TWSB – Chapter 130: And they lived happily ever after?

That is how we were all able to safely attend the Imperial Crown Prince succession confirmation ceremony!

– Squeeeeee!

“No no, let’s stay calm.”

I slowly pulled down Demy and Perry who were climbing up my mitre.

Rhea was curled up on Eva’s knees.

Percy, who was on Christelle’s shoulder, was nodding off.

Maybe he pushed himself too hard while bringing us to the capital on the eve of the festival, but the chimney bird had been very sleepy since early in the morning.

For reference, Chestnut is now being protected in Aightz Village!

The weather of August 13th was clear without a single cloud in the sky.

I looked up at the sky beyond the white tent and smiled.

Claire Plaza, which was directly connected to the Imperial Palace by a major road, was full of quiet anticipation, much different from last night.

Old pillars and tall colonnades all carried the flag of the Empire.

Thousands of nobles filled up the stands in the plaza. The alleys were full of commoners who had been staking out their spots all night.

Curtains embroidered with gold threads created shade at the center of the circular plaza.

The platform there had three thrones, each decorated with dark red velvet and gold. Currently, only two of them held people.


I was looking around when I made eye contact with Empress Frédérique. I quickly bowed silently.

Cardinal Boutier smiled toward me from next to her.

Unlike the extravagant formal attire she was wearing, the Empress was dressed the same as usual.

“Your highness, her Eminence is visible there.”

Christelle, who was seated next to me, motioned with her hand.

I raised my head to look at the back of the Empress’s drapes.

The large crystal board that filled the center of the plaza was showing the Cardinal’s benevolent expression and magenta hair.

The crowd’s mumblings became louder.

Even I was amazed at seeing a screen like this in such a world so it must be even more shocking for those of this world.

Marquis Duhem, who was seated across from us, looked at us and winked in a flashy manner.

‘He’s such an extraordinary character.’


I heard loud cheers from the road at that moment.

Christelle and I poked our heads out in response and checked to see what was going on.

We were in spots closest to the Imperial family, so it was difficult to see the outside of the plaza.

The nobles were flapping their fans with anticipation.

I could hear the faint sound of hooves and the voice of the coachman. After that…


Drums and trumpets, all decorated with the imperial crest, started playing music.

The commoners were singing loudly along to the music from the outskirts of the plaza.

Although I had never heard this song and it sounded like a mess because so many people were singing it, I could clearly feel their affection and delight.

“Descended to this world and raised the Empire……”

– Swoooooooosh!

I was muttering the words when someone whistled loudly.

The nobles in the plaza all gave standing ovations. I could even see that some of them had taken their gloves off to wave them around.

I stood up and observed where everybody was looking. Eva, who was standing next to me, blanked out in admiration.


Imperial Prince Cédric got off the carriage and was entering the plaza while surrounded by Vice Captain Élisabeth and the Imperial Guard.

Half of the spectators dropped their jaws in shock.

He was wearing formal attire that was more luxurious than ever before.

His white fur cape touched the red carpet on the ground and his broachwas the red diamond that Christelle had picked out.

His flame-like eyes and black hair that sparkled in the sun made his presence extremely prominent.

His thick brows, sharp nose, and chiseled jawline were the focus of his handsome face.

His straight neck, broad shoulders and tall height completed the visual of the male lead that nobody could deny he possessed.

Furthermore, even his shoes looked beautiful.

“My goodness, the Almighty God is looking after his Royal Highness’s body and soul.”
“Seriously. There are so many houses dreaming of marrying their daughter off to him.”

The nobles in the back were breathing heavily and whispering.

The Imperial Prince somehow managed to not trip over his long legs and arrived in front of the Empress.

I urgently looked toward Christelle.

I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t happen, but it would be bad if the Imperial Prince got married to a young lady from another house.

If she did not fall for him at this moment, there must be some sort of issue with our MC’s eyesight.

“Look at how good the makeup looks on him despite him not getting much sleep. His skin is just amazing.”


I felt like my throat was on fire as I listened to her stiff mumblings.

Christelle, who had arrived at the Imperial Capital via carriage early in the morning, was openly showing her sleepiness now.

‘Seriously? This great Romfan author is setting the field like this and……’

“It must be easy to maintain because he doesn’t drink or smoke. Don’t you think so, your highness?”
“Excuse me? Ah yes.”

