Trash of the Count’s Family – Side Story 4-1: It’s snowing? That’s right! The flowers are also blooming! (1)

Malice was the first thing Raon learned about humans.

Evil was a natural existence in humans as Raon noticed for a few years after that.

However, the reason Raon was able to get out of that small and dark cave was because of a human’s goodwill or perhaps goodness.

That was the moment when Raon slowly started to realize that humans couldn’t be so easily defined.

* * *

Raon had seen the following information while reading a fairy tale called < The First Snow is Soft! > as the kind Rosalyn taught him how to read.

< The little bear looked happy while rolling down the hill which was covered in very soft snow. >

< The little bear’s friend, Tiggy, had told him that the large snowflakes that fall from the sky are cold when they touch your skin but that looking at them makes you feel soft and fluffy. >

The world that Raon saw until he was four years old was completely dark. Of course there was food and people who were covered in numerous colors, but the world that Raon saw when he was left alone was dark and black.

< The little bear's eyes opened wide after seeing the completely white world! >

A completely white world…

The little bear in the fairy tale had a big smile on his face while looking at the world covered in white snow.

‘Rosalyn! Can I have this?’

‘Of course, Raon-nim. You can have it.’

Raon really liked this book for some reason.

Of course, books like ‘The Great History of Dragons,’ ‘The Hero and his Dragon Friend,’ ‘The History of War,’ ‘War and Peace,’ ‘’Skills for Fighting,’ ‘Warrior, His Great Name’ were fun and interesting as well, but Raon was oddly drawn to this white picture.

Some time had passed since then and it was now early December.

Raon, who was staying at the residence in one corner of Harris Village, slammed on the table with both front paws.

Bang! Bang!

“That’s what the little bear said! To be more specific, the author of this fairy tale said that about snow!”

Hong looked at the white picture in the open < The First Snow is Soft! > and slowly lowered his tail.


Hong peeked at Raon, whose eyes were sparkling from excitement, and mumbled with an expression that seemed to be saying that he could not understand why Raon was like this.

“…I don’t like snow because it is cold.”

He then peeked at his sister On.

On must not have heard him because he mumbled extremely quietly as she was still focused on the white picture in the fairy tale.

Hong looked at the focused On and pouted.

‘The sky is cloudy.’

The snow that he had seen a few times while staying in the Cat Tribe village had been similar to rain that came down from the ash-colored sky.

The snow did not pile up like this picture here. In fact, the ground was stickier than when it rained and the snow quickly became dirty and black.

‘…But I did see something similar to this picture before.’

The winter he experienced after running away from the village with his sister but before they arrived at the Henituse territory… That was the one time Hong had seen a completely white world similar to what was drawn in this fairy tale.

The snow he saw at that time was different from rain as it came down in large and formed snowflakes.

‘But the sky was still just as cloudy.’

However, Hong could not keep his eyes open to look at the view because of the cold gusts of wind blowing with the snow.

It was too cold.

He might have frozen to death if his sister had not been there.

Hong subconsciously mumbled.

“Winter is cold… and it is hard to find food… so I don’t really like it.”

It was at that moment.


Hong heard something fall down.

The black Dragon and two kittens quickly moved to where they heard the noise.

“Beacrox, are you okay?”

“You need to be careful with knives, nya!”


The kitten-form On gently jumped down from the table and walked over to Beacrox.

“Are you okay?”


Beacrox was frowning.

He looked at his palm in disbelief before looking at On for a moment after hearing her question and stoically responding.

“…Pay no attention.”

Hong then shouted with a bright expression on his face.

“He seems to be fine, nya!”

“That’s a relief, Beacrox! Make sure to get some rest if you are tired!”

On nodded her head as well and returned to the top of the table where Hong and Raon made their comments. She then spoke to Raon and Hong.

“I don’t think we should keep talking here, nya. Let’s go up.”

“Sounds great!”


Raon tightly clenched the fairy tale with both front paws and flew up while Hong’s tail was wagging side to side as he followed behind On.

“Let’s go to our room!”

Beacrox knew that the ‘our room’ Raon was shouting was not their respective rooms but Cale’s room, but he did not correct them.


He simply let out a sigh-like scoff before bending over to pick up the fallen kitchen knife.

He could see his face reflected on the sleek and sparkling cold blade.

He had a terrible scowl on his face.

The extremely weak and grumbling yet oddly sad voice echoed in his ears.

‘Winter is cold… and it is hard to find food… so I don’t really like it.’

Beacrox just placed the kitchen knife on top of the chopping board and took off his glove.


He touched his ear.

He heard a nonchalant voice at that moment.

“Are you okay?”

In this villa kitchen, aside from On, Hong and Raon… There were two more people in addition to Beacrox.

“…Yes sir. I am fine.”

Beacrox casually responded.

“…Well, then that’s good.”

Cale nodded his head with an extremely stoic face.

Cale had been sitting on the chair right in front of the table On, Hong, and Raon had been at until just a moment ago.

“Should I get you some more honey lemon tea, young master-nim?”

Behind Cale was Ron, who was looking at him with an extremely gentle smile.

“…Not r-”

“Please drink more.”


Cale received a teacup from Ron.

He then looked at the empty table once again with an extremely iffy look on his face.

He then turned his head.

Cale could see the extremely clear and blue sky that did not seem proper for early winter past the kitchen window.


Similar to crown prince Alberu’s face when Cale was smiling extremely brightly… The look on Cale’s face was just about as stoic and iffy.


Cale groaned and Ron watched him with a benign smile on his face. He slightly turned his gaze. His son Beacrox had stopped what he was doing and was now making some dough with flour. He seemed to be thinking about making some cookies.


