Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 160: We made a mistake…! (6)


Raon tilted his head and looked at the book. He then raised his head to look at Cale. His eyes seemed full of questions.

Cale looked into those round eyes and picked up the book as if he didn’t see the questioning gaze.


Cale’s gaze quickly headed toward a spot.


Choi Jung Soo had his hands politely clasped together while pretending as if he was not laughing.

“You’re going to keep doing that?”

Choi Jung Soo slowly avoided Cale’s smiling face. Raon watched and poked Choi Han’s back as he whispered.

“Hey Choi Han, the human just smiled like grandpa Ron!”

‘I smiled like that vicious old man?’

Cale’s eyes opened wide.

The Sichuan Castle Lord didn’t care and mumbled with a blank look on his face.

“I, I’ve never experienced something so magical before. I heard a voice coming from the book.”

His body was slightly shaking.

It was the same for Chief Eunuch Wi.

Cale knew the reason behind it.

‘It was Dragon Fear.’

The old woman’s voice had a small amount of Dragon Fear in it. A voice that made living creatures feel an instinctual fear. That made Cale subconsciously activate a bit of his Dominating Aura.

Of course, nobody other than Chief Eunuch Wi and the Sichuan Castle Lord were affected by the Dragon Fear. The rest were looking at the book in Cale’s hand with a curious or suspicious gaze.


The Sichuan Castle Lord slowly moved to stand next to Cale.

It was almost an instinctual action.

Dragon Fear. He ended up relying on a strong aura released by a human in order to dodge the Dragon Fear.

The Sichuan Castle Lord did not know that this was the reason he acted this way, but his face was full of respect for Cale.

“Sir, are you a la, no, someone who serves a Dragon?”

Cale pretended not to hear his question.

Instead, he opened the book.

‘How entertaining.’

The writing was in the Roan Kingdom’s language.

People in the Central Plains would not be able to read it even if they saw it.

This was what was written in the preface.

< I cannot see everything that happens in the future. >

< I can only see fragments of the future. >

< Oh fellow black Dragon. >

< And that Dragon's guardian. >


You call me a lackey but write guardian in here?’

As the corners of Cale’s lips twisted with discontent…

< I saw it. >

< I saw a Dragon that surpassed its existential time. >

< A Dragon that got past its fate of death and is living a new fate. >

His lips stiffened.

It was talking about Raon.

He was originally supposed to die but was living a very healthy life right now.

< And next to that Dragon was the guardian who twisted that Dragon's fate. >

It was talking about Cale.

< I also saw something else. >

< The true lord. I saw the fluttering wings of a young black Dragon flying down the path of the king. >

Since the Sichuan Castle Lord’s great-grandfather was the one who supposedly met this Dragon, this book must have been written at least a hundred years ago.

Basically, this Dragon must have seen a hundred years into the future.

Maybe even beyond that.

< And I saw that I was not in any of those images. >

< It made sense. I am already too old. >

Cale quietly continued to read the words that were written in an extremely refined handwriting.

< Dragons disappear into nature if they die a natural death. >

That was the truth.

Their corpse remained if they did not die a natural death.

< I should end up that way as well, but I have prevented it. >

< In the lake right below this ice. >

Cale looked toward the bookshelf heading down to the basement.

< I have told the humans that the liquid underneath the ice is a Dragon’s Tear, but the truth is that my body, Dragon Heart, and everything that was about to scatter back into nature was bundled up with my mana and sealed as a liquid. >

This Dragon was saying that it died and turned into a lake.

< It could not be helped. >

< I had gifts to deliver to the guardian and the young Dragon. >

He turned the page.

< There are three items in there. >

< One is a ring, the other is a crown. The last is a sword. >


The study door opened and Ron and Beacrox walked in with teacups and refreshments.

Cale could not even look at them.


The Sichuan Castle Lord and Chief Eunuch Wi flinched after hearing his mumbling.

Cale didn’t pay them any attention and looked at the text in the book.

< Kekeke. >

This Dragon really was a crazy Dragon.

