Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 95: Why are you there? (10)

It was rare for Chief Eunuch Wi to scowl like this. It was because his mind had completely flipped after hearing that stupid response.

“L, living j, jiangshi-”

This guy was even stuttering.

Chief Eunuch Wi was in disbelief. ‘A guy like this is an Elder in the Beggars’ Gang? I heard that they were pretty skilled when it came to information…’


He couldn’t help but sigh.

There were a lot of things Chief Eunuch Wi wanted to say to this stupid-looking old man, but he stopped for now. His gaze instantly turned cautious as he looked toward Cale.


Cale nodded his head when they made eye contact and pointed to the Fist King.

Cale was telling him not to cause a scene in here.

Chief Eunuch Wi calmed himself down. He felt embarrassed.

‘I can’t believe I showed such a side in front of someone who came from somewhere else!’

He felt extremely ashamed as a person working for the Imperial family.

“Why don’t you go to the empty room next door?”

At that time, Ron… Whose name was Noble Warrior Moan in this place, pointed to the next room for Chief Eunuch Wi.

Chief Eunuch Wi looked oddly at Ron, since Ron did the task that Chief Eunuch Wi would normally do before he could do it, before quickly following behind Cale.

“Elder Ho! What are you doing? Come on!”

Chief Eunuch Wi spoke to Elder Ho quietly but in a scolding tone, which made Elder Ho rush behind him as well.

Cale, who walked while ignoring all of this, made eye contact with Mok Hee.

Cale debated for a moment in front of Mok Hee, who slightly bowed toward him.

‘Either way, the situation is that he achieved enlightenment because of me and is in that condition, right?’

Cale had played a part in the Fist King being like this.

That was why Cale said this to the Fist King’s great-granddaughter.

“My friends will stand guard so don’t worry. I’m sure that Senior Fist King has received great enlightenment.”

Everything should be fine since Choi Han and the team leader were here.

– Human, I’m following you too!

Naturally, the invisible Raon followed behind Cale as soon as Elder Ho stepped out.

– Human, I will protect you here! I even researched how to create poison fogs! I brought some sleeping poison as well! Human, just tell me! I’ll put them all to sleep!

Mok Hee, who was looking at Cale with a complicated gaze, slightly bowed her head again in place of thanking him verbally.

Cale slightly nodded his head as well before walking past her and out the door.

In the hallway toward the room on the other side…

At the end of the wooden hallway…

He heard voices.

Cale’s gaze moved from the hallway to the rising stars standing around the L-shaped corner.

They confusedly closed their mouths after making eye contact with Cale. Cale looked at them before giving Ron an order.

“Go tell them to be quiet.”

“Yes, Young master-nim.”

Cale walked into the other room. Elder Ho and Chief Eunuch Wi followed behind him; Chief Eunuch Wi closed the door with only the three of them in the room.

Ron looked at the closed door from the hallway before heading toward the corner.

“I’m sorry.”

Daoshi Un Seon stepped forward and apologized as soon as he approached them.

Ron, who had no need to say anything anymore, looked at Un Seon, who started speaking.

“We came here because we heard that Elder Ho came here. It looks like our timing was very bad.”

“I will inform Elder Ho that the esteemed rising stars have come to look for him.”

“Yes, Thank you very much.”

Ron observed the rest of the rising stars, who looked a bit pale compared to the calm Un Seon.

‘They have good ears.’

The martial artists of this world seemed to have good hearing and light bodies.

They used stealth well and could hear other people’s conversations well.

They seemed to be hesitant after hearing Cale’s voice.

‘How interesting.’

Ron had pretty much noticed it.

The people of this world seemed to be mistaking Cale as an extremely strong martial artist.

‘This is good.’

It was not a bad situation.

It would at least reduce the number of bastards who try to start something with Cale.

However, it seemed as if he should say something to these kids with good ears.

He had a gentle smile on his face as he said something to the group that tried to walk away.


He pointed to the corner.

It was the start of the rooms where Cale’s group was residing.

“It will be best if you close your ears from this point forward.”


Daoshi Un Seon was staring right at him. He spoke to her, the Beggars’ Gang’s Young Gang Leader, and the others.

