Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 143: A miracle happened in the Demon Cult (6)

It felt as if he was holding onto the body of a dying person.

The Heavenly Demon subconsciously almost moved his hand away from Cale’s body. However, the moment he saw that Cale’s eyes were not closing despite coughing up so much blood… He carefully supported Cale’s body.

“Oh esteemed Heavenly Demon!”

He heard the Sage Demon’s voice and saw the Guards and others walking toward him.

The Heavenly Demon stomped his foot.


The ground started to shake.

The Heavenly Demon’s eyes turned toward the Sage Demon.

“Do not act rashly.”

The approaching Sage Demon and Guards stopped.

They realized from the shaking ground that the Heavenly Demon was released from the mind control of a living jiangshi but did not lose his strength.

They also got a clear look at young master Kim and figured out what they needed to do next.

“Everybody, please go back.”

The Sage Demon spoke to the gathered people.

“We will properly deliver the results at a later time, so I believe it would be best to not talk about what you saw today and wait cautiously.”

It was a bit rude but it could not be helped.

The Sage Demon did not stop young master Kim’s people from walking past him to the Heavenly Demon’s side. He knew they were not walking toward the Heavenly Demon but to young master Kim.

Furthermore, he got a clear look at young master Kim, whom he had not paid attention to at first because he was so crazy to know whether the Heavenly Demon was safe.

The Heavenly Demon’s complexion looked much better while young master Kim looked so terrible that it could not even be described with words.

‘How, my goodness-’

The Sage was at a loss for words.

“Human, human!”

The Sage Demon clenched his eyes shut after hearing the voice of the young divine beast behind his back. The emotions he got while looking at young master Kim after the joy from seeing that the Heavenly Demon, who was like his own son, survived made the hands of the person the Orthodox faction called a demon shake.

There was someone else whose hand was shaking.

It was Cale.

‘Damn it!

I knew it would be like this.’

– Ahem. Ahem.

The cheapskate let out some fake coughs without saying anything.

– I think I need to cough up some more blood! You’ll feel better after that! Let’s lessen the load!

The crybaby brightly spoke to him as if to cheer him on. He seemed excited that his hyung and noonas were awake and was overflowing with strength.

‘This is driving me nuts!’

Cale became annoyed.

His body wasn’t hurting. As the crybaby mentioned, vitality was flowing through his body the more he coughed up blood. He could feel his heart beating harder than ever before.

But who cared about that?

‘It’d be better if I fainted.’

He was not fainting.

His mind was completely clear.

– Ah, but the body does have to cough up a lot of blood so you might not be able to put any strength into your body!

He ignored the annoyingly bright voice of the crybaby.

But he couldn’t do anything.

He really had no strength in his body.

All Cale could do was watch as his people gathered around him and looked down at him through the bloody tears covering his view.

He couldn’t really see the looks on their faces because of the bloody tears.

However, it was pretty obvious.

“Human, no! Don’t faint! Snap out of it!”

‘I’m not going to faint.

My mind is also completely clear.

I just have no strength in my body after coughing up a bit of blood.’

“Young master-nim.”

He heard Ron’s vicious voice.

It was a bit scary.

He also became quite annoyed.

‘Why is it always like this?

It’s fine that I cough up blood, but can’t you make it so that I cough up blood more normally and elegantly?’

– Oh come on. Cale, how can coughing up blood look elegant?

Cale subconsciously started speaking with anger after hearing the useless words of the cheapskate who had been quiet until now.

“F, fu…cough.”

He could not speak properly because blood kept coming out.

But he still wanted to talk.

“I knew it, would be, like-”

However, those words just sounded like gurgling because his mouth was full of blood.

“…You knew it would be like this?”

However, the Heavenly Demon who was supporting him, understood what he was saying.

But he understood it differently from how Cale intended.

“…You proceeded with this test despite knowing you will cough up blood like this? Why didn’t you tell me about it in advance?”

The Heavenly Demon felt frustrated and found it difficult to control his emotions after seeing Cale’s still cold body coughing up more blood.

Anger and an apologetic look were visible on his once gruff face.

“I would have looked for another method if you told me! Why is it that you treat your own life so lightly?!”

‘No. No.’

Hey Heavenly Demon, I’m not saying I knew it would be like this for that reason!

I thought it was worth doing when I heard it the first time!

But in the middle, I realized that this was going to be a big issue and that it would end up like this!’

Cale had a lot of things he wanted to say, but… He just held it in.

He then closed his eyes out of frustration.

He found it annoying to talk in this kind of situation now.

“Human, no! Wake up! I’m going to destroy everything!”

‘I didn’t faint!’

Cale opened his eyes wide once again after feeling Raon’s chubby front paw touching his cheek.

Of course, he thought that he opened his eyes wide but they actually barely opened. This was because bloody tears were flowing out of his eyes.

