Trash of the Count’s Family – Side Story 6-2: The God of Death’s Observation Journal (2)

An existence that could not be seen in the darkness.

The Sun God always hid her appearance in the darkness as she moved.

The existence that once moved around while releasing a bright, hot, and radiant light as if she wanted to cast aside all darkness from this world started not revealing herself since some moment in the past.

The Sun God had said it was a form of atonement.

“There is something I wish to know.”

“Oh really? Ask away. I’m in quite the good mood so I’ll answer any one question you may have, Sun God.”

They were both silent for a moment.

“Oh, God of Death.”


“Is there really no existence that could bestow death to a god?”


The wine glass in the God of Death’s hand cracked and disappeared into the darkness.

“I was in a good mood but not anymore.”

A smile appeared on the God of Death’s face.

“So it looks like I won’t be able to answer your question.”

“…More than anybody else.”

The Sun God asked in a calm voice.

“Weren’t you the god who wanted death more than anybody else and sought out that method?”


The God of Death let out a deep sigh and responded in an emotionless voice.

“I did not manage to find such a method.”

The God of Death’s eyes slowly sank low and held no emotions. The voice flowing out of his mouth was heavy but held no emotions either.

“Oh, Sun God. You are not looking for eternal death but ‘death.’ And the beings who are allowed to experience that ‘death’ are only ones who can be reborn to live new lives.”


“Is it that you want to be reborn as a human again?”

The God of Death did not wait for the silent Sun God’s response and continued to speak.

“I don’t know what you are hoping for with those thoughts but let go of useless dreams.”

His voice was quite firm.

Don’t both you and I have the burdens of mistakes to carry?”

The Sun God finally responded after a long time.


There was a moment of silence between the two gods again. The God of Death didn’t put much deep thoughts into it and simply seeped into this stillness as if he was water flowing through.

He heard the Sun God’s voice at that moment and it pulled his mind out of the surface of the stillness.

“Is it Lee Soo Hyuk?”

A deep wrinkle appeared on the God of Death’s forehead.

“The human you have with you.”

Plop. Plop.

A few of the observation journals floating in the air fell to the ground. The God of Death spoke in a low voice.

“Hey you damn bundle of light.”


‘This Sun God bitch has no tact at all, no tact.’

“Hey you damn bundle of light, that kid used to work for me. Don’t mess with him.”

“…I’m not saying it because I want to mess with him.”


This damn bundle of light, the Sun God, was the lunatic who did all sorts of things in the past because she hated the dark attribute so much. The God of Death did not trust this woman. The Sun God must have realized this as she let out a short sigh and mumbled.

“I couldn’t help but be envious of Lee Soo Hyuk. I was envious of the fact that he could live a new life, a life that is not eternal.”

The God of Death snorted.

“Oh damn bundle of light. Don’t get the wrong idea.”

He corrected the Sun God’s delusion.

“Gods do not have lives. We simply have a duration of existence.”

That was the way of life for individuals who were imprinted with eternal life.

“Is that your answer, oh God of Death?”

“It is not my answer but my belief.”

Belief was something that could overcome existence.

“…I’ll be heading back now.”

“Alright, hurry up and go, go.”

The God of Death could finally be alone in his place.

He slowly took a few steps and bent down. He picked up a few of the observation journals that had fallen to the floor.

As he bent down once more to pick up the last remaining journal… He could see an entry from a certain day.


Journal entry #XXXXX

Choi Jung Soo rejected my offer.

Kim Rok Soo remained alive.

I thought that I would understand humans and their inner thoughts very well once I became a god, but… Although I can faintly see the end of humans, I still cannot understand their inner thoughts.

That was why gods who had more abilities and powers could not be heroes but humans, who are lacking quite a bit in those aspects, could become heroes.

This Lee Soo Hyuk bastard isn’t much but… He’s a bit special. I think that he is special every time I see him.

I should bring both of them with me.

But I am a bit scared of Choi Jung Gun. What if he comes and destroys everything in my office again?

I should go hide in the Shield dude’s house. No. That bastard has a weak spot for Choi Jung Gun so he will probably capture me and hand me over to Choi Jung Gun.

Then, mm, the Sun God… I should stealthily go hide in the Sun God’s warehouse.


“That was the first time I was beaten by a broom since I became a god.”

That broom was naturally in the Sun God’s warehouse and something used by those who served the Sun God.

‘Dead. Today. You.’

‘But gods cannot die?’

‘I’ll make you think that dying would have been better.’

Choi Jung Gun had commented in a low voice before swinging the broom with his sword arts and the God of Death couldn’t help but get the chills any time he thought about that moment.

‘I like the fact that you cannot die.’


‘You’re not going to die no matter how much I beat you up or cut you down.’

This was the day I learned that the Choi family was filled with normal-looking bastards who were completely out of their minds the farther you go up the family tree.

“Was this when it started?”

Changes had happened to the God of Death’s observation journals.


Number XXXXX

People at the company were calling Kim Rok Soo cold-blooded.

It was understandable.

He had never had work piled up even after his friends died, he ate all three meals a day properly, and his clothes were tidy.

He showed no issues whatsoever.

He did not turn down working late and seemed obsessed with work.

However, this punk hasn’t been able to sleep properly since he survived.

Who cares if he is eating well when he can’t sleep well?

Of course, he himself does not seem to feel the problematic issue of his sleep.


An existence that survived when he was supposed to die.

