TWSB – Chapter 104: Target (5)

“Your highness?!”

Christelle’s voice cracked as she shouted, noticing me from a distance.

I couldn’t help but laugh in this serious situation where Christelle, Vice Captain Élisabeth, and Imperial Prince Cédric were fighting against Sir Geens three on one.

I waved my hand to show that I was okay.

“What the heck?! What happened, your highness?!”

She shouted in a teary voice. But even as she did that…

– Baaaaang!

She made water shoot up from underground to block Sir Geens’ view.

The young Countess did not miss the man’s moment of hesitation and aimed for his legs.

– Shhh!

– Boom!

Sir Geens, who just barely dodged Vice Captain Élisabeth’s sword, looked toward me.

There was guilt, shock, sadness, and relief visible all at once on his face.

His expression made me a bit confused, but I was sure that his mind was at least a thousand times more chaotic than mine right now.

The young Countess looked toward me, took a step back and…

– Baaaaang!

There was an extremely loud noise as the Imperial Prince’s Sword of Wisdom slammed down on the wind shield.

Crackle! A red flame shot out from the sword.

His opponent instantly cut off the oxygen to extinguish the flame.

The Imperial Prince’s orange eyes were unwavering while Sir Geens’ arms were slightly shaking.

He did not take out his weapon or attack.

He seemed to be focused on defense and finding an escape path.

The Imperial Prince launched some splendid attacks that made it look as if he was doing a sword dance. My jaw dropped.

– Baang, baaaang!

– Flap.

On my back, the Ark of the Wind Deity gently flapped its wings. It seemed to be cheering for them with this expression of admiration.

I had gasped a bit earlier thinking that it had dug into my skin, but thankfully there was about 5cm between my back and the divine item.

I awkwardly petted the Ark’s feather and observed the situation.

The air attribute was not sensitive to other attributes and Sir Geens had the physical strength of a Cardinal.

It would not be impossible for him to escape if that was his sole focus. However, he had used his stigmata earlier.

He has likely used up a lot of his focus and ether, so continuing to exhaust his power like this might allow them to capture him alive.

“Sir Johann Geens, surrender peacefully. You are already a criminal in her Majesty’s Empire!”

Vice Captain Élisabeth calmly commented. Sir Geens’ expression shook.

I realized that he was thinking about someone else.

The Holy Knight was already Prince Consort Werner’s captive before he was the Empress’ criminal.

It made no difference to him whether he was captured in the Empire or in the Holy Kingdom.

It felt as if his thoughts were being transferred to me. My eyes slowly opened wide.


I muttered to myself.

The Prince Consort would get rid of Sir Geens’ son if it was revealed that he was the Empress’ prisoner.

Even if he managed to escape from here, he would not be able to fulfill the Prince Consort’s orders as he would not be able to kill me.

If that happened, what the Prince Consort would do to his son……

It felt as if my blood was cooling off.

‘That guy is about to give up.’

“Your Royal Highness!”

I shouted. Sir Geens broke his own shield at that moment.

The tip of a sword that was so black it did not reflect any light struck down toward him.

– Flap!

The ark helped me fly up into the sky. I reached out my arm but I was too la-


A bright light flashed.

– Paaaaat!

A magnificent circle, so big the ends were not visible, appeared in front of me.


The Imperial Prince and Vice Captain Élisabeth were pushed away.

The ark turned into a chimney bird. I felt emptiness under my feet as I started to fall.

Christelle quickly rolled over to catch me.

“Eek, aigoo……”

– Piruuuuu

She groaned as we both flailed around.

I was completely dumbfounded as I had no idea what just happened. Percy sat down on my head.

I thanked Christelle before pushing my aching body up and looking around.

The Imperial Prince and the young Countess were fine. As for Sir Geens…

[You look very tired.]


An easygoing voice echoed in a Divine Oracle. It was Cardinal Aurélie Boutier.

She was looking down at Sir Geens, who was plopped down on the ground, inside her Holy Ground that had golden designs shooting up like fountains of water.

\In the middle of the radiant and gentle light, the Cardinal’s fingertips touched the man’s hair.

It resembled the motions one would make when blessing someone. I watched them blankly.

[Rest your eyes for a moment.]

Sir Geens’ eyes slowly closed.

