When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 102: Blue Sky (2)

As he looked at Ahn Hyung Seo’s face, Do Wook smiled and nodded his head.

“You’re right.”



Ahn Hyung Seo focused harder on the song, speechless. Kim Won didn’t know yet why Ahn Hyung Seo was surprised, so he was confused.

At the same time he bobbed his head and stomped his feet. They were hearing the song for the first time but it felt familiar like they’d heard it before, and the easy melody got stuck in their head. They subconsciously started humming.

For the third full-length album this time, they decided to make ‘a little easier’ song starting from the planning stage.

‘Sorry but I Love You’, ‘Very Sorry’, ‘Windy Day’, ‘LAST DANCE’, and even ‘Howl’.

If you counted the repackage album, KK already had 5 title songs.

Of course people considered KK to be a perfect group in terms of performance, but KK also had a reputation as a group who made the publics’ ears overjoyed. It was also fitting to give them the title of singers one could trust and listen to.

They even received praise from critics for their always sophisticated and trend-setting songs. KK’s songs truly were a step ahead of other already established music.

Therefore, although their popularity might be considered weak, they controlled their strengths and weaknesses very well so they maintained their popularity and kept things fresh.

Thanks to that, if KK made a song viral, songs of that genre followed suit in a rush. The fact that the style of beat PD Brave Only Child used became trendy was also due to that.

However, it’s hard for songs that are released belatedly and sporadically to become successful, except for a few songs. Rather, it only makes the public sick of it.

KK didn’t replicate their style. Rather, they continued to show new styles.

Therefore, the Album Production Team members and especially Do Wook, who was the producer, kept agonizing over the direction for the third album.

There was pressure for this album to set trends with music that would be a half step ahead and would succeed like the previous album did.

However, Do Wook thought differently.

‘The image we have maintained until now is sophisticated enough. It’s to the extent of…”

To an extent, people in the industry knew whatever KK did would soon be a trend.

In addition to the young and sophisticated image the members had, the idea became more solidified as KK entered the fashion world too.

‘That’s not what we need right now. To get to the top…’

They had to overcome the group Sa Bang Shin Hwa who had a huge fandom, as well as singers like Lee Jin Ri who had the title of “Nation’s Treasure”.

To do that, they had to get wider and deeper into people’s minds than ‘Very Sorry’ did.

‘We have to go beyond generations.’

Do Wook’s conclusion was that in order to do so, they had to go beyond the main generation who normally listened to KK’s songs. He felt they had to do at least that in order to rise to the top position.

“Oh…I seriously didn’t know until the chorus came on.”


When Ahn Hyung Seo said that after finishing listening to the song, Kim Won asked, not knowing what was going on. Kim Won gave a thumbs up and expressed that the song was good.

“It’s a remake song.”

Kim Won blinked his eyes, surprised.

“Remake? Really? I.Don’t.Know*!”
(TL Note: “Really? I.Dont.Know” was said in English)

“Yes. The original song is Ji Moon Jae’s song called Blue Sky.”

That’s why he decided on a remake.

People currently in their 50s knew the song Blue Sky well.

Do Wook already learned the power of a remake while doing the Seo Tae Joon’s ‘To A Friend’ remake project.

It was an easy path to walk. However, because it was an easy path, it was easy to fall into various traps. There was definitely a risk.

The biggest issue was when they couldn’t surpass the original song.

The songs that end up getting remade are, of course, already famous and are good songs. Because you’re rearranging such a song, and depending on the direction of the arrangement, there were many remake songs that just got chewed out for not being as good as the original.

There might also be opinions that they’re sick of the song. Since they’re hearing a song that they already heard many times before, of course that’d happen.

So Do Wook deliberated which song to choose among the songs that the whole nation knew. He also exchanged messages with the people of the album production team every day and considered several songs.

In the process, Do Wook placed a few standards for himself.

First, it had to be a song that was at least 15 years old. That way they could avoid people getting sick of the song from hearing it too many times.

