Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 127: Boss trash and trash one, two, three (7)


The Fist King let out a short laugh as he kept a watch over Cale.

“The world of martial arts truly has no end. No, maybe martial art is just reaching toward a point where everything returns to nothingness.”

This aura of fire that covered the entire building and spread out throughout the Kunlun Sect…

“It is an aura that would make any sort of evil in front of it disappear.”

He looked down at the roof.

He could not see below it. However, he could feel what young master Kim was creating.

That was why he got up from his spot.

“They are showing up in the end.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo and the top executives were heading over with the Sect leader in the front.

“Haaaa. Even the Sage Demon is here.”

Furthermore, one of the top three individuals of the Demon Cult was following behind them on his palanquin.

“I guess they were all shocked.”

The fact that the Sage Demon personally came to the Kunlun Sect was already shocking but the fact that the Sect leader allowed the Sage Demon to come with them was beyond the Fist King’s expectations.

It was something that could never happen based on the history of the Kunlun Sect.

However, all of this was acceptable if you considered one person.

“The Sect leader must have seen the way.”

He didn’t know why the Sage Demon had come to the Kunlun Sect.

However, the Sect leader had recognized young master Kim’s true power and allowed the Sage Demon inside.

He was trying to show him.

He was showing the Sage Demon that this was the power residing within the Kunlun Sect.

“However, this isn’t all there is to young master Kim’s power.”

The Fist King wanted to protect young master Kim’s time.

He was hoping that all of this person’s sealed powers would be released.

Only then would he see the end of martial arts.

His body gently alighted from the roof.

Chief Eunuch Wi and Mok Hee… The two of them were not enough to handle all of these people.

“What brings all of you here?”

The sentence the Fist King spoke as he landed on the ground made everybody stop walking.

The Fist King was the most senior among the group here. He was also the strongest person.


As the Sect leader flinched and was unable to speak… A warm voice spoke out.

“It is an honor to meet you, Senior Fist King.”

The Sage Demon spoke while seated on the palanquin.

“Is the person here the esteemed young master Kim?”

Chief Eunuch Wi, who was standing behind the Fist King, started thinking about the Demon Cult’s information network.

‘As expected, the Demon Cult knows a bit about young master Kim as well.’

He then looked around.

The martial arts of the Kunlun Sect, who had not come to look at young master Kim’s dwelling as the Namgung Clan had done, were gathering while leaving a bit of distance from the building.

This was to be wary of the Sage Demon.

‘They are well-trained.’

Furthermore, he could tell that the Kunlun Sect was ready for war.

“That is correct. This is young master Kim’s dwelling.”

“I see. I did not expect you to be standing guard, Senior Fist King.”

The Sage Demon continued to casually chat with the Fist King.

“I didn’t think that you would be the type to stand guard for someone-”

Mok Hee’s eyebrows slightly rose at the comment the Sage Demon made in an odd tone.

However, her grandfather, the Fist King, looked relaxed.

He looked at the Sage Demon, who seemed to be scoping him out, and the people from the Martial Arts Alliance and the Kunlun Sect who were looking at him with sympathy, before responding.

“Do you truly think that?”

As the Sage Demon’s warm smile slightly stiffened at that response…

“It’s the same as last time.”

The Fist King made a comment and the large aura of fire quickly decreased.

No, it was returning to one spot.

They were all sucked into the building behind the Fist King’s shoulder and disappeared.

The Cleave Saint mumbled with a blank look on his face.

“Are you saying that he possesses this large aura of fire within his body?”

The Sect leader realized something at that moment and his face stiffened.

‘I can hear the birds.’

He could hear the flapping of the birds’ wings.

He turned his head.

The birds were flying up to the sky.


He finally realized it.

He realized that he had not heard any birds or animals when that aura of fire had covered the Kunlun Sect and this mountain peak.

The animals had all been quiet. They had been suppressed by this aura of fire.

They were urgently moving now that the aura had disappeared.

They didn’t want to get swept up in this aura.

It was as if they were running away from a natural disaster.

‘Ah, so this is what it means to use the power of nature.’

The Sect leader had no choice but to believe that young master Kim was in the Nature Realm.

It was at that moment.

– S, something is weird, Sect leader-nim!

He received an anxious sound transmission from daoshi Un Seon.

In Ho turned to look at the woman who was standing nearby.

– What is it, little Seon?

His heart sank after seeing that chaotic look on Un Seon’s face.

– I’m sure that this was not young master Kim-nim’s aura……!

– What do you mean by that?

As the Sect leader scowled at this sound transmission he could not understand… Namgung Ma Hee made a comment.

She was only looking at young master Kim’s dwelling with a blank look on her face as if she could not see anybody else right now.

“Does reaching the Nature Realm mean that you control the aura of all five elements?”

The Cleave Saint reacted to her comment.

“What do you mean by that?”

Everybody turned toward Namgung Ma Hee.

However, she clenched her mouth shut. It was as if she was saying that there was no need for her to answer their question.

The Cleave Saint spoke again after seeing her reaction.

“Can I take it as you are fine with however we define your comment?”