“It’ll be best for both sides in many ways.”

The rising stars clearly understood the warning.

“…We will be on our way now.”

The monk from Shaolin and the other daoshi from the Kunlun Sect seemed a bit angry, but they silently followed behind Un Seon.

Ron raised his head toward the ceiling.

On the wooden ceiling… Ron observed the grains on the wood before speaking again.

“You heard me.”

He then stood in front of the door that Chief Eunuch Wi had closed.


There was the noise of a wooden board being pushed on the ceiling.

As Ron’s smile became thicker, the man who had been hiding his body on the ceiling…

This rising star, a martial artist from the Martial Arts Alliance who had been in Elder Ho’s group…

The dagger user had made a noise because his usually immovable mind had been shaken. He had not expected his identity to be figured out.

Especially because he did not sense any sort of martial arts from Ron.


He calmed himself again and silently moved away.

Now that he was noticed, he could not attempt to spy on young master Kim.

It would be a bad move.

‘These guys are scary.’

They were all strong and it was impossible to tell any of their strengths.

How could it be like this?

Was the strength of the Imperial Palace really so much?

Beads of sweat dropped down from the martial artist’s forehead.

The Moon Wolves Corps of the Martial Arts Alliance.

As the wolves under the moon, they were the Martial Arts Alliance leader’s direct subordinates.

They were also a hidden blade that was not known by outsiders.

They would receive the will of the Martial Arts Alliance’s leader throughout the Central Plains and carry out their orders.

What he was doing right now was one of those tasks.

Rescuing the Sword Demon, Choi Jung Soo.

‘…That might not be the issue.’

The situation was flowing weirdly right now.

The Sword Demon’s close friend, a person of the Imperial family, had appeared.

‘I feel like something even bigger is about to happen.’

This unexplainable yet ominous feeling made him feel that he needed to quickly report to the Martial Arts Alliance leader.

His steps quickened.

“Why is he in such a rush?”

This guy had no idea that Ron was chuckling and could notice all of his steps.

Of course, Ron soon stopped paying any attention to the martial artist as well.

He leisurely waited for Cale’s conversation to end. He just observed Choi Han and Sui Khan.

On the other hand, the mood in the room was not relaxed at all.

“Noble Warrior Wi, have living jiangshis truly appeared?”

Elder Ho must have snapped out of his daze as his voice was calm but his movements still showed some sense of urgency.

“It is true.”

Chief Eunuch Wi answered, almost in a sigh, before cautiously looking at Cale and then continuing to speak.

“The Blood Cult has created living jiangshis.”

Chief Eunuch Wi thought to himself.

‘The Beggars’ Gang should understand if I phrase it like this.’

However, Chief Eunuch Wi did not expect the reaction that came out of Elder Ho’s mouth.

“Excuse me?”

Chief Eunuch Wi scowled as soon as another clueless, no, extremely stupid reaction came out of his mouth.

“The Blood Cult, the Blood Cult!”

“…The Blood Cult? The Blood Cult, the Blood Cult has appeared?”

“No, this is not the time to react so blankly-!”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s voice was subconsciously about to rise before he stopped after seeing the look on Elder Ho’s face.

Elder Ho seemed to be in quite the shock as he stood there.

Chief Eunuch Wi finally figured something out.

Cale, who had been silent, started speaking at that moment.

“Does the Martial Arts Alliance not know that the Blood Cult is on the move?”

“No, that-”

Elder Ho stumbled upon his words.

“I, I don’t know, sir?”

Chief Eunuch Wi thought that this was an extremely stupid response.

However, he started talking after seeing Elder Ho’s face stiffen.

“Living jiangshis have appeared in the Central Plains. The Blood Cult made them.”

“…My goodness.”

Elder Ho clenched his eyes shut.

This was unbelievable information.

“The Blood Cult has been difficult to track since hundreds of years ago…”

“That Blood Cult has appeared again.”

Chief Eunuch Wi coldly commented.

“That those living jiangshis are in the Orthodox faction, Unorthodox faction, and the Demon Cult. That is what we believe.”

Elder Ho’s pupils started shaking. He saw Chief Eunuch Wi’s cold face.

