TWSB – Chapter 100: Target (1)

The Imperial Palace was extremely peaceful for five days after that. Honestly speaking, it was generally like that around me.

My daily schedule consisted of eating, sleeping, studying, and receiving confessions as long as I didn’t suddenly get pulled into something because of Christelle or Imperial Prince Cédric.

It was pretty busy because I had to play with the divine beasts and go to the main characters’ lessons.

As for today, the front of Juliette Palace and Romero Palace was busy for the first time in a long while.

Benjamin, Ganael, David, and the attendants were packing bags onto the carriages.

Most of the luggage was a picnic basket and simple things.

The sun was shining and the garden was beautiful, making it impossible not to be happy.

“Your highness, my mother came up to the Duke’s Estate yesterday! She said she had a lot to think about after receiving my letter.”


Eva, who was coming with us to Marquis Duhem’s polo match, grabbed my arm and shook it around, making her dress flutter as well.

I opened my eyes wide and looked down at the young lady.

Christelle and Vice Captain Élisabeth must be hearing about this for the first time as well as they both focused on her too.

Eva had come out of the Moutet Count’s Estate and was staying in her family’s Duke’s Estate at the capital as young Duke Blanquer had returned to their territory a few days ago.

But I didn’t expect there to be a response already.

“Is your mother looking positively on you becoming the young Duchess, Eva?”

“I don’t know about that. My mother is an amazing territory lord, but…… She has not chatted with me very much throughout my life. I’ve only managed to greet her so far.”

Eva’s curly hair sank down.

It seemed as if the Duchess was a mother who was stoic and only took care of Eva’s basic necessities.

She truly didn’t seem to have much affection for her children.

“At least the fact that she personally came shows that she has a desire to discuss it with you. It should mean that she is trying to assess the situation.”

The child raised her head after hearing my comment.

Christelle warmly caressed Eva’s hair.

“Prince Jesse is right. Don’t worry because everything will work out.”

“Yes ma’am!”

The way her mood quickly recovered reminded me of a little poodle.

It reminded me of the look on her face when she had finished cleaning the temple for two weeks and was waiting for my praise.

I gently smiled and walked toward the garden.

Demy, Rhea, and Perry, who had been bothering Sand, all came over and dangled on my arms.

“You can’t go with me today. I’m sorry.”

– Kiiiiiiiiiii, kiiiiiiiiii!

“They said it’s not possible because the horses are sensitive. How about we go somewhere better next time?”

I had to rub the sulking red pandas quite a bit to console them.

I wanted to take them with us but I was told that I could not do so because the horses on the field would already be tense even without them there.

I gave one final hug to Demy and got up.

Sand bowed respectfully toward me.

“Please take good care of the little ones, priest-nim. You don’t need to give them too much ether. They are little whiners.”

“Yes, your highness. I remember.”

The young boy smiled innocently as he responded.

Sand was a nice person and had a gentle personality, but he was very shy and found it difficult to talk to Vice Captain Élisabeth or Eva.

He also found it difficult to be in large crowds, which was why he was not going with us to the polo match.

I gently petted Percy once he flew onto my shoulder and turned around.

Sir Geens was looking at me and smiling.

“You have many precious friends, your highness.”

“Umm…… It ended up that way.”

I smiled awkwardly.

His comment made me become embarrassed after thinking about what I decided to do on the first day I ended up in this world.

‘I remember talking about how I wasn’t going to get involved with the main characters or the nobles.’

Everybody had gathered together today because I brought up wanting to watch the polo match.

“The Duke’s House of Sarnez to the west, the Count’s House of Moutet to the north, the Marquis’ House of Duhem to the south and the Duke’s House of Blanquer to the east. These four grand noble households of the Empire are famous even in the Holy Kingdom.”

‘What are you talking about? Hello author? Was I going around collecting the Shikon no Tama or something……’

“Your highness, you have a friendship with all four of them and you are close to the Imperial family as well. You are amazing.”

Sir Geens was saying that as a compliment but it felt oddly as if he was mocking me.

It was probably because I was booing myself for everything.

It had only been four months since I transmigrated here. ‘Jung Yeseo, you sure got involved with all of the main families in that time.’

“Looks like we are being delayed.”

I made eye contact with a pair of orange eyes. The Imperial Prince gave a short remark about how he was disgruntled.

