Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 90: Why are you there? (5)

“S, Sky Sword?”

Cale turned his gaze after hearing someone’s shaking voice. Dokgo Chang. He looked parched as he stood there, unable to hide his shock. His face looked flushed as well.

“The Sword Emperor’s martial arts, the Sword Emperor’s power-”

He could not finish his sentence.

– Human, what the heck is the Sky Sword that it is making him like this? Is it that amazing?

Cale heard Raon’s voice but sensed someone behind him and turned in that direction.

“Song Yi.”

Elder Ho flinched.

Fist King Mok Hyeon. The person standing farthest back in Cale’s group… The person who had simply been observing the area while standing next to his great-granddaughter stepped forward. Even he could not hide his shock.

“The Sky Sword actually exists?”

Elder Ho nodded his stiff face and answered respectfully.

That is correct, Senior Fist King.”

The others all gasped again at that moment.

“The F, Fist King……!”

One of the rising stars subconsciously muttered before taking a deep breath in shock.

Dokgo Chang’s pupils were shaking.

“…Senior Fist King……?”

Dokgo Chang’s gaze made the Fist King look at Cale for a moment. The Fist King answered after Cale slightly nodded his head.

“Yes. That is what I was called in the past. I am just a regular old man these days.”

However, nobody took that as the truth.

Who was the Fist King?

Among the experts of the past generation, he used his fists alone to become one of the top five figures in the Central Plains.

There was also a special reason that the rising stars remembered Mok Hyeon, despite his being an expert of the past generation.

‘Someone who came from a lowly family but still made it to the top.’

Mok Hyeon was not from a famous clan like the Five Great Clans nor did he come from even a slightly known clan.

He was from a regular commoner household until his name started to get spread around the Orthodox faction at some point.

Someone who would learn ten things if you taught him just one.

Furthermore, someone who would also know what was required for the eleventh thing.

That was said to be Fist King Mok Hyeon’s genius talent.

As a result, every martial artist from mid to small families and those lacking strong backings liked the experts of the past generation who used the same weapon as themselves along with the Fist King.


Dokgo Chang turned his gaze after thinking of something.

His gaze stopped at Cale.

‘The person that the Fist King, who has disappeared from the Martial Arts world, is currently serving…!’

Yes, the Fist King must be serving him because he could release such an aura so easily.

“…Umm, you are-”

He cautiously started speaking.

“Umm, young master Kim, are you truly trying to save Noble Warrior Choi?”

There was a bit of anticipation as well as suspicion in his gaze.

Cale was about to answer yes to that question.

However, Chief Eunuch Wi sent him a sound transmission before he could do that.

– Young master-nim, you probably don’t know about the Sky Sword, so please let me give a short explanation.

As expected, Chief Eunuch Wi was explaining everything without even being asked.

– When titles are given in the Martial Arts world, the word Emperor is rarely used. That was how much of an overlord the Sword Emperor was when it came to the sword.

– He was part of a clan that believed in only passing down their knowledge to one person. He was said to have appeared in the Central Plains to find a disciple. However, he had not found himself a disciple during his time in the Martial Arts world.

– The last person he saw was told that there was nobody there who could understand his power. After that, nobody was able to track down the Sword Emperor ever again.


Cale quietly observed Dokgo Chang as he listened to Chief Eunuch Wi.

He was planning on speaking only after hearing all of Chief Eunuch Wi’s explanation.

– However, there have been talks about how the Sword Emperor has prepared his tomb somewhere in the world for his descendant. That was why the Martial Arts world, the Imperial family, and everybody in the world searched everywhere for the Sword Emperor’s sword, the Sky Sword. However, nobody found it.

– And now, the rumors about the Sword Demon having the Sky Sword are enough to have all focus on him.

– This is especially true of the Beggars’ Gang and the rest of the leaders of the Martial Arts Alliance. They are quite certain that the martial arts text in the Sword Demon’s hand is indeed the Sky Sword. That fact alone is enough to make all martial artists look for the Sword Demon despite knowing that they cannot defeat him.

Chief Eunuch Wi sternly continued.

– We must quickly locate Noble Warrior Choi. He may end up in danger. No, he is currently in danger.

