Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 82: I’m weak! (2)

All noise seemed to have disappeared at that moment.

It had been silent to start but it felt as if even the air itself had stopped moving.


The middle-aged woman’s eyes opened wide. Her rough hands, which made it possible to fathom the hardships she had face in life, grasped her silk clothes. A pressure that seemed to be pressing down on her whole body made it difficult to breathe.

It was at that moment.


Two blades clashed against each other and broke the silence.

The moment the women felt the pressure suppressing her disappear…



She could hear the breathing of the eunuchs and court ladies that they barely managed to let out.

However, her eyes were only facing forward.

Standing there was the around twenty years old looking person who had created that suffocating domain just moments ago.

“Are you a member of the Embroidered Uniform Guard?”

Cale’s gaze moved from the middle-aged woman. It went from the person he believed was the Empress Dowager to someone else.

There was a woman pointing a blade at Cale. However, that woman’s blade could not reach Cale.

The person standing right behind Cale stepped forward and blocked her attack.

And one more person.

The moment the blades clashed against each other…

There was someone else, in addition to the man who blocked the woman’s attack, pointing his scabbard at her.

The woman’s forehead filled with sweat.

The tip of the sword was just about to touch her neck.

Cale’s mouth opened.

“Both of you step back.”

Cale made eye contact with two people at that moment.

It was the woman who he believed was a member of the Embroidered Uniform Guard as well as Choi Han, whose sword had blocked her attack. Choi Han nodded his head and withdrew his sword first.

Cale had a thought while looking at him.

‘He’s the same.’

Choi Han looked exactly the same.

It had not changed at all.

‘I guess there was no aspect of him that needed to be assimilated.’

In fact, Choi Han’s appearance was more likely to be consistent in this world than his present world.

– Human, human! Human, who do you look so pitiful? You look so weak from the back!

He heard a shocked Raon’s voice behind him but Cale looked toward the person who had yet to withdraw his sword.

‘…Team leader.’

He was there.

It was not Sui Khan but the team leader.

Cale frowned.

‘Wait, why did that guy get bigger?’

He no longer looked like the young Sui Khan but the Lee Soo Hyuk that Cale first met. He looked to be around that age.

His clothes must have been newly formed coming to this world as well as it resembled the clothes Lee Soo Hyuk often wore.

He recalled the message that Central Plains had sent.

‘The individual’s thought is reflected in the appearance!’

Cale became annoyed.

‘…Then why didn’t it make me look like mid-twenties Kim Rok Soo?’

Was it because he had thought about twenty years old Kim Rok Soo at the end?


He was already annoyed that so many of his powers were sealed but seeing team leader Lee Soo Hyuk like this made him even more annoyed.

That might have been the reason that… Cale nonchalantly commented toward the person, who now suited the name Lee Soo Hyuk more than Sui Khan.


The team leader finally shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth.

He still had his sword pointed forward.

“This side doesn’t look like she has any intentions of withdrawing her sword.”

The team leader looked at the woman in front of him as the reason he could not withdraw his sword.

The woman bit down on her lips after sensing his gaze. The tip of her sword was slightly shaking.

It was at that moment.

“Withdraw your sword.”

The middle-aged woman spoke and the woman in armor withdrew her sword.

However, she did not withdraw her wary gaze that was directed at Cale. Cale was quite shocked while looking at her.

‘She seems quite strong.’

Cale had not used all of his Dominating Aura. Even Eruhaben would feel pressure if he used the Dominating Aura to its full potential.

That was why he had no intentions of using that much of it toward people who were most likely his allies.

‘But she was the only one who could move.’

The Palace Guard in front of him was strong.

She was strong despite her young age.

However, there was someone else here who was the truly strong person. Actually, it was not just one person.

The middle-aged woman started speaking again.

“…Gramps. What do you think?”

Cale looked to the side of the pillar.

This old man was the only person who had his hands behind his back since earlier and seemed relaxed.

The old man with the bent back looked feebler than Cale and was short.

‘However, there is such a saying in the Martial Arts world.’

Beware of the old and the children.

Cale was certain because of his experience of reading wuxia novels for years.

‘That old man is probably the strongest person here.’

He was probably a hidden guard of the Imperial Palace.

The old man opened his mouth at the time.

“I wonder if it would be best to move somewhere else first. Your Majesty.”

“That is true.”