I had no idea when he started leaning on the carriage and trying to look cool.

He looked cool no matter what he did because he was the damn male lead. ‘Doesn’t that hurt your back?’

“There are a lot of people and luggage, your Royal Highness.”

I approached him and responded.

I confirmed that Sir Geens was a good distance away before lowering my voice.

“Did you hear the results of the examination, your Royal Highness?”

I nodded his chin while looking as if the results were not as he desired.

A high-ranking mage and a healing priest took my blood and ran all sorts of tests on it but there was no poison detected at all.

It felt odd because he seemed upset when it should be a good thing that I was healthy.

‘Why are you still grumbling when I got the examination because you told me to do so?’

His sharp gaze was looking at Sir Geens, who was currently talking to Christelle.

“Where do you plan on going next time?”

The Imperial Prince bastard asked.

He must have heard me telling the divine beasts that we should go play somewhere even better next time. ‘His hearing sure is good.’

“I’m not sure about that, your Royal Highness. Am I allowed to go out again as I want?”

“Depending on the destination.”

He responded with a sharp sword-like low voice. I chuckled.

I would never ask to head toward danger.

The reason I said that I wanted to see the polo match was because it was obvious that I would end up going there anyway.

No matter how hard I tried not to, something would have happened to make me follow the original development.

That was why I was taking the initiative to do what I can to change things.

Some people might click their tongues saying that I was trying so hard to avoid a kiss, but I was serious.

Moving one step ahead in a world where I didn’t have much knowledge about was quite the adventure for me.

“Little prince.”

I heard Cardinal Boutier’s voice at that moment. I turned around in shock.

Her carriage was supposed to meet us at the gate to exit the Imperial Palace because the Empress Palace was pretty far from Juliette Palace.

However, the Cardinal had changed directions and came here instead.

The Imperial Prince grabbed her hand and escorted her.

The situation must have looked serious as Christelle and the others, who were gathered together and chatting away, approached us as well.

“I came to let you know because it is something you should know first. I just received this information as well.”

She then reached her hand out and caressed my cheek.

The Cardinal’s calm beige-colored eyes looked at me.

“Crown princess Elise of the Holy Kingdom will be coming to the Empire. She will be coming as a Cardinal judging Cédric and Christelle’s Holy Knight appointments. Will you be okay?”



The Cardinal could not leave the Imperial Palace in the end. She had to discuss the protocols for the crown princess.

I couldn’t even remember how we got to the Duhem Marquis’ Estate located in the suburbs of the Imperial Capital.

I was still in a daze as I got off the carriage and the attendants of the Marquis’ Estate guided me to the stadium that was full of greenery.

I only snapped back to my senses after hearing a familiar voice.

“Prince Jesse! Thank you very much for coming.”

“Hello, Marquis Duhem.”

“I heard that you gathered quite the audience and even prepared a seating plan, your highness. I didn’t know you loved polo that much. This François Duhem is full of admiration at your divine benevolence and consideration!”

The Marquis noisily flailed his arm and bowed.

His other arm was holding the player’s hat with a brim. I was happy to see him as he pushed aside my thoughts.

The pink vest, coat with a long tail, white pants, and black boots suited the Marquis very well.

It felt fresh seeing him in a restrained outfit like this because his attire was always exaggerated.

I could finally see the field.

The horses and players were out getting used to the short cut grass.

There was a low white wooden fence on the other side and it looked as if he made it in consideration for the attendants and commoners to come watch.

There was a stand that could seat about fifty people on this side.

It was splendid as it was made with blue magic stones and zinc, but it was surprisingly simple.

The Marquis made some elegant motions as he escorted us.

“There is a look of sorrow on the face of a beauty. Was your ride here not comfortable, your highness?”

“Are you talking to me?”

I almost scolded the Marquis because he was so cheesy.

Seeing me respond seriously made him take a step back and shamelessly retort.

“I am relieved to hear that nothing happened, your highness. I just simply made a comment as everybody seems to be catering to you. Right this way, your highness.”

He motioned to the seats of honor at the center. I finally looked at the people next to me.

The Imperial Prince was stoic but Christelle, Vice Captain Élisabeth, and the others were all looking at me.

They must have been looking to make sure that I was okay since hearing that the crown princess was coming.

I felt sorry that I couldn’t pay attention to those around me because of my shaken up state. I smiled bitterly and commented.

