Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 174: Hae-il (9)

* * *

Zhuge Mi Ryeo, the person said to have the most brilliant brain in the Orthodox faction and the Chief Advisor of the Martial Arts Alliance.

She slammed the message in her hand onto the table.

The message detailed what had happened at Yunnan Castle.

“Alliance leader-nim! We can’t just let things be!”


The Alliance leader, someone known for being one of the Orthodox faction’s strongest when it came to internal ki, clenched his eyes shut.

He groaned before starting to speak.

“Do you think that what is written there is true?”

One corner of Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s lips curled up.

“Creating a large tsunami to destroy the Yunnan Castle walls and defeat ten thousand jiangshis was the work of one person. Not the Blood Cult’s Blood Demon or young Blood Demon but two mere young Blood Demon candidates have reached the Profound Realm and young master Kim’s people easily took them down. Does all of this sound like lies, Alliance leader-nim?”


The Alliance leader sighed before shaking his head.

“No. It is so absurd that it sounds like the truth. Furthermore, we have no choice but to believe it because Elder Ho, the Cleave Saint, and everybody else reported the same thing.”

“Alliance leader-nim. We must focus.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s eyes sank low.

“When I learned that the Heavenly Demon had reached the middle of the Profound Realm… I was worried, but it was not too much.”

She was certain that there would be an old expert of past generations secluded away in the Orthodox faction who had also reached the Profound Realm.

There were definitely strong individuals who did not usually reveal themselves.

The Triumvirate. She was certain that this balance would not break.

Furthermore, the Imperial Palace’s Fist King has also reached the Profound Realm, so she believed that the balance between the government and the Martial Arts world would be maintained as well.

Just as it has been all this time.

“However, young master Kim Hae-il’s strength is beyond our wildest imaginations.”

These divine abilities that young master Kim, whom they believed to be in the Nature Realm, was showing…

“These seem less like actions of a person but a god.”


“Alliance leader-nim, what will the commoners think once they see young master Kim-nim’s divine abilities?”

The Alliance leader’s face turned serious.

“Not just the commoners, what do you think will happen once the Martial artists see young master Kim’s power?”


“All that is left now is a face to face confrontation with the Blood Cult. Numerous people will see young master Kim use his powers.”


“The Triumvirate. Even if all of the martial artists are broken apart into these three major forces, they all have a single beating heart.”

Fear was visible in Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s eyes.

“Power. Even stronger power. Martial artists devote their lives for that. Young master Kim appears in front of such people. Everything he does would seem like a chapter out of a myth. Then naturally, people-”

“…They will worship him.”

“Yes sir. An overlord ruling the entire Martial Arts world might appear.”

The Alliance leader sighed and Zhuge Mi Ryeo continued to speak.

“Most importantly, young master Kim-nim has the abilities to do that.”

He had everything necessary to seat himself as the overlord of the Martial Arts world.

His own powers.

An aura to dominate the area around him.

Furthermore, his virtuous character.

He was not lacking in any aspect. In fact, none of the people throughout history who, at least for a moment, shook the Martial Arts world and were called small overlords were better than young master Kim.

“And the achievements he has made until now is not lacking for worshiping him either.”

He purified all of the living jiangshis without caring about which side of the Triumvirate those people were on.

He did it despite coughing up blood himself.

Now, he even rescued the commoners in Yunnan Castle.

The numerous lives he has saved…

The entire Yunnan Castle would become the omnipotent supporter of young master Kim.

Furthermore, Yunnan Castle did not have an especially talented sect of clan that held it down. That made it perfect to be young master Kim’s backing.

“…I’m sure that young master Kim-nim has not planned all of this. He just moved in the most sensible way. He is someone who does not want fame or power.”

“…That is why it is scary.”

“Yes sir, that is scary.”

Fear was even more visible in Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s eyes.

“Doesn’t it feel like the world is trying to turn this person, Kim Hae-il, into the god of the Martial Arts world?”

The Alliance leader clenched his eyes shut.

