Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 183: My goodness. The sea, the sea! (9)

The young Blood Demon candidate Myung.

Cale recalled the information about her.

‘They said she was the first.’

The Blood Demon had a total of five young Blood Demon candidates.

Four of them, including Yoon and Hoya, were from quite powerful families within the Blood Cult. All of them were at least from middle-grade families and had powers to support them.

However, the first young Blood Demon candidate, Myung, was different. She did not have any powerful support behind her as the Blood Demon simply came back with her one day.

She was the person who had been supporting the Blood Demon by her side the longest as well as the person who received the most affection from her.

– Human, I really do think that she saw us!

Myung was currently looking right in the direction of the invisible Cale and Raon.

They were certain that they had made eye contact and that they were looking at each other right now.


One of her subordinates looked at her and cautiously called out.

However, he shut up once she raised her hand.

– Human, this is weird! How can she see us? She doesn’t even seem that strong! In fact, she is weaker than Hoya!

‘Is that so?’

The moment that Cale’s eyes clouded over, Myung’s serious demeanor made her subordinates anxious but they could not say anything and simply continued to look at her.

Myung was the only one among this group of masked Blood Cultists who had revealed her face.

She finally opened her mouth.

She did so while looking directly in Cale’s direction.

Cale had a pretty good idea as to what she would say.

She would either say something about how the enemies were right here and to capture them or to protect the priestess.

As Cale was about to say something to react to her…


He flinched after hearing the words that came out of Myung’s mouth.

She was scowling.

“I knew those motherfucking Dragons were behind this! Fuck!”

Raon reacted to that.

– Hmm? Human, is that young Blood Demon candidate cursing the Dragons right now? Is she talking shit about me?

Her subordinates started reacting one by one.

“Myung-nim? What do you mean by that?”

“Myung-nim, did you just say Dragons? Why are Dragons suddenly-”

It was at that moment.


The building intensely shook.

Everybody stiffened up as this shaking was stronger than before.

Myung was the only one who was not paying any attention to the shaking.


She pulled her sword out instead.


“Shut up.”

She was now calm. She pointed her sword toward a direction as she gave an order.

“Go immediately and protect the priestess-nims. Also, inform the Blood Demon-nim.”

Myung’s eyes were full of vigilance.

“…Let her know that those bastards with purple blood have betrayed us.”


Cale quietly gasped in admiration.

– Human! What is that young Blood Demon candidate talking about?

‘I know, right?

I have no idea what she is doing, but…

It seems beneficial to us?’

The corners of Cale’s lips oddly curled up.

Myung scowled after seeing his reaction.

“Myung-nim, are-”

“Shut up and do as I commanded!”

The Purple Bloods.

A few people had suddenly become serious after hearing those words. They seemed to be people who were Myung’s close confidants or had a decent level of authority in the Blood Cult.

They started to follow her order.

Clang, clang-!

Some of them stood with their backs to the priestess’s room and pulled out their weapons. Their expressions could not be seen because of the masks but they were giving off an aura that seemed to show that they were willing to put their lives on the line.

Some of them quickly left the fifth floor.

“I already know you are there so why don’t you just show yourselves?”

Cale responded to Myung who said that as she pointed her sword toward Cale.

“But I don’t want to.”


Myung frowned at this extremely light and nonchalant response but Cale was acting almost pompous.

He calmly walked toward the direction of the priestess’s room that people were guarding.


Myung commented in a calm voice. However, Cale ignored her.

The corners of his lips twisted up while looking at everybody else other than Myung who were anxious and had no idea what was going on.

Myung sighed as if she could see what Cale was thinking.

“…What are you trying to do?”

She then lowered the tip of her sword.


One of her subordinates anxiously shouted out but she raised her hand again to stop him. She then continued to speak toward Cale and Raon.

“I never thought that the people of the Central Plains would be able to find the path on their own to gather their strength to aim their blades at the Blood Cult. That was why I was curious about who was behind them. However, I was unable to figure it out. I even considered whether you were the bastards who destroyed the greater good in Xiaolen.”

The bastards who destroyed the greater good in Xiaolen…


‘But that was me.’

Cale was the one who took down the Huayans, the Black Bloods.

Myung continued to speak.

“But for it to be the bastards who took down the House of Huayans, your power was stronger than I expected.”

