and over.

The flash of light seemed to have caused chaos for this thing despite its lack of eyes.

Crack! Baaaaang! The bushes were crushed and rocks pummeled in directions completely away from us.

Vice Captain Élisabeth shouted.

“If that is a golem, Divine Oracles should not work on it because it has no soul. I think it just stopped for a moment because it was shocked at your ether, your highness!”

“How can we defeat it?!”

Christelle asked. I desperately tried to recall any information.

I clearly remembered reading about it in the < Great Encyclopedia of Demonic Beast >.

Golems were not demonic beasts but demonic items that appeared in old tales.

They were created in locations where mana was gathered and condensed for long periods of time. Unlike demonic beasts that had souls and intelligence, they had no conscience.

The ancient citizens of the continent called golems the ‘Punishers of the Almighty God.’

Divine Oracles did not work on them and it was difficult to defeat them with water or fire, so the people of the time probably saw them as divine punishment……

– Baaaaang!


The golem finally struck down on top of our heads.

The Holy Land’s golden dome blocked the attack and the priests healing the group screeched.

My eyes opened wide. Duchess Blanquer had stopped the flash of light and was preparing for her next attack.

The Imperial Crown Prince, who had pulled out my emergency dagger from my bag at some point…

– Siiiiiiizzle……

– Pababat!

He heated up his dagger and mine to the point they were glowing red before throwing them toward the golem’s right shoulder. He was aiming for the area connected through mud.

Slash! They moved so quickly that I could hear them cutting through its body.

At the same time, Duchess Blanquer moved a large boulder with psychokinesis and baang! Chuck it at the golem’s left shoulder. She was also trying to cut off its arm.

Christelle firmly held her whip and stood in front of me.

We gulped and observed the situation.

– Craaaack……

“It worked! It was cut, my liege!”

The Knight Captain shouted in an excited voice.

The mud was indeed falling and the golems arms were coming apart.

The soldiers looked relieved for a moment. However…

– Ooooooong!

An extremely ominous sound soon followed.

The falling mud and boulders stopped in the air and compressed red mana appeared.

Crown prince Cédric clicked his tongue. The worst possible situation was starting to open.

Boooom! There was an odd noise before its arms went against gravity and reattached themselves to its shoulders.

The priests lamented as they prayed to the Almighty God.

“The legends were true. There is no way to instantly put this bastard to rest. All we can do is hold it here in the mountains until it uses up all of its mana and naturally dissolves on its own.”

Duchess Blanquer calmly commented.

‘Damn it, it really is like that. The book said that too!’

“Jacques, you lead the Knights Brigade to Dungeon 2. We will take care of this bastard.”

“My liege!”

“It is not going to be easy. If another headache has appeared by that Dungeon, you all will need to stop it with your lives.”

Her brown eyes looked extremely serious. The Captain clenched his teeth and silently bowed.

Vice Captain Élisabeth gave an order to the Imperial Guard As well.

“You all will return to the Lord’s Castle.”

“Vice Captain, what do you mean?!”

“It is for the same reason as the Duchess. As her Majesty’s second sword, go protect the citizens of the Empire.”

– Boom! Boom!

The golem started to once again run wild in the forest now that the light had disappeared.

It instantly shrank the distance from us with a single step.

I urgently looked at the Duchess and the young Countess. My voice naturally became louder because of the roaring ground.

“Please have the Knights Brigade and the Imperial Guard each take a priest. I will take care of all of you!”

The two of them solemnly nodded their heads.

Christelle smiled anxiously while the crown prince silently pulled off his glove and looked at me.

I smiled to tell him to relax. ‘Yes, you little punk. You can use your powers to your heart’s content now.’


– Boooom! Boom!

“That stupid son of a bitch!”

Christelle did a flip in the air above the leaves and gravel as she shouted.

Puuk! There was a deep hole where she had just been standing.

