When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 71: Oh past, give a response (1)

MVC broadcast station in Yeouido, site of the < Sun and Moon Lovers > production announcement.

< Sun and Moon Lovers >, a historical drama specially organized in celebration of the 50th anniversary of MVC’s founding, was a highly anticipated drama with top-notch casting from its leading roles to its supporting roles.

A lot of reporters even came to the production announcement location; there was a lot of enthusiasm from the press.

“Mr. Kim Joo Hyun, this is your first attempt at a historic drama. How are you feeling?”

Of course the spotlight fell on Kim Joo Hyun first, who was the male lead and the most popular among actors in their 20s.

Set in the Joseon dynasty, < Sun and Moon Lovers > was a drama about love, a curse, and an unbreakable affectionate relationship surrounding the king and his shaman as well as the king’s half sibling.

The cast had Kim Joo Hyun as the role of the king, while the king’s shaman was Ha Yeo In, who was called the world’s most beautiful, and the king’s half sibling was M2M’s Seo Jun.

The entire cast was particularly spectacular, such as the lead and the sub lead. Even the warrior role that could be considered as the third male lead was given to an actor who had firmly established himself as a Hallyu* star. It was unconventional that a rookie, Seo Jun, was cast as the sub lead.
(TL note: Hallyu refers to the Korean wave, as in the sudden increase in popularity of Korean music/drama/culture etc. on a global scale)

“I just need to work hard…is what I’m thinking.”

Kim Joo Hyun gave a short response to the reporter’s question.

It was a widely known fact that Kim Joo Hyung had a very shy personality.

It was the truth without saying any more, but from the reporters’ perspectives, who had to write as much as possible in their articles, it was a disappointing response.

“You’ve finished the table read of the script. What do you think of the chemistry between you and Ms. Ha Yeo In?”

“Ms. Ha Yeo In is so talented…I was able to do well thanks to her.”

The reporters secretly let out a sigh at the very stereotypical response.

However, it was none other than Kim Joo Hyun. The questions from reporters continued to pour in as they tried to get answers from Kim Joo Hyun one way or another.

Ha Yeo In and Seo Jun, who were sitting on either side of him, had no choice but to sit quietly and watch from the sidelines as all the interest fell on Kim Joo Hyun.

Seo Jun was very unsatisfied with his position as just some decoration.

However, even Seo Jun knew his place in this situation. He knew how to put on airs.

It happened around the time the smile of Seo Jun, who was trying to smile as big as possible, was becoming more and more stiff.

“Mr. Director, the role of the king’s half sibling in < Sun and Moon Lovers > is also a very important role. You cast a rookie, idol Seo Jun. Was there a particular reason for it?”

A question regarding Seo Jun finally appeared. Seo Jun eagerly awaited the director’s response.

Of course he was looking forward to it because he knew the director would say something nice.

As soon as the casting announcement was made, there were a ton of comments saying ‘I don’t like idols whose acting skills haven’t even been confirmed’. There were also people saying he was obviously cast because of the large Ara Entertainment agency’s power.

It was true. If it wasn’t for Ara Entertainment, it would have been hard for the sub lead role in a masterpiece to be given to Seo Jun.

However, even Ara Entertainment couldn’t just push for someone who wouldn’t fit the role at all.

“His looks fit absolutely perfectly with the image I was thinking of for the half sibling. Isn’t his face a face that any woman would fall for, with a flashy but clean image? Even Ms. Ha Yeo In smiled big when she saw Mr. Seo Jun’s face.”

The director’s joke made everyone on site laugh. The director looked at Ha Yeo In and asked her, “Isn’t it true?”. Ha Yeo In then grabbed the microphone.

Ha Yeo In wasn’t part of the Ara Entertainment agency, but she was close with Seo Jun’s father Seo Joong Won, who was the Director of Ara Entertainment.

“Yes, that’s true. It’s really, what the kids these days would call, gorgeous? He was gorgeous! Mr. Seo Jun is.”

Seo Jun purposely pretended to be slightly embarrassed and laughed.

Once the friendly atmosphere formed, the sound of the reporters’ camera shutters grew louder.

