Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 154: Let’s just sssh, slash! What do you think? (8)


This was not a central region of the Central Plains.

However, that did not mean that the development of businesses and many different things were delayed here.

This place was best described as a place where everything was in the middle.

“Isn’t it peaceful?”

Cale awkwardly smiled as the Pinnacle Demon laughed and asked in a warm voice.

It was because he saw the burlap sack on the Pinnacle Demon’s shoulder.

The Blood Cult’s Number 7 was wrapped in soft cloth and tightly bound inside the burlap sack.

Of course, he was unconscious.

– Human. Number 7 sure struggles a lot.

Cale thought about how Number 7 now shakes as if he is seizing and automatically goes unconscious whenever he even sees Choi Han.

In fact, this guy was happy that he would get to leave Choi Han’s hands and have his life in the hands of a martial artist.

But once he found out that the martial artist was the Pinnacle Demon-

‘You motherfucking bastards!’

He cursed Cale’s group.

However, he immediately shut up once the Pinnacle Demon shoved her face close to his with her eyes wide open.

‘Hoooo. How lively. You said that the number for the spies in the Demon Cult were in the eighties and one hundreds? It sounds as if the lower numbered bastards have higher positions.’

The Pinnacle Demon licked her lips.

‘Number 7. You must know a lot of interesting things.’

Number 7 started sobbing.

‘I’ll, I’ll tell you everything! So just kill me!’

Unfortunately, there was nobody to agree to that.

‘Kill you? That would be a waste. Keke. Let’s live a fun life together with this old lady.’

That comment by the Pinnacle Demon made Number 7 plop to the side. He had fainted.

Cale looked away from the Pinnacle Demon who was moving the burlap sack extremely carefully.

“By the way, where will you be staying?”

Cale looked around after hearing the Pinnacle Demon’s question.

The market was located immediately once they got past the castle gates. Of course, there were inns and restaurants for travelers as well.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

He heard hammers banging on one side.

Blacksmithing was well-developed in Sichuan. They specialized in weapons rather than farm equipment or accessories, but this was probably to be expected.

First of all, The Sichuan Tang Clan was famous for their poisons and hidden weapons.

Hidden weapon arts would require that their hidden weapons and daggers were well-made, which naturally made the Tang Clan treat blacksmiths well.

And the Iron Street Market… That was the place in the Unorthodox faction known for their hidden weapons, and in Sichuan, they even negotiated with some blacksmiths to create weapons to sell to the Unorthodox faction.

‘It is highly likely that the blacksmiths are the reason that there are not many fights in Sichuan despite the chaotic relationship between the Orthodox faction and Unorthodox faction.’

Imagine if they accidentally destroyed a smithy while fighting.

The Tang Clan and the Iron Street Market would lose quite a bit if something like that were to happen.

Cale used the hammering noises from the smithies as background music as he looked around the market and nonchalantly commented.

“It looks like I will have to put my bags down at the Tang Clan, ma’am.”

“The Iron Street Market leader will be so disappointed.”

Cale heard the Pinnacle Demon mumbling but pretended as if he had not heard it.

“Young master-nim, I will lead the way.”

Chief Eunuch Wi stepped forward.

However, the Fist King and Mok Hee were not with him.

‘It looks like it will take some time, young master-nim.’

Chief Eunuch Wi was alone when he met up with Cale in Guizhou. He said that the Fist King and the Embroidered Uniform Guard would take some more time for the elixir.

‘His Majesty decided to bestow one more elixir after hearing about what happened in the Demon Cult. However, Senior Mok Hyeon will have to go all the way back to Beijing to move it.’

The Fist King having to go all the way to the capital of the Central Plains? An elixir he needed to go there to personally get from the Emperor?

Cale had responded with a smile on his face.

‘If it needs to be done then of course.’

It was obviously an amazing elixir.

He would be getting at least two great elixirs.

‘It’s not like we are heading into the Blood Cult’s headquarters right now. I won’t have any issues because of the seals right now.’

It didn’t matter that the Fist King was a bit late.

Cale heard the Pinnacle Demon’s voice as he followed behind Chief Eunuch Wi.

“Hmm. Then would it be okay if I stayed in the Tang Clan with you?”

“In the Tang Clan?”

“That is correct.”

Chief Eunuch Wi flinched and started speaking after hearing their conversation.

“That’s a bit-”

The relationship between the Tang Clan and the Pinnacle Demon was the worst.

To be more accurate, the Pinnacle Demon did not care about the Tang Clan at all but the Tang Clan was extremely hostile toward her.