Ron’s eyes that had been looking at Cale and Beacrox sunk low.

He could see the blue sky as well.


Cale gasped at that moment.

A few of Mary’s skeleton monsters were showing off their white bones as they flew around.

Crunch crunch.

Cale ate some cookies that were baked yesterday while blankly looking at the blue sky and the skeleton monsters.

Cale, who had been lying back on the chair as if it was a bed, opened his mouth.


“Yes, young master-nim.”

“Does the Lord’s Castle have an annual record of the weather?”

“It does.”

“Tell Hans to get the weather information for the past ten years-”

Cale looked toward Ron for a moment while giving that order.


He then flinched. An extremely benign smile was on Ron’s face. Cale looked away after feeling as if he saw something he should not see and frowned even more.

“Young master-nim!”

He heard a loud shout from behind the window.

The Wolf children and Lock had their arms high in the air to greet Cale.

Cale, who was frowning while looking at the Wolf children, who were wearing short sleeves despite it being early winter, and gasped.


Choi Han, who did not have the slightest amount of dust on him, was walking toward him from beyond where the Wolf children were standing.

“The statistic is right there.”

Harris Village. The person who knew the most about the weather around the Forest of Darkness was walking right in front of him.

“Haaaa. So annoying.”

Cale slowly got up and headed toward the door.

This was the first time he was heading out in five days.

Ron silently came over and put a blanket over him.

‘…Scary old man.’

Cale got chills at his stealthiness but chose not to look at Ron before heading toward the door.

“My goodness! The young master-nim is finally outside……!”

Cale completely ignored Deputy Butler Hans’ comment and walked toward Choi Han, whose eyes were wide open.


Choi Han soon greeted Cale with a solemn look on his face.

“Did something happen?”


Cale let out a deep sigh. Choi Han had not seen Cale sighing like this with a serious look on his face for a while.

The deep wrinkles on Cale’s face from frowning reminded Choi Han of that time.

When Ron had lost his arm because of Arm and was poisoned with mermaid poison…

It was just like that time.


Choi Han’s gaze sank some more.

Choi Han saw Beacrox peeking his head out of the door past Cale’s shoulder.

He had also never seen that guy acting like this.

‘…Something’s odd.’

Choi Han quickly checked Ron and Cale’s conditions. Both were fine.

‘So why is that bastard Beacrox acting like this?’

“Choi Han.”

“…Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han’s mouth was going dry. Lock and the Wolf children were anxiously looking at Cale as well.

Cale didn’t care and looked at Mary, who was headed his way with her Flying Skeleton Brigade and nonchalantly asked.

“When does it usually snow for the first time in the Forest of Darkness?”

“…Excuse me?”


Cale brushed his face with both hands as Choi Han blankly asked back.

“…My goodness.”

‘I have to do all sorts of things as I live-.’

Cale could not say anything and just turned stoic. Choi Han blinked a few times before seeing the fishy smile on Ron’s face and realized that it must be something good.

That was why he responded.

“Mm. It is early December right now. Based on what I experienced….”

The Forest of Darkness. No human had lived in this area longer than Choi Han.

“It wouldn’t be weird if it snowed at any moment.”


“It could snow right now. It might not snow until a month later. It might even snow overnight while we are sleeping.”


“Yes, Cale-nim.”

It was at that moment.


Choi Han heard something fall.

He turned his head to see that Raon had dropped a small book from his paws. On quickly picked it up but Raon spoke to Choi Han with an extremely urgent look on his face.

“…Smart Choi Han, it can snow while we are sleeping?”

“Yes? Mm, I think that the first snow for the past few years always came during night time. Or at least after the sunset.”

“…That’s right! Of course it could do that!”

Raon flew back into the building with an extremely serious look on his face.

“Ah, my head.”

Cale shook his head as if this was giving him a headache.


Choi Han looked at Cale with confusion as he didn’t know why Cale was acting like this, but Cale walked extremely slowly to the kitchen instead of responding.

Choi Han looked at him for a bit before receiving a cold glare from Beacrox.

“…What’s up with him?”

“Who knows?”

Ron smiled gently and walked past Choi Han to keep up with Cale.

Choi Han still did not know what was going on after seeing Ron’s mood turn sour so quickly.

Everybody had just considered this to be a small issue until this moment.

Nobody seemed to have noticed Raon’s intense desire.


Raon’s chubby cheeks were puffed up as he thought about the contents of the fairy tale.

< The little bear walked up to his mommy and daddy. “Mommy, daddy! The first snow is here! Let’s go make some snowmen of our family!” “Sure, let’s do that.” “Sounds good! Should we make a snowman looking like our little bear first?” The bear family made three snowmen and the happy snow bear family standing on top of the white world maintained their form without melting away all winter long. >

Raon was in his room that Cale had given him but he had never used and turned on the video communication device.

– Raon-nim?

“Nice to see you, little Rosalyn.”

He was talking to the good and smart Rosalyn.

“Good and smart Rosalyn, there is something I am curious about.”

Rosalyn, who was currently in the Breck Kingdom negotiating an alliance between the Roan Kingdom and Breck Kingdom right now, was a bit tired but smiled brightly.

She had never received a call like this from Raon.

Rosalyn couldn’t help but smile as the round dark blue eyes looked at her.

– Yes, Raon-nim. What are you curious about?

“…I only know how to destroy things. I know how to do things that can cause a lot of damage, but soft things are hard.”

– Excuse me?

“How do you make soft snow?”

-…Excuse me?

Rosalyn, who was tired from her official duties, subconsciously got chills on her back while looking at the young Dragon’s gaze that was burning hot with passion.

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