However, the Chief Advisor opened her eyes even wider.

“However, this cannot be.”

She had avoided conflicts as much as possible while in the Chief Advisor position. The reason behind it was simple.

“The Martial Arts world cannot be at the mercy of a single person.”


“Hainan. I will go there.”

She looked at the wall with a map of the Central Plains.

“Sima Pyeong is probably also urgently gathering his subordinates to head toward Hainan as well. The Heavenly Demon was truly wise.”

He had given a laughable reason of going on a tour of the Martial Arts world to follow young master Kim.

She had not considered it to be a big deal, but looking at it now, the Heavenly Demon had used such a laughable excuse to hide his true intentions.

“Since the Heavenly Demon has reached the Profound Realm, he has probably clearly felt young master Kim’s true powers. And by being by his side-”

He probably figured out that it was the only way to deal with the situation as best as possible.

Zhuge Mi did not say that part out loud.

This was not the time to sit aloof in a high position and observe the changing field. She needed to quickly get to the scene as quickly as possible.

History was being written out there.

“I will leave behind a group to prepare for emergencies but take everybody else to Hainan.”

“I will allow it.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo quickly packed up and immediately headed toward Guangdong.

She would meet young master Kim in Guangdong before they got on a ship to head out to Hainan island.

While that was going on…

“Hoo hoo. As expected, my master and his close friends are truly different.”

The Divergent Coalition leader, Sima Pyeong, was already heading toward Hainan.

Next to him was the trashy son of his, Sima Jung, and Toonka, well, Noble Warrior Du Kang in this world.

Sima Pyeong had gathered any and all strong individuals of the Divergent Coalition.

“Hoo hoo hoo.”

He was gently chuckling but his gaze was cold.

He spoke to his subordinates.

“We need to kill as many of the Blood Cult as possible. That is the only way for us to survive.”

His cold voice made the members of the Divergent Coalition cheer.


Toonka watched this and scratched his head before not thinking much about it.

“I guess I can properly fight now! Kahahahahahahaha!”

Toonka was just happy about that.

* * *

Cale handed a candied fruit to Raon and asked Chief Eunuch Wi.

“Has a decision been made about what to do?”

“The decision is as you asked, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi looked at Raon, who suddenly appeared in the air, took the candied fruit, and was eating it all cutely, and then continued to speak.

“We will stealthily send most of the forces to Hainan while a portion of the forces will openly start moving toward Nanman.”

Nanman was a trap by the Blood Cult.

Cale’s side was planning on making it look as if they fell for this trap.

That way, they could hide the martial artists heading toward Hainan for a little longer.

“The forces heading toward Hainan will be revealed as soon as we get on the ships, but… Having them revealed as slowly as possible would be best.”

Chief Eunuch Wi nodded at Cale’s comment before continuing to speak.

“As for the martial artists residing in Yunnan, they will prepare for a bit and start heading toward Nanman two days from now.”

Cale nodded his head.

“That sounds great. They should know that Yunnan was destroyed as well.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Cale looked around.

“Then we should already be at Nanman by the time the other martial artists start heading there.”

A smile appeared on his face.

“We are heading there right now.”

By the time the Blood Cultists in Nanman look at the movement of the other martial artists and prepare to respond, Cale’s group should already be at the Nanman castle.

A core element of Cale’s plan this time was to smack them in the back while they were less prepared.

The people who received his gaze slightly nodded their heads and responded in agreement.

“It’s great to move in small numbers.”

There were no martial artists with them this time.

It was only Cale’s group.

Of course, the Pinnacle Demon, Sword Saint, Heavenly Demon, Tang Yu, Sage Demon, and others were going to lead the other martial artists over, but…

It had been a while since their group had moved on their own.

– Human! Are we heading off on our own to destroy a castle?

‘Destroy it?’

Cale shook his head.

“Destroy it? We are just going for a visit.”

A smile appeared on his face.

– Human, you are smiling like the crown prince again!

Of course, it wasn’t just Cale’s group who was going.

He moved his gaze.


