Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 140: A miracle happened in the Demon Cult (3)

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo walked up to Cale.

The two of them were smiling differently but somewhat similarly. Cale did not see them at all.


It’s completely destroyed.’

The training ground was completely destroyed. The stone floor was considered ‘intact’ if it was cracked as most of it was completely flipped over and broken until you couldn’t tell what it was.

Cale would have been hurt or had dust all over him if it wasn’t for Raon’s shield.

Cale looked toward the two of them and nonchalantly commented.

“Is it resolved?”

He only asked that without saying anything else.

“Yes, Cale-nim.”


The two of their responses were short but refreshing.

“Then that’s good.”

Cale got up as if he had nothing left to keep him there. It looked as if the two of them had chatted while they were sparring, but that was none of Cale’s business.

Based on the two of their faces, they looked refreshed as if whatever was bottled up was released.

‘That should be enough.’

Both of them were adults so there was no need for him to pay any attention to anything more than that.

Cale was calm as he turned away from the two of them and started walking. Honestly speaking, he had no thoughts at all.

Chief Eunuch Wi urgently followed after seeing him walking away.

‘My goodness.’

He was brushing the back of his hand that was covered by his sleeve.

It was covered in goosebumps.

‘I didn’t know the Sword Demon’s abilities were at this level.’

This spar was enough to make it clear that he really did defeat the Sword Saint.

‘He’s at a higher level than the Sword Saint.’

The Sword Demon and Noble Warrior Choi Han…

The yongs they created… The two of them definitely used something similar to internal ki when those yongs appeared.

He had heard the information about the Sword Demon controlling a yong.

But for it to be such a detailed yong… it was possible to create something like that with an aura that is similar to internal ki?

Was it really still considered the domain of sword art?

‘Well, I guess the Mount Hua Sect’s attacks give off a fragrance. It must be a similar concept.’

Creating something that doesn’t exist with internal ki or aura.

Doing that with a sword.

This must be the martial art of Noble Warrior Choi Han and the Sword Demon, Choi Jung Soo.

‘Anyway, the two of them held themselves back.’

The training ground had turned into a mess but neither of them was injured. Basically, this was proof that they were considerate of each other and held back.

‘How surprising.’

He knew they were strong, but seeing a portion of their strength made him feel as if he could understand why young master Kim was so calm about the Blood Cult.

He himself was in the Nature Realm and his people were all as strong as the experts representing a Sect or Clan. What would he be scared of in such a situation?

Furthermore, a divine beast, a Dragon, was by his side as well.

‘What to write in today’s report… the things I have to report are increasing every single day.’

Chief Eunuch Wi got a headache thinking about what to report to the Emperor. Of course, he couldn’t send a carrier pigeon out of the Demon Cult for a while because of the current situation so he would have to keep them with him until he could send them out in the future.


Chief Eunuch Wi stopped for a moment.

If he gathered the reports and sent them all at once and his Majesty or the Empress Dowager saw them…

‘I’m sure they will be shocked.’

Chief Eunuch Wi became a bit elated thinking about the two people who usually showed no emotions getting shocked.

It made him really feel like he was in a once in a lifetime opportunity that he would have never experienced had he just stayed in the Imperial Palace.

“Chief Eunuch Wi-nim.”

Choi Han approached him at that moment.

Chief Eunuch Wi couldn’t believe that the person who used that rough and violent power could look so calm but he didn’t let that emotion show as he responded.

“Yes, Noble Warrior Choi. What can I do for you?”


It was rare to see Choi Han hesitating like this.

“Please feel free to say whatever is on your mind.”

“Umm, we destroyed the training ground, how-”


Chief Eunuch Wi gasped as he had not expected this question at all. That was why he didn’t know that Cale, who had been walking without anything to stop him, had stopped to peek toward them as well.

Chief Eunuch Wi gently smiled toward Choi Han who seemed extremely concerned.

“I mentioned to them when we got permission to use the training ground that it may end up destroyed. They said that they understood.”

“Ah, is that so?”

“Yes, So you do not need to worry about it.”

Chief Eunuch Wi then saw that Cale was looking at him with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Chief Eunuch Wi, let’s hurry. It is dinner time.”

Chief Eunuch Wi said yes to Cale who said let’s go eat and followed behind him.