< First, the ring is a Dragon Lord’s ring! Man, I really want to cry thinking about how much I had to suffer to steal that thing. But he can’t use the lord’s powers properly without it. Kahahaha! That bastard is probably trying his best so that nobody sees that he is only half a Dragon Lord who cannot even be properly lifted into the position. Kahahaha! >


The Dragon Lord of that world seemed to wear the ring generation after generation.

They must not be able to use the lord’s powers without the ring.

The ‘bastard’ that this Dragon is talking about is probably the scary time-controlling Dragon that rules that world. That Dragon must not be able to fully fulfill his duties as Dragon Lord because this crazy Dragon stole his ring.

‘Ah, I see.’

< The crown is a crown used by the first Emperor of the last Empire I lived in. That Emperor was quite famous as a Dragon Hunter. I swiped his crown when that bastard destroyed the Empire! Kahahaha! That bastard is probably going crazy because he can't find the crown. Kahahaha! >

As expected, in Aipotu…

That world seemed to have had humans as well.

Of those humans, this crazy Dragon stole the artifact of an amazing hero, the Dragon Hunter who created the Empire.


< Ah, the sword is a sword used by the Elf race that served the Dragon Lord for generations. Keke. I stole that as well! This is the sword that the first Dragon Lord bestowed upon the knight to serve him and it's amazing! Pwahaha. That Lord’s Guardian should only be half a guardian as well right now! >

A knight protecting the Dragon Lord.

This crazy Dragon seemed to have stolen that knight’s sword as well.

< Ah, I used up most of my lifespan looting these three things and transporting over to this world, but I have no regrets! >

< I smacked them very properly from behind! >


Raon approached him and asked with a serious look on his face.

“Why are you smiling like that?”


I’m smiling?’

Cale touched the corners of his lips.

“Ah, I am smiling.”

He looked around.

Choi Jung Soo, who had been looking as if he was making fun of Cale, and the team leader had serious looks on their faces while Beacrox was sighing.

Choi Han spoke with a stiff look on his face.

“I will follow whatever you say.”

‘What is going on?’

“Young master-nim.”

Ron had his usual benign smile on his face as he handed Cale a teacup.

“There were only sweet teas unlike usual. It is disappointing, but please drink this.”

There were no bitter teas.

Cale happily took a sip.


‘Too sweet!’

It jolted him completely awake.

Cale looked at the book again and read the last things in the preface.

< The Dragon who sees the past is probably dead. Of course, that guy didn't see the future. >

< However, if that guy is still alive, he will be able to properly explain how to use these three things. >

< But I will leave the methods here as well, so it should be enough to reference them. >

< Anyway, gobble up these three things and get stronger! >

She wasn’t telling him to actually eat it.

She seemed to be just telling him to take all three things.

– No?

The Sky Eating Water chimed in at that moment.

– I think you can eat it.


– A liquid with a Dragon’s everything. I think I’ll get very strong if I eat that. I don’t think the seal will be an issue.

The Sky Eating Water’s voice started filling with life.

– …I might really be able to eat the sky?


Cale’s heart started beating wildly.

“Grandpa Ron! The human is smiling like that again!”

Cale ignored Raon, closed the book, and held onto it as he spoke.

“You are the giving Dragon.”

She was not a crazy Dragon but an amazing Dragon.

Of course, he didn’t like how she tried to drag Raon to Aipotu and place a huge burden on him, but…

It was basically decided that Cale would head to Aipotu next.

In that case, the Dragon who gave everything she had, including her corpse, to deliver things to Cale and Raon must have tried her best.


He could see the Dragon’s name.

< The ice will melt the moment you say my name. >

Cale looked at Ron.

“Please speak, young master-nim.”

“Stay here and get rid of all of the slate boards in the basement.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

He then looked toward Chief Eunuch Wi.

Chief Eunuch Wi answered before he could say anything.

“Young master-nim, I will help so that there is nothing causing you discomfort as you work. “

Finally, he looked at the Sichuan Castle Lord.

“Please feel free to use anything and everything here! I will make sure nobody comes hear this-”

He stopped talking and put on a faint smile.

“Haha. I guess I’m not in a position to give any orders in this residence anymore.”

He was currently arrested for treason.

Of course, Cale was half certain that he had nothing to do with the Blood Cult. It was not because of his actions.

