Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 119: I know who you are (6)

As for Choi Han who heard those odd rumors, he watched as people noticed him, shut their mouths, and disappeared.

However, the way they were acting made it kind of obvious that they were still chatting about it through sound transmission.

He also seemed to be included in their discussion.

“Sniff. Sniff.”

Choi Han turned his head.

“Sniff, sniff-”

Old priest Durst. He was sniffing around the area.

For reference, this was the building for the top executives.


He heard a sigh next to him.

He looked to see Beacrox, who was scowling and sighing with annoyance toward Durst.

He made eye contact with Choi Han and grumbled.


‘…He’s extremely annoyed.

You shouldn’t mess with Beacrox when he is like this.’

Choi Han looked away from Beacrox.

He then heard an even deeper sigh, as if Beacrox was even angrier that he had nowhere to release his annoyance.


“Sniff, sniff, sniff sniff!”

However, the old priest didn’t care about Beacrox’s feelings.


Instead, someone else spoke up.

It was the Mount Hua Sect’s Kang Ko Hee, the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance’s Justice Corps.

She was seen as a future core member of the Plum Blossom Swordsmen and was currently gaining experience in the Martial Arts Alliance. That was why she was not working with her title in the Mount Hua Sect but with her name.

“Umm, must you sniff around like that?”

She looked not at Durst, who looked possessed as he sniffed around, but at Choi Han as she asked.

Choi Han calmly responded.

“Yes ma’am.”

It was a short and lighthearted response.

Kang Ko Hee subconsciously dropped her jaw in response.

“The situation right now-”

However, she could not finish her sentence.

Despite her frustration, she had learned about something quite serious and knew that this was required for that situation.

‘The Blood Cult?!’

The Great War of the Triumvirate, living jiangshis, and the Blood Cult…

She had heard about some intense things while showing up to report about the Embroidered Uniform Guard that had appeared at the Martial Arts Alliance.

The moment she had wondered whether it was okay for her to hear these things…

‘Young master Kim-nim, corps leader Kang Ko Hee is a talented individual so it will be good for her to join us.’

Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo had dragged her into this.

Alliance leader Ko Seh Bum did so as well.

‘I guess the Justice Corps is not doing much right now? I heard that most of the members are taking some time off. Send the signal for them to return. This can be their new mission.’

The Justice Corps had been resting for a month now.

That was why Kang Ko Hee had been happy to hear the Chief Advisor and Alliance leader’s order.

‘We can finally work again!

Furthermore, it is a mission where we will play a role in maintaining the peace of the Martial Arts world!’

She had been so excited that she gave the order for the members, who would be around Wuhan, to return.

They should all return by tomorrow.

However, Kang Ko Hee’s feelings slowly went from excited to terrible.

The start of it was simple.

‘Nice to meet you, my name is Choi Han.’

The old man who came with the person who introduced himself as Choi Han… This person called Noble Warrior Do…

She was told that she had a job to do with these people.

‘This is an extremely important task.’

This was the truth.

Durst currently had the important task of finding any other living jiangshis that may potentially be in the Martial Arts Alliance.

The Chief Advisor, Alliance leader, and naturally Cale and the Imperial Palace as well were extremely tense waiting for the results.

Kang Ko Hee didn’t know about that but she wanted to do a good job because the Chief Advisor had stealthily come to find her to hand her this mission.

But, but why-?!

“Sniff sniff, sniff!”

Why did the job have to be sniffing around the Martial Arts Alliance all day?!

Of course, Kang Ko Hee knew.

She knew that she should not bring her likes and dislikes into completing a mission.


She was in the front leading the way when she heard someone’s voice.

“Pfft. The leader of the crazy dogs is going around with a real dog now.”

The Justice Corps…

People had a nickname for the group she was in charge of.

The gathering of crazy dogs.

They called Kang Ko Hee the master who was barely holding onto the leashes of these crazy dogs.

‘That motherfucking!’

Kang Ko Hee’s gaze turned to the side.

Not many people dared to say these things in her presence.

Crazy dogs. Most people would only mention it through sound transmission or while hiding somewhere Kang Ko Hee was not present.

It was because Kang Ko Hee turned into a crazy dog whenever she heard someone talk about it.