‘This probably looks like a scene out of a horror movie.’

He couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought that he probably looked more grotesque than most ghosts or monsters.

However, the people looking at him scowled. This was especially true for the Heavenly Demon’s face that was no longer composed and showed a lot of emotions.

“You have enough consciousness to laugh in such a situation?”

“Yes, he seems to, Heavenly Demon-nim.”

He heard a calm response. The Heavenly Demon raised his head. The half-white haired man in young master Kim’s group had a cold smile on his face.

“We will escort the young master-nim, Heavenly Demon-nim.”

Ron motioned with his eyes and Choi Han and Beacrox received Cale from the Heavenly Demon and supported him.

Sui Khan was sighing and pushing at his temples while Choi Jung Soo was covering his face with a bamboo hat but he could not hide his roaring aura.


Raon’s dark blue eyes became invisible again as he hung onto Beacrox’s back to check on Cale.

“What should I do with the doctors waiting nearby?”

The Heavenly Demon calmly asked the departing Ron.

“We would be grateful if you could send them to our lodging, Heavenly Demon-nim.”

Ron answered without hesitation and bowed his head.

“Then we will head out first, Heavenly Demon-nim.”

Young master Kim’s group quickly departed.

Their movements were efficient yet relaxed, as if they were used to something like this.

This was especially true of Choi Han, who looked quite at peace while moving Cale.

But the urgency in their hearts could be felt at the speed they were moving.

Honestly speaking, the expressions on their faces and the looks in their eyes were enough to feel what they were feeling.


The Heavenly Demon could only scoff.

Kim Hae-il. That person did not faint until the end and maintained control of his consciousness.

This required extremely strong mental fortitude.

He placed a hand over his chest.

His heart was beating.

The small amount of rose gold aura that remained was slowly melting into his heart.

That was making his heart stronger.

Not only did young master Kim continue the Heavenly Demon’s treatment to the end despite knowing what would happen to himself…

He also left behind enough of his power to protect the Heavenly Demon’s heart after the treatment.


The Heavenly Demon looked around.

He could tell how intense it had been based on the broken foundation stones and the ground that was cracked and flipped over.

He then looked up.

The grey clouds that young master Kim’s rose gold thunderbolts brought were slowly leaving and the light of the sun shone down.

He closed his eyes for a moment from the sunlight shining in his eyes before opening them back.

The Heavenly Demon looked forward.

The people from the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction, as well as the top executives of the Demon Cult were still standing there hesitantly, despite the Sage Demon telling them to leave.

“The test was successful.”

A voice full of majestic air reached everybody’s ears.

While the faces of the Demon Cult members lit up after hearing the voice that was full of deep and enormous internal ki, the faces of the people from the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction stiffened as they could sense the level of the Heavenly Demon’s martial arts.

However, everybody’s expressions turned negative after hearing what he said next.

“At the same time, half of this test was a failure.”

They could tell what that failure was despite the Heavenly Demon not explaining.

Some of the people looked toward the direction that young master Kim left.

One of those people, the Cleave Saint, could see the Heavenly Demon approaching him.

“Tomorrow, I would like to chat. Would that be possible?”

The Cleave Saint did not say anything to the Heavenly Demon, who was trying to be respectful to him as one of the Orthodox faction’s Five Saints.

Elder Ho quickly stepped forward and responded since the Cleave Saint seemed to be blanking out.

“It is possible, sir.”

“Great. What about the Unorthodox faction?”

Sima Dan also answered without any hesitation.

“It is possible.”

“Then I will see you tomorrow.”

The Heavenly Demon left without any hesitation and said one last thing to them.

“Please remember that nothing can leave the walls of the Demon Cult right now.”

Any living creature leaving the Demon Cult would die. So, do not try to let others know about what happened today…

If you do not wish to die.

They all answered with silence to that warning filled with vicious intent.

“Please return to your lodgings now.”

The people of the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction silently headed toward their lodging after hearing the Right Guard’s polite request.

They ended up splitting up as they were all staying in different lodgings, leading to only Elder Ho and the Cleave Saint walking together.

“Senior, are you okay?”

The Cleave Saint still had a blank look in his face as he walked after hearing Elder Ho’s cautious question. Elder Ho scratched his head and continued to speak.

“Isn’t young master Kim-nim truly amazing? How could he have such powers-”

“Yes, he is amazing.”

The Cleave Saint started speaking at that moment. Elder Ho stopped talking and the Cleave Saint continued to speak with a look of deep contemplation on his face.

“When was the last time I shed so much blood for someone else, for the greater good……”

He had a sentimental gaze in his eyes as if he was going through his past in his mind as he blankly stared into the air before speaking again.

“…I became full of arrogance and lost my way.”

He looked quite a bit older than he did yesterday.

However, his eyes slowly focused again and became clear.

“But now, I see the path once again.”