His body plopped to the side. This was the result of a phenomenal difference in Divine Power.

“Your Eminence.”
“Thank you, François.”

Marquis François Duhem, who had escorted her from the Imperial Palace, took something out of his pocket.

Christelle and I supported each other as we stood up.

The thing in the Cardinal’s hand was a black and round……

– Click

She put a thick metal clasp around Sir Geens’ neck.

I could see the Imperial Prince flinching on the other side.


“This is an ether restraining tool. He won’t be able to use his powers until he is released.”

The Cardinal explained.

Her beige-colored eyes looked past the Imperial Prince and Vice Captain Élisabeth toward Christelle and me.

She had a bitter smile on her face.

“You all worked hard fighting against a Cardinal. Come here.”

She then extended her arm toward us.

Christelle and I staggered over and leaned against her.

The Cardinal could not handle our weight and wrinkled her clothes as she sat down on the ground.

I could finally hear the noises around me.

I could hear Christelle crying through the birds chirping, bugs clicking and the middle-aged woman gently chuckling.

“Sooooob, I was really shocked……”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“I’m not trying to cry, but I tend to cry very easily. I’m the type of person who cries even when I am angry, so…… Soooob, so annoying……”

She sniffled and buried her face against the Cardinal’s shoulder.

I gently rubbed her back, feeling sorry for her.

The Cardinal also gave a big hug to Vice Captain Élisabeth once she came.

It was a bit stuffy since all three of us were being hugged, but I finally felt as if I could relax.

I turned my head toward the sleeping Sir Geens.

‘I hope he can live in peace as well. Let’s look for a way to make that happen.’

“Come here as well, your Royal Highness. Why can’t you even sense the, soooob, mood……”

Christelle motioned toward the Imperial Prince with her hand.

He scowled but I was surprised that he came over without any complaints.

He didn’t join in on the hug but he did stand next to us.

Then Marquis Duhem, who we didn’t even invite to this group hug, came over to my side and put his arm around me.

I could hear Sir Michel, who was examining the soldiers out in the field, laughing at us.

He must have seen what we were doing.

“I… My mind has been going back and forth every single day.”

Christelle sniffled before she started speaking. We quietly listened to what she had to say.

“I want to try all sorts of things but if my memories return in the future…… I might hate what I did. I might be shocked, haaaa…… So it was hard for me to really be passionate about anything. I would enjoy something and then hesitate… I would laugh and then become uncomfortable……”

The Cardinal gently brushed Christelle’s pink hair.

The MC continued to speak in a muffled voice.

“Ugh! But not doing anything made me frustrated. It made me nervous…… I don’t want to work hard because it requires so much work but I can’t let it go…… It just made me feel like I was wandering without knowing where to go.”

Christelle sniffled before raising her head.

I had heard this before, but hearing it like this enabled me to understand how serious this concern had been for her.

The MC and I stared into each other’s eyes for a long time with Vice Captain Élisabeth between us.

“But I have set my goal now.”
“I am going to become stronger. I am going to become the strongest person on the continent if possible.”


I blinked in confusion. Christelle’s teary eyes were as firm as diamonds.

“Getting stronger shouldn’t be an issue. It won’t matter even if all of my past memories return. It isn’t a bad thing to be strong.”
“Young lady Sarnez.”
“Then I don’t have to watch my friend suffer like this.”

She motioned with her eyes toward me. I opened and closed my mouth without being able to say anything.

‘So, what she is saying, because of me……’

“I’ll become the single strongest person here. That’ll solve everything.”
“How admirable. It is a wonderful plan.”

The Cardinal warmly commented. Vice Captain Élisabeth nodded her head.

I looked up at the Imperial Prince with a blank expression

His eyes, which had calmed down a while ago, were now burning with a new flame.

‘Wait, why are you feeling competitive?’



I slowly opened my eyes.

The light of the summer sunset came in through the window and tickled the curtains by the bed.

My mind slowly started to boot up like the computer I used when I was young.

‘Okay, so this is my bedroom in Juliette Palace within the Imperial Palace. I was just in a group hug in the forest-’


I jumped up.

– Squeeeeee

– Squeeeee.

– Squeak!

The three red pandas who were on my chest fell off like chestnuts and became buried in the blanket.