“Elder Ho, do you think that the atmosphere between the Triumvirate is normal right now?”

The clouds of war were roaming around the Triumvirate right now.

“It has been widely accepted that the Demon Cult is currently looking past Kunlun and aiming for the Central Plains. Furthermore, clashes between the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction have become more frequent. It is supposedly to go after each other’s rights and interests, but… Don’t you think that the frequency of clashes have increased to a weird degree in the past ten years or so?”


“Elder Ho, do you think that these were all just random happenings?”

Elder Ho let out a quiet sigh.

He was much calmer now.

“I know that there has been an increase in petty clashes between the Triumvirate. We are also aware that if the opportunity arises, those clashes can turn into war.”

He shared his thoughts on the matter.

“That is why our Beggars’ Gang-”

He stopped for a moment and looked as if he was debating whether it was okay to say these things. However, he looked at Cale and started speaking with a solemn look on his face.

‘Why does he have such a look on his face?’

Cale found it odd that Elder Ho got the solemn look on his face after looking at him, but he focused on what Elder Ho started to say.

“Our Beggars’ Gang and the Nine Sects One Gang are assisting the Kunlun to find a way to prevent as many clashes with the Demon Cult as possible.”

“Is that so?”

Elder Ho nodded his head at Chief Eunuch Wi’s response.

“Yes, sir. Kunlun is stating that there is no need to have a discussion with the Demon Cult, but our Beggars’ Gang and the Mount Hua Sect believe that we should not go to war at any cost, making us have the thought of having discussions with the Demon Cult.”


Chief Eunuch Wi gasped in admiration for the first time.

“A discussion with the Demon Cult. I’m surprised you all came up with that.”

“Yes sir. Our current Gang Leader-nim is busy, and that is why I, despite having retired from the front lines, am here.”


Cale nodded his head.

‘They have figured out what the problem is, to a degree, and are trying to prevent it.

This should make the conversation a bit easier?’

Although Cale had some connections with the Orthodox faction now, he had been worried about how to effectively approach the Unorthodox faction and the Demon Cult.

But it looked like the issue of the Demon Cult might get resolved without much headache.

“However, we never considered the Blood Cult.”

Elder Ho urgently added on.

“Of course, despite working like this, I have retired from the front lines so I may not know all of the top level information.”

“I guess the information about the Blood Cult would be top secret even within the Beggars’ Gang.”

“Yes, sir. However, I am certain about this.”

Elder Ho spoke with a stiff expression on his face.

“I’m certain that the Gang does not know about living jiangshis. We would not be doing this right now if they knew.”

It was not the time to fight over whether they were members of the Orthodox faction, Unorthodox faction, or Demon Cult.

It was time to get rid of the monsters that had infiltrated into their major forces.

Elder Ho hesitated for a moment before cautiously asking.

“…Umm, Noble Warrior Wi. Is it really living jiangshis? Are you certain-”

He could not finish his sentence.

Chief Eunuch Wi instantly looked vicious.

His eyes looked to be on fire despite his stoic expression.

Cale truly felt that Chief Eunuch Wi was a leader in the Eastern Depot at this moment.

“Elder Ho.”

Chief Eunuch Wi looked right into Elder Ho’s eyes as he spoke.

“Are you questioning the words of the Imperial family right now?”

Elder Ho gulped.

Noble Warrior Wi was openly revealing that he was part of the Imperial family’s people, but he could not react to that.

It was because his gaze was so vicious.

He did not dare to respond in any way.

“Elder Ho-nim.”

Elder Ho noticed a hand on his shoulder at that moment.

“I know it is hard to believe, but it is the truth.”

Pat pat. This mysterious young master Kim gently patted his shoulder.

It was as if to show friendliness.

“This information… Is probably something you cannot handle on your own, right, Elder Ho-nim?”

Elder Ho gulped and nodded his head.

He became even tenser after seeing Chief Eunuch Wi’s face instantly return to its normal gentle look.

Noble Warrior Wi had calmed down as soon as young master Kim started speaking.

“Yes. I’m sure you need to discuss this with the higher ups, Elder Ho-nim.”