Furthermore, Kang Ko Hee was currently escorting a guest.

It was someone from the Imperial family that numerous rumors were currently spread about.

There was only one person who would act so arrogantly in such a situation.

“…Corps leader Wang.”

Wang Soo Myung.

He was highly likely to be the Zhongnan Sect’s future sword.

He was also the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance’s Chivalry Corps and he had been the youngest corps leader when he first got promoted.

However, it all disappeared when Kang Ko Hee broke his record.

Since then, Corps Leader Wang had been provoking Kang Ko Hee all the time.

‘This bastard must have just returned from finishing his mission!’

He must have seen Kang Ko Hee on his way to report to the top executives.

That would be why he doesn’t know that the people she is with are from the Imperial family.

Otherwise, the bastard who sucks up to people in power all the time would not be acting like this.

“Keke. I guess the dogs like you a lot, Corps Leader Kang?”

‘That crazy bastard.’

Kang Ko Hee started to speak thinking that she should put a stop to this.

An issue arising from here would not just be an issue for Wang Soo Myung; it would be an issue for the entire Martial Arts Alliance.

She currently needed to treat these esteemed guests like VIPs.

“Corps leader Wang!”

She raised her voice.

“Do you know what nonsense you are spewing right now?!”

It was at that moment.


As Corps Leader Wang asked back…

“Sniff, sniff. A dog? Did you call me a dog?”

Durst stopped sniffing and pointed to himself, and…


Choi Han let out a small sigh.


Corps Leader Wang took a deep breath at the same time.


A dagger slightly scratched his cheek and flew past him.

Blood dripped down his cheek.

Choi Han looked to his side.

“Hold yourself back.”


Without responding to Choi Han, Beacrox pulled out another pair of white gloves and put it on, despite already wearing a pair.

Durst flinched at Beacrox’s action while Beacrox nonchalantly looked at Choi Han.

“Why don’t you put your sword back in your scabbard before saying that?”

Choi Han put away his innocent smile and put his sword that was about half way out of the scabbard, back in. He then added on.

“But we still can’t let there be blood that easily.”


Beacrox snorted while jabbing back.

“Says the guy who can’t even make eye contact with Choi Jung Soo.”

Choi Han shut up immediately.

Beacrox smiled extremely cynically as if he was satisfied before it quickly disappeared.

He looked as if he got some stress relief as he addressed the shocked Kang Ko Hee with a slightly relaxed expression on his face.

“Is there a problem?”

“Excuse me?”

Choi Han sighed and took a step forward.

Cale had told him something in advance.

“You, you- dare-!”

While looking at Corps Leader Wang, who had still yet to understand the situation…

‘Choi Han. You see, in this Central Plains world… You never know when and how a crazy bastard might pop up. But the funny thing is… Most of these crazy bastards are fakers.”

Cale had told him.

“These bastards only go crazy in front of people weaker than them. They become extremely innocent in front of someone or a faction stronger than them. It’s the typical bully the weak cliché.’

‘So, if it is a really crazy bastard, avoid them. But if it is a fake crazy bastard, this is how you take care of them.’

Just as Cale told him…

Choi Han smiled innocently toward Kang Ko Hee and asked.

“I believe mocking the Imperial family is punishable by death. Is that correct?”

Corps Leader Wang had demeaned the work of the Imperial family.

Kang Ko Hee’s face turned pale at Choi Han’s question.

Furthermore, Corps Leader Wang was looking around.

He then flinched.

“I guess you must be listening to a sound transmission.”

Corps Leader Wang flinched again at Choi Han’s comment and Choi Han thought about what Cale would do in such a situation as he spoke.

“Have you figured out the situation now?”

Corps leader Wang’s face lost all color.

Choi Han thought to himself while looking at him.

‘Now the observing gazes or people trying to provoke us will decrease.’

Thanks to a punk like Corps Leader Wang doing this to them, the number of obstacles in their way as Durst goes around sniffing will decrease.

Choi Han thought that this was great as he looked at the sky outside the window.

He felt frustrated for some reason.

‘No, it’s not weird that I feel this way.’

He knew the reason he was like this.

Beacrox’s words echoed in his mind.

‘Says the guy who can’t even make eye contact with Choi Jung Soo.’