The middle-aged woman, the Empress Dowager, slightly raised her eyebrow at the old man’s response. She then looked at Cale again.

“Do you know who I am and where this is?”

A smile appeared on Cale’s face.

The Empress Dowager felt that the unsightly young man looked a bit dignified as he smiled.

Cale Henituse’s experience as a noble was coming out.

“Yes I do, your Majesty.”

Cale was speaking respectfully.

However, the Empress Dowager clicked her tongue.

It was because although Cale was speaking respectfully, he only slightly bowed his head and raised it right back.

However, the Empress Dowager turned around as she had not wanted anything more than that.

“Go unpack in your lodging first. We can chat after that.”

The Empress Dowager’s gaze turned to the side.

A person, someone Cale had been focused on in addition to the old man from earlier, stepped forward.

He was younger compared to the old man from before but he seemed to at least be in his sixties.

‘He must be a eunuch.

No, maybe he is a member of the Eastern Depot?’

Among the eunuchs working for the Imperial family, the existence of the Eastern Depot was a common theme in wuxia novels. They were eunuchs but ones with significant martial arts abilities.

“I will escort them, your Majesty.”

“Go ahead.”

It was at that moment.

“I will go with them as well, your Majesty.”

The old man interjected.


The Empress Dowager debated for a moment before nodding her head.

“You may.”

The Empress Dowager started walking without any hesitation before stopping for a moment. She then turned around and made eye contact with Cale.

“That esteemed individual has spoken to me.”

That esteemed individual. She must be talking about this world, Central Plains.

“Similar to how that esteemed individual has saved me, a person who will save my son and the world he will rule over, will arrive.”

The surroundings were still quiet.

However, it was very tense.

The eunuchs and court ladies kept their heads down as if they had not heard anything.


The Empress Dowager quietly looked at Cale before slowly lowering her head.

However, she did not do a full bow.

She only bowed enough for the accessories in her hair to look at the floor. She only bowed her head and waist just enough for that to happen.


However, the Palace Guard woman and the Eastern Depot eunuch quickly lowered their heads as if they did not want to see her bowing like that.

The Empress Dowager lifted up her head and waist, which she had lowered extremely slowly, before standing firmly to look at Cale.

The moment Cale looked back at her with an odd gaze…

“I am willing to offer everything I have for his Majesty, the Emperor.”

The Emperor.

The Empress Dowager, who referred to her son like that, turned around again and walked.

“Oh grim reaper. You can take all of the lives you want, so tell me everything you need.”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up again after hearing that.

The Empress Dowager properly understood that he was a grim reaper and not a messenger.

A group moved to follow behind her.

The man Cale believed to be a member of the Eastern Depot approached Cale and bowed.

“I greet the esteemed grim reaper and his friends. My name is Chief Eunuch Wi.

The Chief Eunuch.

It was quite a high rank among the eunuchs, making it easy to tell that he was the Empress Dowager’s confidant.

“Please let me show you to your lodgings.”

Cale nodded his head but slowly turned around.

He needed to get a good look at everybody first.


Raon was the first one he noticed.

Raon, who was not even invisible…

‘He’s the same.’

Was the same, just like Choi Han.

Cale had thought that Raon, who looked like a typical Dragon in western fantasy worlds, would change to look like an Eastern yong after coming to this world.

‘He looks the same.’

The young black Dragon still had his chubby body, chubby paws, and small wings. He was himself.

– Human! Why did you change so much? But I can tell that you are our human by your eyes! I can tell even better after seeing that look on your face!

“Mm. Why are you still the same?”

Raon tilted his head before sharing his thoughts in Cale’s mind.

– I am me! I do not change for any reason! I am the great and mighty Raon Miru! I am Raon Miru, the Dragon who will turn seven next year!

‘…I guess his conscience is extremely established.’

Cale did not think much about it.

‘I do have an idea about it thought.’

Raon’s attribute, the present. They still didn’t know much about it. However, that attribute might have influenced Raon so that he looks the same despite coming to another world.

“Young master-nim.”

Cale looked toward Ron and Beacrox.

“You look similar.”

Ron and Beacrox did not look very different. They just gave off an Asian vibe so that they would not feel like Semu people here in the Central Plains.

But they still looked similar.

‘They look similarly vicious.’

Ron’s benign smile looked just as scary here.

Beacrox’s stoic face as well.

‘How reliable.’