“That is right, young master-nim.”

Elder Ho cautiously responded.

“I need to contact the Beggars’ Gang and also inform the Martial Arts Alliance.”

“I see.”

Pat pat. Cale patted his shoulder again. He then leaned toward Elder Ho and whispered.


“…Yes, young master-nim.”

“One of the living jiangshis is currently in this inn.”


Elder Ho’s eyes opened wide. Cale looked at his shaking pupils and whispered again.

“It is one of the Namgung Clan’s people.”

It was at that moment.

“Young master-nim!”

Chief Eunuch Wi called out to Cale in shock. Cale then heard his sound transmission.

– Young master-nim, is it okay to give such important information to Elder Ho right now? Isn’t it better to hold it as bait for when you talk to the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance or Beggars’ Gang?

Cale, who didn’t know how to use sound transmissions, looked toward Chief Eunuch Wi for a moment.

“Thank you for your advice. However, is there a need to hide information?”

He looked back toward Elder Ho.

Elder Ho looked into Cale’s dark brown eyes.

He was smiling.

He heard a gentle voice.

“It is to save the Martial Arts world. “Isn’t that right?


Cale let out a short gasp before nonchalantly commenting.

“Oh, the living jiangshi in the Martial Arts Alliance is from the Zhuge Clan.”

Cale had read the information the Imperial family had given him.

The Zhuge Clan and the Beggars’ Gang were contending against each other. It was similar to how the Five Great Clans and the Nine Sects One Gang were contending against each other.

“There just happens to be a living jiangshi in the Zhuge Clan and the Namgung Clan?”

Cale’s eyes curled up.

“Elder Ho-nim, what thought just went through your mind?”

Elder Ho flinched.

Living jiangshis and the Blood Cult…

Between the shock from that information, the moment he heard Namgung and Zhuge, the thought that he might be able to kill two birds with one stone… That selfish thought did go through his mind for a moment.


Cale smiled, as if he already knew, while Elder Ho could not share what went through his mind.

Elder Ho felt his mouth go dry.

The smile disappeared from Cale’s face at that moment.

“Of course, there might be a living jiangshi hiding within the Nine Sects One Gang as well.”

Elder Ho’s heart sank at that dreadful potential.

“But still…”

Cale leisurely commented.

Between someone who notices the situation and tries to take care of it before it gets bigger and someone who just gets dragged around… Who do you think would benefit more?”

It was obviously the first.

Elder Ho slowly felt some sort of power, a pressure, suppressing him.

It was this young master Kim’s unique dominating aura.

Pat pat. Young master Kim patted his shoulder as he spoke.

“Please hurry. Before we step in.”


That should mean the Imperial family.

“If we have to step in, then well… The Martial Arts Alliance will not be able to see any fun. In fact, the Martial Arts world will have to lay low for a while. Don’t you think so?”

The Imperial family stepping in.

The existence of living jiangshis went beyond the Government and Martial Arts World Non-Aggression Pact. If the Imperial family took care of all of the living jiangshis, the Triumvirate would clearly be suppressed by the Imperial family.

“Now then, the Five Great Clans is not the problem, is it?”

Young master Kim was talking to Elder Ho.

He was saying that whether it was the Zhuge Clan or the Namgung Clan, those small benefits were not the issue.

The Blood Cult, living jiangshis… Even the Imperial family…

There were a lot of bigger issues.

“It looks like our Elder Ho-nim will become very busy from now on?”

So quickly start moving.

Do something before I step in.

Elder Ho could feel that this was the message that young master Kim was sending him.

He had chills all over his body.

Cale had a thought while looking at Elder Ho.

‘Things should be easier from now, right?’

If he had the cooperation of the Imperial family, the Nine Sects One Gang, and the Martial Arts Alliance, the Blood Cult… It should be easier to take down the Blue Bloods household.

‘They also won’t pay any attention to the Sword Demon.

I should be able to quietly slip Choi Jung Soo out of there.

This is good.’

Cale smiled with satisfaction.

Elder Ho avoided his eyes because Cale looked like a tiger smiling with its prey in front of it.

The Dominating Aura was still roaming around Elder Ho.

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