Cale’s gaze slightly sank.

Chief Eunuch Wi gulped after seeing the gaze.

Although he could not feel it right now, the aura that Cale had released was unforgettable. He couldn’t help but think of that moment right now.


Even Dokgo Chang, who was making eye contact with Cale, gulped after seeing his gaze.

‘Should I not have asked?’

Dokgo Chang’s question about whether this person was truly planning on saving Noble Warrior Choi Jung Soo… Young master Kim had not responded.

He simply observed him with a gaze that was slowly sinking deeper.

Dokgo Chang’s palms were sweaty thinking about the aura from earlier.

‘Ah, right.’

Cale stopped thinking about the Sword Emperor for a moment and focused on Dokgo Chang.

‘I should answer him. I should answer him since they will be the workforce to find Choi Jung Soo from here on.’

It was at that moment.


Elder Ho suddenly laughed awkwardly before interjecting between Cale and Dokgo Chang.

“Dokgo. Did you not already hear that young master Kim was planning on saving Noble Warrior Sword Demon? Why are you asking the same question again?”

Cale waved his hand a bit after Elder Ho spoke to Dokgo Chang as if to scold him.

“Not at all. It is understandable that Noble Warrior Dokgo would have such suspicions.”

“I am not suspecting you, sir!”

‘Aigoo, that was scary.’

Cale looked at Dokgo Chang with an odd gaze after hearing him suddenly respond so loudly. Dokgo Chang didn’t care as he was already avoiding Cale’s gaze.

“Then let us quickly go to save Noble Warrior Choi Jung Soo!”

He then showed his desire to quickly start moving.

Cale just decided to go with it since it was what he wanted as well.

‘This guy has a brighter personality than I thought.’

Maybe it was because he was fighting against Elder Ho earlier, or maybe it was because of his extremely skinny figure, but…

‘He gave off this strong vibe of being hard to approach.’

But seeing him looking so motivated made him look like someone with a bright personality.

“Young master Kim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi walked over to Cale’s side.

“I will quickly reorganize things because the number of people in our group has increased.”

The Dokgo Clan, Elder Ho’s group, and Cale’s group…

The number of people suddenly went easily past ten people and was close to twenty now.

They would need to reorganize things to match that.

“Please do.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi responded politely before approaching Elder Ho and Dokgo Chang.

Cale watched for a bit before leisurely retreating a bit. He then looked around.

“What is it?”

Cale flinched.

Toonka approached him while looking normal and started speaking.

“I was looking to see if there was anywhere to sit.”

He nonchalantly responded before looking away from Toonka.

“Kaha! That’s an easy issue!”

After he heard Toonka’s voice…

Cale had to turn his gaze.


There was a loud noise as Toonka struck a nearby boulder with his fist.


The boulder split into two.

“Kahaha! Doing this creates a seat! Sit down, young master Kim! I can do a very good job as your guard! Kahahahahah!”

Cale looked at the broken and completely messed up boulder and sighed.

‘How am I supposed to sit there?’

It was sharp in multiple places and not suitable for sitting.


There was a chucking before Cale saw Sui Khan approaching the boulder that Toonka had destroyed.


He pulled out his sword.


The uneven surface of the broken boulder became completely flat.

It was easily sliced as if he was cutting boiled radish.


Cale silently looked at Sui Khan, who shrugged his shoulders and disappeared toward Chief Eunuch Wi. His plan seemed to be to help Chief Eunuch Wi.

It was at that moment.


Beacrox pulled three white handkerchiefs out of who knows where and placed them on the boulder.

He then looked at Cale.

Cale observed the sky for a bit before grumbling and plopping down on the boulder.

The now flat boulder was at the perfect height for Cale as well.

“Young master-nim. It is cold here because it is a forest.”

Ron placed a soft and light but warm blanket around Cale’s shoulder before heading toward Chief Eunuch Wi.


Cale just looked up at nothing and sighed.

He then turned his gaze.

“Hae-il-nim, is there anything you need?”

Choi Han was standing behind Cale as if to guard him, as if this was the natural thing to do.


Cale shook his head and just sat there.

