When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 47: Rendez-vous (1)

Dancer, singer, performer, and designer. ‘Rendez-vous’ was a project that would bring together four young artists, each an expert in their field.

It was a project that would bring together their struggles and passion to make an ad and music video promoting Yoo Sung Electronics’ Apollon cell phone.

Young people and people working in the art field couldn’t be anything but fervidly interested in the Rendez-vous project from the start. It was because they would gather together all the rookies who were in the public eye.

Contrary to popular belief that it was all hype, the quality of the actual ad and music video they released lived up to expectations.

The music used in the ad made it onto the music chart, and even won awards at the Advertisement Music Awards.

One of the goals of the Rendez-vous project was to make it known that Yoo Sung Electronics was interested in art, including music, and was giving it their full support.

The result was a major success. Through the Rendez-vous project, Yoo Sung Electronics not only saw a rise in the Apollon series’ marketing, but was also able to establish an image as a valuable contributor to society.

‘However, the Rendez-vous project loses its luster before long…’

Do Wook, who used to enjoy listening to music used in the Rendez-vous project very much, became bitter when he recalled how dejected he felt at that time.

It was because it was revealed that the ad music was plagiarized. It was the song of an extremely unknown foreign singer from an underground band, so it took time for it to be revealed.

“We received an appearance offer for Do Wook.”

At Director Kwon’s words, everyone’s eyes got big and looked at Do Wook. Do Wook silently waited for Director Kwon to continue talking.

“It’s not a type of project that requires just one day of shooting…so we had an internal discussion, but we accepted it because it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, for both Do Wook personally, and for the team and company.”

It was on a different level compared to the school uniform ads where idols were the main models. He would become the model for Yoo Sung Electronics’ cell phones. For a cell phone ad, something that was considered only possible for the best of the best. It didn’t change the fact that appearing in a project advertisement was in itself an amazing accomplishment, even if it’s not the main ad.

There was polite applause. Ahn Hyung Seo and Jung Yoon Ki, who were sitting next to him, took turns congratulating him, saying, “Good for you, Do Wook!”

“I think you could talk about it in more detail with Team Leader Jo Anna yourself.”

“I understand.”

Do Wook, who as expected did not refuse, answered in a strange tone.

If it went as it had gone in the past, its popularity would be guaranteed, but it was going to be difficult to move on from appearing in an ad that used plagiarized music as a strictly honorable feat.

‘Opportunities should be seized, and crises need a chance to be turned into opportunities.’

Do Wook thought of a way.


While Yoo Sung Electronics and Do Wook were going back and forth discussing the project, KK’s first full album Sensation’s repackage album was released.

Once the album was released, “Windy Day” also did well, easily making it into around second or third place on the music chart.

The consensus was that the song definitely went well with the autumn weather, when the sun is hot but the air feels cool when the wind blows. The company had expectations that the song would continue to do well for a long time, since it was a good song to listen to comfortably.

The comeback performance was two days after the music chart results. KK was scheduled to do their comeback performance for ‘Windy Day’ on KVS’s ‘Music Bonus’.

It was a two-week active period, but since it was the first song after their major hit ‘Very Sorry’, the public and fans were very hyped up for ‘Windy Day’.

On top of that, the comeback performance would be performed live. The fans knew KK’s skills so they expressed their anticipation for the live performance, but at the same time, they were anxious. Not only were there a particularly high number of variables when it came to live performances, but there were also a lot of singers whose basic skills were good yet seemed to struggle performing live.

That was also true for the KK members, who were excited and worried at the same time.

“I definitely feel like the first performance is the most nerve-wrecking.”

A simple waiting room made of a tent. Even Suk Ji Hoon, who was always calm, was openly anxious. Oh Baek Ho gave Suk Ji Hoon a vitamin drink.

The members had been relentlessly rehearsing solely for the live performance for a while. They even grit their teeth and pushed through the rehearsals for choreography etc. so that they could give the best live performance no matter what.

