When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 59: A New Discovery (1)

The two programs’ planning intent and content was generally similar.

The format was filming KK’s process of preparing for their comeback and their dormitory life. The difference was that one of it had missions for them to complete here and there.

“The two are similar, but one is public and one is cable so we’re leaning towards SVS.”

“That’s true. Looking at it, there isn’t much difference so going with SVS is definitely…”

Manager Oh Baek Ho also agreed with what Team Leader Jo Anna said.

However, the reason Team Leader Jo couldn’t make a decision easily was because of the program time slot.

In the case of SVS, it was midnight on a weekday as a 4 part series of 25 minutes each.

TBN was Saturday evening 10 pm, a 4 part series of 50 minutes each, with 1 extra episode included as a special broadcast.

“Still, wouldn’t going with TBN be better? TBN specializes in idol reality shows too.”

“Even if the time slot is good, only fans watch these programs anyways. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to say we did an exclusive variety show with SVS?”

“If only fans are going to watch it anyways, we can post it online. There’s a reason broadcast studios are broadcast studios. I think it’s better to be on during prime time for an hour.”

“No. If that’s the case, SVS would be the better choice. Public TV isn’t public for no reason.”

There was a debate between Manager Oh Baek Ho and the Fan Marketing staff. They were at odds. Even among the other staff there were divided opinions.

The members said they would follow whatever the company decided either way. It was hard for the members to decide too.

“Excuse me…but…”

At that moment, Do Wook started to speak.

“What is it?”

When Do Wook raised his hand, Team Leader Jo Anna saw him right away and asked him. Everyone present, including the staff and Oh Baek Ho who had been arguing, looked at him.

“I feel that the content of the program is important too.”

“If you look at the documents, the format is similar isn’t it? And that’s why we’re in this bind.”

Team Leader Jo Anna answered sharply. Do Wook nodded his head.

“Even if it’s the same format, I think that the end product could be very different depending on the editing and directing.”

“That’s true.”

Team Leader Jo agreed. However, that was something you couldn’t tell until after you tried. Whether it’s PD Im Ho or PD Shin Yoon Ho, they both didn’t have that much experience doing programs and were rookie PDs who had recently moved up from assistant producer to producer.

“We had a phone meeting with the PDs as well. They both said similar things.”

“…was one side more assertive by any chance?”

“Assertive, in that regard PD Im was a little more so?”

At Team Leader Jo’s response, Do Wook scowled in an unnoticeable way. the PD Do Wook wanted was PD Shin Yoon Ho. Manager Oh Baek Ho interjected.

“Then it sounds like SVS is definitely the way to go!”

Do Wook continued and posed another question.

“Then which of them knew more about us?”

Both phone calls were less than 20 minutes. Team Leader Jo, who had been trying to recall the conversations, replied as if she had remembered something.

“That would be PD Shin. He talked about what aspect he would focus on as he went through each person’s unique personality one at a time.”

Do Wook, who had gotten the response he wanted, said to Team Leader Jo.

“I think that it’d be good if someone who understands our experiences a little more does it. Especially since it’s our first solo variety program, a reality program at that. The program will probably firmly capture each individual’s personal image.”

“Understanding…that’s something the PDs will do as they film and edit to give it character.”

Team Leader Jo Anna replied as if saying it wasn’t a big deal.

Do Wook was getting nervous because it felt like things weren’t going his way. Do Wook’s reason for thinking he absolutely had to do a program with PD Shin Yoon Ho was simple.

PD Im Ho was actually a PD Do Wook didn’t know. The fact that Do Wook, who had also been a part of the industry previously, hadn’t heard of him meant there was a high possibility that he was a normal PD who wasn’t particularly good nor bad.

However, PD Shin Yoon Ho was different. Even ordinary planning that anyone could do became somehow special in PD Shin Yoon oO’s hands.

‘He’s a PD who will become a huge success. To the point that he could be called his own brand…He’ll become a huge success with not only variety shows but also with dramas one couldn’t even imagine.‘

There was no knowing when an opportunity like this would come again. Of course if KK continued to be successful, they could have a chance to work with PD Shin Yoon Ho again.

However, it would be beneficial for many reasons to create a good relationship with PD Shin Yoon Ho while he was still a rookie.

“Whether it’s immediately or later, going with PD Shin Yoon Ho is much better. How can I…’

While Do Wook was lost in thought, the staff started sharing their opinions again. There were many opinions regarding initiative and understanding too.

Team Leader Jo cleaned up the area.

