Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 153: Let’s just sssh, slash! What do you think? (7)

However, Cale had been mistaken.

It was difficult to ignore crazy talk.

Why? Because the person saying the crazy things was not a normal person.

“Please! Just one!”

“What are you doing?!”

Cale became extremely shocked.

He looked down at the hem of his pants.

The Pinnacle Demon, one of the top experts of the Unorthodox faction, was lying on the ground while grabbing the hem of his pants.



This was happening despite the beautiful music stopping and the sounds of battle ringing all around them.

“Coalition leader-nim! No, father! Why are you-”

“Just stand still.”

Despite Coalition leader Sima Pyeong and his son, Sima Seok’s battle, a battle between father and son that should be quite painful to watch was happening…



Despite the leader of Green Forest, Xia Ryeong, falling to the ground while fighting Choi Han and Beacrox…

“Just one! Give me on living jiangshi! I want to research it!”

The Pinnacle Demon was whining.

Cale’s face slowly turned into a scowl at the actions of an old lady who was over eighty years old.

‘I thought this lady was a smart person who could understand me.’


Cale clicked his tongue.

Cale moved his leg to get the hand off of his pants.

However, the Pinnacle Demon’s hand did not move away.

‘Ah, seriously.’

The Pinnacle Demon was holding onto the hem of his pants very tightly.

“Please let go.”

“Only if you give me one living jiangshi!”

The Pinnacle Demon was firm on her wishes. Cale’s face slowly became insolent and was frowning, but… The Pinnacle Demon did not move away.

Cale nonchalantly commented.

“I’m busy. I’m going to proceed with the purification. It’s not my fault if you get hurt, ma’am.”

“Ah, you can’t purify!”

The Pinnacle Demon grabbed onto the hem of his pants even stronger.

“Don’t purify one and give it to me!”

Cale’s answer was firm.

“No thank you.”


The rose gold current spread throughout Cale’s body.

He wanted the Pinnacle Demon to be shocked by the current and move her hands away, but…


The Pinnacle Demon let out a weird noise once the current touched her, and…

“Aigoo, this sure feels nice. This massage is actually effective. I like how it tingles.”

‘What is up with this old woman?’

Cale was completely frowning now.

“I was feeling disappointed because I didn’t feel much when drinking most poisons. But this is very electric!”

‘She’s crazy.’

She was not just a typical level of crazy.

She was very crazy.

Cale could see the Pinnacle Demon’s hands turning red as the currents touched her. She seemed to be using her internal ki so that she does not get burnt, but she would probably get burnt soon.

Nonetheless, the Pinnacle Demon truly enjoyed the currents.

She even placed her face on it.

“So refreshing!”

She put her shoulder there as well.

“Aigoo, this feels like a real massage! This is better than the best masseuse in all of Sichuan!”

The Pinnacle Demon was truly happy.

And… Cale was flabbergasted. However, he slowly became more scared of this old woman.

‘Her eyes have gone crazy.’

Her sparkling eyes were full of thoughts about living jiangshis and this massage.

“Kim Hae-il.”

The Heavenly Demon asked in a low voice about what to do.

Cale looked around.

“No, what the hell-”

The members of the Unorthodox faction were anxious.

However, they could not easily make a move because of the term, living jiangshi.

“Ugh! To treat me like this, like this-”

“Let go of me!”

“Father, why are you doing this to me?”

The living jiangshis were already suppressed. They seemed to have gotten caught because they had been unable to prepare for this sudden attack.

Of course, it helped that Cale’s group and Sima Pyeong were stronger than the living jiangshis.

The moment Cale watched that the conditions of the suppressed living jiangshis were getting more intense…

“They might end up going berserk if things go wrong.”

Cale responded to the Heavenly Demon.

“We need to purify them right away.”


The Pinnacle Demon urgently shouted.

The Heavenly Demon looked down at her and asked in a casual voice.

“Won’t you get hurt if you try to purify them with baggage on you like this?”

– The Heavenly Demon is right! Human, let’s get rid of this Pinnacle Demon!

The invisible Raon was adamant about his suggestions.


Cale sighed before crouching down. The Pinnacle Demon and he were almost eye to eye.

“Pinnacle Demon-nim.”

He called out to her and she looked at him with extremely sparkly eyes.

“Are you going to give me one?”

Smirk, the corners of Cale’s lips started to rise.

“No ma’am. I will not.”

“No! Then-!”

Her actions were no longer keeping a minimum standard of respect as she had been doing by calling him young master Kim-nim.

Cale warmly spoke to her.

“However, I will introduce you to a key spy of the Blood Cult, someone who knows quite a bit about living jiangshis.”


The Pinnacle Demon flinched.

“He should know quite a bit about how to create and control jiangshis.”

