TWSB – Chapter 101: Target (2)

“Your highness, are you not feeling well?”

Christelle and Cédric were naturally the first in the back seats to realize something was wrong.

It was because Prince Jesse’s ether was shaking.

It was quite different from depletion or overload, but he was definitely unstable.

Benjamin took the teacup from the Prince’s hand and quickly started to pack.

Ganael had run to the gate to prepare the carriage.

He seemed to be moving quietly so as to not cause chaos in the stands.

“I think that I am a bit stressed. I should be fine once I see the Imperial doctor……”

The prince’s voice quieted down. His usually rosy cheeks were pale as well.

The Imperial Prince glared at the moon halo weed tea that Christelle was drinking as if he would make it evaporate.

She felt his gaze and urgently looked toward Eva on the other side.

They had been drinking the same tea, but the young lady looked fine like the rest of them.

The tea did not seem to have a special effect against priests.

It really seemed to be an acute reaction to stress or some form of allergy.

The child realized the situation a bit late and looked shocked.

“Cousin. Can you use your healing power?”

The Imperial Prince’s low voice echoed around them.

Eva became shocked after realizing that he was talking to her using the title of ‘cousin’.

“N, no, your Royal Highness. I apologize for my inability. I am not a healing priestess……”

Élisabeth consoled the child saying that it was okay. Cédric clicked his tongue.

He had known since a while ago that this prince was a special case.

The path of a healing priest was a difficult one; most priests did not study the healing circles unless they made up their minds from the beginning to be a healer.

Sir Geens soon stood up while supporting the prince. The Imperial Prince stood up at the same time.

“Your Royal Highness.”

No, he tried to stand up. However, a cold aura of water grabbed his right arm.

“Let go.”
“It will become rowdy again if we leave with him, your Royal Highness. It will be burdensome for the prince.”

Christelle’s blue-gray eyes were looking right at him. The Imperial Prince stopped moving.

“There have been many eyes on Prince Jesse since the Annual Prayer Meeting. You know that as well, your Royal Highness.”

His orange eyes grew dark and sank low.

He knew that this prince had to deal with all sorts of fabricated rumors simply because he was a diplomatic hostage in a hostile nation.

There were a lot of people who admired him but there was also a good amount of people who were wary of him.

The lesson that the Imperial Prince and Christelle learned at the prayer meeting was that they could not push forward all the time if they wanted to protect their partner.

The two of them had to consider their status. They could not let the prince receive even more attention.

Sir Geens silently bowed toward them before supporting the prince out of the stadium.

“Over there. That is the doctor of the Marquis’ Estate.”

Élisabeth pointed at a person.

The doctor, who had been waiting at the side of the stadium, was running over after Antoinette Duhem motioned for him to come.

“Send him back.”

The Imperial Prince ordered in a low voice.

It would be most efficient for the prince to be seen by his godmother back at the Imperial Palace because it was an ether issue.

They could not take away the only doctor here unless they planned on stopping the match.

Cédric looked toward his close friend.

“How many knights came with you?”
“Two Grade 7 swordsmen and two Grade 5 mages came with me.”
“You stay here but send the rest of them with the prince.”

Élisabeth nodded her head before calling an Imperial Guard member over to give the order.

The Imperial Prince was quick with his decisions. Johann Geens was an Archbishop level Holy Knight.

It should not be too difficult if the two Grade 7 swordsmen gave everything they had and the Grade 5 mages helped out.

“He made a Promise of Ether. It should be fine, your Royal Highness.”

Christelle calmly whispered.

The two of them had heard that Sir Geens had made a Promise of Ether to the prince.

They didn’t know the details about it but it was certain that Sir Geens had made a vow using the holy power of the Almighty God.

Margrave Moutet had not sent any new information either. That was why there shouldn’t be any issues.

They needed the situation to have no issues.



I quietly groaned and opened my eyes. The Imperial family carriage was traveling through the suburbs of the Imperial capital.

I was worried that I would get nauseous, but thankfully my condition seemed to be getting better.

My head definitely hurt less and my stomach seemed to have calmed down as well.

My ears were still ringing but it was bearable compared to how it had been back at the stadium.

‘Was it really because of stress?’

“How are you feeling, your highness?”

I heard a gentle voice next to me. I turned my head to look at Sir Geens.

