A Willing Abjurer Chapter 24: The Return to Malamut

Jonathan had Oceton tucked against his chest. With his coat buttoned up, only the bird’s head peaked through the top.

Oliver had given him some things to think about. Jonathan disliked politics, but far too many people he knew were heavily involved in it.

Before he really knew it, Jonathan was back at the cafe called Minutia. Biscuit was happy to see him, but not happy at the prospect of going back into the rain that was drumming down outside of the awning of the cafe.

When Jonathan headed inside, he tried not to show how amused he was at the tower of small plates on Bas’ and L’ua’s table. He ignored Oceton chirping in his ears, trying to get more sweets. Oceton was purposefully ignoring the only one treat a day rule made for the good of her feathery body. Birds were simply not meant to eat many sweet things.

Bas talked about the various local desserts, including fritiqs, on their way to the docks.

Jonathan paid attention some, but the talons digging into his shoulder showed just how interested Oceton was. He regretted the day Oceton had managed to steal honeyed fruit candy from that jar. If he had never bought that jar, maybe he would never have had to deal with a moody phoenix on a sugar rush.

The docks at Celtie were well swept and made of hewn stone. The stones were sharply cut in some places, and tended to be smooth lower down—this was due to the waves that smacked against their sides.

They boarded the pirate ship that was waiting for them. He only knew and trusted one criminal ship on the Carta, and was happy to be able to employ them once more.

Bas spent most of the time explaining piracy, nautical terms, and human interactions to the miniature version of the dragon on him.

It was likely a few of the pirates suspected L’ua, but didn’t know for sure whether or not he was a dragon. Jonathan had a weird feeling that the Captain and Vice Captain knew, but he wasn’t going to ask them outright. In the same way, he wasn’t going to bother Lucretius about that purple eye of hers and whether it was some strange knack; to act in such a nosy way was just a sure way to get kicked out, or kicked in the teeth.

The trip to Malamut’s capital was quick with the force of the mighty river behind them. Jonathan was happy he didn’t have to tear Bas and L’ua away from the pirates. The two teenagers went willingly, looking forward to exploring the large city together.

When they walked through the capital, L’ua wasn’t noticed much. Oceton, perched proudly on Jonathan’s shoulder, took most of the attention.

Bas was quick to contact a craftsman with a specialty for using animal products such as talons, tusks, teeth, and scales. He was tough on bargaining for a better deal. At the end of negotiations, sentences said through gritted teeth by both sides: one of the scales would be made into jewelry and another used for the payment to the business.

The product took about a week or so to craft, which left the travelers with time to wander about the city.

Bas picked up the jewelry a day before the deadline of the banquet—it was an intricate bracelet which seemed to be made of silver, but would never rust, for it was truly made of dragon scale. He examined it thoroughly before paying the craftsman as promised, then came back to the inn they had booked until the day of celebration.

“You’re back,” Jonathan observed. He had finished the food for dinner a while ago.

“Yeah . . . Do you think it looks okay?” Bas asked and held out the box with the bracelet. His free hand was fiddling with his clothes, and was stuffed in a pocket.

Jonathan raised his eyebrows. He wasn’t one for fashion, but it was made from dragon scales. “It’s good.”

L’ua agreed. “I am proud of my scales.”

“Good,” Bas parroted back, relieved.

They were finally ready for the banquet tomorrow.

Jonathan hoped it would go well.


We’re getting to the end of this arc soon. You will soon meet Bas’ father, the king.

I decided to do this chapter early, since I want to relax next week. Works out well for you guys, right?

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