He was asking Namgung Ma Hee if it was fine for them to analyze her comment as they wished and spread that information around. Basically, it was a threat asking her if she was ready to handle false information that may go out because of her action.

He saw a smile appear on Namgung Ma Hee’s face.

She nonchalantly commented to the Cleave Saint.

“Senior Cleave Saint, whatever it is that you are imagining, I’m sure it is beyond that.”


That put the Cleave Saint at a loss of words and everybody’s expressions changed.

The Sect leader did not hide the joy on his face. His gaze turned toward the Sage Demon.

The Sage Demon was still seated on the palanquin with a warm smile on his face.

‘But I’m sure your mind is a complicated mess right now.’

The Sect leader was feeling better and his heart was feeling lighter.

‘For an esteemed individual with such power to tell us that he would come to our Kunlun…’

The Kunlun Sect would be able to protect this land once again.

He suppressed the emotions building up inside of him. The Sect leader was in a position where he could not show such weakness.

It was at that moment.


A window of the building opened.

They heard voices.

“Just stay here.”

“That’s okay. I can ask myself. I don’t want to just stay in the room.”

“I guess we can’t really stay here because it has turned into a sea of blood. But I think that it would be better if I went out and asked instead.”

“Why make it so annoying?”

Cale grumbled, looked out the window, and then hesitated.

‘What the hell?’

He could see a bunch of people gathered around the building outside the window.

When he consumed the elixir back in the Namgung Clan, he was scared of Ron’s gaze and had to change his clothes and show everybody that he was okay and that he had no idea what had happened outside.

That was why he hesitated after seeing so many eyes locked on him before smiling out of reflex.


It was a smile that would make others think that he was a good person.


He then thought about the blood that was around his mouth.

– Human, wipe the blood!

Cale ignored Raon’s comment and used his sleeve to wipe the blood around his mouth. He then flinched.

His sleeve was already wet with blood.


He heard Sui Khan sigh. He walked over and vigorously rubbed Cale’s mouth with a cloth.

Cale pushed aside Sui Khan’s hand, took the cloth, and wiped his own mouth.

– Human, you should just wash up.

Cale became unsettled at Raon’s sigh-filled voice.

– Human, don’t smile while spewing blood anymore. You did it last time too but you smiled even brighter this time, which made it weird.

Cale clenched his mouth shut.

However, the corners of his lips kept twitching and rising.

Chief Eunuch Wi urgently approached Cale’s side at that moment.

“Young master Kim-nim, is there anything you need?”

“It looks like I will need a change of clothes. We also need to clean up a bit in here.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s face lit up a bit as Cale’s calm voice sounded relaxed, but he flinched after seeing the inside of the room.

There was a lot of blood.

‘Young master Kim’s blood.’

He was sure of it.

However, how could he be so fine after coughing up so much blood?

In fact, his complexion looked even better.

Chief Eunuch Wi hesitated for a moment before asking.

“Young master-nim. Did you get the results you wanted?”

He heard a response without any hesitation.

“Yes. Quite a bit of the seal was released.”

He could feel that the brightly smiling Cale was telling the truth. Of course, he couldn’t just look past all of the blood on Cale’s clothes.

But Cale couldn’t help but smile like that.

– Wow, I feel like I can breathe again!

He heard the Fire of Destructions voice.

“That’s a relief.”

Chief Eunuch Wi smiled gently.

“Then I will take care of the things you asked.”

“Ah, you don’t need to do it right away. Please just prepare it from here.”

“Excuse me?”

Cale calmly spoke to the shocked Chief Eunuch Wi.

“There’s another one.”

“Excuse me?”

“Elixir. I’m going to do this one more time.”

‘This is not the end?’

Cale had a satisfied smile on his face as Chief Eunuch Wi’s eyes opened wide.

The living flame flower.

This was an elixir with a legend behind it.

He felt as if he understood why Central Plains sent one more message through the mirror to try to stop him.

The seal on the shield was 70% released and the seal on the water was 53% released.

– Me?

As for the Fire of Destruction…

– 68%.

The living flame flower alone released 68% of the fire’s seal.

Ding ding, di di-

“Raon, cover that with a blanket for a bit.”

– I got it, human!

Cale was ignoring the continuous messages on the mirror. He took a peek to see if there was anything important, but it was just Central Plains whining.

‘He’s scared he’s going to get in trouble?’

Basically, Central Plains could handle it but was trying to stop Cale because he didn’t want to get in trouble.

Cale was annoyed at that attitude.

‘I’m traveling through dimensions with people and going through all this trouble but he wants to stop me because he is scared of getting in trouble?

Especially when it is for the safety of his own world?’

Cale was full of complaints about the Central Plains, who acted positively as if he would do whatever Cale wanted but was actually not that helpful at all and extremely passive.

‘At least Xiaolen was a big giver!’

The Xiaolen world had been so giving that Cale was shocked. That was how it should be for the worker to work with excitement.

‘I’ll do whatever I want.’

Cale decided to ignore Central Plains from now on to focus on taking down the Blood Cult and the hunters of the Blue Bloods household.