I urgently grabbed them back. I didn’t forget to put my forehead on each of theirs as well.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you guys were there again. I missed you guys.”

– Cruuuuuuuuu……

Demy quietly responded and bit one of my pajama buttons.


“I’m wearing pajamas.”

I mumbled in shock. It wasn’t just my clothes that had changed.

I looked at the mirror on the side table and saw that all of the scratches on my face were gone.

I pulled up my sleeves and pant legs to check but I had no injuries anywhere else either.

I was certain that Cardinal Boutier either healed me herself or had a healing priest look me over.

I must have fainted from shock after the adrenaline ran out.

‘I don’t remember anything at all.’

“The bell. The bell is here.”

The crystal bell that had been in my pocket until a few hours ago was on the side table.

I quickly opened the second drawer.

Benjamin and Ganael usually put my notebook here when I lost consciousness and am unable to change my own clothes.

“The notebook…… Is safe and sound too.”

The item that had protected my heart from Sir Geens’ attack looked completely fine as if nothing had happened.

It looked completely fine. It was as if nothing had happened despite my seeing it being dented in the center.

I was certain that it was a magic tool but this was not the time to think about that.

“Let’s go see their faces and come back.”

I put a gown on and got up while holding the divine beasts at my side.

The fact that the notebook was there should mean that Benjamin and Ganael were fine as well, but I wanted to see them with my own eyes.

I have a lot of thoughts to organize. I also have to ask what happened to Sir Geens.

Percy, who had been sitting on the couch, flew over and sat on my head.

“You talk to big bro later too.”

– Pi pi piiiii?

The chimney bird nonchalantly chirped. I chuckled and opened the bedroom door.

I saw a lot more people than usual. There was a confusing silence in the hallway.

“Uhh…… Have you all eaten?”

I ended up asking first. The attendants, royal servants, and soldiers looked completely stunned as they bowed.

“Your grace, you’ve woken up!”
“Prince Jesse!”
“Oh Almighty God, thank you very much……”

‘Your grace?’

I was bewildered as I accepted their greetings. Some of their eyes were red with tears.

It felt both as if they were excited and sad.

‘Something has definitely happened. Do they know that I was almost killed by Sir Geens?’

“You were sleeping for a whole day. Ganael-nim and Benjamin-nim were so worried about you, your highness.”
“For a day?”

I calmly calculated the time.

I had not fainted in the middle of the day and woken up in the evening. I had been asleep almost as if I was dead for over 24 hours.

Perry, who was dangling on my shoulder, started flailing because there were so many people. However, I could not just go back to my room like this.

I calmed him down as I continued to ask.

“Where are the two of them? Are they okay?”
“The two of them are fine. You were the one who was carried in unconscious yesterday, your highness.”

‘They must have all been really shocked after seeing that.’

“Your precious clothes were all ripped and covered in so much dirt that even the gardeners gasped and ran over. We were told that you probably would not wake up for a few days but to see you up so soon…… It is a blessing from the Almighty God.”

One of the soldiers took out a handkerchief and wiped his eyes.

I felt so apologetic thinking that I made them all worry like this even though it wasn’t my first time fainting.

‘It wasn’t that I wanted to faint. It just happened……’

“Oh right, we heard that you are now an Archbishop, your highness. Congratulations on the happy occasion!”
“Congratulations, your highness!”
“Thank you very much.”

The tension went up all of a sudden. I smiled as best as I could and looked toward the hallway.

‘Is Ganael really busy?’

“Her Eminence was quite worried but also extremely happy. It would be good if you could have a meal with her, but……”
“I know right. Sadly his highness is confined for some reason.”


“Pierre, watch your words.”

Benjamin solemnly quieted the crowd as he appeared.

I was so happy and relieved to see that he was okay that I grabbed his shoulders.

“Benjamin, are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?”
“Of course, your highness. It is a much greater joy to me that you are okay, your highness.”

He smiled benignly and grabbed my hand.

However, the look in his blue eyes showed that there was some sort of issue. I did my best to suppress the anxiety in my heart.

“Pierre was joking, right? I heard a serious word just now.”
“……It is not a joke, your highness.”

Benjamin responded with his voice full of sorrow. I couldn’t help but question my hearing.

“Her Majesty has decreed for you to be confined in Juliette Palace. Indefinitely.”

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