The Pinnacle Demon coming with them could cause issues.

Chief Eunuch Wi was about to say no when he heard Cale’s voice.

“Please do as you wish.”

Cale didn’t say anything else and motioned to Chief Eunuch Wi with his eyes. Let’s hurry.

Chief Eunuch Wi felt an unexplainable leeriness in his gaze but just resumed walking.


The Pinnacle Demon found Cale’s answer to be surprising as well, but for Cale…

‘The Heavenly Demon and the Sword Demon are going with me. Why can’t we take the Pinnacle Demon as well?’

He had not given it much thought.

‘I feel like the Pinnacle Demon will cause an incident if we leave her alone.’

Furthermore, he was certain that it would not be a big issue to take people from the Demon Cult and the Unorthodox faction to the Tang Clan like this.

‘Young master-nim.’

Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo had approached Cale after he had purified all of the living jiangshis in the Martial Arts Alliance.

Her action had been quite cautious.

Cale had looked past her shoulder. He could see others from the Martial Arts Alliance who were hesitating and unable to approach him.

Cale quickly thought of the reason.

‘What is it, ma’am?’

However, he asked as if he knew nothing and Zhuge Mi Ryeo had slightly bowed her head.

‘I’m sure you must have been upset at the attitude of our people. My deepest apologies, young master-nim.’

‘The Elder-nim of the Kunlun Sect has already apologized.’

The Elder who had basically demanded for Cale to purify Jang Hyung had come with the Sect leader to apologize to Cale once Jang Hyung had been purified.

‘I’m sorry, young master-nim. I was feeling so desperate that I was unintentionally extremely disrespectful to you. I truly apologize for making such thoughtless remarks without understanding your deep thoughts and actions that show that you truly value justice and chivalry.’

The problem was that Cale didn’t like that apology at all. So, Cale chose to completely ignore the apology.

He simply walked past the Elder without saying anything.

The Elder moved as if to say something but Sect leader In Ho stopped him and simply thanked Cale multiple times.

‘Thank you very much, young master-nim! We should pay you back for your generosity, but our Sect’s situation is not very good right now-’

‘It’s fine, Sect leader-nim. There is no need for me to receive anything.’

Unlike the affluent Namgung Clan, the Kunlun Sect had always been poor. Furthermore, Jang Hyung had destroyed some pavilions, which would make them tighten their waistbands even more to pay for it.

Cale did not want any sort of compensation in such a situation.

‘Thank you very much, young master-nim! We will never forget your kindness!’

Cale felt uneasy at the Sect leader’s actions that he said that it was fine and brushed them away.

Of course, Cale had brought up this apology for the Chief Advisor who should already know about it.

She should take care of it properly because she is a smart woman.

‘Young master-nim, something like this will not happen again.’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo gave the answer Cale wanted instead of apologizing more. Nonetheless, Cale asked this question.

‘What do you mean when you say something like this?’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo smiled bitterly.

‘We will never use justice and chivalry to guilt or demand anything from you when we are the ones receiving your help, young master-nim.’

Cale had stared at her.

Honestly speaking, the actions of the Elder of the Kunlun Sect were not Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s fault.

However, would the Elder of the Kunlun Sect just act like that because he was immature or something?

He was someone who had risen to an important position in an organization.

He should be quite tactful after getting that far.

Basically, the Elder would have treated young master Kim that way based on the assessment the Orthodox faction had of him.

This assessment was something Zhuge Mi Ryeo should have controlled.

Cale had no plans of reprimanding the Chief Advisor.

They didn’t have that relationship and he didn’t plan on having that kind of relationship in the future either.

However, there was a need to make it clear to the people of the Martial Arts Alliance who were attentively listening to their conversation from a bit away.

It was needed for the future.

‘Chief Advisor-nim. To be honest with you, I did get a bit annoyed after hearing that Elder-nim’s comments. However, it will not be a problem.’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo observed the smile on Cale’s face.

That smile was not gentle at all.

It was cold.

Cale thought about what Zhuge Mi Ryeo had just said.

‘We will never use justice and chivalry to guilt or demand anything from you when we are the ones receiving your help, young master-nim.’

The answer to that was simple.

‘I just have to not do what is demanded. Also, do you really think that I will feel guilty because your people try to guilt me?’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo gasped.

Young master Kim was subtly asking her a question.

‘Do you really think you can do anything to me if I choose to ignore you all?’

She clenched her eyes shut.


They could not do anything to him at all.

He was someone who they believed was a member of the Imperial Palace and someone the Emperor cherishes.