Taaaat! Vice Captain Élisabeth, who took a giant leap to hang onto the golem’s leg, stabbed her rapier into its knee and released her sword aura.

They were cutting off its limbs so that it used its mana in regeneration, but the pile of rocks seemed to have gathered a lot of mana for hundreds of years as it continued without showing any signs of stopping.

I was wondering where it was trying so hard to go, but……

“I will take care of the Sacred Bow.”

Tang! Duchess Blanquer firmly held her staff as she stood in front of the ancient tree.

The golem was, in the end, a monster created from mana, and it was naturally trying to attack the divine item.

It didn’t care about Christelle, the Sword of Wisdom from the Flaming Star, or even me as it rampaged through the forest to get to the Sacred Bow of the Tree of Life.

I anxiously looked toward the majestic and magnificent existence at the center of the forest.

– Boom! Boom!

“……I have a bad feeling about this.”

The Sacred Bow of the Tree of Life, at a glance, was just a tree.

Of course it was as tall as an apartment complex and was about two thousand years old, making it not normal at all.

The green jewel at the center of its body clearly revealed that the tree was a divine item.

It looked nothing like a bow at all, but as Percy has shown us already, this might not be its true appearance.

I couldn’t believe that Eva came so deep into the forest to get the divine item’s blessing.

– Tap, tap!

I became shocked and looked forward.

The crown prince bastard was basically flying around after receiving a ton of my ether.

He got on the golem’s back with light movements before almost instantly arriving at the back of its neck.

Baaaaang! Crack! The golem flailed its arms as if it was swimming.

The Duchess launched light waves and electric current attacks nonstop.

– Paaaaat!

– Ruuuuumble!


The middle-aged mage, who had not had any time to sit down or for mana interphase until now, seemed completely fatigued now.

She still stood firmly but fatigue was visible in her dark eyes.

It was already extraordinary that she had not fainted after continuously using mana for sixteen hours.

I maintained my Holy Land while anxiously standing there by myself with the dagger that the crown prince returned to me in my hand.

It made me anxious when I couldn’t see what was going on, but it wasn’t like seeing it would make me feel any better-

– Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

“Duchess Blanquer!”

Just as the Grade 8 mage’s movements showed an opening, the golem’s house-sized fist flew toward her.

I ran as fast as I could toward the Duchess. And just barely……!

– Baaaaang!

My Holy Land covered her and a portion of the Sacred Bow to protect them. I breathed heavily as I plopped down on the group.

The mage staggered from the shock.

“Duchess Blanquer, I think that you need to get some rest. It is going to be difficult to continue like this.”

“I cannot rest until that thing falls, your highness.”

“I understand your sentiments, but-”

– Craaaackle! – Stab!

I heard the sound of a flame and a terrible stabbing noise.

I urgently turned around to see that the Sword of Wisdom, which was covered in bright red flames, was stabbed into the golem’s neck.

The crown prince gently landed on the ground with his black hair fluttering in the air before standing up and extending out his left hand. And then…

– Oooong, paat!

The sword pierced through the other side and returned to his hand.

The young man then snapped with his right hand. Snap!

– Baaaaang!

The golem’s neck went flying.

The flames that he had slowly planted inside the dirt had all exploded at once.

Boom! Boom! Its heavy body lost direction and started wandering.

The opponent had no brain, but its head still seemed to be important.

Its two thick legs got tangled up and…

– Ruuuumble! Booooooooom!

The golem fell like a stone tower falling.

Christelle and the young Countess, who had attempted to cut off its legs countless times, quickly moved.

The destruction of the demonic item made the ground shake and dust rise up from all around them.

“Cough cough! Cough!”

I covered my mouth with my sleeve and looked around.

The main characters, young Countess, and Duchess were all fine and none of the demonic beasts seemed to have followed us here.

The dismembered golem looked like an ancient stone tomb.

It must have run out of mana after regenerating its body too many times.

The back of my arm became warm as I sighed in relief.