My interest in him couldn’t disappear.

At least not until he died.


Journal entry #XXXXX

Kim Rok Soo looks lonely.


He doesn’t even seem to know what loneliness is.



Chh. Chhh.

The journal entries continued.

Observation of the White Star and the world. Information about other dimensions and worlds.

There were a lot of worlds for the God of Death to observe.

“There really is a lot.”

Despite that, observations of Kim Rok Soo were recorded in each day’s journal entry.


He got another large scar fighting in the vanguard.

Lee Soo Hyuk, who was watching this next to me, laughed in a low voice and I couldn’t help but be scared despite being a god.

Is he really human?

I can’t help but question it every so often.

This guy is definitely an average bastard but he doesn’t seem like an average bastard.



Kim Rok Soo is sleeping well today.

Cage is sleeping well too.

Both Cage and Kim Rok Soo are growing well.

Of course both of them are adults already, but they are continuing to get fitter.

Cage is a priestess but is she planning on taking the path of a fighter?



I am already busy enough with all the dimensions I need to maintain, but this White Star son of a bitch keeps annoying me.

I’m already heated up because those Hunter bastards keep causing issues everywhere… I… The White Star… I really want to punch him.

I started observing Cage to get some healing and watched as she downed a giant jug of booze.

…Yeah, I guess it’s good to consume a large amount no matter what it is.

Mm. But shouldn’t Kim Rok Soo eat something while working?

Ahh, Choi Jung Soo is coming. I should stop writing now. I know that he will respectfully ask me what I was plotting while looking at me with a vicious gaze if he notices me observing Kim Rok Soo.

Of course, I am indeed plotting something.



The God of Death reached out his hand. Another book floated up and revealed the words inside in the air.


Journal entry #XXXXX

Kim Rok Soo and Cale Henituse switched bodies in the end.

This is the last move I had remaining.


Kim Rok Soo was a variable and a mutant.”

And that last move…

“It was the best.”

It was the best move the God of Death had available.

“What do you think?”

“…You knew I was here?”

“Of course.”

A small wolf appeared from the darkness.

Single-lifers were not only for humans. Any living creature in the world could be a single-lifer.

This wolf had blue fur that seemed to sparkle in silver.

“Death, your move was not a good move.”

“Was it really not?”

“But this child turned that move into a good one.”

The small wolf used his front paw to lightly tap the words Kim Rok Soo floating above the journal.

“And the existences around that child also created good results.”

The small wolf’s dark blue eyes were full of wisdom.

“It is because everybody gave it their best.”

“Your child gave it his best as well.”

The wolf smiled bitterly at the God of Death’s comment. The God of Death looked at him with pity before opening his mouth.

“…Why did you come to my house?”

“I just stopped by while passing through.”

The wolf turned around without any hesitation.

“Then I will be on my way now. It’ll be bad if others see me.”

“…Do you want a drink?”

The wolf shook his head without looking back.

“You may be disowned if you drink with an existence that has been disowned by the gods.”

“Your descendant might help you regain your status.”


The wolf looked at the God of Death. The God of Death subconsciously flinched at the eyes that had a thick aura like the gods who had kept their positions since before ancient times.

The wolf muttered on.

“I simply wish for my children to have peace.”

The wolf then disappeared into the darkness.


Once the aura that seemed to bind his body disappeared and he was left alone, the God of Death ruffled through his hair and plopped down on the ground.

“…He is an existence that has existed since before ancient times. He might be in the top five if we don’t consider the status.”

Although he was not welcomed by anybody in this world right now and his descendants were creatures that had their existence questioned…

“Hmm. Was that child named Lock the candidate for the Wolf King?”

It would be good if that child could decipher the secret.

That someone who has no place of his own and can only roam would have a place to return to.

“Ah, but seriously. Anybody comes into my house as they please. Should I just lock the door?”

The God of Death had purposely made it so that anybody could come into his territory as they pleased but he couldn’t help but be annoyed more and more as multiple existences popped in randomly like this.


He heard a new voice at that moment and the emotion disappeared from the God of Death’s face.

“You finally captured the sealed god in your hand?”

“Oh, God of Hope. What brings you here, sir?”

Existences that were here before ancient times… The few gods who had too much status to retire and have not stepped down from their positions because nobody with enough abilities to replace them has appeared…

One of those gods, the God of Hope, had come to see the God of Death.

The God of Death’s heart sank down at the fact that someone who was known for rarely getting his butt out of his place came to see him.

“I’m sure you are well aware as to why I am here.”

The God of Hope only moved during special times.

The God of Death mumbled those times.

“Where hope appears.”


“Before hope disappears.”

And finally…

“Before an existence with hope falls in danger.”

The God of Hope smiled and nodded his head.

“Yes, you are well aware.”

The God of Death looked toward the small light flickering in the darkness.

That was the God of Hope.

He was a small faint light that could not be seen under light, one that was clearly visible in the darkness but something that looked as if it could go out at any moment.

However, that light had never gone out since the dawn of time and nothing existed in this Divine World that could destroy this light.

Even the ‘law’ could not destroy this light.

The God of Hope never showed his appearance and always traveled looking like this. He claimed that even among his fellow gods only those with the qualification could see him.


The God of Hope always called the God of Death child.

This god probably saw all existence as children.

“I want you to protect the seed of qualification.”

The God of Death’s eyes clouded over.

The small blinking light disappeared at the same time.

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