Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 124: Boss trash and trash one, two, three (4)

Cale was truly annoyed.

‘Seriously, why does something happen whenever I try to get some rest?!’

Honestly speaking, Cale wanted to quickly return to Roan. He wanted to get some rest in the Henituse territory.

He didn’t know whether it was because he adjusted to the Henituse territory better than he expected or because the food in the Central Plains didn’t suit his mouth very well, but…

He thought it would be great to return to the Roan Kingdom and get a proper meal.

He still thought that he shouldn’t use teleportation in front of so many people so he set his mind to enjoy this leisurely trip as best as possible.

‘So why do I need to waste time like this?’

Cale’s gaze headed toward Xia Mun.

“If you had something to say, shouldn’t you have approached us and asked for a conversation instead of blocking our path?”

Xia Mun felt as if his head was being sucked into the mouth of a large beast the moment he made eye contact with that person.

He wanted to say something but the man with the dark brown eyes did not give him a chance to respond.

Shhhhh. His hands were shaking.

He felt as if he might drop his axe at any moment.


The axe ended up falling to the ground. The reason that Xia Mun could at least maintain his pride was because he did not release the axe, which was now stabbed in the ground, from his hands.

In fact, he was able to use the axe as support to stay standing without crumbling to the ground.

‘Such an aura-’

What was this thing?

It was not internal ki.

Xia Mun had mainly focused on External Martial Arts, but as expected of someone at his level, he had quite a bit of knowledge about internal ki as well.

‘This is not internal ki.’

It felt as if the air around them and everything was moving according to this young master’s will.

‘Is that even possible?’

He had never seen or heard about someone who could do such a thing.

Maybe it was because he was not well-educated, but that did not seem to be the case.

Even those snobby Sima Clan bastards who were known for their brains and the Orthodox faction bastards all had their mouths shut too.

“Y, young master-nim.”

Someone barely managed to get their voice out as they approached Cale.

It was Elder Ho.

The Dominating Aura he had used against Elder Ho had not been that strong.

“Could you please release your anger-”

Cale slightly flinched after hearing Elder Ho barely get those words out.

As Elder Ho mentioned, he had been annoyed and had used quite a bit of his Dominating Aura.

It was similar to the level he had used against the Alliance leader.

‘I need to accept it.’

Cale decided to speak honestly.

“For me, the time we are using to travel is enough of a waste. But I got a bit angry as a fight is breaking out over trivial matters and delaying us even more.”

The endless issues between the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction meant that such fights like this were just a normal part of these people’s lives.

It was not something an outsider like him could judge.

Cale withdrew his aura.



He could hear people gasping around him.

‘I’m alive.’

Xia Mun had that thought. He heard young master Kim’s voice at that moment.

“It seems like I have also caused an issue because I was unable to control my emotions. I’m sorry.”

His apologizing voice was calm but full of sincerity.

‘…What a scary person.’

That was the reason Xia Mun felt scared.

There were numerous strong individuals here. People like the Cleave Saint and Peng Yu were considered to be the cream of the crop in the Martial Arts Alliance. The talented Sima siblings, who were called the future of the Unorthodox faction, were here as well.

Furthermore, he was also here.

However, none of them had been able to overcome this man’s aura.

‘Someone with such an aura probably sees our lives as trivial as the lives of flies.’

Such a person had instantly withdrawn his aura and apologized to them for being unable to control his emotions.

Sweat was dripping down the side of Xia Mun’s face and his back was wet with cold sweat, but…

He could not say anything.


He avoided Cale’s gaze and lowered his head.

His subordinates had long lost the strength to hold their weapons.

Cale checked this and turned his head.

“Sima Jung.”

Cale called for the trash of the Unorthodox faction.

“He, hehe-”

Sima Jung was smiling brightly despite breathing heavily. Cale felt iffy about that but still said what he needed to say.

He also looked toward Sima Dan and Sima Gong, who were standing behind Sima Jung.

“This is an issue for the Unorthodox faction so resolve it well through conversation. We cannot afford to waste any more time.”

“Yes, I, huff, understand. Boss.”

The Green Forest’s Xia Mun flinched after hearing the word boss.

