Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 73: How about you be more tactful? (2)

< How about you be more tactful? (2)>

“…Why do you have such a look on your face?”

Cale sighed after hearing the crown prince’s voice.

“I just do, your highness.”

“That’s not it.”

Alberu slightly pulled the curtain open. They were getting close to the Royal Palace. He turned back toward Cale and commented.

“That’s the look you have right before you head off to work.”

“That’s right! You are completely right about that, crown prince! Actually, this is his face whenever he needs to go do something annoying!”

Cale ignored the conversation between the crown prince and the Dragon.

‘…That’s not reliable at all.’

He needed to go destroy the Blood Cult.

‘I’m also annoyed at how they destroyed the Palace. Why did they come back to kill, abduct, and injure people? Do they see Roan as a sandbag? Why do they keep punching us?’

“Hey, crown prince! The human’s face is scary!”

“He looks like he is about to go destroy something, Raon-nim.”

“Hey, crown prince, I highly value your accurate deductive skills!”

“Thank you very much, Raon-nim.”

Alberu petted Raon’s chubby back as he addressed Cale.

“Are you going to keep ignoring that?”

Ding! Ding!

Notifications kept going off.

It seemed to suit Central Plains quite well.

‘Okay, I guess I will read them all for now.’

Cale thought about how he had been before heading off to Xiaolen as he opened the Dimension Travel Invitation again.

‘The limit on the number of people-’

It had been 10 last time.

It was 13 when they came back.

‘It needs to at least be close to that.’

This was because Cale already had a list of people he must take with him this time.

‘Choi Han.’

Choi Han had to go.

Putting aside the fact that Choi Jung Soo was there, Choi Han’s current sword art would definitely benefit from being in the wuxia world.

‘I also need to take Durst and Number 7.’

He felt as if he was given some baggage to take care of with Durst, but there must be a reason for the god, the Fire of Purification, to tell him to take Durst with him.

‘He at least seems like a decent god. He just seems a bit dumb compared to the God of Death. It was fine. As for Number 7-’

He had many uses for that guy.

“Hey, crown prince! The human is finally starting to smile! But it is a scary smile!”

“He must be happy now, Raon-nim.”

The carriage moved past the entrance of the Royal Palace.

Cale read the rest of the message.

< Limit: 7 people >


Cale frowned.

Ding ding!

A new message urgently arrived.

However, Cale ignored it and continued to read the invitation.

< Additional Restrictions >

< 1. Your appearance will be localized. Although Semu people do exist outside of Murim, you will be naturally assimilated in order to not give off any issues in the world. > (TL: Semu is the name of a caste established by the Yuan dynasty. The 31 Semu categories referred to people who came from Central and West Asia)


Raon peeked at Cale and commented.

“Hey, crown prince! The human must really not like something!”

< 2. Based on the situation, a portion of your abilities may be downgraded. This is because your abilities can only be transferred based on the limits of the world. >


< 3. Only two members of the party may be non-humans. This is to maintain balance as there are only a few non-human existences in the Central Plains right now. >


Ding ding!

Cale opened the message window.

< ...I'm sorry sir... I am weak... So, it is difficult to handle all of you being here... Just bringing you here is my limit...... >

< - Sincerely, the trying to be tactful Central Plains >

< ...I'm sorry sir... I will give it my best! However, however, I, I am lacking the time to go up against a god...! I am trash compared to Xiaolen noonim......! >

< - Sincerely, the wronged Central Plains >

Oooooong– oooooong–

The mirror vibrated at that moment and a message popped up from the God of Death.

< The God of Death is currently busy and will be unable to chat for a while. >

“…This motherfucking god.”

Cale had a headache.

‘My powers might decrease?’

Of course, it was not all of his powers but only a portion. However, hearing that it would decrease at all still annoyed him.

‘Based on what I saw, the Black Bloods household seemed to be the weakest of the Hunters.’

The House of Huayans. The Black Bloods household seemed to be the weakest.

‘I’m sure that the Blood Cult will be strong.’

However, he could not only consider the Blood Cult.

‘…They said that the Blood Cult is currently trying to start the Great War of the Triumvirate?’

The good faction, evil faction, and Demon Cult.

All of these Murim people would be wary of each other with this large war coming up.

There may even be small and large battles happening in the Central Plains already.

Basically, that world was full of strong bastards.

It was completely different from Xiaolen, which did not even have a single sword master.

Ding ding!

< As much as I can, really, truly, as much as I can! I will really do my best to make sure that all of your abilities are properly transferred to the Central Plains......! >

< - Sincerely, Central Plains who is scared that too many people will die >

Cale frowned.

“What’s wrong? Seriously, what is going on?”

He sighed at Alberu’s question and gave a short explanation.

Alberu nonchalantly commented after hearing it.

