Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 173: Hae-il (8)

Cale thought that he should first clean up the area.

“There is nobody higher in rank than you here, right?”

“Y, yeah! There isn’t!”

Hoya eagerly answered. He ignored Yoon’s sharp gaze.

‘I didn’t even feel this way while looking at the Blood Demon.’

Kim Hae-il. Hoya thought that he would die as soon as this person’s gaze landed on him.

These people also knew about the Hunters and the Blue Bloods.

‘They might be those people.’

He recalled the words that his father, a core executive of the Blood Cult, told him.

That person was someone who provided information to Hoya, dreaming of having power in the future.

‘One of the Hunter houses has perished.’

The Black Bloods household. Apparently they were destroyed. A group of people were responsible for it.

He heard that it was difficult for the Hunters to even approach that Xiaolen planet now.

‘Kim Hae-il. He might be that group.’

Although Hoya liked to laugh, he might be even more shrewd than Yoon.

‘Most important thing is to survive.’

He gulped and awkwardly smiled toward young master Kim Hae-il. This expression was planned.

He was purposely showing that he was shaking in fear.

He really was scared.


Kim Hae-il’s head tilted to one side.

As Hoya was about to get tense… Cale nonchalantly commented.

“You’re talking so informally to me.”

Holy flinched before avoiding his gaze and responding.

“I, I’m sorry, sir.”


He could hear Yoon’s sneering.

“What’s so funny?”

Young master Kim asked Yoon and…

“…I’m sorry, sir.”

Yoon took a deep breath and barely managed to apologize.

However, Hoya could not sneer back at her. Young master Kim Hae-il’s aura was too overbearing.

Cale looked away from the now quiet young Blood Demon candidates and addressed someone who walked up.

“Please take care of things around here.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi cautiously answered. He let out a deep breath after seeing Cale walk away with his people and the two young Blood Demon candidates.

‘What a relief.’

He was relieved that young master Kim-nim was someone who would leave soon.

This was the first time he had such a thought.

He was truly touched and full of respect for young master Kim until now because of his personality, strength, and accomplishments throughout the Central Plains.

However, after seeing the tsunami he created today… Chief Eunuch Wi’s thoughts had changed.

‘It is clear that the Imperial family would lose their power if the young master-nim was a person of this world.’

The Emperor’s authority could not be greater than a natural disaster.

He peeked to the side. The Fist King, who was standing a bit away, had a stiff look on his face as well.

He arrived a bit later to Yunnan with a few members of the Embroidered Uniform Guard. The first thing he saw had been Cale’s tsunami.

The Fist King’s complexion was more serious than ever before.

However, he smiled as soon as he made eye contact with Chief Eunuch Wi.

He was probably having the same thought as Chief Eunuch Wi.

‘It’s a relief that young master Kim-nim is someone who will eventually leave.’


‘It’s also a relief that someone like young master Kim-nim showed up.’

Kim Hae-il was a person with no desire for power, fame, or greed.

All he cared about was saving this world.

How great of a relief was that?

‘I will need to report what happened today.’

Chief Eunuch Wi sighed.

‘His Majesty is wise so I’m certain he will not have any useless thoughts.’

He was relieved that the Emperor was the current Emperor.

The former Emperor would have been full of fear and jealousy that he would have tried to get rid of young master Kim.

That would have resulted in his death.

Young master Kim might have shown him mercy, but his people, who were stronger than they could have ever imagined, would be merciless and take away his life.


He sighed, looked around, and started speaking.

“I guess we have to find that traitor, the Yunnan Castle Lord first.”

The Triumvirate. The martial artists of each major force were already taking care of the remnants of the Blood Cult.

Furthermore, some of the mid-level people in charge were approaching Chief Eunuch Wi. It was probably to ask him what to do from here.


Chief Eunuch Wi almost laughed in response.

This was so surprising, the more he thought about it.

The Triumvirate. There were no fights despite extremely strong individuals from all three major forces gathered together. They were taking care of things in an efficient and orderly fashion.

‘This is all thanks to young master Kim-nim.’

No, it was because they had already faced his strength.

Forget martial artists, any human would not be able to have any scheming thoughts in front of such a phenomenal sight and would simply feel pride for being able to be a part of this.

Furthermore, for the people who wanted revenge, young master Kim was the future and their hope.

“I will follow behind young master Kim.”

“Yes, Senior.”

Once even the Fist King left, Chief Eunuch Wi had the Embroidered Uniform Guard, Eastern Depot, and martial artist move to free the soldiers and administrators imprisoned in Yunnan Castle before taking care of the other issues.

Of course, he did all this after making sure to first send a message to the Imperial Palace about what happened today.

* * *


Cale was leaning on the Yunnan Castle Lord’s usual seat.

Nobody tried to stop him.