‘Boss? Fuck! They are already on the same side?

That’s not good!

Someone that strong is going to be close to the Sima Clan?

I need to stop that.

What do I do?’

Cale turned away from the Sima Clan and approached the Cleave Saint as Xia Mun’s eyes filled with concern.

Sima Jung looked at Cale’s back with a piercing gaze and licked his lips.

“…I’ll have him go a round with me at some point.”

He was someone who was crazy for fights. Sima Jung’s eyes were sparkling. Sima Gong, who was watching his older brother, barely managed to calm his breath before whispering to his sister.

“Noonim. It seems like I was mistaken.”

“…I as well.”

Sima Dan pulled the bottle that was strapped to her side and opened it.

She then took some large gulps.

Sima Gong did not stop her. He could see that his sister’s hand on the bottle was shaking.


Sima Dan finally put the bottle down after a few more gulps as if she was finally calm.

– Noonim.

Sima Gong sent her a sound transmission.

– At the lowest the Profound Realm. No, he might be even higher.

Sima Dan could not say anything at how Sima Gong was describing young master Kim’s martial arts level.

Thinking about those distant realms was suffocating her.

– He was not the Emperor’s brain. He is the Emperor’s sword. No, he may even be the sword of the Central Plains that the Imperial family was treating respectfully.

Sima Gong’s cheeks were slightly shaking as he sent sound transmission after sound transmission.

Sima Dan could see that her younger brother’s hands were hidden in his sleeves. ‘He’s probably touching his dice to calm down.’

– Noonim. This maybe, maybe.

Sima Dan flinched.

She thought that her brother was calming himself down but Sima Gong’s gaze was burning up as hot as Sima Jung’s.

His emotions could be felt in the sound transmission.

– Noonim, I may have joined the greatest playing field of my life.


Sima Dan groaned.

Sima Gong’s gaze burned even hotter despite that.

– It will be a large battlefield with the entire Central Plains on the line. For some reason, I feel like that sir will be at the center of it.

Sima Dan said just one thing as Sima Gong observed young master Kim’s back just like Sima Jung.

“I feel the same way.”

She then took another gulp.

She realized it. The reason she kept wanting to drink was because she could not stop her heart from shaking at the thought of a large battle that was to come.

She felt as if she would pull out her sword if she did not drink.

A martial artist. As someone who made up her mind to live as one, a large battle that would allow her to pull out her sword made her heart beat wildly.

– Noonim. I am now certain. It is highly likely that the Chief Advisor and the Alliance leader are just following young master Kim’s words.

“I agree.”

She responded shortly before approaching Sima Jung.


“What is it?”

She spoke to her second older brother who responded without even looking at her as he was focused on young master Kim’s back.

“I understand why you called him boss. He truly is the boss.”

“Did you just figure that out?”

Sima Jung finally looked at her and smiled brightly. The way all of his teeth were showing made it seem as if he was truly excited.

Sima Dan knew.

Sima Jung was impulsive and caused a lot of issues, but… He was like an animal.

That was why he could figure out a person’s true nature with his instincts.

Just as how he claimed to suddenly start calling young master Kim his boss.

Sima Dan licked her lips with her tongue like the rest of her siblings. She looked like a snake. It suited her as the world called the Sima Clan snakes.

“Senior Cleave Saint.”

Cale had no idea about the gazes of the three siblings as he stopped in front of the Cleave Saint.


The Cleave Saint looked at Cale without being able to say anything.

– Human, this Cleave Saint grandpa is scared!

Cale naturally knew it as well.


This was the person who had been unable to hide his scorn toward Cale’s group to the point that Cale was worried about him getting in their way.

He thought that it was a good thing to suppress this guy right now.

‘That’s that but I still have to say what I have to say.’

Cale started speaking toward the Cleave Saint who had a sharp gaze while being unable to hide the fear inside him.

“I’m sure a lot of things are hard to trust and that you might not like it, but… Everything will end once we get to Kunlun.”

Actually, that was not the case.

Kunlun would actually be the starting point.

However, their current excuse was that Cale was stopping by the Kunlun Sect at daoshi Un Seon’s invitation so the Cleave Saint needed to believe that Kunlun was the end.