“He’s also very good at acting. I immediately cast him after I saw him do a script reading.”

The director’s response obviously meant that Seo Jun was good.

Since there were no directors who would say from the beginning that an actor in the drama he was directing is bad at acting, the reporters only partly believed him for now.

You could never tell until you looked into it.

“Mr. Seo Jun! It’s your first time acting and a historical drama at that. You were chosen for a big role, how are you feeling?”

A female reporter, who typically liked Seo Jun and thought he’d eventually go into acting based on his looks and Ara Entertainment’s typical course of action, but didn’t expect he’d go into acting so quickly, asked in a loud voice.

Seo Jun grabbed the microphone for the first time since saying hello. From the moment he grabbed the microphone, Seo Jun was lightly laughing.

“First, I can’t believe I was given an opportunity like this. I think I was very lucky. I’m very nervous, but I’ll give it my all and work hard! I’ll do well…so that I don’t disgrace the director who gave me this opportunity! Please look forward to it and give us lots of love!”

Seo Jun was the youngest among the actors as well as staff and reporters. Seo Jun’s cute “Please give us lots of love” comment made everyone on site laugh again.

Seo Jun, who had often benefited from the good looks he was born with, knew exactly what to do to make people happy.

‘It feels dirty to act cute, but there’s nothing I can do about it yet.’

Seo Jun was internally mocking the reporters standing in front of him, but didn’t stop smiling on the outside.

“Seo Jun? He definitely has a good face.”

“Maybe it’s because he was an idol, but he definitely has a bright vibe. Still, what matters is if he’s good at acting. I’ll at least acknowledge his looks though!”

“He’s also good at answering.”

“HIs posing during photo time was good too, good to use on articles.”

As they left the production announcement site, the reporters were talking amongst themselves about their thoughts on the actors. On the drama side, there was lots of talk about the newbie Seo Jun.

“I didn’t like him because he seemed too fake.”

“It’s the most difficult thing in the world for you to find something you like, reporter Son.”

One of the reporters who was participating in the conversation scolded the reporter called ‘reporter Son’. Reporter Son shrugged his shoulders and quickly left the production announcement site.


< “I’ll be reborn as a rookie actor!” Seo Jun reveals his big ambitions >

< Director Ahn, 100% synchronized with the role...I fell in love after seeing Seo Jun’s looks! >

< Side by side with Kim Yoo Hyun...Looking forward to newbie Seo Jun’s performance >

Do Wook, who had successfully finished the first concert of ‘Very Sorry’ in Tokyo, became expressionless as he read the articles.

He became heated when he saw Seo Jun waving his hands with a bright expression, but he soon calmly moved on from the article.

The comments had malicious reactions about an idol becoming an actor, but there were also many positive comments at the same time saying they were looking forward to it. In any case, they succeeded in drawing attention.

Additionally, Do Wook already knew that the drama would be a success.

< Sun and Moon Lovers > had a record of 40% viewer rating and became MVC’s main historical drama.

Kim Joo Hyun, the lead role, established himself as the top of the top actors through this project not only among actors in their 20s but also among all actors.

The role Seo Kang Jun took on was the typical sub male lead who had a one-sided love for his older brother’s lover.

He wasn’t able to get the female lead even at the end, but the sub lead, who solely loved the female lead until his dying breath, captivated the hearts of many women.

Seo Kang Jun’s acting wasn’t particularly outstanding, but it was on the level of not getting into the way of the drama. As the director said, his looks that 100% fit the role were a huge help. It was his first project so he had done his part.

‘That’s right. This drama is when Seo Kang Jun’s individual popularity starts to soar.’

Thinking about this and that left a bitter taste in his mouth. Do Wook took out the bottled water in the hotel refrigerator and drank it.

‘Sure there was controversy over his next project…but the project after that does well.’

Ahn Hyung Seo, who was sharing the hotel room in Tokyo with him this time, was already lying in bed and listening to music with earbuds in.

Do Wook also came back to the bed and adjusted the lighting. Ahn Hyung Seo took one earbud out and asked,

“Do Wook, are you going to sleep now?”