I barely responded to Christelle’s question.

‘Maybe she has already fallen for him but has yet to realize it?’

It was plausible.

QNW was about the two main characters going from enemies to lovers.

It has been about five months since Christelle and I transmigrated into the novel, so it might not be enough to suddenly fix that issue and feel a sense of romance blooming……

“But still.”

I suddenly mumbled.

‘She has no excitement after seeing that face?’

“Eek, it looks so big. Your highness. His Royal Highness is as large as a mountain on there!”

Eva shook my arm. The music had stopped at some point.

I stopped my mechanically moving hand and looked up at the crystal board.

Two mages, who were dragging large magic stone crystal balls around to ‘film’, had finally focused on the Imperial Prince’s face.

Marquis Duhem must have given them some orders as they quickly found an excellent angle for it.


The spectators gasped. I looked back and forth at the screen and the real person.

The Imperial Prince on the crystal board was kneeling down in front of the Empress and bowing his head.

Some of the Archbishops that I had seen at the Annual Prayer Meeting approached him with a crown on a cushion.

This scene looked so cool and important that I wished my big brother and Eunseo were here with me.

The Empress stood in front of her son, raised the Imperial Crown Prince’s crown high in the air with both hands, and then slowly placed it on his head.

I gulped.

– Clap!

“Not yet, your highness.”

Eva stopped me as soon as I clapped loudly one time.

The Imperial Prince looked toward me for a moment.



The Empress then placed a ring on her son’s finger.

Everybody else was quietly observing the mother and son’s ritual.

I felt my cheeks flush immediately.

I wanted to console myself by saying that it was because this was my first time and because we missed the practice run, but even Christelle was calm.

I just covered my mouth with my sleeve and let my eyes wander. And then…

“Ah, that scared me.”

I made eye contact with a man on the other side who was wearing a robe that was as dark as the night sky.

He seemed to be around nineteen or twenty but his spirit seemed quite sharp.

I checked behind me to see if he was looking at someone else, but I seemed to be the person he was disgruntled about.

‘Oh come on, it is understandable that I didn’t know the timing to clap. Why so serious?’

“It seems to be finishing up.”

I quickly turned my head after hearing Christelle’s comment.

The Imperial Prince, who had also received a scepter at this point, had placed his left hand on the holy book of the Church of the Almighty God and was reciting the pledge of the heir to the throne.

I listened to his low voice before looking back to find the man who had glared at me earlier.

“……What the heck?”

‘He’s still glaring at me.’

I was starting to feel annoyed.

I bowed toward Eva, who was standing to my right. Our mitres bonked against each other.

The child looked up at me with a questioning gaze.

“What is it, your highness?”
“On the top left area across from us, the man wearing a dark blue robe. Do you know who that is?”

The young Duchess’s gaze became vicious.

I didn’t expect Eva, who had yet to make her Beau Monde debut, to recognize him, but I didn’t know who else to ask because Benjamin and Ganael were not here with me.

Christelle said something vicious at that moment.

“Why? Did someone bother you, your highness? Should I hit him?”
“No, it is not like that. I am okay.”

I immediately stopped her.

I was just curious; I had no plans on getting angry or nagging that person.

I also knew that not everybody in the Empire had goodwill toward me.

‘It’s understandable. I am a diplomatic hostage after all.’

“I don’t know that guy’s name, but his clothes make me believe that he is a part of the Fleur-de-lis.
“That scammer organization?”
“Young lady Sarnez, they are not scammers, they are seers.”

Eva gave her answer and I corrected Christelle’s response to her.

She smirked and mumbled about how the two were basically the same.

The three of us whispered while standing with Demy, Rhea, and Perry in our arms.

“Yes, your highness, I heard that they wear dark blue robes with the twelve palaces of the Imperial Capital embroidered in silver threads. That shitty guy is wearing the same thing.”
“I see. Thank you for the information.”
“Is he staring at you like that for no reason? Should I go over and give him a reason?”
“Please don’t do that, young lady Sarnez.”

As I responded appropriately to the two young ladies’ comments…


I heard loud cheering from the stands.

The Empress and the Imperial Prince, no, now the Imperial Crown Prince, who had finished all of the ritual, were standing at the center of the platform.

The mother offered her hand to her son, who placed his hand on top of his mother’s palm.

The Empress escorted the Imperial Crown Prince and started walking down the carpet.