“Are you hurt anywhere, your highness?”

“I’m okay because I was inside the Holy Land. Everybody, please come here. I will heal you.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth smiled and pulled up her bloody sleeves before walking over.

Christelle’s clothes also had rips in multiple places and she looked full of scratches.

The crown prince silently swung the Sword of Wisdom once to put it back in its scabbard. ‘Yes, I’m sure you must be feeling great that you did not get hurt. Big bro is so happy for you.’

I quickly observed Duchess Blanquer. She was letting out a deep breath.

“Duchess Blanquer, please get some rest. I brought some magic tool flares with me just in case as well. It should be fine to wait until we get reinforcements from the castle if it is difficult for you to move-”

It was at that moment.

– Baaaaaaaang!

The golem’s arm, well, the part that had been its arm, aimed for the Duchess.

To be more accurate, it was its last attack toward the Sacred Bow. All of it had happened in an instant.

As soon as I threw myself on her and rolled-

– Ruuuuuuuumble••••••!

There was a loud noise and the ground started to split.

“Your highness!”

“Dame Christelle, no!”

Vice Captain Élisabeth used her whole body to stop Christelle from running to me.

The last thing I saw was the crown prince pulling out his sword toward the remains of the golem.

– Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!


The precarious ground completely crumbled. A deep black hole in the center of the forest opened its mouth.

All of the hair on my body was standing up as I instinctively flailed my arms. – Grab!

“Eek, ugh……”

I was holding on for dear life and my arm was shaking as if it would explode.

It was a miracle. That was the only way to explain it.

I was holding the unconscious Duchess Blanquer with my right arm while dangling on a vine or tree root that was supporting the weight of two people with my left arm.

I could smell a stench of iron. The Duchess was bleeding quite a bit from her head.

I couldn’t help but groan at the fear that was filling my heart. My mouth tensed up.

“Your highness, please hold on for a bit! You are still there, right?!”

“Yes! I’m down here!”

Christelle shouted with desperation and I responded as loudly as possible. However, the ground was too high up.

Even if I used every ounce of strength I had to slowly crawl up, I would probably run out of strength and fall down.

Ruuuumble! The ground shook again and poured dirt and rocks to my legs.

The battle had resumed up there.

I barely managed to focus and release a healing circle.

“It’s okay. Duchess Blanquer, you have received the blessing of a divine item, so…… You will live a long life.”

‘You are not someone who will leave this world in a place like this.’ I struggled to whisper.

I suddenly recalled the girl with the pretty ribbon in her curly red hair shouting, ‘why are you not taking me, your highness? I am a young Duchess now too!’ Eva had badgered me so much before I left.

A bitter smile appeared on my face. ‘I knew it was best not to bring her here.

Children should stay in peaceful and safe places.’

“Please, please……”

I desperately mumbled. Blue ether pebbles were gathering at the side of the Duchess’s head.

She was bleeding a lot and it was making me anxious that it was not healing very quickly with my circle.

Dangling there was so hard that my neck was getting stiff and my waist was going numb. I had no feeling in my left arm at this point.

But I could not give up. However……

– Baaaaang!


There was an intense shock. I immediately started plummeting into the abyss. The world was slowly getting farther and farther away.

An emerald-colored divine light created an aurora as the sun was setting in the sky.

I clenched my eyes and tightly hugged the Duchess’s head. I also did not deactivate my healing circle either.

I did not want to deliver bad news to Eva who respects her mother so much.

For someone other than ‘us’ to experience something like that again-

– Piiii, pipipi!

I heard the familiar chirping of a bird. As my eyes opened…

– Flap, flap flap!

My body shot up like a bullet. I could finally release the breath that I was holding.

I didn’t even have time to thank Percy when I saw five different colors of light all around me.

I finally realized the situation. It was so thrilling that a painful chill went down my back.


A total of five divine items were gathered in one place, releasing their abilities.

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