“…There is someone like that?”

“Yes ma’am. There is. We have him.”

His name was Number 7.

The bastard who was being knocked unconscious around the clock will be quite useful soon when they get to Sichuan. They would start with the Pure Silver Merchant guild before finding the hidden Blood Cult.


The Pinnacle Demon’s hand on Cale’s pants was moving. Cale smiled even brighter as he spoke to her.

“Also, wouldn’t there be a lot of great research documents once we get to the Blood Cult’s base?”

“That’s true. That place would really be-!”

The Pinnacle Demon’s eyes sparkled.

Cale did not miss that opening and brushed the Pinnacle Demon’s hand off his pants. He immediately stood up and moved two steps away from the Pinnacle Demon.

And then he brushed his leg off again for no reason.

“The Blood Cult-”

The Pinnacle Demon asked Cale.

“Do you know where the Blood Cult is?”

She was speaking respectfully again.

“We have basically located something connected to them. It is in Sichuan.”

The Pinnacle Demon started chuckling.

“Then I guess to the Blood Cult I go.”

The Pinnacle Demon stepped back without any regrets. Cale watched her before turning toward the living jiangshis.

“Let’s get started.”


The Heavenly Demon seemed entertained about something as there was a smile on his gruff face while he channeled his internal ki.


At that moment, Sima Seok… Sima Pyeong’s eldest son suddenly shouted and his body started twisting.

Although he looked ready to go berserk…


Sima Seok soon fainted.

Sima Pyeong looked at the person who smacked his son to knock him out. Sui Khan had a leisurely smile on his face as he spoke.

“It is easier if we knock them out before they go berserk.”

Cale’s group had figured this method out after experiencing living jiangshis going berserk two times.

It was difficult to handle living jiangshis going berserk.

In that case, what if they suppressed them before they went berserk and knocked them out?

“I see. It would make it easy.”

A gentle smile formed on Sima Pyeong’s face.

As he looked down at his unconscious son and nodded his head multiple times saying it was a good method…



The other four living jiangshis were knocked unconscious as well.

Of course, Xia Ryeong’s resistance was quite strong, but…

“He was easier to knock out than Toonka.”

Xia Ryeong lost consciousness as Choi Han calmly remarked.

“How, like this-”

The Iron Street Market, which was a neutral faction, could not help but gasp in astonishment. Whether it was living jiangshis or Blood Cult… These words they were hearing were complicated, but it was shocking that these experts of the Unorthodox faction were so easily suppressed.

“Why are you so surprised?”


The Pinnacle Demon stood next to the leader of the Iron Street Market looking like a serious expert as if she never threw a fit. She looked at the members of Cale’s group and nonchalantly commented.

“They’re strong.”

As the leader of the Iron Street Market flinched in response…

“Even I can’t guarantee victory against a couple of them.”

“…Based on the rumors, the Heavenly Demon and young master Kim-”

“No. Not the two of them.”

“Aside from the two of them-”

“There are. There are quite a lot of strong little punks.”

The Pinnacle Demon’s lips twisted up while looking at Choi Han, Sui Khan, and the others.

However, her smile soon disappeared without a trace.


The rose gold light grew bigger.

Red smoke started coming out of the heater.

The Heavenly Demon’s dark red aura first headed toward the leader of Green Forest followed by Cale’s rose gold light.


The Pinnacle Demon looked down at her arm.

Her arm that was full of numerous grotesque injuries had chills for the first time in a long while.

“We are the complete opposite.”

This young master Kim Hae-il…

The aura that he released was the complete opposite of the Pinnacle Demon’s.

It truly met the definition of purification.

‘All living things have properties to turn it into medicine or poison.’

Poison. That was something made from the harmful aspects of things in nature.

Of course, there were times when medicine ended up being poison and poison ended up as medicine.

Either way, both medicine and poison were things that tried to create some sort of change inside a living creature.

“It’s getting rid of it.”

However, the thing contained in this fiery thunderbolt was getting rid of things.

Well, only getting rid of the evil aura.

No, it could probably burn and destroy anything if it wanted to do so.

A power that creates change within an existence and a power that gets rid of that existence.

If that was not opposite and incompatible, what would be?

However, both things had their logic based in nature.

‘How interesting.’

The Pinnacle Demon. The old expert who had given herself a limit because she had seen no path to progress further was full of hope that a path might now open for her to surpass her limits.


She spoke to the leader of the Iron Street Market.

“Market leader.”

“Yes, Senior.”

“Your manor has a lot of empty rooms, doesn’t it?”

The Iron Street Market leader looked at the Pinnacle Demon and Cale before bowing his head.

“I will have them prepared, Senior Pinnacle Demon.”