My teacher stood behind the two of them as if to protect them.


The drums and trumpets started playing again.

The nobles cheered while throwing beautiful bouquets and silk handkerchiefs as the three of us clapped to congratulate him.

The crown prince’s orange eyes seemed brighter than usual.

‘I wonder if that punk is feeling all excited and nervous inside too.’

“Happy birthday, your Royal Highness! Please treat us next time!”

Christelle was the first of us three to shout. I smiled brightly and looked at her.

‘They have definitely gotten much closer though.’

“Happy birthday, your Royal Highness! Congratulations on the confirmation of your succession as well!”

Eva placed her hands around her mouth and shouted. Flower petals were raining down around us.

I was oddly wowed.

Marquis Duhem on the other side, Vice Captain Élisabeth following behind the Imperial family, and even Sir Johann and Sand, who were far in the distance diagonally from us, were smiling.

‘Even though he is my neighbor, it will probably be hard to see him often. I’m sure the Imperial Crown Prince will be busy.’

“Congratulations, your Royal Highness!”

I shouted loudly as well. The crown prince looked toward us at that moment.

I didn’t think he would have heard me because it was quite loud all around us. It was at that moment.

“Your highness, we’re up there!”

Christelle commented with excitement. I turned my head in shock.

Christelle, who was smiling as bright as a star, and me, with a clueless look on my face, were visible on the crystal board.

Demy, who was sticking his tongue out, was visible as well.

As Christelle waved toward the crystal ball that had approached us, the crowd in the street shouted ‘wow!’ They were cheering for her.

This seemed fitting for the hero of the Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts and the woman who was the main character of this novel.

“This. Please do this with your other hand.”
“Excuse me?”

She made half a heart with her left hand and pushed it toward me. My body stiffened up.

I wondered if it was okay to do this, but I thought that such a small thing would be okay since we are friends. It wasn’t like I was kissing her like in the original.

I smiled awkwardly and extended my right hand.

Demy quickly jumped down and got out of the shot.

“Like this……”
“Tada! Long live the Riester!”

Christelle’s eyes curled up with joy once I awkwardly finished the other half of her heart.

This truly was crazy showmanship.

The crowd looking at the crystal board cheered with joy.

Even the mages channeling mana into the crystal balls seemed happy.

I stared at the side of Christelle’s face.

‘What is going on? Maybe she wasn’t an office worker but an idol?’

– Swoooooooosh!

– Crack!

A dagger flew over from somewhere and cracked the crystal ball in two.


The mages gasped and fell to the ground.

‘Ah, ah!’

Some of the VIPs fainted.

The crystal board immediately turned black and Marquis Duhem, who had looked proud of his creation from the other side, cracked as well.

The nobles in the plaza became completely quiet as if someone had poured cold water over them.

“Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!”
“Three cheers for his Royal Highness, our Imperial Crown prince!”

However, the commoners outside were still cheering.

Thanks to them, the mood was quickly restored.

The Duke and Duchess from the House of Sarnez and Blanquer, the Margrave Moutet couple and the true Pair de Riester elegantly started clapping again.

I awkwardly lowered my arm and looked at the Imperial family.

Although a sword had been thrown during the succession confirmation ceremony, the Empress and Cardinal had gotten on the carriage while being escorted by Captain Duhem without any issues.

The carriage, which was decorated with flowers and jewels, was open on all four sides.

It looked as if their subjects, who filled the road on both sides, could greet the three of them as they returned to the palace.

The crown prince, who was the last to get onto the carriage, looked right toward us.

The two of us clearly made eye contact this time.

“……Is he angry?”

I finally realized that it was the crown prince who had destroyed the crystal ball.

I supposed that he did not like how we did something weird to get attention during a ceremony where he should be the center of attention.

Christelle was laughing as if she was finding this super entertaining, but I gently waved to him apologetically.

– Squeeeee.

Demy, who had climbed up to my shoulder at some point, wagged his tail as well.

The crown prince slightly scowled before leaving.

The spectators in the seats and the crowd started moving. Attendants started appearing to look for their masters.

I greeted Benjamin and Ganael, who came over with bright expressions on their faces, before thinking about the headline of the < Biweekly Riester > that was to be released in two days.

‘The crown prince threw a dagger as soon as he received the title. Will they be calling him the Ice Prince again?’

I started laughing.

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Only you feel that way, Jesse.

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