He looked down.

“Hainan is your base and Nanman is a trap?”

“Y, yes sir!”

Hoya urgently responded.

His hands and feet were bound and he was currently kneeling, looking up at Cale.

It was the same for Yoon next to him.

Cale did not have any of the Dominating Aura surrounding him right now but the two of them did not dare to relax.

‘I guess that’s not an aura they can easily forget.’

The Dominating Aura said that it was an aura that might even make gods cower.

Maybe the Blood Demon could, but a young Blood Demon, and just candidates for that position at that, would not be able to handle it.


Cale leaned back against the seat and quietly thought to himself.


That was a completely unexpected place.

However, it was not that far away.

It was just an island and required them to take a ship, but that wasn’t a big deal either.

They could just borrow some ships from the Imperial Navy.

‘They are more thorough than I expected.’

He was simply surprised at the Blood Cult’s thoroughness.


Cale looked down at the two of them.

Hoya’s back became drenched in sweat at his gaze.

‘…Is he debating whether to kill us or not?’

Young master Kim. Choi Han, who was standing behind him… Seeing that guy’s vicious gaze made him feel as if young master Kim’s gaze was contemplating his life and death.

He subconsciously opened his mouth with urgency.

“I, I can tell you everything!”

“…You’re back to speaking informally?”

“I, can tell you everything, sir!”

Hoya closed his mouth again and contemplated what he should say.

‘How much do I have to tell him in order to survive?’

It was at that moment.

“Sir, I can tell you about the traps in Nanman!”


Yoon took the initiative.


Yoon became even more anxious at Cale’s nonchalant gaze and continued to speak.

That motherfucker Hoya started it, so she had no other choice if she wanted to survive.

“The jiangshis were created in two places, sir!”

Cale flicked his head.

It was a gesture telling her to continue.

“One is in Nanman and the other is in the North Sea, sir!”

Nanman was in the western outlands of the Central Plains. The North Sea was in the northern outlands.

One was a hot and humid area. The other was a cold area.

‘They did all sorts of things all around.’

‘I guess the Outlands of the Martial Arts world is fitting if they want to avoid the gazes of the Central Plains.’

There were sects and clans in the Outlands but they could not keep an eye over all of the areas.

“And the main base is in Hainan?”

“Yes sir!”

Yoon urgently responded as Cale’s question made it seem as if he was interested.

“Tell me more about Nanman.”

Yoon immediately opened her mouth to respond.

However, Hoya answered even faster.

“Sir, there is currently a castle in Nanman! The jiangshis are being made there and the person in charge of creating the jiangshis is currently residing in Nanman!”

“…The person in charge?”

“Yes sir! He carries the most weight when it comes to the Blood Cult’s jiangshis creation!”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

He looked around.

The Heavenly Demon, Sword Saint, and the Pinnacle Demon. The Fist King was there as well.

Each major force’s core individuals were with him here.

“There is something I’m curious about.”

He looked at Hoya while speaking quietly. Hoya immediately responded.

“Please ask me anything, sir! I will answer with full sincerity, sir!”

“Yes, yes. I like your attitude.”

Cale smiled and Hoya smiled as well.

Cale nonchalantly asked while looking at the smile on Hoya’s face.

“Do you know how to purify jiangshis?”

“…Excuse me?”

Hoya flinched.

Cale frowned.

“Are you hesitating and wondering whether you should answer?”

As Hoya seemed to recognize his mistake…

“There are three people who know how to return jiangshis to normal, sir!”

Yoon interjected. Hoya subconsciously glared at her.

However, Yoon just ignored him.


The Sword Saint looked at the two of them in disbelief.

He could see how desperate they were to provide young master Kim with information. However, he could not fault the two of them.

Young master Kim’s powers and the aura used to suppress the two of them…

The Sword Saint could understand why the young Blood Demon candidates felt fear while also realizing that young master Kim had been extremely merciful to the martial artists until now.

“Three people?”

Cale asked and the Yoon urgently responded.

“The Blood Demon, the priestess. The only other person is Old Man Baek, the one in charge of the jiangshis, sir! I only know how to control the jiangshis!”

“How do you control the jiangshis?”

Yoon flinched and looked at her right arm.

Hoya quickly interjected.

“You can control the jiangshis with the bracelet on Yoon’s right arm, sir!”

“Hoya orabuni!”


The two of them glared at each other.

No matter how close they were, the fact that they were competing for the young Blood Demon position meant that their loyalties to each other were thin.

Cale watched them before looking to the right.

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Ron smiled.

“The woman. Take her and go get all of the information about the structure of the castle in Nanman as well as the traps. Get information about Hainan as well.”

“What an easy task.”

Ron smiled benignly and Cale slowly avoided his gaze and looked toward the martial artists.