Second was that the chorus had to be familiar already. Even though it was an old song, that level of familiarity was essential for a remake song to have an advantage.

Also, he had to find a song that was lyrical and had an upbeat rhythm that Koreans would like. That type of song was good in trying to expand to KK’s style.

The song he found after setting those criteria was Ji Moon Jae’s song.

Ji Moon Jae had a lot of good songs, but Blue Sky had not been remade yet.

That was also the most important condition for Do Wook. Once Do Wook decided on the song, the album production team immediately went into discussions with Ji Moon Jae. The Blue Sky composer readily approved the remake.

Ji Moon Jae added that they really wanted to listen to it later.

“I want to listen to the original melody!”

At Kim Won’s request, Do Wook played Blue Sky for him.

Kim Won, who was listening to the song, had the same surprised expression as Ahn Hyung Seo.

“You can’t tell at all the first time around. By the chorus you totally know!”

Do Wook nodded his head, smiling that his intentions came across perfectly.

The part he focused on during the arrangement was that exact thing.

Even though they were doing a remake, they couldn’t completely get rid of their KK style. As such, in the beginning they put a beat they often used and a rap part.

So when you first hear it, it sounds like an exciting current song, but when it gets to the chorus, you’ll go ‘Huh?’ and end up subconsciously singing along to a familiar melody.

“What…do you think of the song?”

When Do Wook asked, Kim Won gave another thumbs up as if saying, “it’s a no-brainer”.

“It’s exactly as we discussed. It’s not our style, but we can reach more generations…! Do Wook, are you sure you’re not a genius?”

Do Wook scratched the back of his head at what Ahn Hyung Seo said.

“That’s a relief. I hope the other members will like it too.”

“Don’t worry! You worked really hard. Especially when you must have been tired from going all the way to New York. I’ll try to learn composition quickly too.”

Do Wook smiled at what Ahn Hyung Seo said. To be honest, Do Wook always carried a little bit of guilt towards the members.

It’d be good if it succeeded, but every person has different values. There’s bound to be people who prefer a slightly relaxed life over big success.

The reason KK’s schedule and activities were nonstop was largely due to Do Wook’s greed. If it followed the original flow, KK wouldn’t have gotten this much success, but they also wouldn’t have been as busy or burdened.

Thankfully, all the members felt a great sense of accomplishment in growing their popularity and climbing one step at a time.

That was nice to hear, whether they were empty words or not.

“I really am studying composition.”

“I know. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. I’m a KK member too!”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who checked his cell phone when a text alert rang, continued to speak,

“Yoon Ki and the other members said they’re on their way back now.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Baek Ho as well. They said they’re bringing all the piles of fan gifts from the office.”


Do Wook nodded his head, thinking about showing the song to the members who would be back soon.

“By the way, Do Wook.”


Ahn Hyung Seo continued as if he were a little reluctant to say it but had no choice.

“Shouldn’t…you get changed?”


Do Wook immediately looked himself up and down. Do Wook, who had been stuck in the workshop for days working on the latter half of the project, was wearing a purple sweatsuit.

The sweatsuit he had been wearing for three days did look a little shabby. The biggest problem was the black bean sauce that splashed on his chest when he was eating yesterday morning.

“Haha. I at least showered everyday,”

Do Wook muttered a little awkwardly. Everyone was comfortable in the dormitory, so it was unusual to make such a comment.

“I mean…well, you don’t look bad now either. Just.”

When Ahn Hyung Seo, who felt even worse for bringing it up, made a face, Do Wook got up, unbothered, and said he’d go change.

Ahn Hyung Seo nodded his head to what Do Wook said. Kim Won, who was standing next to him, seemed like he had the same thought as Ahn Hyung Seo and uncharacteristically laughed awkwardly without a word.


During the time Do Wook showered and changed into a black sweatsuit instead of a purple sweatsuit, the members had already gathered in the dormitory.

Do Wook wanted to have the other members listen to the title song immediately, but in the living room there was a mountain of presents and each member was busily sorting through the presents and letters that came for them.

“Don’t rummage like that, take your time.”