“You came with me.”
“Someone had to protect you, your highness. Many members of the Imperial Guard are here as well.”

I nodded my head and looked out the window.

There was nobody around other than the people in this carriage in the forest out in the suburbs.

Our surroundings were full of summer trees. I could feel the knights and soldiers following behind us.


I finally noticed Benjamin seated across from us. However, he…

“……He’s sleeping.”

He had his eyes closed. Ganael also had his eyes closed next to him. That was a bit weird.

It was normal to get some rest if they were tired, but the two of them were not the type to fall asleep with a patient in front of them.

An ominous feeling made my fingertips tingle.

– Neeeeeeigh!

– Neeeeeeigh!

The horses leading the carriage oddly cried at that moment. They then slowed down.

My condition was not fully back to normal but my mind was slowly starting to wake up.

– Clack, clack.

The carriage soon completely stopped. Sir Geens started to speak.

“There must be a wild animal or something. I will go check it out, your highness.”
“……It is quite the adventure coming out of the Imperial Palace.”

I answered. Sir Geens looked calm as he alighted from the carriage.

I could faintly hear him and the hooves of the horses of the Imperial Guard members.

I immediately put a hand on Benjamin and Ganael’s necks.

Thankfully both of them were breathing normally. I sighed in relief.

– Pow!


Flinch. Someone outside sounded as if they were in pain.

I immediately grabbed the doorknob. An intense ominous feeling sent chills down my spine.

I was sure that something was happening outside.

My mind didn’t quickly come to a decision.

‘Should I open the door right now and run? No, what about Benjamin and Ganael? Do we all stay here and fight?”

– Slam!

A strong force pulled the door from the other side.

I was pulled out without even being able to resist at all. The man on the other side of the open door was smiling.

However, his mint-colored eyes were filled with pain.


“Adventures are always dangerous, your highness.”

Johann Geens continued to speak. I felt a fresh breeze blow by.

“You have to put your life on the line, your highness.”

– Puuk!

A sharp sword made of air stabbed into my heart.

– Puuk!


It was then instantly pulled out. My body started to fall forward. He did not catch me.

– Plop!

I fell to the ground. I could not breathe properly because of the fear and shock.

I clutched my chest and started to crawl forward as if I had gone crazy.

Beeeeeeeeeep! It sounded like sirens as my ears continued to ring.

I could see that the Imperial Guard members were sprawled out behind the carriage.

I did not see any blood. It was an overwhelming difference in strength.

The coachman’s head was drooping down.

“Huff, huff……”

I covered my mouth with one hand and tried my best to calm my breathing.

Johann Geens was an air attribute Holy Knight. He must have suppressed and suffocated all of them.

He must have done the same with Benjamin and Ganael.

“You are not bleeding, your highness. Are you wearing a stab proof vest inside? Or maybe it is a magic tool?”

He asked in a cold voice. I finally realized that there was no blood on my hand.

I quickly looked underneath the ripped shirt.


The notebook that had a deep dent in the middle was glowing red and releasing mana.

This item that I always had on me… The only personal item that Prince Jesse had brought from the Holy Kingdom…

“It’s okay. I’ll make sure that it doesn’t hurt, your highness.”

The man standing above me commented. His voice sounded as if he would crumble at any moment.

“Sir Geens. Why-”

– Swoooooooosh!

An air blade came out of his hand.

– Kakakakaaaaaaang!

My golden circle blocked the Holy Knight’s attack in the air.

He was not using his full strength as an Archbishop.

The headache that seemed to have disappeared made a reappearance once I used my ether.

‘What the heck did he do to me?’
“It is Prince Consort Werner’s orders. He told me to kill you and bring back any piece of you.”
“That makes no sense. You made a Promise of Ether to me.”
“Yes, I said that I never received any money from him. He is not a client.”

His voice was shaking at the end.

‘Then maybe?’

“The Prince Consort is holding my son hostage.”

I instantly got chills. A stronger blade attacked the top of my Holy Domain.


– Baaaaang!

My Divine Oracle and his attack clashed against each other. There was a short flash of light.

– Kiiiiiiiiiiii, screeeeeeeeeeech……

The golden dome was painfully opening.

His long and sharp blade had managed to pierce through my Holy Domain.

This was the cruel difference between the Bishop and the Archbishop level. He reached for me through the sharp gap.

I moved my upper body back out of reflex.