“I hope that you can go with him to hear what she has to say and organize the information.”

The Sword Saint, Pinnacle Demon, and Fist King silently nodded their heads.

They seemed much more serious than before.

However, the Heavenly Demon kept his nonchalant gaze and asked.

“Are you telling us to get lost?”

The fact that he was telling just the martial artists to leave was clearly an order to get out. Cale lightly responded to the Heavenly Demon, who was riled up at that fact.

“I have something to talk about with this kid. We have a lot to do, so wouldn’t it be great to divide and conquer?”

The Sword Saint and Pinnacle Demon flinched after seeing that Cale and the Heavenly Demon spoke so informally to each other.

The Heavenly Demon didn’t care and looked at Hoya and Cale before nodding his head.

“Then let us do that.”

Ron and the martial artists soon left and only Cale, his people, and Hoya were left.


Hoya could not hide his anxious gaze and looked around.

‘What is going on?

Why did he have me stay here?

It would have been better to get out of here like Yoon got to do.’

He wanted to get far away from this young master Kim.


He heard a warm voice at that moment.

“Don’t be nervous. Let’s just chat a bit.”

Cale’s attitude became gentle.

“Do you want some tea? I hope I didn’t scare you too much earlier.”

He even had a smile on his face as he got up from the chair and alighted the steps. He then plopped down in front of Hoya.

He looked at Hoya as he continued to speak.

“I had them all leave so that we could chat peacefully. I mean it.”

Gulp. Hoya gulped but he relaxed a bit.

It was at that moment.

“Based on what happened earlier, it doesn’t look like the other candidate figured it out. But you seem to have.”

“…Excuse me?”


Cale started to smile.

He had a bright smile on his face as he asked Hoya.

“You know who I am, don’t you?”

Hoya’s pupils started shaking.

Cale’s smile became even wider.

“I guess you know about Xiaolen.”

Even Hoya’s lips started shaking.

“What is your name?”


“Yes, Hoya.”

Pat pat. Cale patted his shoulder. He did so with a bright smile on his face.

Of course, he used a bit of the Dominating Aura.

It was as he had done earlier.

“Based on what I know, the Blood Cult is supposedly choosing a priestess right now. Apparently they can only choose a young Blood Demon after the priestess has been chosen.”

Pat pat.

The way Cale was patting his shoulder seemed somewhat warm and friendly.

“But Hoya. How is it that a young Blood Demon candidate like you is running wild in the Central Plains like this?”

Pat pat.

“What is going on with the Blood Cult right now? Hmm?”

Hoya’s pupils were shaking nonstop.

They were like boats lost at sea after being swept away by the waves.

“Hoya. Can you please tell me?”

Cale used a bit more of the Dominating Aura and warmly whispered.

“It would be great for both of us to know these things. Right?”

Hoya’s body was shaking.

* * *

“Organizing the information…”

Choi Jung Soo looked at Cale and continued to speak.

“The priestess has been selected, and the Divine Oracle that the priestess gave said that the person who has the most accomplishments in the destruction of the Central Plains will become the young Blood Demon?”

Cale nodded his head.

“And the Blood Cult will have its first celebration for the newly selected priestess? The people holding core positions in the Blood Cult will gather at Hainan for that?”

“That’s right.”

Choi Jung Soo watched Cale calmly nod his head and was silent for a bit before speaking again.

“Hey Rok Soo, umm…”

“What is it?”

“…You can even make people faint with your aura now?”

Cale clenched his mouth shut.

He looked away from Hoya, who was unconscious and drooling.

Of course, Cale had not planned on making him faint.

“Young master-nim.”

Ron returned at that moment.

“I think we can clean up Nanman, grab the person in charge of the jiangshi creation, and then head for Hainan.”

They needed to clean up Nanman to settle the jiangshi issue.

Even if they could just create a situation where Cale didn’t need to personally purify the jiangshis, that would be extremely beneficial.

“Human, we will smash the Nanman Castle, smash the Blood Cult in Hainan and then we can go home! How exciting! I guess we can go home in about ten nights?”

“Probably? Maybe a little longer than that.”

Cleaning up Nanman should take a few days at most.

They would then go through Guangxi and Guangdong into Hainan to immediately strike the Blood Cult.

That should not take too long.

Cale was organizing the plans for the future when the Sky Eating Water whispered.

– …The ocean……?

He naturally ignored that voice.

– …Waves… tsunami……?

‘Yes, just ignore.’

– …Ah, I’m getting so excited……


Ignoring her was the answer.

The eight black water drops on Cale’s clavicles…

Six had turned white and the seventh one had been turning grey.

Only one remained black.

However, the seventh water drop that was grey had returned to black.

Six white water drops and two black water drops.

Of course, Cale had no idea about this.

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