Choi Jung Soo. Just thinking about that name made a part of his heart frustrated.

What should he do?

His head knew what to do but his heart did not have the courage to do it.

It was at that moment.

“Martial arts. Use that to start a conversation.”

Choi Han flinched at Beacrox’s nonchalant comment.

Sky Sword.

The present that his nephew got for him.

The sword of the sky.

Choi Han had not had the time to look through it yet.

“It doesn’t matter if you are not here this afternoon. I can go around with that Sui Khan or Lee Soo Hyuk or whatever guy.”

Choi Han looked back at Beacrox after hearing that.

“What are you looking at?”

Beacrox had a stoic face and a nonchalant gaze. He did not avoid Choi Han’s gaze. In fact, it was Choi Han who avoided Beacrox’s gaze.


He let out a short sigh before nodding his head and mumbling to himself.

“I’ll ask young master Kim-nim if it is okay that I am not with you this afternoon.”

If that was allowed, then he will go read about the Sky Sword.

‘After that, I’ll go see Choi Jung Soo.’

Choi Han clenched his fists and firmed his resolve.

“Then shall we get started again?”

Durst asked and Choi Han nodded his head.

“Sniff. Sniff!”

They started searching for living jiangshis again.

However, the expression on Choi Han’s face as they walked was a bit more relaxed while also solemn.

* * *

“Young master-nim. We found two more living jiangshis.”

“As expected of the Martial Arts Alliance, there are a decent number of them.”

“Yes sir. However, there may be even more as about half of the members are out on missions per the operational methods of the Martial Arts Alliance.”

Cale intermittently nodded his head at Chief Eunuch Wi’s report.

“The members for the negotiation with the Demon Cult have been determined and they are scheduled to head for the Kunlun Sect soon.”

Chief Eunuch Wi had a short conversation with Zhuge Mi Ryeo to organize their schedule.

“Furthermore, we have dispatched an informant to the Sichuan area and the Beggars’ Gang has agreed to cooperate. However, we just informed the Beggars’ Gang that we suspect the location of the Blood Cult. We did not deliver all of our information to them.”

Cale nodded his head again.

“Of course, Noble Warrior Do checked all of the Beggars’ Gang members cooperating with us to confirm that they were not living jiangshis.”

Chief Eunuch Wi continued to speak.

“In addition, we sent some informants to Yunnan and Nanman to start investigating the Pure Silver Merchant guild.”

Things were stealthily progressing based on the information Choi Jung Soo gathered about the Pure Silver Merchant guild being a part of the Blood Cult.

Cale heard the rest of the information before leisurely commenting.

“Looks like we can naturally strike the Blood Cult after taking care of the living jiangshis.”

He then started to smile.

He looked down and noticed someone.

“Oh my, this is quite entertaining. Right?”

Number 7’s hands and feet were shaking.

Cale gently asked him a question.

“You still have no intentions of revealing the Blood Cult’s location?”

He spoke as if it was quite the pity.

“Feel free to do so if you really want to do that. The Blood Cult will disappear whether you tell us or not.”

Cale had a tired smile on his face once Number 7 clenched his eyes shut.

He then slowly moved his gaze until it stopped somewhere.

“Now then, what are your thoughts after hearing our whole story?”

The greatest trash of all trash in the entire Unorthodox faction…

Sima Jung, the second son of Sima Pyeong, the Divergent Coalition’s coalition leader, was blankly mumbling with his jaw dropped.

“Wow. It was so complicated that I couldn’t understand.”

He looked at the person pushing down on his shoulder as he sat there tied up.

“Hey, did you understand?”

The person who received his gaze… Toonka responded in an extremely refreshing tone.

“Absolutely not! I’m just going to do as young master Kim says! That’s all I need to do! Kahahahahah!”

Cale’s smile cracked.

He clenched his eyes shut as if he had a headache.

‘Sima Jung… That punk is a skinny Toonka.’

“Should I do the same? Ahahahahahahaha!”

Sima Jung started laughing with Toonka.

– Human! There are two idiots who just like to fight!

‘I know, right?’

Cale had a headache.

* * *

All of the members of the Orthodox faction who were headed to ‘chat’ with the Demon Cult for the first time in almost a century, gathered in one building.

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