“I didn’t want to use this method. I didn’t want you to experience something you had already experienced once before, your highness.”

I urgently grabbed my neck. I felt the vivid pain of being unable to breathe.

It was a feeling I had pushed to the side of my mind and never wanted to recall again.

It was a sight I saw every so often in my nightmares. The twin assassins.

“I apologize for making you drink the tea. The moon halo weed does not have any poisonous property. There is just the side effect of making ether unstable when mixed with the sap of sun halo weed.”
“Ugh, groan……”

‘That’s a relief.’

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for thinking that at least the others would be okay despite being in such a dire situation.

Tears formed as a physiological effect of being strangled, making everything blurry.

“I put some sap of sun halo weed on your teacup when I touched it back then.”
“It has no color or odor so it is difficult to notice. Just a tiny amount of it is enough. It remains in your body for six months……”
“Ugh, groan…….”

‘Am I really going to die like this in the end? Did the author decide that I would die by suffocation no matter what?’

My whole body was shaking and my head felt as if it would explode.

I pushed the dirt with my boots and flailed.

I saw Eunseo, my brother, and my mom’s faces before some familiar images appeared in my mind.

Fluttering pink hair, flames surrounding a forehead……

“Of course, it is something only the commoners in the countryside know about.”

– Flutter!

I heard some wings fluttering before a small creature charged in.

A brown ball of fluff attacked Sir Geens.


He scowled and retreated. His firm ether became disheveled and I could breathe again.

“Huff! Cough, cough! Cough cough!”

I took a big breath and then coughed. I quickly wiped my mouth and looked around.

– Piruuuuuuuuuu! Pipi!



My eyes opened wide.

The chimney bird that I left back in the Imperial Palace had flown in front of me to peck at Sir Geens’ face.

‘How did he know I was here?!’

[Cough! Come here, stop it!]

I stumbled but managed to stand up.

This little bird, the punk that had not even awakened as a divine beast, would not be able to fight an Archbishop.

Percy had no abilities. I needed to stop him. Sir Geens viciously swung his arm.

– Pipipi! Pipipi!


– Swoooooooosh!

There was a thud and the chimney bird was hit.

I couldn’t even scream. I urgently crouched down toward the bird that was on the ground.

[No, no……]

– Pii, piiiii……

The bird weakly chirped. I extended my shaking hand and gently scooped him up.

He was so small and light that his warm body felt as if it could be blown out of my hand at any moment.

His left wing had slammed against the ground and seemed to be completely broken.

Percy moved his right wing a bit and looked at me.

His black eyes were half closed.

– Piiii, piiii.

[Why did you do that? Why did you come all the way here……]

I clenched my teeth. My lips were shaking and my throat seemed to be on fire.

[What the hell are you doing?!]

“I’m sorry, your highness.”

Sir Geens apologized.

I was so angry but I didn’t know what kind of expression I should have because his voice sounded muddled.

My heart seemed to be fluctuating between rage and sorrow.

“I’m sure that the Almighty God will curse me if I murder a royal priest and a divine beast.”


“However, my son is stuck in prison and barely surviving day by day without any of his medicine.”


“This kind of life is basically already cursed, your highness.”

The man’s face was wet from the wind and rain.

He cut through the air without any hesitation and pulled out an opaque sword.

I did not give up and released my Holy Domain again.

– Ooooooong!

[There has to be a way to save your son. Stop it!]

He pulled back his arm that was holding the sword.

I kept Percy as close to my chest as possible and curled forward.

I had not heard any ringing in my ears for a little while now.

I could only hear my heart thumping and the weak breathing of this small animal.

– Piiiii

Percy had to survive. This young bird didn’t know or do anything wrong.

I moved my mouth close to his beak and whispered.

“It’s okay. Big bro will protect you. Run away. Run toward the forest.”

– Shhh!

The wind blade cut through the Holy Domain. I clenched my eyes shut. After that…

– Baaaaaaaang!

A piercing noise shook the whole forest.

I felt something overwhelm my senses and my eyes opened wide.

– Paaaaat!

An explosive gold light burst out from my body and the ground around me.

I could slowly see Sir Geens being flailed away.


I could see an extremely large and magnificent circle.

My second circle, which was almost 200 meters in diameter.

My Holy Land.

Translator’s Comments

And the Holy Land has descended! But poor Sir Geens’ son 🙁

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