“Good. Let’s prepare properly so that they can stay with our side instead of going to the Orthodox faction’s people.


The Pinnacle Demon clicked her tongue.

“This is the type of power that would make the Emei Sect go crazy.”

The destructive yet refreshing and pure aura that Cale’s red currents gave off made the Protocol think of her long time bitter enemy, the Sect leader of the Emei Sect.

That crazy woman would speak highly of young master Kim’s power.


The Pinnacle Demon, who had been concerned for a moment, smiled after seeing Sima Pyeong’s eyes sparkling while looking at Cale’s purifying power.

“That bastard has fallen deeply. In that case, I don’t have to worry.”

Sima Pyeong. That bastard was someone who never let go once he bit onto something and chased it no matter what it took.

“This should be entertaining.”

From the Heavenly Demon to the Divergent Coalition Leader and young master Kim’s subordinates whose identities the Pinnacle Demon has yet to figure out…

It looked like it would be quite loud around young master Kim.

‘He seems to want that as well.’

The Pinnacle Demon licked her lips while looking at the calm look on young master Kim’s face.

However, she soon forgot about all of her thoughts and had to gasp in admiration.


The red smoke that was filling the pavilion…

She could tell because she had given her whole life to poison. She could tell how pure and beautiful yet dignified and extraordinary this aura was.


Starting with Xia Ryeong, whose eyes opened as he coughed up an ash-colored liquid…

The living jiangshis were purified one after the other.

Young master Kim did have some cold sweats and turned pale in the process, but he otherwise looked fine.

Of course, nobody was sneering at him looking weaker and weaker.

This formidably pure power not only filled this room but flowed out of the pavilion to fill around it as well.

Everybody’s gazes were focused on Cale despite the Heavenly Demon and the Divergent Coalition Leader being present.

‘Yes, the people of the Unorthodox faction are these kinds of bastards.’

The Pinnacle Demon smiled.

The Unorthodox faction.

These bastards having respect for those above them? Absolutely not.

Years of experience? Wisdom? They didn’t care about things like that.

All that mattered was strong strength.

Superior physical strength.

There were plenty of bastards here who would go crazy at that and even lick the shoes of that strong person to stick by them.

It meant that all you had to do to get accepted in the Unorthodox faction was to show your strength.

And young master Kim gave a master performance showing off his strength.

Nothing else needed to be said.

Once the last purification was finished…

Sima Pyeong called his subordinates into the pavilion.

“Imprison them.”

The five purified living jiangshis, including his own son, were imprisoned.

– Human! They need to heal so why are they being sent to prison? My disciple is weird!

Cale listened to Raon’s comment and looked toward Sima Pyeong with a confused look on his face as well. Sima Pyeong answered gently, almost as if he was a disloyal subject.

“They will be in prison but we will send a doctor there to make sure they are okay.”

Cale did not say anything after hearing that these people will be looked after.

Sima Pyeong was someone who said that he would kill the living jiangshis if they had committed a sin against the Divergent Coalition.

But for that person to say that he will keep those people alive and call a doctor… It was better not to pay any attention to it anymore.

The Divergent Coalition.

They had their own way of doing things.

Cale had no rights to tell them how to do something since he was an outsider.


“Then let us start the celebration again!”

“Sounds great!”

“Kahahaha, as expected, our Coalition leader-nim is very generous!”

The musicians started playing again as If nothing had happened and the members of the Unorthodox faction sat back down as if nothing was wrong.

The staff came in to get rid of the destroyed items and food to bring new things out.

Their actions were as fluid as the flowing water.

“At least we didn’t see someone lose their head today! The alcohol sounds like it is going to be great today. Kahahahahah!”

“I need to see some blood to enjoy my drink!”

“Kahaha, is that so?”

Cale thought to himself while listening to the voices.

‘This place is not normal either.’

Sima Pyeong walked over while rubbing his hands as Cale sighed.

“There is a seat for you right there, young master-nim.”


The highest spot…

The spot that he had thought was for Sima Pyeong… It was Cale’s seat.

In addition, next to Cale’s seat was a small cushion embroidered in gold threads.

Sima Pyeong looked at the air and whispered.

“This lowly disciple has prepared that for his great and mighty master.”

That cushion was made for the invisible Raon.

– Human! Our Coalition leader disciple is a bit weird but for some odd reason, I am starting to like him more.

‘I know, right?’

* * *

“We are almost in Sichuan.”

Choi Jung Soo, who was covering his face with a bamboo hat, showed his face and pointed toward the front while talking to Cale.

“The Pure Silver Merchant guild’s main location is inside the castle.”

Cale heard Raon’s voice in his mind.

– Human, are we destroying things now?

A thick smile appeared on Cale’s face as he listened to that young voice that was full of anticipation.

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