She let out a short sigh.

“But in the end, it was the Dragons who were behind all of this. Ha!”

She shook her head before scoffing in disbelief and then looking toward Cale with a cold look on her face.

“I knew we should have never pulled the Dragons into this.”


Cale debated for a moment before answering honestly.

“We are not the Purple Bloods.”


Myung’s eyes filled with rage.

She would not have been able to see this Dragon and person if it was not for the special power in her eyes. Without this power, she would not have been able to properly figure out the cause of this issue.

‘The guard must have seen the Dragon as well. But that sir has never seen a Dragon, so he probably couldn’t tell.’

She frowned.

She addressed her enemies again.

“You are still planning on lying and deceiving us despite the situation being like this?”

Unlike the guard and other important figures in the Blood Cult, Myung had been to the world of Dragons.

“I’ve been to Aipotu.”


Cale’s eyes clouded over.


A person who has been to that world had appeared just as he needed every extra bit of information about that place.

“I heard about it while I was there.”

Myung pointed her sword back up again.

It was pointed next to Cale, at Raon.

“Black Dragons. I heard that they are the symbol of disaster. For generations, Black Dragons have been cruel and scheming, trying to create disasters that would destroy the world.”


Cale flinched.

– Hmm?

Raon spoke to Cale in a bright voice.

– Human, I am not a symbol of disaster! I am great and mighty! In addition, I like peace!

Cale’s face became unsettled.

How could this little Dragon that was puffing out his big belly be a symbol of disaster?

Aipotu, that place clearly had some issues.

“Furthermore, you cannot let your guard down around a Dragon because it looks young. That scheming and selfish personality contains a dreadful and vicious heart.”

– Human, I am not selfish! Of course, I am no pushover either!

“Dragging the people of the Central Plains into this and destroying our formation… Your plan is probably to even destroy the greater good that we are trying to achieve in order to monopolize everything for yourselves? Of course, you lot are extremely sly so you probably pretended to be good people in front of the people of the Central Plains. Such scheming acts are your specialty after all.”

– Human! I admit that I am a better actor than Choi Han, but I am still not very good at acting! I know how to admit the truth!

‘…It’s a bit loud.’

Cale’s face slowly stiffened as Myung and Raon continued to talk one after the other.

He had no idea what Myung made of his expression, but Myung chuckled.

She then commented, almost as if she was mumbling to herself.

“I guess you are trying to do to our world what you have done to your own world?”

Cale reacted to those words.

“It seems you know what happened in Aipotu?”

“Yeah. I know about it very well. We have also been extremely vigilant about you Purple Bloods.”

“I see.”

Cale nodded his head and agreed with her before casually commenting.

“By the way, it looks like you are stalling?”

Myung’s face stiffened.

Cale asked in a casual tone.

“Are you waiting for the Blood Demon?”

The tip of Myung’s sword slightly shook.

Cale continued to speak casually toward her.

“I guess you have some brains. You know that you cannot stop us with just this group here.”

Myung was the strongest person here.

However, she was weaker than Hoya.

The Dominating Aura slowly started rising out of Cale’s body.

Raon saw this and slowly started to channel his mana.

– Human, are we smashing right through them?

Cale nodded his head.

Myung bit down on her lips harder. She could taste blood in her mouth but she could not pay attention to that right now.

‘Why has the Blood Demon-nim not come?’

Her mother, the Blood Demon, should have arrived at Stairway to Heaven a long time ago.

The Blood Demon was supposed to suppress all of their enemies while Myung rescued the priestess.

However, the situation was different from what she had expected.

The Blood Demon had not arrived here even after these individuals, who seemed to be from Aipotu, had swiped the core of the formation. She was not here even now after Myung had sent a messenger to her.

‘Did something happen to the Blood Demon-nim?

Something happened to that strong person who doesn’t even seem to be human?

Is she being pushed back by something?

Is that even possible?

The Blood Demon is now strong enough to even fight against Dragons.’

An unexplainable sense of anxiety overwhelmed Myung. She could feel that her back was becoming drenched.

However, she could not pay any attention to those cold sweats.

She felt as if the enemies in front of her would aim for this place and move toward her at any moment.

‘Yes, I’m certain that they are from Aipotu.’

That was why they were able to take the formation core so easily and push the Blood Cult into this crisis.