“I am okay. I was just a bit shocked. Shall we sit?”

“Yes, your highness. We will sit as you informed us yesterday!”

Ganael responded energetically. Eva quickly sat down next to Vice Captain Élisabeth.

“I brought a tea that is a specialty of the Holy Kingdom. Would anybody like some?”


Christelle raised her hand at Sir Geens’ offer.

I was relieved to see that the atmosphere seemed to have gotten better.


“Your highness, look at this. The tea is glowing!”

“Yes, it’s pretty.”

“You can drink it now.”

Ganael and Benjamin, who were seated to my left, commented while looking at the specialty tea.

I received a cup of tea from Sir Geens to my right.

I could only drink it thirty minutes after Benjamin checked it with a silver utensil and tasted it first because it was not something made by the Imperial family’s kitchen.

The tea was sweet and gave off a wonderful scent.

It looked quite splendid as the tea was transparent but there were white specks of light floating in the water.

I felt as if I was drinking some water from the fountain of fairies.

“It is a tea made of dried moon halo weed. It is difficult for people in the Empire to try it because it only grows in the forest of the Holy Kingdom.”

Sir Geens explained in an easygoing tone. I nodded my head and took a sip of the moon halo weed tea.

I liked how it had a savory yet gentle taste.

It felt as if my heart, that had been a roaring whirlwind after hearing about the crown princess, had calmed down a bit after drinking it.

“Marquis Duhem successfully scores right in front of our eyes! It is now 6 : 1 everyone.”

I could hear young lady Antoinette Duhem, who was the commentator for the match.

I raised my head and looked forward.

The spectators gently clapped and some of them whistled to cheer.

The Marquis on the horse spun his mallet two times as he smiled brightly.

He looked normal and cool for once.

He didn’t look like the quack who made the portal motion sickness medicine you stick under your ear, the magic stone sprinkler, and the crystal board that was generations ahead of the world.

Christelle, who was seated behind me, tapped on my shoulder and whispered.

“He looks like a regular handsome guy like this, don’t you think so?”

“I agree.”

“I felt my heart thumping just now.”

“Excuse me?”

I looked back at her in shock. Christelle smiled at me.

“He’s handsome, rich, and decently athletic. Should I make him mine?”

“Young lady Sarnez.”

“I’m okay with the age difference. We will just end up saying our final goodbye a bit earlier than most couples.”

‘Do you know how hard I worked to get you here seated next to the Imperial Prince?!’

I opened and closed my mouth a few times without being able to make any noise. She quietly chuckled after seeing the look on my face.

“Now you’re acting like the Prince Jesse I know.”

She then leaned back against her seat.

I looked at the Imperial Prince wondering if he heard what she had said but his sculpturesque face was focused on the match.

‘Absolutely not.’ I wet my throat with the moon halo weed tea.

They said that they would bring the crystal board into the stands around Round 5, so the two main characters will soon have their intense physical contact.

My heart was already thumping quickly thinking about it.


“Eight to five! The point gap is decreasing!”



I let out a short groan and curled forward as young lady Duhem commentated and the spectators cheered.

My body’s condition had been weird since a bit earlier.

My shocked heart thumped endlessly, my head felt as if it would break and my insides were rumbling.

I tried pressing down with my palm in different spots to find the cause but I had no idea because I had been healthy since I transmigrated into this world.

‘Is it too much stress? Is it because I was stressed out while contemplating how to act when I see the crown princess……’

“Are you okay, your highness?”

Benjamin, who was the first to notice, put his hand on my back and whispered.

I groaned for a while before shaking my head.


My ears were ringing. This definitely did not seem okay.

I needed to forget about the crystal board and go back to the Imperial Palace to see the Imperial doctor right away.

I thought about all of the food I had today but Ganael and Benjamin had eaten everything as well.

The two of them looked fin-


I gasped after feeling like a nail stabbing into my brain.

It felt so real that I got chills from being scared.

“I, I think I need to return to the palace.”

“I understand. I will prepare right away.”

Benjamin was calm.

He did not shake although my face and voice was probably terrible.

I could hear him say something to Ganael next to him.

I clenched my fists and my eyes shut.

Sir Geens’ large and cold hand came over from my right and grabbed my shoulder.

“I will escort you back, your highness.”

I felt as if all strength left my body. I nodded my head.

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