Elder Ho gulped as he watched the change in the Cleave Saint before flinching after hearing what the Cleave Saint said next.

“I met one of my life’s teachers today.”

Elder Ho nodded his head while looking at the old man who was smiling as if he had found hope once again.

“Umm, I do not know if our young master Kim-nim will accept you as a student, but… It sounds very good to keep him as your teacher in your heart and watch by his side.”


The Cleave Saint chuckled before his face turned stiff.

“…I am worried about his health.”

“I as well.”

Elder Ho looked sad as well.

While that was going on, Sima Dan and Sima Gong were heading toward their lodging with serious looks on their faces while listening to Toonka, Sima Jung, and Xia Mun chat with each other.

“Kahahaha! Do not worry! Young master Kim will rise once again!”

Toonka, who was one of young master Kim’s people, seemed to be living in the Unorthodox faction’s lodging.

“Mm. But I am still worried.”

Unlike the boisterously laughing Toonka, Sima Jung and Xia Mun could not stop worrying. This was especially true for Sima Jung, who anxiously worried about his boss.

“I’ve even seen an expert who was in Ki Deviation! Even that person did not cough up that much blood! I’ve never seen anybody, especially someone still living, coughing up blood like that in my whole life!”

The youngest of the siblings, Sima Gong, started speaking after seeing his brother being serious unlike his usual trashy self.

“Young master Kim-nim’s fiery thunderbolt was a power I have never seen before, but what happened afterward is not something that can be easily seen either.”

“It’s understandable.”

Toonka nodded his head.

“I am concerned about young master Kim as well!”

He shared his honest sentiments.

“However, young master Kim has been victorious in much worse fights and battles until now! He coughed up quite a lot of blood and fainted frequently each time. He sacrificed himself to save numerous people until now.”

The people of the Unorthodox faction perked their ears and focused after hearing a story about young master Kim that they did not know.

Toonka had no idea about this as he was looking up into the air.

He wanted to be by Cale’s side as well, but he would probably just be a hindrance as a lot of people came and went.

In addition, Cale Henituse had been through quite a bit of battlefields and survived through the crossroads of life and death many times even without having him by his side.

“Young master Kim is someone who becomes so strong that even the gods have to fear him if he has someone to protect.”

Sima Dan and Sima Gong looked at Toonka with serious looks on their faces after sensing that he was being quite serious unlike his usual self.

As for Xia Mun and Sima Jung, they seemed to already have an image in their mind as they looked dazed.

It was at that moment.

“That is why it is fun when I am by his side.”

Toonka smiled.

“There are many chances to fight when I stick right by that bastard! I’m just itching to go! Kahahahahah!”

Sima Dan and Sima Gong’s faces turned unsettled after seeing Toonka quickly turn from serious to jovial, but…

“He’s the best!”

“As I expected!”

Sima Jung and Xia Mun actually welcomed this.

Toonka peeked at them and thought about what happened yesterday.

Toonka, who almost lost his appetite for dinner after being extremely disappointed that he missed Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo’s spar, had been stealthily called to see Cale.

‘Toonka. You are close to the Unorthodox faction these days, right?’

‘That’s right! I fight with them every day!’

‘Good. Then you get close to the Unorthodox faction. But don’t get hurt. Ah, what the hell am I saying to you?’


‘Haaaaaaaa. Anyway, figure out what those bastards are doing.’

Although Cale frequently called Toonka a stupid bastard… He did not take Toonka lightly.

He started as a tribal warrior and rose to the position of Commander of the Whipper Kingdom.

That was not a position he could get to by fighting like an idiot.

Of course, Toonka did think simply and acted as he pleased, but…

“It should be okay for us to go see the boss later, right?”

“Of course! Kahahaha! I am young master Kim’s close friend so let’s go together!”

Toonka put his arm over Sima Jung’s shoulder while doing his best to listen to what Sima Dan and Sima Gong were saying to each other.

He then thought to himself.

‘Cale Henituse should be fine.

That punk would not die and leave that young Dragon behind.’

Cale Henituse was someone who could not look away from things or people that were weaker than him and needed protection.

* * *

Cale thought that his body was marvelous.

‘How can I be alive after coughing up so much blood?’

He was laying on the bed contemplating about it when the Heavenly Demon, who came to visit him in the middle of the night, spoke with an odd look on his face.

“Your complexion looks better than I expected.”

“Ah, of course. I’m completely fine.”

Cale smiled.

Beacrox also fed him some Central Plains-style steak and Raon stealthily brought him some cookies the crown prince had packed them from Roan, so he was full and happy.

“My condition is better than before I healed you.”

It was the truth.


The Heavenly Demon scoffed and calmly commented.

“Kim Hae-il. Your mind seems to not have fully recovered.”

The Heavenly Demon shook his head as if what Cale said was unbelievable.

Cale scowled.

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