It looked as if they would not be pushed around in the Martial Arts world because of their face or spirit. Cale avoided team leader Sui Khan, who was looking at him with his usual tired smile before looking at the last two people.

‘Priest Durst looks similar too.’

He changed to look similar to Ron.

Cale’s gaze turned odd after seeing Toonka, who was standing next to Durst.

“Ahem. Hem.”

Toonka let out some fake coughs before approaching Cale and whispering.

“Can I talk now?”


Cale sternly shook his head before thinking to himself.

‘It was a good idea to bring him.’

It was a very good idea to bring Toonka.

His hair that stretched out like a lion’s mane… His physique that resembled a mountain…

‘His face looks even more vicious!’

Toonka looked even more vicious, resembling a typical bandit, villain or rogue wanderer.

Of course, he was basically the same overall, but he seemed oddly even more wild than normal.


A satisfied smile appeared on Cale’s face.

There would probably be a lot less people trying to start shit with him if he walked around with these people.

Cale checked the burlap sack with Number 7 inside as well before looking back at Chief Eunuch Wi.

“Let’s go, sir.”

“…Yes sir.”

Chief Eunuch Wi flinched for a moment after hearing Cale speaking respectfully to him before bowing to show his respect and starting to walk.

Cale, who started walking behind Wi’s quiet but even steps, made a comment.

“The Dragon should probably hide himself, right?”


Chief Eunuch Wi’s movement made a noise for the first time.

He turned his head.

The guest, who was now called the grim reaper, was smiling. It was gentle smile but it was full of unfriendliness.

Chief Eunuch Wi avoided his gaze and responded.

“It is fine within the Moonflower Palace, but I believe it would be best to hide him outside, sir.”


The guest let out a short gasp of admiration.

“I guess her Majesty only keeps those with tight lips around her.”

Chief Eunuch Wi did not respond in any way.

Instead, he started walking silently toward their lodging once again.

Cale’s smile became even thicker after seeing the people of Moonflower Palace acting as if they did not see Raon despite clearly seeing him.

He then nonchalantly commented.

“What are you looking at, sir?”


The old man called gramps laughed.

“Hey there.”

He smiled and asked.

“How strong are you?”

Cale snorted in response.

‘What nonsense is this old man saying?!’

He tried to ignore the old man, who was speaking completely nonsense, before debating for a moment.

‘But he is an ally and seems strong. I guess it is best to be honest?’

It was highly likely that this old man was the strongest or second strongest in the Imperial Palace.

That would be why the filial son, the Emperor, sent him to protect the Empress Dowager’s side.

‘Yes. Let’s be honest and get his help.’

A lot more of his ancient powers were sealed than he had expected.

It would be better to get even one more person’s help.

Cale answered honestly.


Chief Eunuch Wi and the gramps focused on Cale’s voice.

Cale had no idea as he confidently response.

“Am weak.”

I am weak.

“I am very weak.”

Right now.

So please help me.

He kept that to himself for now.

* * *

At that time, the Empress Dowager asked the member of the Embroidered Uniform Guard, who was kneeling in front of her, a question.

“What did the gramps say?”

“My grandfather-”

The woman bit down on her lips.

The man calmed gramps was her great-grandfather.

Although he had withdrawing himself from the Martial Arts world a long time ago, he was still one of the strongest in the world.

There were talks about how she, as the person learning everything such a person knew, had the talent to become even stronger than her great-grandfather.

However, it was a long way off for her to even reach the level of her great-grandfather. The stage created by over a hundred years of time was far far away.

“Yes. What did the gramps say?”

She started speaking at the Empress Dowager’s urging.

“My grandfather said the following.”

The man who gave off such a strong aura that she would not even have thought about extending her blade if she had not sparred with her grandfather in the past…

The man who was now called the grim reaper… Her grandfather had sent her a sound transmission to tell her about that small man.

“That person has not shown everything.”

Even that strong aura was not at full strength.

The fact that he could control such a strong aura as he pleased was shocking enough already, but that man had an even stronger aura.

“If he fought taking into consideration the things he cannot see, it is a close tie.”

The Martial Arts world’s current strong individuals were divided into the Five Saints and Five Demons.

The era before them had the Three Kings and Nine Tyrants.

One of those three kings…

Fist King Mok Hyeon.

Mok Hyeon’s great-granddaughter, Mok Hee.

She lowered her head as she added on.

“He said that it would be difficult to be victorious.”

The Empress Dowager clenched the table after hearing those words.

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