However, on top of their nervousness over the fact that it’s a comeback performance and a live performance, it was concerning that it also happened to be a special outdoor show. Music Bonus would broadcast live from the Hwa Sung Hang Goong outdoor square today, since Suwon City’s Hwa Sung Festival was currently going on.

“You did well during the rehearsal. It’ll be fine.”

The members nodded their heads at Oh Baek Ho’s encouragement. Ahn Hyung Seo, who had returned after getting his makeup done, asked.

“I heard there will be fireworks later. Can we also watch that?”

“Actually, you can stay seated and worry about the performance.”

“You’re always getting mad at me only.”

Oh Baek Ho clicked his tongue at Ahn Hyung Seo, who was grumbling in a lovable way, but then started to laugh. It was also a relief that there were members like Ahn Hyung Seo who eased the tension with his nonsense.

Since it was a special broadcast, many singers who are usually hard to meet at music broadcasts were also invited to today’s performance.

The KK members left the waiting room and waited for their turn as they watched the performance of the veteran singer who was famous for the trot song ‘Anybody Can Love’.

Now that it was almost time for their performance, rather than nervousness, the members were eager to be on stage already.

‘The anxiety I feel the moment I step onto the stage, the cheers calling out to me…I’m glad I at least got to know the thrill of that moment now.’

Do Wook thought as he looked up at the stage with colorful lights installed everywhere.

Jung Yoon Ki gathered the members. The six of them put their hands together and braced themselves to have a successful performance. They raised their hands as they yelled the characteristic KK chant.

After the veteran singer went off stage, KK went up on stage while the MC was giving their next remark. The people gathered in the square erupted into cheers at the appearance of KK. Half of them were local residents who came to watch, a few of them were other singers’ fans, and the rest of them were all KK fans.

The melody for “Windy Day” started.

The performance started with the six KK members standing in one horizontal line. Do Wook and Kim Won, who were taller than the rest of the members, stood at the ends. Next to Do Wook was Park Tae Hyung, Ahn Hyung Seo, Suk Ji Hoon, then Jung Yoon Ki.

The six of them all used handheld microphones. Jung Yoon Ki, Ahn Hyung Seo, and Do Wook, who had large parts, wore in-ear monitors.

The member singing the first verse was Suk Ji Hoon. Suk Ji Hoon got things started and stepped backwards as he moved away.

‘Suk Ji Hoo’s skills have definitely improved.’

Do Wook thought as he listened to the voice of Suk Ji Hoon, who timed the first note precisely and completed his part smoothly.

Next was Ahn Hyung Seo. He did the part where the pitch rises without any problems while he made some light hand gestures.

Ahn Hyung Seo sang the high part too easily. It would have been nice if he had made it a little more obvious how hard the high part was, but he had the tendency to make it impossible for those listening to think that it was a hard song.

Once Kim Won’s rap part ended, it was the chorus that all six of them sang together as a group. It was a part that they sang together, but at the end Do Wook and Ahn Hyung Seo sang the main parts as they harmonized.

Immediately after, there was choreography where Ahn Hyung Seo stepped forward by himself and demonstrated fast footwork in sync with the accompaniment as he moved from one end of the stage to the other.

The wind talks to me―

I think of you on windy days― I think about you―

Do Wook returned to the same straight line as the beginning and was singing with the microphone in his hands. His then slightly furrowed his eyebrows. However, the red light on the camera in front of him was on.

Do Wook smiled toward the camera like nothing was wrong. When the large monitor installed next to the stage captured Do Wook’s smiling face, ear-splitting cheers rang out loud.

‘The mic…isn’t working!’

At that moment, Ahn Hyung Seo noticed Do Wook’s situation. It was because he didn’t hear anything for the ‘Walk over, Think about it’ part where Do Wook was supposed to cut in and harmonize with Ahn Hyung Seo.

It was a part that was sung together so it was hard to notice unless you were someone that knew the fine details of the music.

The problem was the next part. After Park Tae Hyung’s short choreography would finish, it would immediately be Do Wook’s part. Even if he made it known that there was a problem with the microphone, it wasn’t for sure that it could be fixed within that time. Ahn Hyung Seo might have to do Do Wook’s part instead.

