Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 84: I’m weak! (4)

Tap, tap.

Cale gently tapped the smooth head. He kept going back to touching it, potentially because it was a bit rough.

This child who resembled a young monk looked at Cale with even more wariness.

– Human, is he the world?

Raon reacted to Cale calling the child Central Plains.

Cale nodded his head and started speaking.

His gaze was directed toward Chief Eunuch Wi and gramps.

“First, we need a place to chat on our own.”

He was basically telling the two of them to get lost.

He was telling them to be tactful and go.

* * *

Cale leaned against the window sill.

He looked out and saw Chief Eunuch Wi leave the annex and walk back the path that they had walked.

The man calmed gramps was following behind him and seemed to be laughing.

“Where’s Ron?”

Choi Han, who had been quietly listening, started to speak.

“He followed the eunuchs. He said that he will look into outfits. He took Durst and Toonka as well. The eunuchs said that they would need to look for clothes that fit Toonka’s size so he said he would just go with them.”

“And Beacrox?”

“He is going to lock Number 7 up before going to look into the cooking ingredients.”

Choi Han was peeking at Lee Soo Hyuk every so often while responding to Cale’s question.

Sui Khan, who was seated on a chair covered in silk, noticed his gaze and looked slightly up to look at Choi Han.

“What is it?”


Sui Khan smiled after seeing Choi Han silently look away.

“I guess you want to get stronger.”

Choi Han pretended not to hear that.

Sui Khan continued speaking.

“Or maybe you want to see Jung Soo?”

Sui Khan, Choi Han, and Cale all looked toward one spot at that moment.

“Wow! His head is so round! It’s a perfect sphere!”

They were looking at Raon, who was flapping his wings in the air while rubbing someone’s head with his front paws.

That someone was naturally that punk.

The World.

“Hey Central Plains.”

Raon flinched after hearing Cale calling for the Central Plains.

“Human! Why are you calling him in such a gentle tone? Are you planning on bullying him?”

The boy’s shoulders shook after hearing that. Cale didn’t care and he sat down on a chair across from Central Plains.

“Hey Central Plains, is this your clone?”

His voice was quite gentle.

Cale’s gaze was on the boy, whose body was small compared to the back of the chair and whose legs were too short to reach the floor now that he was sitting down.


Central Plains warily looked at Cale and nodded his head.

Cale extended a hand and placed it on Central Plains’ chair. He then smiled as he spoke.

“Hey Central Plains, you should respond properly.”

Raon flinched and slowly moved behind Choi Han’s back. Choi Han looked away and looked out the window instead.

As for Sui Khan…


He pulled over a chair and sat down next to Central Plains. He then looked at Central Plains with a tired smile on his face.

“Choi Han! It looks like Sui Khan must have been a similar kind of human as our human!”

Everybody pretended not to hear what Raon said.

Instead, Cale and Sui Khan just quietly observed Central Plains.

“Yes sir! I am Central Plains!”

Central Plains responded in an extremely energetic manner.

However, his chubby hands were still clutching his clothes.

“Originally, I planned on giving some time before I came to find you, but, unlike my plans, unlike my plans, that-”

Of course, he could not continue what he was saying. Central Plains lowered his head after making eye contact with Cale.

“Cale-nim’s powers were sealed more than I had expected… That wasn’t my intention, sir.”

Central Plains raised his head.

He then extended his arms out.

His chubby hands grabbed at Cale’s clothes. Central Plains continued to speak as Cale flinched.

“The sealing of powers happens to maintain the balance of the worlds. So the God of Balance-!”

Central Plains could not say more. Cale calmly responded after seeing that Central Plains looked as if he could not say anything despite wanting to do so.

“I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about balance these days.”

His gaze moved to Sui Khan. Maybe it was because he looked like Lee Soo Hyuk right now, but it was familiar yet awkward.

“What is it?”

“Do you know the God of Balance?”

“I do.”

“Then please tell me as much as you are allowed to tell me.”

“I’ll organize a file and give it to you.”

Cale started to frown.

“Team leader… You organizing files?”

Sui Khan shrugged his shoulders at Cale’s unbelieving gaze.

He brushed back his long hair that was falling down as he continued.

“I did some office work for the God of Death.”

“…I see.”

Cale answered as if he did not believe him at all and placed his hand on Central Plains’ head.

“What is the identity of this clone? Who does the Empress Dowager know you as?”

“Sir, there was a time when the Empress Dowager ran away with the current Emperor in her arms when he was younger! At that time, she came into the small temple this body was in to catch her breath!”

Central Plains responded quickly and in detail after seeing Cale’s gaze.

“Sir, originally I was a rock!”

“…A rock?”

“Yes sir! I am a small statue in the shape of a young monk! Hehe!”

Raon mumbled to himself.

“No wonder his head was a rock!”