“Ok. Let’s stop here. We have divided opinions so our team will discuss it among ourselves first before making a decision.”

Since they honestly had nothing to lose no matter what they decided on, Manager Oh and the other staff agreed. The members were going to do that in the first place anyways.

‘It’s not like I can tell them I know the future…’

Even Do Wook, who couldn’t find a particular reason to actively recommend PD Shin Yoon Ho, had no choice but to nod his head.

Do Wook’s expression as he left the conference room was gloomy and apprehensive.


The next day, in Fan Marketing Team Leader Jo Anna’s office.

Team Leader Jo Anna, who was wearing a bright blue suit, was sitting in her seat and had been on a call. Im Ho and Shin Yoon Ho. Team Leader Jo, who had spoken with both PDs back to back, had a bright expression.

The two programs had put in an offer because they wanted KK. The broadcast station had probably also looked into them before reaching out, but HIT Entertainment also happened to be considering doing a solo reality variety program with KK.

Additionally, in terms of timing and conditions both offers were amazing.

Although KK was an up-and-coming group and the broadcast studio had submitted an offer first. HIT Entertainment didn’t hold all the cards.

They couldn’t put it off and take their time weighing the options. They had to give a response as soon as possible before the opportunity was given to another singer.

Team Leader Jo Anna had called SVS’s PD Im Ho first.

“Either making the time slot one hour earlier…or extending the amount of airtime. Is there any aspect that can be adjusted?”

PD Im Ho had immediately expressed his disapproval. He had just barely managed to stop the higher ups from scrapping the program so there was no more he could do.

Team Leader Jo had immediately picked up why PD Im had no choice but to be pushy.

If he was really reaching out to them because he wanted to make a good variety program with KK as the stars, he wouldn’t have responded in such a manner.

‘Having someone at least on KK’s level on the show was probably the Maginot Line* of the conditions for approving it.’
(TL Note: Maginot Line refers to the fortified line of defense built in 1929 named after the French minister of war Andre Maginot. It is used to refer to something as the absolute last chance or absolute necessity/requirement.)

It was obvious that the program would suffer even more if KK declined to come on, so he was taking a aggresive approach.

After having hung up, the question Team Leader Jo had posed to PD Shin Yoon Ho was a little different.

“We actually also received an offer from elsewhere. Is there anything more…”

-When you do the comeback performance at TBN, we’re thinking about doing the stage setting ourselves. Would that be enough?

Typically for music broadcasts, it was the singer’s agency that prepared the extra setting for the stage, not the broadcast station. Obviously the more grand the stage is, the more it costs. and the agency covered the entire cost under this system.

Furthermore, the cost that the agency took on would be settled from the artist’s earnings later.

He had spoken in a slightly dull tone. However, before she had even been able to ask if they could possibly do any more, PD Shin Yoon Ho had given a reply.

Also, during the call Team Leader Jo Anna casually and lightly asked both PDs the same question. She had asked their thoughts on KK’s music.

“It’s trendy. They’re one step ahead but they don’t feel excessive. You could say the fact that they constantly maintain their top position is amazing. Their star power shines even more because their musical talent backs them up.”

PD Shin Yoon Ho had given an in-depth explanation this time as well.

“That, well, everyone knows their songs are good.”

On the other hand, PD Im Ho’s response had been generic and lackadaisical. He also hadn’t given off the vibe that he was excited to get to know more about it.

Team Leader Jo Anna had been able to make a decision immediately.

Initiative as well as understanding about KK. The questions Team Leader Jo Anna had asked in order to make a decision on which program to go on were all things Do Wook had already mentioned.

“As always, he’s sharp.”

Team Leader Jo muttered as she recalled the questions Do Wook had asked at the meeting. Do Wook had pointed out things on the documents that she had failed to resolve, such as the time slot or terms of the contract.

The Fan Marketing staff who had heard the summary of Team Leader Jo Anna’s phone calls had also been immediately in favor of going with PD Shin Yoon Ho’s ‘KK Broadcast’.

Team Leader Jo Anna, who left the Fan Marketing Team office, saw Do Wook in front of the elevator who was on his way back to the dormitory after leaving Yong Soo Chul’s studio.


Snap snap, Team Leader Jo Anna called Do Wook as she snapped her fingers.

Do Wook, who had been lost in thought, spotted Team Leader Jo Anna by the direction the sound was coming from and greeted her.

“Hello, Team Leader.”

“I was going to tell Manager Oh anyways, but I’m glad I ran into you. A decision was made on which program to go on.”