“Wouldn’t it be better to quickly get there so that you don’t have to see these faces you hate to see as quickly as possible?”


The Cleave Saint could not say anything. However, Cale had no intention of listening to his response anyway, so he slightly bowed his head before turning away.

“Elder Ho-nim.”

He then headed toward the carriage and called out for Elder Ho.

“Yes, young master-nim!”

“Let us depart as soon as things are settled. Shouldn’t we at least spend the night in an inn?”

“Yes, yes sir! You are absolutely right! Our young master-nim is always right! Hahahaha!”

Cale was unsettled at Elder Ho’s excessive laughter but he just brushed it aside. Elder Ho was a smart guy so he would take care of all of this and get them moving again soon.

“Please take care of it.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi was there as well.

Cale found it odd that Chief Eunuch Wi’s shoulders were oddly raised up, but he got on the carriage as that was none of his business.


The carriage door closed again and there was a moment of silence before it was broken.


Everybody focused on Elder Ho who just clapped.

“Let us all get ready!”

People finally snapped to their senses.

Elder Ho watched people start to move and then looked toward Xia Mun and Sima Dan.

“There is still something we need to discuss so why don’t you both come this way?”

The representative of the two forces of the Unorthodox faction quickly approached.

Elder Ho then looked toward the Cleave Saint.


“…I’m fine. Deal with it as you will.”

The Cleave Saint.

People said that fighting him was like facing a large wall. The Cleave Saint let out a deep breath.

‘He is a wall.’

That was the wall that he was pursuing.

This was the kind of wall that was so large that he did not even dare to fathom what was beyond it.

The realm that he dreamt of.

‘At least at the Profound Realm. Maybe even at the Nature Realm.’

Today, the Cleave Saint saw the path he needed to travel.

He saw the final destination of a martial artist.

“…Kim Hae-il.”

The Cleave Saint’s gaze slowly sank down as he mumbled that name.

Peng Yu watched this and whispered to Namgung Ma Hee.

‘Doesn’t it seem like Senior Cleave Saint’s anger toward young master Kim-nim has increased?”

Namgung Ma Hee responded with a calm gaze.

“Noble Warrior Peng, you are clueless.”

“Excuse me?”

Peng Yu looked at Namgung Ma Hee in shock before sighing and whispering again after seeing that she was not responding.

“But young master Kim-nim is unexpected. Seriously, where did someone like that come from?”

He was truly shocked.

Peng Yu was truly full of admiration and awe for young master Kim’s realm.

He then saw the stoic Namgung Ma Hee smile a bit.

Peng Yu’s eyes opened in shock when she calmly commented.

“As expected of the Namgung Clan’s benefactor.”

“Tsk.” Peng Yu clicked his tongue and looked away from Namgung Ma Hee.

‘That Namgung addict.

Can’t even talk to her.

…But it looks like we need to get connected as well.’

It seemed as if it would be great if the Hebei Peng Clan could find a way to connect with young master Kim as well.

Very great.

Peng Yu knew that he was not the only one here who was thinking that. It was highly likely that everybody here was thinking the same thing.

“It looks like the youngsters have fallen for him.”

Peng Yu looked at the young martial artists of the Martial Arts Alliance and chuckled.


He could not smile with satisfaction while watching that young man from Shaolin, Jeong Chan, looking at the closed carriage door with his hands clasped and a sparkle in his eyes.


However, Namgung Ma Hee, who looked at the same person as well, clenched her eyes shut and quietly looked away from him.

Jeong Chan.

He was a living jiangshi.

Similar to Namgung Tae Wi, he would lose his martial arts once he was purified.

Namgung Ma Hee felt frustrated.

‘We need to hurry as young master Kim-nim mentioned.’

They had no time to waste.

After a bit of time, the second party started heading toward Mount Kunlun once again.

* * *

Finally, they arrived at the start of Mount Kunlun.



Cale scowled while watching two people call him boss.


Beyond the laughing Toonka, he could see Sima Jung, who called him boss with a bright smile on his face and Xia Mun, who called him Boss-nim while smiling like a treacherous subject.

The number of baggage had increased.

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