Chief Eunuch Wi would probably come to report to him in ten or twenty minutes after reorganizing things and determining a direction to move.

Cale just blankly waited for that moment.

– Human! You can’t overdo it! You are currently weaker than paper. Yes, Korean paper! You are at that level right now! You can’t even let a single drop of water touch you!

‘Yes, yes.’

Cale just accepted this situation as is.

It wasn’t bad to do that.

‘It’s easy for me.’

He looked away from the busy people and blankly stared at the forest.

– Human! The plants here are different from our world!

– This looks like a poisonous plant. Is there any way to carefully take it with us? I want to give it as a gift!

– Human, human. I heard from the rock head Central Plains that there are a lot of delicious foods here! Dumplings? I want to try eating those! Let’s take some back with us if they are delicious! I want to share it with everybody!

He paid attention to the things Raon was saying to him every so often.

However, there were people who could not take their eyes off Cale. Actually, there were quite a lot of people.


“…Priest Un Myung, we are outside the sect right now. Use the proper titles.”

The male rising star daoshi of the Kunlun Sect, Un Myung, pouted. Seeing a big dude like him pouting made the monk next to him, Jeong Hye, click his tongue, but… Un Myung didn’t care and whispered to Un Seon.

“That young master Kim person, doesn’t he seem amazing?”


“He seems very strong. How could a sir like that not be known?”


Un Myung flinched at Un Seon’s low voice. Monk Jeong Hye slowly moved away.

“Hye. You listen as well.”

However, Un Seon’s voice made that Jeong Hye, someone who was known for his fiery temper, stop moving and calmly wait for her to speak.

“There is such a saying in the Martial Arts world. Be careful of children, the elderly, and women. Do you know the meaning behind that saying?”

“…Doesn’t it mean that those who look weak might not actually be weak, so don’t let your guard down?”

The hesitantly responding Un Myung and the silent Jeong Hye… Un Seon tied her sash as she slowly spoke.

“Yes, you can understand it like that. However, this is how I have defined it.”

It could be that the opponent looks weak or that they could actually be weak.

However, that did not matter.

“Whether the opponent is weak or strong… I only have one life.”

A person could be killed even by a stray knife.

She looked toward Cale.

This guy looked like the youngest young master of an important family who came out for a relaxing walk.

He looked that feeble from the back.

However, he was a strong individual who could give off a dominating appearance like Mt. Tai.

“The place we are going to is very dangerous. There will be all sorts of strong individuals and it will become a place where avarice rules over all.”

The dangerous but beautiful Huángshān.

That place will be dyed with blood because of greed.

“Maintain your composure.”

She left those words before quietly finishing what she needed to do.

Un Myung and Jeong Hye looked at each other before following her lead and doing the same.

As for Elder Ho, he looked a bit calmer as he stealthily asked Chief Eunuch Wi a question.

“…Who is that sir?”

Chief Eunuch Wi had a crooked smile on his face.

Elder Ho was one of the Beggars’ Gang’s top executives. He probably had an idea about Chief Eunuch Wi’s identity since he recognized the Fist King.

He did not hesitate at Elder Ho’s question.

Cale had already instructed him on what to say if something like this happened.

Chief Eunuch Wi answered the question.

“That sir possesses a plaque made of gold.”

Dokgo Chang, who was paying attention while pretending not to listen, fell deep into thought because he did not know the meaning of those words.

However, Elder Ho understood immediately.

Fist King.


A golden plaque.

Elder Ho’s voice was slightly shaking.

“T, that sir’s last name is not Kim?”

A plaque made of gold.

The only people who could possess that were existences that gave off radiant gold lights.

A member of the Imperial family.

Someone with the blood of the Imperial family.

Chief Eunuch Wi only told the truth as Cale told him to tell things as they were.

“Yes, sir. That sir’s true name is something else.”

He then gently added on.

“I will not answer any other questions.”

This was the first request Cale had asked the Emperor.

He wanted a certain and safe identity to use in this world.

The Emperor had suggested the most certain method after hearing the request, and, by receiving the golden plaque, Cale had accepted that suggestion.

* * *

In a small village near Huángshān…

All of the inns in that village were full of people.

The door of the smallest inn opened and Cale entered it.

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