Choi Han looked relieved as he followed behind them as well.

He had destroyed many enemy buildings in the past but this was a building of someone they were currently developing a cooperation with.

“Noble Warrior Choi. Can you spar with me next time?”

“Of course.”

The relieved Choi Han chatted with the Fist King and they were the last two to walk out of the training ground.

A moment later, two people appeared at the training ground.

“…This is surprising.”

The Elder of the Beggars’ Gang, Ho Song Yi. He couldn’t hide his astonishment while looking at the condition of the training ground.


The Cleave Saint groaned as he spoke with a stiff expression on his face.

“There are two different flows.”

The training ground was not destroyed randomly.

There were countless traces of two different powers clashing against each other.

“There is a delicate yet clever and overbearing power. That should be the Sword Demon.”

The Sword Demon’s sword art was famous.

Usually, people who used delicate sword arts were lacking in destructive force. However, the Sword Demon had an overbearing destructive force that could suppress the Sword Saint, who used the Monarch Sword Arts with a Heavy Blade.

He was just controlling it with precise control.

However, he saw that overbearing power today.

“Then this violent and rough power should be that Noble Warrior Choi’s sword art?”

In comparison to parts of the ground that were destroyed with some level of pattern, there were spots that were completely destroyed and showed signs of a violent attack.

Those locations must be where Choi Han’s attacks had landed.

The Cleave Saint thought about Choi Han.

He seemed like young master Kim’s loyal subordinate and a calm and pure person.

“…I guess you really can’t judge a person by their appearance.”

Choi Han. This person’s sword art was truly fitting the title of Demon.

The Sword Demon and Choi Han… He had heard that the two of them were related.

“…Two yongs.”

Although they disappeared as they shot up to the sky, he was certain that he had seen two yongs.

Although they looked similar in form, the black and white yongs had looked completely different.

“I have no idea what is going on.”

“Senior. Shouldn’t we know the answer in two days?”

“That is true.”

Chief Eunuch Wi had stopped by the Orthodox faction’s side before the spar. He requested that Elder Ho and the Cleave Saint keep some time open during the day in two days.

He said that there was something to show them.

He also said that this was agreed with the Demon Cult as well and that the Heavenly Demon may be there as well.

‘However, it is a confidential matter so I hope that you keep this information to yourselves. I cannot guarantee what will happen should this information be spread in advance.’

He left a clear warning like that as well.

Honestly speaking, there wasn’t much the Cleave Saint could do even without Chief Eunuch Wi’s warning as all of the Demon Cult’s doors were closed right now.

In fact, he realized that something was going on in the Demon Cult and had been even tenser.


He let out a sigh.

He then spoke to Elder Ho.

“Let’s go back to our lodging.”

He added on with a nonchalant look on his face.

“It looks like new spectators will only come in once we leave.”

The Cleave Saint looked in the opposite direction.

Although he could not see them because they were covered by trees, he could feel the auras of the little punks from the Unorthodox faction.

They must have come this way out of curiosity as well.

The Cleave Saint and Elder Ho left the area without any hesitation.

They had seen all that there was to see.

The conclusion was simple.

‘I cannot defeat the Sword Demon or Noble Warrior Choi.’

The conclusion was that he might even be weaker than the weakest person in young master Kim’s group.

‘Something is up.’

He realized that the negotiation between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult was not the major issue.

It was because Elder Ho was calm. The fact that someone from the Beggars’ Gang was acting calm despite being imprisoned inside the Demon Cult was telling the Cleave Saint many things.

Although the Cleave Saint had never associated with any major force and had lived as he pleased, as stubborn as he wanted… That allowed him to have the tact to realize the flow of things.

The Martial Arts world was a place where he needed to do that to survive.


A piece of rock that had flown to the outside of the training ground crumbled into pieces under Sima Gong’s foot. It was already cracked so it broke easily.


“Yeah. I think you are right.”

Sima Dan closed the bottle in her hand. This action meant quite a lot for her.

“I’ll need to stay in the right state of mind until the day after tomorrow.”

The day after tomorrow was the day they received young master Kim’s invite.

Sima Gong, Sima Dan, Sima Jung, and even Xia Mun… They had no idea what kind of setting young master Kim was inviting them to but they agreed to go there.