A Dragon that came to this world because it did not like Hunter Dragons would not have placed its roots with a family that would cooperate with the Blood Cult in the future.

‘No. Maybe she knew that they would get involved and chose the Castle Lord’s great-grandfather for that reason.’

If she saw the future where Cale would come to this Castle Lord’s house…

‘How leery.’

Honestly speaking, Cale felt uneasy about an ability to see the future.

However, something even worse than that…

‘The past.’

A Dragon with the attribute of the past.

He didn’t want to meet that Dragon. That Dragon would be helpful, but… Cale did not want to show his past to anyone.

They were not memories worth showing someone.

“I’ll be back here by tomorrow. You know what to do, right?”

“Yes, young master-nim. I will have everything prepared by then.”

As Cale nodded his head at Ron’s gentle response, Chief Eunuch Wi cautiously commented.

“Young master-nim. I think the Fist King-nim will also arrive tomorrow.”

The Fist King would arrive with the Embroidered Uniform Guard.

In his hand would be an elixir more precious than any he has used until now.


‘This is great.

A lot of the seal will be released and he would get much stronger.

Cale thought that this was good.

“I’ll take care of it all tomorrow and we can head to Yunnan immediately after that.”

To Yunnan and then Nanman…

The path to destroy the Blood Cult did not seem that difficult.

“Then shall we head to the Tang Clan now.”

He leisurely started walking.

“I’m curious to know what their answer will be.”

How would the Tang Clan answer Cale’s question?

The Emei Sect and Qingcheng Sect would need to answer as well.

Will they choose uselessness or rebellion?

– Human, you keep smiling like that! What is going on?

Raon, who was invisible again, served as background music as Cale headed toward the Tang Clan.

Some Eastern Depot members appeared in front of him to lead the way.

They were no longer hiding their identities but wearing formal uniforms that showed that they were eunuchs of the Imperial Palace and members of the Eastern Depot, the Emperor’s inspection organization.

It made it so that nobody dared to approach him.

This continued until Cale arrived at the gates of the Tang Clan.

“Oh my, both of you sirs are out here.”

Cale smiled and greeted Elder Ho and the Cleave Saint.

It made Elder Ho gulp.

The entire Sichuan Castle was flipped over right now.

The Sichuan Castle Lord was arrested for treason, and the Sichuan Castle Lord’s residence, the best residence in this place, was turned into a mess.

Furthermore, the administrator of Sichuan Castle could not even breathe properly as he followed the orders of the Eastern Depot.

Based on what they had heard, the Embroidered Uniform Guard would arrive here tomorrow as well.

The leaders in Sichuan all closed and locked their gates and hid behind them.

They might lose their own heads at a carelessly thrown sword or the Emperor’s wrath.


It would be great if his head was the only one sent flying.

For the Emperor who pushed out the former Emperor to rise to that position…

He would probably destroy an entire household.

The Sichuan branch of the Pure Silver Merchant guild destroyed?

The power players of Sichuan no longer had time to pay attention to things like that.

Elder Ho clenched his eyes shut before opening them back.

‘I forgot about it!’

Young master Kim Hae-il was a member of the Imperial family.

They had tried to understand him from the viewpoint of a martial artist.

‘Those crazy Tang Clan bastards!’

Elder Ho had heard all about what the Tang Clan’s Tang Ho had done, and after seeing everything that happened to the Sichuan Castle Lord, he could feel how benevolent young master Kim had been until now.

Furthermore, he could sense that young master Kim did not see a need to be that benevolent anymore.

He was thinking about moving forward, not being held back by someone.

Elder Ho took a deep breath before he started speaking.

‘Welcome, young master-nim.”

Cale smiled again after hearing Elder Ho’s greeting and looked past his shoulder.

The Tang Clan, the Emei Sect, and the Qingcheng Sect.

The core members of the three groups seemed to all be there as they were all giving off profound auras.

However, beside a few of them, most of them lowered their heads as soon as they made eye contact with Cale.

This was especially true for the people of the Tang Clan, who tried to avoid his gaze.

“This mood is nice.”

Elder Ho and the Cleave Saint could only smile awkwardly at Cale’s calm comment.

Silence filled the area because nobody dared to say anything.

Cale liked this a lot.

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