Her anxiety slowly started to increase.

‘…The formation should be okay, right?’

Seeing that this Dragon and his subordinate messed with the formation, she felt as if something more might happen than the formation just stopping.

‘Do you trust the Dragons?’

She suddenly recalled the words of the person she had met in Aipotu.


She subconsciously swore before pointing her sword again.

‘Let’s make the first move.’

She felt as if no good would come from just waiting for the enemy to make the first move.

‘They are currently curious about me.’

They had looked at her with a curious look on their faces ever since she brought up Aipotu.

‘Let’s use that to lure them.’

Myung decided to use herself as bait.


A blue aura started rising from her body.


The moment she gently stomped her foot…

Her body quickly shot forward.

She was headed toward the black Dragon.

‘That person should be the Dragon’s subordinate. I will aim for the Dragon first!’

This black Dragon should be the evil one. It was young, but it was still a cruel and scheming Dragon.

It was at that moment.


She heard a loud explosion.

Myung had to stop for a moment to balance herself.

She then turned her head toward the direction of the noise.


Her eyes opened wide.

The wall broke and something flew in.

She moved her body back.


The something that that smashed through the wall slammed against the opposite wall.

Dust clouds filled the area.


Cale looked at the person smashed against the wall in disbelief.

“He, hahaha-”

It was because the bastard who was smashed against the wall was laughing as if he was happy.

Cale watched the person brush the debris from the wall off himself and asked.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah. This is nothing. It feels refreshing to be hit like this for the first time in a long while.”

Choi Jung Soo lightly brushed the dust off his hair.

He then put on an extremely bright smile.

However, Cale had already confirmed that there were no injuries on Choi Jung Soo’s body and was looking elsewhere.

He could see a five-story building through the hole in the wall.

On top of the building that was close to Stairway to Heaven…

A black yong was shooting up from the building against a blue wave.

Choi Han and the Blood Demon looked ready to charge toward each other at any moment.

Cale watched this and nonchalantly asked.

“Do we need to go there?”


Choi Jung Soo laughed as if this was funny.


Choi Jung Soo and Cale made eye contact.

“You are in the rear. The vanguard has always been ours.”

Choi Jung Soo flicked his chin toward the outside. Cale turned his head also and a slightly relaxed smile appeared on his face.

Choi Han, the person who had always been at the vanguard of their group…

He could see team leader Sui Khan standing in front of him.

Against them was the Blood Demon’s blue aura, that pushed forward like a large wave that was ready to sweep away everything in front of her.

Sui Khan pulled out his sword.


There was no noise at all.

However, the blue aura was slashed by the sword and scattered in the air.

Choi Jung Soo mumbled as if this was to be expected.

“As expected, that guy has gotten stronger as well.”


Choi Han, Choi Jung Soo, and the team leader had all gotten stronger than Cale had expected.

‘I guess that is to be expected with everything they have experienced?’

Cale realized that unlike in Xiaolen or against the jiangshis were dead mana was a major factor, it had been a long time since they were in a battlefield like this where it was simply a battle of strength against strength.

‘That’s true.’

It had been a long time since they were on a battlefield where these guys could run wild.

The moment that Cale realized this, team leader Sui Khan let out a deep sigh and lowered his sword. He looked a bit tired. He was showing an opening.

However, that did not matter.

There was someone who moved forward past the team leader.

Now that this obstacle, the blue wave, was no longer hindering Choi Han…

He charged toward the Blood Demon with this sparkling rough black aura wrapped around him.


The explosion rang out like a roaring black yong.

The black aura struck the Black Swamp.

The Blood Demon supposedly could fight against the Hunter Dragons. But there was a reason that she could not get to Stairway to Heaven until now.

“I’m heading back as well.”

Choi Han, Sui Khan, and Choi Jung Soo…

The three of them were holding the Blood Demon back.

Choi Jung Soo put on an extremely bright smile.

“We will capture her soon. Just wait.”

Cale felt really odd right now.

After such a long time, it felt like he was back in the battlefield of his past as Kim Rok Soo.

It was at that moment.


He heard shouting from somewhere.

No, the shouts were coming from all around.

Cale could feel that Chief Eunuch Wi had entered the Blood Cult’s territory with the martial artists of Hainan and that the martial artists of the Triumvirate had almost reached the island.

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