Central Plains was laughing but sulked after seeing Cale move his hand away with an iffy look on his face.

“Anyway, at that time, when they were almost killed by their enemies… I moved my clone to save them!”

Central Plains saw Cale’s gaze and stopped talking for a bit and fiddled his fingers before continuing to speak.

“To be honest, it is difficult to make a clone. However, it felt as if the bastards who barged into the temple would destroy the temple and the clone. That was why I made the first move. Hehe.”

“I see.”

Central Plains clenched his fists after hearing Cale’s short response and continued speaking.

“After that, I did a few trivial things to save the Empress Dowager a few times while she stayed on that mountain. I also taught her about a few medicinal herbs.”

“Medicinal herbs?”

“Ah. The Emperor had some small illnesses at that time. I taught her about some medicinal herbs that would be helpful.”

“The Empress Dowager must have been extremely grateful to you.”

“Yes sir! She listens to anything I ask!”

Smile. The corners of Cale’s lips curled up. Central Plains flinched at that smile and curled up a bit in fear.

Tap, tap. Central Plains felt a hand petting his head again and heard a gentle voice.

“Yes. Little Central Plains did a lot of very good deeds. The Empress Dowager really should listen to any and all of Central Plains’ requests. You saved her life a few times and helped her son become healthy. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir!”

Central Plains shouted yes sir three times.

He felt as if that was what he should do.

He was hit by another question at that moment.

“What about Choi Jung Soo?”

He subconsciously responded immediately.

“Ah, he is currently on the run! The world is the Sword Demon-nim’s enemy!”

Silence filled the area.

Click. Click. Central Plains turned his head after hearing the noise. Choi Han was touching his scabbard. He wasn’t even aware that he was doing it.


Cale let out a short laugh. He moved his hand from Central Plains’ head and leaned back on the chair as he responded.

“The world is his enemy?”

‘What the hell did Choi Jung Soo do?’

Although that bastard was innocent and tended to not think things through… Choi Jung Soo was not the type to have any major accidents.

Choi Jung Soo, a person like that, was the enemy of the world?

‘I’m sure it is just an exaggeration.’

This Central Plains world punk probably exaggerated.

Cale did not trust the Central Plains in front of him very much. Gods and worlds were not very trustworthy.

He chuckled as he retorted back.

“Choi Jung Soo is not the type to make a lot of enemies. The world is his enemy? Is he a Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world or something?”

That made no sense.

Even if he was the Sword Demon… That bastard was not the type to become a Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world.


Central Plains gasped in admiration.

“Sir, how did you know?”


“Excuse me?”

Central Plains tilted his head as he continued to speak.

“The Sword Demon-nim is currently a Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world!”


“Yes sir!”

Central Plains did not realize Cale, Choi Han, and Sui Khan’s expressions faintly changed and gasped in admiration of Cale, who had recognized it immediately, and continued speaking.

“He is also not a normal Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world! The core of the Orthodox faction! The Martial Arts Alliance declared the Sword Demon-nim as a Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world, the first time they have done so in 100 years. Most of the Martial Arts world is currently aiming for the Sword Demon-nim’s head!”

Central Plains’ eyes sparkled.

Raon asked at that moment.

“What is a Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world?”

“A Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world that the Orthodox faction declares basically means that the person is a terrible bastard who is so terrible that there will never be another person like that under the heavens. It is someone they must capture and fuck up! Such a person cannot be left to live! It is something like that!”

“F, fuck them up?”

“Yes sir! However, he was declared as a Grade 3 Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world, so he must be captured alive. After that, the Martial Arts Alliance is planning on executing him!”


Raon blankly gasped in admiration but he looked quite shocked.

Central Plains didn’t care as he clenched his fists and shouted brightly toward Cale.

“I presume that the Sword Demon-nim will soon be captured by the Martial Arts Alliance! In addition to the Nine Sects One Gang, the Five Great Clans are also searching far and wide for him! Even the Unorthodox faction is looking for him as well! It should be true since the Empress Dowager told me about it!”

Choi Han started to frown.

“…Excuse me, aren’t you sounding a bit too excited as you say that?”

Although he looked like a child, Choi Han did not speak informally after hearing this was the world. However, his voice sounded quite disgruntled.

It could not be helped.

Choi Jung Soo.

He was the only family member Choi Han could ever see.

Of course, he did meet Choi Jung Soo on the other Earth, but… the Choi Jung Soo from his original world was surviving as the Sword Demon in this place.

He was completing tasks for the God of Death as he did not.

‘I’m sure the tasks are super hard because they are tasks from a god.’

It was easy to guess after seeing what the God of Death kept doing to Cale.

‘As expected, even if he looks like a child… Those worlds and gods are all like this.’

As waves were about to slowly crash inside Choi Han’s eyes…

Central Plains tilted his head and looked at Choi Han.