They heard that the Heavenly Demon would be there as well.

“You stop touching your dice for a while as well.”

Sima Gong pulled up his sleeves to show that he had no dice.

“I already sent them away for a bit.”

“I see.”

Sima Dan observed the training ground before sending a sound transmission.

– It should be related to the Blood Cult as you hypothesized?

– I believe so. I’m sure the reason they closed the doors of the Demon Cult is for the same reason.

– …Something like this might have happened on our side as well.

Sima Gong’s extraordinary brain was figuring out a lot of things.

– It is not that it might have happened. I am certain that it has happened.

– Then can I expect that what happens in two days will also happen in the Divergent Coalition in the future?

– Yes, noonim. I think we need to look at it that way.

The siblings who had distanced themselves from alcohol and dice for a while chatted as they left the training ground.

They acted as if nothing was wrong.

“What about orabuni?”

“He is currently sparring with Xia Mun and Noble Warrior Du Kang.”

“Oh my, they are always overflowing with strength.”

Sima Gong suddenly had a thought and asked his sister a question.

“Noonim, the Demon Cult should know about this spar as well, right?”

“Of course.”

That was correct.

Within the grand pavilion where everybody was silent as if they were holding their breaths…

The Heavenly Demon was seated on a chair on the highest spot quietly looking down.

He then looked to the side.

The sun had set and night was slowly approaching.

“I watched something entertaining for the first time in a long while.”

He then started to smile.

“Thanks to that, I’m excited. Don’t you agree, Right Guard?”


The Right Guard lowered his head instead of responding.

The Heavenly Demon continued speaking as if he didn’t even expect a response.

“The white yong is wicked. There are a lot of things hidden in it, making it not my kind of thing. But the black yong is similar. It is similar to me.”

The eyes of the people who were quiet in the grand palace clouded over. This was especially true of Pavilion Master Gong who slightly raised her head.

She just happened to make eye contact with the Heavenly Demon.

“Pavilion Master Gong, don’t you think that it would be fun for me to have fun with that black yong once my treatment is completed?”

“That is a great idea, oh esteemed Heavenly Demon.”

“Yeah. I guess I’ll need to take care of all of my work in advance so that I can have some fun.”

The Heavenly Demon spoke with a smile on his face.

“Make sure that the entire cleanup is finished by tomorrow.”


* * *

The Heavenly Demon was wearing a light black outfit.

Cale had his arms crossed as he asked calmly.

“You are going to force out the dead mana inside your body?”

“Yeah. I will remove that evil aura, that dead mana. I was able to figure out the path of its movement when it tried to invade my upper dantian.”

Cale nodded his head and asked the next question.

“Then I just purify all of the dead mana that is released?”


“After that, there won’t be that much dead mana left inside your body, so I push my power into your body following the path you tell me in order to purify the remaining dead mana?”

“Yeah. Isn’t it simple?”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

“I don’t know if it is simple or not, but…”

He calmly commented.

“There are so many spectators.”

“We have no choice.”

Quite a lot of people were watching them outside the formation they were inside.

Cale asked because the people outside could not hear them anyway.

“Do you not care that people will know that you are a living jiangshi?”

The Heavenly Demon laughed.

“They will remember me as the great and mighty Heavenly Demon who even overcame being a living jiangshi.”

He then added on.

“There is nothing greater than this for the Demon Cult to have a justification to obliterate the Blood Cult.”

His smiling face as he said that looked quite entertained.

Cale nonchalantly asked.

“And what if this experiment fails?”

“I don’t know about the first part, but if it fails in the second part-”

The Heavenly Demon also responded calmly.

“I will probably die.”

He then smiled.

“That too is a magnificent justification for the Demon Cult to obliterate the Blood Cult.”

Cale scowled.

“Crazy bastard.”

The Heavenly Demon laughed out loud now.

“I heard that many times when I was younger.”

Cale just waved his hand because it was annoying to even respond now.

“Get started.”


The experiment to purify someone while protecting the dantian and internal ki was started by Cale and the Heavenly Demon.

And outside the formation, the martial arts of the Orthodox and Unorthodox factions who were invited and the top executives of the Demon Cult were focused on the faint view of things within the formation.

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