“What’s the rush?”

He looked at the silent Cale and chuckled.

It was because he knew the reason Cale was acting like this.

“Ron and I are injured, but it is not very serious.”

The silent Cale responded once the carriage stopped outside the crown prince’s palace.

“…I will put it off and think about it for a bit, your highness.”

Ding ding!

< ...Please, please make a decision within a week...! Please......! >

< - Sincerely, Central Plains, who thinks that two weeks would be okay too >

Cale pushed the divine item back into his pocket.

He then asked the question that was on his mind before getting off the carriage.

“Your highness.”


“You said that only the Breck Kingdom, Whipper Kingdom, and the Jungle were properly assisting the restoration of Puzzle City?”

Rosalyn was in the Breck Kingdom.

The Whipper Kingdom had Toonka.

The Jungle had Litana.

“Why is the Paerun Kingdom not included in it?”

The Paerun Kingdom. Clopeh was there.

That bastard Clopeh’s family, the Duke’s House of Sekka, was basically the core of the Paerun Kingdom.

“Ah. That place…”

Alberu debated for a moment before resuming.

“The conversation will probably last a while, so let’s go chat in the study.”

He then added.

“The others will soon arrive as well.”

* * *

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Cale looked toward the corner of the study. The children averaging nine years old were gathered on the round couch eating cookies.


Choi Han groaned.

“You are saying that Clopeh, no, the House of Sekka, is in a difficult position right now?”


Alberu nodded his head at the question.

“To be more accurate, the Paerun Kingdom is in a difficult situation.”

The Northern Alliance.

Paerun, Norland, and Askosan.

They had formed the Indomitable Alliance with the Bear tribe and the Flame Dwarf tribe.

“That alliance had failed quite terribly.”

Based on that, the Northern Alliance was basically nonexistent.

Choi Han listened to the crown prince before asking.

“Your highness, you are saying that Norland and Askosan, which had been quiet all this time, are suddenly demanding that the Paerun Kingdom take responsibility for the failure of the Indomitable Alliance?”

“That’s right.”

Alberu responded in a relaxed voice.

“This is the logic of power.”

Although the Indomitable Alliance had failed, the Paerun Kingdom, which had been at the center of it, had not been pushed by the other two kingdoms to take responsibility.

The reason was simple.

The Paerun Kingdom was strong.

Furthermore, seeing the Paerun Kingdom’s Clopeh being with Cale made it look as if the Roan Kingdom and the Paerun Kingdom were close.

“However, with things happening in the Roan Kingdom and the Paerun Kingdom being quiet… The two kingdoms slowly started to peck away at the Paerun Kingdom.”

Although a coastal commerce path was being developed with the Northern Alliance with the Roan Kingdom at the center of it… Norland and Askosan would not have declared war against the South if they would have been satisfied with that.


Choi Han let out a quiet sigh.

“…Other issues are rising up now that we dealt with the White Star.”

Although these issues were not big enough to impact the continent at large, there were quite a lot of these big and small issues.

Cale nonchalantly asked Alberu a question.

“So what is Clopeh doing right now?”

“Probably trying to suppress those two kingdoms.”

“He is that kind of person, you are right.”

Clopeh Sekka.

Although that bastard looked quite holy on the outside and acted like a lunatic in front of Cale all the time, he was no pushover.

In fact, that was a vicious bastard.

‘Clopeh’s body is not normal.’

He was not a proper sword master anymore.

Nonetheless, someone with Clopeh’s acumen, someone with the acumen of the House of Sekka that had been tricking the world this whole time, Norland and Askosan would soon lower their heads to the Paerun Kingdom.

‘There is a reason the Paerun Kingdom has lasted so long.’

Their territory was the northernmost part of the continent where the terrain was so terrible for farming.

The fact that such a place had the strongest knights on the entire continent showed the potential of the Paerun Kingdom.


Alberu turned toward the benignly smiling old man.

“This sir is from Xiaolen?”

Durst got up and slightly bowed to greet the crown prince after hearing the question.

“Yes, your highness. My name is Durst. There is no need for such formalities.”

Durst stood back up and he made eye contact with Alberu at that moment.


The old man’s eyes were overflowing with friendliness. Goodwill was basically pouring out of his eyes.

Durst commented in a low voice as Alberu wondered why he was like this.

“I heard that you were sworn brothers with the esteemed Purifier, your highness.”

Cale turned to look at Choi Han. Choi Han avoided his gaze.

Cale realized it after seeing that reaction.

‘…Eruhaben-nim or the team leader must have told him!’

Choi Han mumbled in a low voice.

“It was Mary……”

Mary was the culprit.

Cale closed his eyes.

Eruhaben had headed off to the Forest of Darkness first with Number 7 and the Chief of Staff. It was because they were uncertain about keeping them imprisoned in the Royal Palace.