“Isn’t it exciting? Isn’t this clearly something to be excited about, sir?”

Central Plains spoke respectfully to Choi Han as well.

On the other hand, Choi Han’s face stiffened even more.

“It’s clearly something to be excited about?”

Choi Han suddenly felt a large fire roaring inside his heart.

As someone who had made up his mind to pick up his sword to protect something, he could not accept these words being said about his only blood.

His grip around his scabbard tightened.

“Hey Han.”

Choi Han felt a hand grabbing his arm at that moment.

Sui Khan had reached his hand out to grab him.

He heard Cale’s voice at the same time.

“We will be able to determine Choi Jung Soo’s location based on the movements of the Martial Arts Alliance and the Unorthodox faction.”

Choi Han flinched after hearing Cale’s calm voice.

He then remembered how both Sui Khan and this world called the Central Plains were unable to accurately determine Choi Jung Soo’s location because he was a wanderer.

“Yes sir! Using information from the Imperial family, the movements of the Martial Arts world, especially that of the Orthodox faction, can be easily determined!”

Choi Han finally felt as if he could understand why Central Plains was excited.

He released his grip around his scabbard.

He made eye contact with Cale.

Cale commented with a stoic look on his face.

“We should go get him.”

Choi Han flinched after hearing that they were going to go meet Choi Jung Soo. Cale then added on as if he understood.

“We will go to the Blood Cult after that.”

Choi Jung Soo, Central Plains, and Number 7.

Going around with the three of them would mean that he would never be lacking information.

‘Since I have been weakened so much, we need to gather as much strength as possible to take on the Blood Cult.’

This was especially true because the world was currently in an explosive situation where the Great War of the Triumvirate might start.

‘We need power, especially in such times.’

The power to protect themselves and change the situation.

Tap. Tap. Cale tapped on the armrest as he commented.

“We will need quite a lot of help from the Empress Dowager.”

“Yes sir! The Empress Dowager will help us!”

“By the way, why did Choi Jung Soo end up a Public Enemy of the Martial Arts world?”

Central Plains commented with a serious look on his face as if he had expected this question.

“There was a time in the past where the world was full of ‘Martial Arts Emperors. One of those Emperors was the Sword Emperor.”

Cale nonchalantly commented.

“Choi Jung Soo must have the Sword Emperor’s martial arts text or something?”


Central Plains subconsciously screamed in shock.

“As expected! I respect you so much, Cale-nim!”

Cale nodded his head.

He heard Raon’s voice in his head at that moment.

– Human! There is someone outside the door!

He looked at the wooden door with a beautiful phoenix on it and opened his mouth.

“Choi Han, let’s open the door.”

Choi Han did not seem shocked at all as he approached the door and pushed it to the side.


Outside the door that opened with a slightly rough noise…

“…Excuse me, grim reaper.”

Chief Eunuch Wi bowed toward Cale with an extremely stiff expression on his face.

“Is her Majesty calling for me?”

“Yes sir. That is the case.”

Cale got up and approached Chief Eunuch Wi.

“Let us quickly go. We are prepared.”

He then added a comment.

“You move extremely quietly, sir.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s shoulders slightly trembled at that comment.

Chief Eunuch Wi Chul Myeong had faced all sorts of hardships to reach the position of Chief Eunuch from the countless eunuchs.

However, he got cold sweat on his back from what he had just experienced.

‘He realized that I showed up.’

Cale seemed quite nonchalant about it as well.

That was understandable because Cale was an expert.

‘I’m sure I heard it!’

However, he had clearly heard it.

‘As expected! I respect you so much, Cale-nim!’

He had heard what this young monk dressed in a eunuch’s clothes had said to the grim reaper.

The grim reaper was being called this weird term, Cale.

‘Chief Eunuch Wi. Although that sir has the appearance of a young monk… He is not human. He is a mysterious existence that we do not even dare to fathom about.’

The Empress Dowager’s voice echoed in his mind.

‘We must treat that sir with the greatest of respects. I believe that both his Majesty and I were able to survive only because of that sir’s blessing.’

Chief Eunuch Wi, no, the Empress Dowager thought that the grim reaper was an errand boy for the young monk. However, the young monk was using honorifics toward the grim reaper and showing quite a lot of respect.

‘…Maybe he really is a grim reaper.’

He truly might be a scary existence who came from the underworld to gather souls.

Chief Eunuch Wi bowed deeply.

“I shall lead the way, sir.”

He then made up his mind.

‘I must inform her Majesty of this before she meets with the grim reaper!’

He needed to let her know that the young monk, the individual they believed might be a god, respected and served the grim reaper.

Chief Eunuch Wi’s breathing was silent as he walked but his heart was beating wildly.

* * *

“I greet his Majesty.”

Cale bowed.

When he went to meet the Empress Dowager… The Emperor was present as well.

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