Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 82 – We Meet Again? (1)

“Give what a try?”

Deruth asked, even though he already knew the answer. Cale was naturally aware of this.

“Father, what are you afraid of?”

Deruth could not answer the sudden question. However, his son responded after a moment.

“I am afraid that we will get hurt.”

Deruth’s eyes became cloudy. It was the same. The thing he feared was the same as his son. No matter how selfish it may be, Deruth was scared that his territory and his family would get hurt.

“I’m sure that you are aware of how the Western Continent’s state of affairs is ready to blow up.”

There was no way that the noble who suddenly started to reinforce the castle walls and invested in a naval base would not know.

The Henituse territory did not get involved in any wars until the end of volume 5. However, there was no guarantee that it would remain that way.

“I will only tell you this. The reason that the crown prince sent me to the Whipper Kingdom is related to something.”

Cale deliberately said it this way because doing so would prevent Deruth from asking Cale more about it. He would not question something from the crown prince.

Cale said one word to Deruth.


Deruth and Mueller both flinched and looked toward Cale.

“The Northerners have created an alliance.”

Count Deruth started to frown.

Cale understood Deruth’s reaction. This was important to the Western Continent’s state of affairs.

There were three kingdoms in the North.

The Paerun Kingdom was located farthest North. The Guardian Knight of the Paerun Kingdom wanted to lead his Knights brigade to the fertile lands of the South.

Deruth rubbed his face and sighed as he started to mumble.

“…It is not the Whipper Kingdom or the Mogoru Empire?”

Cale was internally full of admiration. Although their territory was located in the corner, Deruth was aware of the Whipper Kingdom, as well as the Mogoru Empire’s desire to become the control tower.
Why would the Empire want to be the control tower? That was because the East and the North were changing.

“Cale, how are the Northerners going to cross the gorge? There is also the Forest of Darkness.”

Of the 5 Forbidden Regions, there was just one that was not a complete mystery. However, the shape of that area made moving large numbers of people, ‘almost impossible,’ making people add it to the list of Forbidden Regions.

The Gorge of Death.
As the name indicates, this gorge, that was the most dangerous in the continent, became the dividing line between the North and the Central regions of the continent. At the end of that line was the Forest of Darkness. That was why it was difficult for the North to come down to the Central region.

However, Cale, the Empire, and even crown prince Alberu knew about a different method.

“Father, there are more ways than just the ground.”
At that moment, he heard a voice.


It was Mueller. The Dwarf and Rat half-breed quickly took off his backpack with a pale expression. There were two rolls of paper sticking out of the backpack.

One was the blueprint for the castle, the other was of the ship.

Cale nodded his head at the chaotic thirty-year-old who was looking back and forth between Cale and the paper.

“Yes. Ship is an option.”


Deruth let out a deep sigh and sat down on his office couch. Cale went over to sit down on the opposite side.

‘But a ship is not the only method.’

There was something Cale knew about that neither his father nor the crown prince knew about.

Why would the other two kingdoms ally with the Paerun Kingdom? The Guardian Knight of the frozen kingdom that emphasized one’s skill in martial arts had brought to reality something from the legends.

A Wyvern Knight Brigade.

They had found a way to dominate the sky.
This brigade gave them a method to cross through both the Gorge of Death and the Forest of Darkness without any issues. Other than a long-distance levitation magic that someone at Rosalyn or Raon’s level could use, this was the best you could find.

Starting that moment, the three kingdoms start to stealthily build ships to dominate the sea as well. They had been at this for five years already. It would all come to fruition in less than two years.

Why would Cale have agreed to help the Ubarr territory build a naval base?

It was because the North’s invasion was not far away. Around that time, a future that Cale doesn’t know about would start.

‘I’m just worried because this novel was a munchkin novel.’

‘The Birth of a Hero,’ was definitely a munchkin novel. It was the type of story where an egg would suddenly turn into a chicken when you turn the page. ( Munchkin refers to a cheat character that ignores the power balance of the fantasy world and continues to level up at a shocking rate )

Cale needed to prepare in order to survive in such a world.

“Yes, father.”

Count Deruth started to speak after a long time. He looked directly at his son.

“I trust your words as your father, however, as the lord of this territory, I must verify whether your statements are true or not. I’m sure it will not be easy to verify, as you heard it from the crown prince.”

Cale knew it would be difficult. Cale knew about it because he had read about it in the novel, but it was not something any average noble could know about. Even so, Deruth would work as best as he could to figure it out.

“I will try to verify it as quickly as possible. If your father does not have what it takes to find any information out, I will choose to trust your words.”

Deruth got up and headed to his desk.