That was why he was planning on consuming the other elixir right away to release even more of the seal on the Fire of Destruction.

“T, then I will prepare some clothes for now and get ready to clean the room.”

Cale didn’t think much about Chief Eunuch Wi stuttering and nodded his head.

“Thank you. Please come back in a little bit.”

He then closed the window again.

Of course, he made eye contact with Zhuge Mi Ryeo and the Sect leader in the process and slightly bowed toward them.

Chief Eunuch Wi looked at the closed window for a bit before slowly returning to his spot.

It was the spot next to the Fist King and the others.



The Fist King and Chief Eunuch Wi silently looked at each other.

The Fist King and the rest of the martial artists here were skilled enough that they could hear Cale and Chief Eunuch Wi’s conversation.

It was a result of having such high martial arts levels.

“I guess I will need to stand guard.”

The Fist King said that before speaking to the martial artists.

“I would like for all of you to leave.”

Nobody could say anything against that.

They just withdrew with clueless or extremely complicated looks on their faces.

Only Zhuge Mi Ryeo and the Sage Demon had smiles on their faces.

Of course, there was no way of knowing what either of them was thinking.

The martial arts other than the ones who were standing guard withdrew from Cale’s dwelling.

However, there were gazes still focused on the building.

No, the gazes became even more persistent.

However, the Fist King ignored them.

He just held back his awe at the aura of fire that was starting to rise from underneath the roof again.

‘Namgung Ma Hee noticed it so I guess the Namgung Clan will figure it out.’

The others should have realized it with Namgung Ma Hee’s statement as well.

It was something that the Fist King had realized a long time ago.

‘It was water and wood in the Namgung Clan.’

This time it was fire.

‘Young master Kim is releasing his seals one at a time.’

The so-called five elements were Water, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Wood.

In young master Kim’s case, wind seemed to be an extra.

‘Is it six elements?’

What would happen if all of young master Kim’s seals were released?

That would be nature itself.

The Fist King raised his head.

The surroundings were quiet again.

They were keeping quiet because of the aura of fire.

“…How marvelous.”

The old man was just in awe at the path of martial arts that showed no end despite his long time in this world.

* * *

“Young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi spoke to Cale who was eating noodles.

“The Chief Advisor wishes to speak to you.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes sir. The Sect leader as well.”


“Yes sir. The Sage Demon has also requested an audience. The Cleave Saint, Namgung Ma Hee, Peng Yu, Jeong Chan-”

Cale’s face was getting unsettled at the endlessly continuing requests to see him when he asked a question.

“Jeong Chan is the living jiangshi, isn’t he?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then I will need to see him at least once.”

Jeong Chan was a rising star of Shaolin and a living jiangshi.

“As for the rest-”

Cale felt good while eating the noodles again and thinking about what to do about the others.

72% of the seal had been released from the Fire of Destruction.

Thinking about that made these morning noodles taste so good.

“Umm, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi spoke with an extremely awkward look on his face at that moment.

“The Sage Demon is adamant that he will not negotiate if he does not get to see you first.”


Cale looked confused.

It was at that moment.


They heard a loud noise from a distance.

“What is going on?”

Cale put his chopsticks down.

“Do you think that the Sage Demon and the Demon Cult are fighting against the Kunlun Sect?”

Chief Eunuch Wi asked with a stiff look on his face before urgently running out saying that he will look into it.

He then returned with a stiff look on his face.

“…Young master-nim.”

“Is something wrong?”

Cale’s face also stiffened at the serious look on Chief Eunuch Wi’s face.

It was rare for Chief Eunuch Wi to have such a look on his face.


“Please tell me.”


Chief Eunuch Wi, who had been hesitating, touched around his eyes with his hand as he spoke.

“Sima Jung and Xia Mun said that they need to come see their boss… That they need to come see you, young master-nim, and ended up breaking the gate to the Kunlun Sect.”

Sima Jung, the trash of the Unorthodox faction…

Xia Mun, the second in command of the Green Forest…

“…However…it seems like Noble Warrior Du Kang, who was with them, may have played a part in it as well.”

And Toonka, the crazy bastard from Roan.

The three of them had caused an incident.


Cale put his chopsticks down and stood up.

There was a terrible scowl on his face.

“I will go as well, Hae-il-nim.”

Cale’s face lit up as Choi Han picked up his scabbard and commented in a low voice.

“Choi Han. I trust you.”

“Yes, Hae-il-nim.”

Choi Han was best for dealing with bastards like Toonka.

Cale walked out of the room with a bright expression on his face.

He headed toward the broken gate to the Kunlun Sect.

* * *

While that was going on, the Sage Demon was handing a messenger a letter with strict instructions.

“This must be delivered directly to the Heavenly Demon-nim. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Senior.”

The messenger was his family member. That was why he could trust him.

The Sage Demon closed his eyes while looking at the departing messenger.

“The person that the Heavenly Demon-nim has been looking for has finally appeared.”

He opened his eyes again and looked toward the building young master Kim was staying in.

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