Furthermore, his own martial arts level was in the Nature Realm and all of his subordinates were strong.

In addition, the Demon Cult and the Unorthodox faction would stick to him even more if the Orthodox faction ostracized him.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo felt her heart sink after seeing Cale’s cold reaction to the Elder of the Kunlun Sect’s remarks.

Cale had realized that the Martial Arts Alliance was being complacent because they were the first people that he had visited.

The Heavenly Demon and the Divergent Coalition Leader were by young master Kim’s side right now.

She slowly opened her eyes and answered Cale.

‘The Martial Arts Alliance will fully cooperate with anything you wish to do, young master-nim.’

The Chief Advisor continued to speak after seeing Cale smiling at her words.

‘There will be no reason that you feel uncomfortable from now on, young master-nim.’

Young master Kim Hae-il. He was someone helping the Martial Arts world.

He is someone in that kind of position.

They could not forget that fact.

‘I’m glad that we understand each other so easily, Chief Advisor-nim.’

What Cale wanted was simple.

The Blood Cult.

All he wanted was to work together to take down the Blue Bloods.

And that his allies did not cause any hindrances in that process.

That was it.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo smiled and finished the conversation.

‘I would like to think that I would continue to be the person who can understand you the most, young master-nim.’

Cale smiled back.

This was what he liked about Zhuge Mi Ryeo. He liked how she was bowing down while making sure to get something for the future.

Cale thought about that conversation and organized his thoughts.

“Young master-nim. We have arrived.”

It was just as Chief Eunuch Wi arrived at their destination.

Cale looked toward the people behind him.

“Is this the right place?”

“Yeah. It is.”

They stopped in front of a building.

“Huh? This is not the Tang Clan.”

The Pinnacle Demon looked at Cale with confusion. Cale nonchalantly commented after sensing her gaze.

“I never said that I was headed for the Tang Clan, ma’am.”

The Pinnacle Demon had asked where he was saying today and Cale had said the Tang Clan. She then heard Chief Eunuch Wi say that he would lead the way, and she followed them thinking they were heading for the Tang Clan.

However, they still had a long way to go to the Tang Clan.

But young master Kim had stopped.

The Pinnacle Demon looked at the three-story building. It was not fancy but they must have used high-quality materials as it gave off a vintage vibe.

This was quite the famous place.

To be more specific, it was a place that became famous a couple decades ago.

The Pinnacle Demon’s mouth opened.

She read the signboard.

“The Pure Silver Merchant guild-”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

“…No need to complicate things.”

The edge of the peaceful marketplace.

The Pure Silver Merchant guild’s building was here on the outskirts because they had not found a proper place when they started a couple decades ago.

This building’s appearance had changed the more the merchant guild grew. Now, it looked magnificent and fitting of the Pure Silver Merchant guild name.

“…How can we help you?”

The two guards standing in front of the door approached them.

These two people looked normal.

They did not look very strong at all. They seemed quite fitting to be the guards for a merchant guild.

– Human! The two of them are at about Mok Hee’s level!

However, they were as strong as the Fist King’s great-granddaughter. In other words, they were as strong as the Embroidered Uniform Guards protecting the Emperor.


Choi Han walked toward him.

Cale motioned to Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo with his eyes.

“Suppress them.”

That was the beginning.

Clang, clang!

The two Chois pulled out their swords.

“What are you suddenly doing?!”

“Identify yourselves!”

They then headed toward the guards.

Cale had a thought while looking at this.

‘If we head for the Tang Clan, people will know that I am here.’

No matter how stealthily he moved, the stories would spread throughout Sichuan.

It could not be helped because the Iron Street Market Leader and the Unorthodox faction would be heading for the Tang Clan.

That could lead to so many variables that the Blood Cult, who would be extremely alert for any information, would naturally learn of young master Kim’s existence.

Before all of that happens…

Lightly attack this merchant guild branch that would not have its guards up and…

– Human, are we destroying it?

‘Yes, we are destroying it.’

Cale pulled the whip out and addressed his friends.

“Block all doors and take over this building.”

As Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo fought with the guards…

Cale moved his whip.

This whip that had Ancient Dragon Eruhaben’s powers in it…

The moment this whip hit the door of the building that was made of extremely expensive wood…


With a loud explosion…


The door turned into dust and fluttered in the air.

It was because Eruhaben’s power was in it.

Cale looked at the shocked people on the other side of the missing door and gave the order.

“Get started.”

His friends ran into the building.

Cale leisurely followed behind them.

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