With his back to Do Wook, Manager Oh Baek Ho was giving instructions to the members.


Do Wook was about to greet Manager Oh Baek Ho and the members.

“Man, if you say that, what’s that supposed to mean for Do Wook?”

“What? I’m only speaking the truth”

It was Jung Yoon Ki and Ahn Hyung Seo. The two of them had been especially close since their trainee days, so they were the only ones amongst the members to speak comfortably with each other.

Honestly, the rule of using strict honorifics between older and younger individuals was only a rule when you were a trainee. The rule didn’t matter much now, but the younger members except Ahn Hyung Seo were diligent about using honorifics to those who were older.

As close as they were, the two of them also bickered often. The two of their voices sounded too extreme to be considered usual bickering.

Do Wook couldn’t help but hold his breath and stop in his tracks when he heard Jung Yoon Ki suddenly mention him.

“Just speaking the truth? You think that’s ok to say? You can’t just blurt out whatever you want.”

“What, it’s not like I badmouth Do Wook or something, so why are you getting worked up? It’s just the truth. Do Wook has as many gifts as the rest of us combined.”

“So what? What are you upset about?”

“I’m not upset, I’m just saying that’s how it is. Do Wook’s the only popular one. I’m jealous!”

“Your tone isn’t one of just jealousy.”

Their tones were getting more and more intense. They were also staring daggers with their gazes.

Do Wook couldn’t help but be taken aback as he looked at the bundle of gifts.

Even previously, it was an unavoidable fact that there would be a slight distinction between the members. There could have been a psychological war, but none of the members paid too much attention to it. They understood why there would be differences too. It was more so as time went on. There was nothing they could do about the differences in popularity.

Arguing like this after all this time, and because of him. Do Wook was at a loss for words. Furthermore, even he thought there was a bigger difference in gifts than usual.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”

Manager Oh Baek Ho said as he pointed at the two people. The vibe was just getting heavier.

“Baek Ho, did I do something wrong? Yoon Ki only favors Do Wook so…”

Ahn Hyung Seo yelled, feeling wronged. The situation kept going in an odd direction.

‘Has Ahn Hyung Seo always felt this way…’

He really didn’t show any signs, so it was something Do Wook never even imagined.

Ahn Hyung Seo was giving it his all in his own way too. However, since there was such a clear difference, Do Wook tried to understand that Ahn Hyung Seo could suddenly feel sad.

Feeling like he didn’t look after the members enough, Do Wook’s heart became heavy. At this rate, he could be the reason KK would become wrapped up in turmoil.

“Hey, Do Wook will hear…”

“What! Are you on Do Wook’s side too?”

“No, that’s not it!”

Walking on eggshells, Suk Ji Hoon, who answered Ahn Hyung Seo back, noticed Do Wook standing around and stopped talking.

Everyone followed Suk Ji Hoon’s gaze and looked at Do Wook. The atmosphere was getting out of hand.

“Ah, I…”

Feeling like he has to say something, Do Wook started to speak.

“Do Wook, you have eyes. You see this. All these gifts are for you.”

“Hyung Seo! Seriously, why are you being like this?!

Because Ahn Hyung Seo now started picking a fight with Do Wook too, Suk Ji Hoon angrily stopped.

“Man, I’m seriously gonna lose it!”

“You guys, please don’t fight!”

“Ji…Ji Hoon, are you crying?”

It was a mess.

Jung Yoon Ki and Ahn Hyung Seo who were yelling… Suk Ji Hoon, who couldn’t bear the situation, cried frustrated tears. Park Tae Hyung consoled Suk Ji Hoon.

“First off…I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad in some way, Hyung Seo.”

Do Wook was having a hard time speaking. He thought to himself that he needed to somehow make Ahn Hyung Seo feel better first.

It was at that moment.

Do Wook turned around at the sound of the front door opening. It was Kim Won, who had stepped out, coming back in. In his hands he was holding a cake with candles.

Next chapter: Hidden cameras, lies, and cake. KK’s next new exciting venture is about to begin.

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