As for Sui Khan, he had left after saying that he had some things to take care of while Mary and Shawn had returned to their hometown. Jezna had headed back to Endable.

“That’s right. I am Cale’s sworn hyung-nim.”

Alberu nodded his head as if this was completely normal.

Durst nodded his head multiple times as if he was happy to learn this new fact before looking up at the sky and mumbling to himself.

His voice was sentimental.

“For the esteemed Purifier to have been born in this land- this truly is a beautiful kingdom suitable for the birth of such a person-”

For reference, the area outside the window next to Durst right now… The palace closest to the crown prince’s palace was currently destroyed with the ceiling sunk in.

It was done by the Hunters they believed were from the Blood Cult.

The pillar of the King’s Palace was also just there as well.


Cale felt unsettled by Durst but relaxed after seeing someone’s reaction.

“Hahaha. Is that so? I’m happy that you are looking at this place so kindly.”

Crown prince Alberu. He was dealing with Durst with an extremely radiant smile on his face.

‘He’ll take care of it.’

Durst wouldn’t be able to do any weird things with Alberu here. Alberu would make Durst stay in the kingdom quietly before they left.


The video communication device beeped at that moment.

“The news must have spread.”

The corners of Alberu’s lips went up.

He peeked toward Cale.

“I guess I did go around with my dongsaeng extremely openly?”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up as well.

“Caro is first and Norland has contacted us as well. How many eyes are in the capital?”

Alberu was shaking his head from side to side.

Cale asked back.

“Didn’t you let them plant their eyes there on purpose, your highness?”

“Of course. It is quite entertaining keeping an eye on those eyes.”

Cale slightly shook his head while looking at the smile that was growing even more radiant.

‘It truly is nice having him as an ally.’

It would be better not to become enemies with the crown prince.


“Yes, your highness?”

Alberu’s voice suddenly changed.

He seemed quite unsettled.

It was at that moment.

Knock knock knock-

They heard some knocks on the door.

Cale immediately started to speak.

“Your highness.”

“Yes? Come on in!”

Alberu shouted toward the outside of the door and it soon opened.



On and Hong headed toward the door faster than anybody else.

Cale followed behind them as well.


The door opened.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

He heard the sound of a crutch. Cale looked down.

He could see a leg in a cast and a crutch.

He slowly looked up.

“Young master-nim. Did everything go well on your trip?”

Ron was approaching them with a benign smile on his face. Beacrox was following behind him like a guard knight.

“Grandpa Ron! Beacrox!”

Raon flew over next to On and Hong before all three of them anxiously looked at Ron’s leg.

“Grandpa Ron! Why are you getting hurt like our human?! You can’t do that!”

“That’s right, nya! You can’t get hurt, nya!”

“I don’t know why you are getting hurt when you told us not to get hurt, nya.”

Ron did not look at the children averaging nine years old. He stared at Cale before opening his mouth.

Although he still had a gentle smile on his face…


Cale felt that this smile was vicious.

‘He’s angry.’

His attendant, Ron. The patriarch of the House of Molan, the family who was starting to form the Eastern continent’s underworld again, started speaking.

“…You said that it was the Blood Cult? Those bastards who struck this second palace……?”

“Y, yes!”

Cale subconsciously stuttered, but still quickly answered.

Cale got scared whenever Ron smiled so seriously and benignly like this.

Yes, he automatically started to curl up in fear.

“Young master-nim.”

He saw Beacrox pull out a pair of white gloves and put it on as Ron called out to him.

‘Why is that bastard putting on gloves?’

Ron continued to speak at that moment.

“Because I wanted to see the enemy you brought with you, young master-nim.”


Cale started to think.

‘Goodbye, Number 7. I hope to see you again alive.’

It was the same for the Chief of Staff, who didn’t give off much of a presence.

‘Hope you survive too.’

“Oh, also, young master-nim…”

Ron continued to speak with a smile on his face.

“I would like to go with you next time. Would that be possible?”

He then added.

“It was a face-to-face battle last time, but I would like to do things my way this time. Young master-nim.”

Ron had faced the Hunters from the Blood Cult head-on.

However, Ron’s way was not specialized in face-to-face battles.

He was still skilled in such battles, but he was even more skilled as an assassin.

“Young master-nim, I would like to go as well.”

It was rare for Beacrox to share his thoughts like this. He spoke while putting on another pair of spotless white gloves.

Cale observed them and thought to himself.

‘…Ron and Beacrox…’

He felt as if the team to deal with the Blood Cult was starting to form.

‘Yes, compared to Miss Rosalyn, Lock, Mary, and people like that-’

To face the bastards who turn the living into jiangshis…

‘These are people who fit that better.’

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up a bit.

“The picture is starting to form.”

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