“Was a decision made? Which PD is it?!”

Do Wook asked in a slightly quicker tone, unlike his usual self. Team Leader Jo Anna grinned and asked so she could confirm.

“Kang Do Wook, you have a program in mind that you want to do, don’t you?”

“Yes. There is.”

“The one with PD Shin?”


“Your reason?”

“The time slot for one, and that person seems to understand about KK more…”

“Hmm, is that so?”

“To be honest, it’s just my intuition.”


Team Leader Jo Anna clicked her tongue. He had an expression as if he were in a bad mood, but in the end he smiled. Team Leader Jo Anna suddenly laughed uncontrollably, which looked a little odd from an outside perspective. Do Wook felt a little apprehensive, but couldn’t backpedal so he looked at her blankly.

“As always, your intuition is good. We decided to go with PD Shin. We thought it over, and once we discussed it, going with him was much better.”

Do Wook’s expression finally relaxed once Team Leader Jo said that.

“Is that so? That’s good.”

“Yes. Well, we won’t know until after we do the broadcast though.”

“I’m sure it’ll be received well.”

“Is that based on your intuition too?”

“No. We’ll have to put in effort too so that it’ll be received well.”

It was a very satisfactory response to Team Leader Jo Anna. She pressed the elevator button to stop the elevator door that almost closed.

When the elevator door opened, Team Leader Jo got in first.

“Get in. They’re very good conditions. You can look forward to it.”


With filming of the reality program starting in 2 days, the members were all excited. Ahn Hyung Seo, who had returned from the hospital after getting his cast off today, was particularly excited.

“Wow. I was so frustrated I thought I was going to go crazy.”

“Hyung Seo, you should attend choreography practice starting tomorrow.”

“Ji Hoon, what in the world did I do to wrong you?”

“You don’t remember?”

“What? What is it?!”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who was roaming around the dormitory living room grumbling that only the leg that had the cast was pale due to the blood not circulating, was bickering with Suk Ji Hoon, the youngest.

The Suk Ji Hoon who had been firmly determined to do even better in the relay for Ahn Hyung Seo’s sake was not here anymore.

Between the two bickering people, Kim Won was giggling.

He was giggling, but even as he was laughing Kim Won was thinking about his rapping part at the same time.

The variety show was one thing, but they had to continue preparing for their album.

Do Wook, who was in charge of all the lyrics, had recently finished working on the lyrics for the ‘LAST DANCE’ melody line.

The lyrics for ‘LAST DANCE’ were about a person who experienced frustration and loss, in both aspirations and love, enjoying emotional freedom away from all restraint as he passionately dances one last time.

“Do Wook! Hey, Do Wook!”

Kim Won got up abruptly and knocked on Do Wook’s door. Once Do Wook acknowledged him, Kim Won opened the door.

The new dormitory KK had moved to had 4 rooms. Manager Oh decided to live in a studio apartment one building over and the members divided the rooms amongst themselves.

Kim Won and Park Tae Hyung, and Ahn Hyung Seo and Suk Ji Hoon shared twin bedrooms. The two others, Do Wook and Jung Yoon Ki, had their own rooms. The members were being considerate of Do Wook and Jung Yoon Ki, who needed space to put equipment and worked on the songs a lot.

Do Wook, who had been working on songs in his room with his laptop and mixing machine on, asked, “What is it?”

“Regarding my part. La, La, Last Dance. After that part, I was thinking about rapping ‘Last Dance’ in different languages. What do you think?”

“Hmm…in what way?”

“La, La, Last Dance, Saigo no dansu (最後のダンス*)―, posledniy tenets (Последний танец)*― Maybe repeating it like that?”
(TL Note: “Last Dance” in Japanese and Russian respectively.)

Kim Won’s part was the finale of the song. The exciting yet somewhat lyrical melody and rapping in Kim Won’s low voice went very well together.

Do Wook asked Kim Won to rap again. After repeating twice, it was a little smoother. Do Wook tapped his foot to the rhythm then smiled widely.

“I like it.”

“Nice! It’s good!”

“We’ll have to discuss it more with PD Yong though.”

“OK. I’ll work on it more. But is it true that PD Yong will quit after this project?”

“Ah, that’s…”

Kim Won’s expression was full of disappointment. Do Wook, who was about to reply that it’s true, was interrupted by the notification that a message arrived on his cellphone.

It was a message from Ju Won College. It was the college Do Wook had recently taken the practical exam for.

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