“Yes. Should I turn off the lights?”

“Yes. Let’s go to sleep now. We have events tomorrow too.”

Tomorrow was the day of the ‘High Touch Event’ at one of the concert halls in Tokyo. It was an event where they’d meet fans one-on-one and give high-fives.

Since it was a face-to-face event, it was one that would take up a lot of physical strength.

Still, it was rewarding to see that their popularity in Japan was steadily increasing.

Do Wook nodded his head and adjusted the lighting next to the bed.


“I’m sorry Kang Jun’s father. My son accidentally…”

“I know they say kids these days are scary, but breaking his arm by accident? What a scary world to live in. One more accident and my child might become crippled.”

At the principal’s office, Bo Myung’s mother was kneeling in front of Seo Kang Jun’s parents.

Bo Myung was watching his mother through the slightly ajar principal’s office door. He wanted to burst in there immediately and have his mother stand up, but it was as if his two feet were glued to the floor. ‘Helplessness’ crushed Bo Myung’s body. Seo Kang Jun was a monster, but his parents looked like even bigger monsters.

“As for the settlement money…We don’t have such a big amount right now. If you’d only drop the charges…”

“Are we doing this because we don’t have money? We’re doing this because we’re angry! A child whose family doesn’t even have 500 Won* and he dared to do that to my child’s arm?! I’m so upset!”
(TL note: 500 Won is $0.37 USD)

Seo Kang Jun’s father, Seo Joong Won, stopped his wife when she started going off, heated.

“Now now, be quiet.”

The principal was in the middle and on eggshells around Seo Joong Won, not knowing what to do. It was as if he didn’t see Bo Myung’s mother who was on her knees with her face drenched in tears.

“That’s right. We’re not doing this because we don’t have money. That Kim…Bo Min? The issue is whether Bo Min is truly reflecting on his actions.”

“Sob sob, oh dear, yes! I scolded Bo Myung big time! Our child isn’t that kind of kid but…sob.”

“What do you mean he’s not that kind of kid! Do you think the kid would be remorseful when his mother is making excuses for him like this?”

“Honey. Be quiet, be quiet.”

The woman stopped talking and took a sip of water.

“Is that true? I was told that that student reported our child to the school violence committee. Hmm. When it was our child that was the victim of violence.”

Bo Myung’s mother briefly looked like the sky was falling.

It was just two days ago that they were shocked after seeing bruises all over Bo Myung’s back and abdomen, even thigh. It was only then that they knew Bo Myung was a victim of school violence.

However the very next day Bo Myung was sued for breaking someone’s arm.

“It’s all because I raised him wrong. I was busy trying to earn money…I didn’t pay attention to my child…sob.”

“Don’t cry, Bo Myung’s mother. I’ll drop the charges without a settlement.”

“What? Really?! Thank you, sir!”

“Instead, you have to make a promise.”

Seo Joong Won smirked, then laughed wickedly.

“No, no! Mom! I wasn’t the one who broke his arm!”

Bo Myung wanted to scream.

‘If you looked into it just a little you’d know it’s all a lie!! Why is nobody?!! Why is nobody saying anything?!!!’

The principal as well as the homeroom teacher next to him were quietly listening to what Seo Joong Won was saying. There was nobody who would spare a glance towards Bo Myung’s mother who was kneeling. Bo Myung felt as if his world had become dark.





Do Wook, who had woken up from the dream, gasped for breath and looked around his surroundings. He had cold sweat all over his body.

Inside the dark hotel room, he was KK member Kang Do Wook.

Do Wook stopped himself from getting worked up. He probably also dreamt of his dreadful past because he was feeling hotheaded.

Back then, there was nobody to topple over Seo Kang Jun. However, now Do Wook was in the process of collecting the cards to reveal Seo Kang Jun’s personality and catch him.

At the same time, he was creating KK, a more popular group than M2M that Seo Kang Jun was a part of. He was also working hard to catch up to Seo Kang Jun as an actor.

Currently, it was more important to strengthen KK’s position. That way, they could increase KK’s popularity as they did individual activities.

‘Let’s wait. For that project which will change everything…!’

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