The young Blood Demon candidate, Hoya, was shaking as he avoided Cale’s gaze.

His reaction made the other candidate, Yoon, bite down on her lips and lower her head.

“Hey Hoya, Yoon. Please take good care of us.”

The young Blood Demon candidates could not respond.


Cale looked at Choi Jung Soo, who was letting out a weird laugh. Choi Jung Soo slowly avoided his gaze.

Cale, Choi Han, Raon, Ron, Beacrox, Choi, and Sui Khan…

Everybody other than Toonka and Durst, who had to stay behind because of all the retching, stealthily headed toward Nanman.


They naturally used teleportation magic.

Why would they need to use less efficient means when nobody from the Central Plains was with them?


“It really is nice because you guys know magic.”

The Blue Bloods did not use magic, but they were quite knowledgeable about it.

“We arrived right away thanks to you.”

Cale looked at the bottom of the mountain.

The lush forest that was covered in a slightly humid and hot air…

They could see a man-made barren wasteland with a castle through the trees.

It was more like a large manor than a castle.

Cale smacked the shoulder of the person next to him.

“Hoya. What kind of person is old man Baek again?”


Hoya let out a weird noise before answering.

His enunciation and speech was clear despite the fact that he was shaking. This seemed as if he was trying to do things right as he was wary of Cale.

“Old man Baek is the heir of a family who has been in charge of creating the jiangshis for generations. He has an eccentric temperament-”

“No, no, not things like that. You said that he doesn’t like to have people around him?”

“Yes, yes sir! He does not like people! He cherishes basically everything except people! He only keeps jiangshis by his side, sir!”

Old man Baek, the person who knew how to purify jiangshis.

His actual name is Baek Ga Eok.

Choi Han, who had been silent, walked up and asked.

“Is it different from the jiangshi purification method that Number 7 knows, Cale-nim?”

Number 7, whom they had caught back in Xiaolen Planet, also knew a way to purify the jiangshis created from dead mana. It was just that the method he knew took a very long time.

“Yeah, he said that Old man Baek’s method is much easier and can purify a large number at once.”

Choi Han’s expression brightened up. He spoke in a calm voice.

“It sounds like he is someone we must capture alive.”


“I will make sure to capture him alive, Cale-nim.”

Cale thought that the words Choi Han was saying with the bright expression on his face were very pure but oddly vicious.

He just thought he was mistaking it and looked toward Yoon, who was warily looking at him.


He then smiled.

‘What is up with him?’

Yoon’s pupils were shaking.

‘Hoya orabuni didn’t even bow in front of the Blood Demon! But even he is completely scared of this person!’

She had watched as an unconscious Hoya was dragged out.

She also became scared and did not dare to avoid Cale’s gaze.

“I heard from Hoya. Yoon, you created the formation guarding that manor?”

Cale spoke so warmly toward her. He then patted Yoon’s shoulder.

“Hey Yoon. You can create a small entrance for us to sneak in, right? Something like that is easy for you, right?”


As Yoon gulped…

Cale spoke warmly in a gentle voice.

“Let’s make it easy for all of us. Hmm? Let’s not waste our strength. We just need to quietly go in and capture Old man Baek. Very easy, isn’t it?”

Cale wanted to quickly take care of things in the Central Plains and then return to Roan.

Wasting time in Nanman was something that this future slacker hopeful, who missed home, did not want to do.

He smiled and introduced Yoon to a few people.

“Those people will very quietly capture Old man Baek alive.”

Ron, Sui Khan, and Choi Han.

Cale pointed at the three of them, one after the other, before smiling toward Yoon.

“Okay, Yoon. You can do it?”

Yoon couldn’t answer so Cale spoke again.

“Hey Yoon. Answer.”

Yoon opened her mouth.

“I, I can do it……”

A few moments later, she was shaking as she made a hole in the formation that she had created.

This building that was the size of a castle… Cale’s group entered into this extremely large manor.

Their stealthy steps headed toward where Old man Baek, the master of this manor, could be found.

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