As the jimmy jib camera suspended high in the air moved around, it captured all the KK members on the screen.

Do Wook and Ahn Hyung Seo made eye contact. Rather than Do Wook, Ahn Hyung Seo called out to Park Tae Hyung, who had his back turned and was getting ready to go to the opposite side of the stage, since he was closer.

He then looked towards Do Wook. Do Wook lowered his hand and showed him one side of his microphone. Normally a green light should have been on, but there was a problem with the wireless microphone connection and the light was off. Park Tae Hyung understood right away what it meant. Like that, the three of them quickly exchanged glances.

Right before taking his steps, Park Tae Hyung lightly threw the microphone towards Do Wook as if it were part of the choreography. Do Wook caught the microphone Park Tae Hyung threw to him, as if he were being passed a basketball.

“Huh? What was that just now?”

“Was there such choreography?”

As the fans watched the scene unfold on the screen, they couldn’t hide their confusion. It was the same for fans who were watching the live broadcast. Their movements were so natural that people guessed that it was part of the choreography rather than a broadcast accident.

Oh Baek Ho knew right away that there was a problem with the microphone. Thankfully, the Music Bonus staff also realized that there was a problem with Microphone 2 that Do Wook had been holding.

When Park Tae Hyung, who was splitting the top of the stage with his spectacular footwork, returned behind Do Wook, Do Wook passed off the microphone he was originally holding.

I miss you so much―

You’re coming from so far away―I love you―

Do Wook’s soft voice rang throughout the square. The volume also got better so the poor sound quality of an outdoor stage was not a problem for Do Wook. It was a voice that went incredibly well with the scenery of an autumn night in Hang Goong.

After that, the wireless signal light of Microphone 2 that was passed over to Park Tae Hyung also turned on.

KK finished their performance without any more problems.

Microphone issues were something that could easily happen during a live performance.

Thanks to being mentally ready to deal with various emergency situations while preparing for the live performance, they were able to resolve it on the spot without big problems.

After coming off stage, Do Wook thanked Ahn Hyung Seo and Park Tae Hyung.

Especially when it came to Park Tae Hyung’s sense, he felt he couldn’t praise him enough.

Oh Baek Ho also was generous with his praises for the members for their hard work.

-We can’t call them rookies anymore

-Won’t Kang Do Wook be ok even without a mic? Lol He was loud enough to pierce the sky lol

-It’s a good the stage didn’t have a ceiling hahaha

-I have to admit…All the KK members are talented!

-I only saw Tae Hyung as a baby but he’s all grown up ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

The fan cafe and communities were all overflowing with praise. There was admiration over them as individuals as well as over KK’s teamwork.

A video, starting from when Park Tae Hyung handed off the microphone to Do Wook until when Do Wook’s part was over, was edited into a short version and was shared all over.

Since the members had an accident during their first performance, they were able to take on the rest of the music broadcast performances with peace of mind. It was because they felt that they would be ok even if something should happen.


After finishing up his ‘Windy Day’ activities with an early morning pre-recording session, Do Wook changed his clothes and headed out with Manager Oh Baek Ho.

Today was the day of the first group meeting between the Rendez-vous project’s director and the cast at a studio in Gwang Ju, Gyung Ki Province.

He had personally had meetings with the director and staff before, but it was the first time he was meeting the cast in person. The cast was kept in the dark about who else was part of the cast and what field they were from. They planned to capture everyone’s reactions from today’s first meeting for the project video.

As soon as they arrived at the studio, microphones were everywhere and cameras stuck close to him.

On the inside there was a big workspace, and in there, the rest of the cast had already all gathered. Do Wook remembered the cast for this ad.

‘Jazz pianist Kwon Hyul. Graphic designer Na Eun Soo…”

Originally, Yoo Sung Electronics’ Do Wook and the other male singer they were choosing between were both going to be here. However, that person wasn’t present.


When Do Wook entered and said hello, all eyes turned to him. A man who was wearing giant silver cross earrings said ‘KK?” and recognized Do Wook. The man then got up from his seat.

“You know who I am, right? Man to Man.”

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