“Son, there is something I’ve come to realize as I started to touch money.”

The Henituse family has gathered money for generations. Of course, they spent money as well, but it was minimal compared to the money they gathered. It was to the point that Count Deruth has never thought that he has ever spent a lot of money.
He shared his findings with his son.

“What I learned is that if you find a place to use your money, you have to spend a ton of it.”

Money does not help much during wartime. However, the results made by money prior to war will become useful during the war.

“I will contact you soon.”
“Yes, that is good enough.”

Deruth called out to his son, who casually responded and headed toward the door.

“Yes, father.”

Deruth recalled the conversation he had with Basen as Cale turned around.

“Have you ever thought about the issue of our successor?”
“Not at all.”

Cale answered seriously without a second of hesitation. Deruth started to laugh after hearing Cale have the same response as Basen.

“Yes, there is no need to think about it.”
“Yes, father.”

He was definitely not planning on thinking about it. If it came up in the future, he was planning on saying he declines the position. Most importantly, there was no need to think about it since Count Deruth should remain as the lord of this territory for at least the next fifteen years.

“Basen came to me and said he will not do anything to worry you.”
“Of course. Basen will be great for our territory.”

Basen was a perfect fit for the next lord of the territory.

“Sure. Go get some rest.”

Cale verified that Count Deruth looked happy before smiling and heading out of the office.

“Excuse me, young master-nim.”
“What is it?”

Mueller looked around before cautiously asking.

“Is the reason you are building the castle and ship because of what you discussed insi-.”
“Yes. For that reason.”

Cale cut Mueller off so that he doesn’t need to listen to a long rambling and answered.

His goal was to build that castle and ship to safely avoid the war. He did not want to fight. They called life a continuous war, but he didn’t want to live in a real war.

“Just treat it as you are building a domain to prevent us from dying.”

Mueller’s eyes became complicated. Cale put a gift on Mueller’s neck.
It was a golden necklace.

“Then you will live to get more presents like this.”
“I, I will definitely make a safe place to prevent us from dying!”

Mueller turned the most pale when he was in front of Cale, even more so than when he was around the kittens or the dragon. Cale was satisfied with Mueller’s confident answer. Giving presents and being nice really was the answer.


One week later, Count Deruth had a look of disbelief.

“I couldn’t find any information about the North.”

The reason for not being able to gather information even with money meant that it was precious information that could not be purchased with money or that it did not exist. Deruth picked the former.

‘I have a ton of money piled up anyways.’

There was only so much you could save. Deruth started to speak to his son as if he had expected this to happen.

“Son, let’s give it a try.”

Cale started to smile. He then turned his gaze to the side. Deruth had not called just Cale over. Although their youngest sibling Lily was still too young to get involved in the dealings of the territory, it was possible for one other person.

“I will work hard as well, hyung-nim.”
“Good. It is where you, our parents, and Lily will live. Let’s give it our best.”

Cale didn’t include himself because he was planning on retiring to a small village in the future. Basen vigorously nodded his head.

“Yes. I want to live working for our family and the territory until I die.”

Cale, who only cared about living for himself, just nodded his head at Basen’s statement.

Right after this moment, a secret document with the Golden Turtle crest was delivered to the necessary parties. A plan that would take a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years was starting.

Cale, who was observing the starting point for that plan, still looked lost.

“Is he really half Dwarf and half Rat?”
“Ahem, yes I am.”

Mueller went and stood on top of a chair and let out a fake cough as he responded to a construction worker’s question.

“Oh, my lord! Your dexterity must be amazing!”
“Amazing. The meticulousness of the Rat tribe and the Dwarves technical skills.”
“We want to see your skills!”

Mueller’s shoulders were moving up and down with joy.

Cale was secretly watching Mueller’s meeting with some of the territory’s construction workers. Countess Violan was next to him.

“They are all talented and know how to keep their mouth shut, so we should be able to trust them. We have created all of the contracts as well.”

Since Violan was in charge of all of the artists in the territory, construction could not be missing from the group. The developers that Violan meticulously selected were the best of the best, experts in their field. Even these two experts were currently amazed by Mueller.

“The family that developed the Magic Tower. I am disappointed that we cannot show off such a talented individual to other people!”
“I know, right? My god, I never thought I’d be able to see a Dwarf at work with my own eyes. Please take good care of us.”

Ahem, ahem! Mueller let out multiple fake coughs.

“I am thirty this year, but I have twenty-nine years of experience. I have been looking at blueprints since I was 1-year-old and held a hammer in my hand since I was 5. This is typical of both the Rat tribe and the Dwarves.”

Cale scoffed at Mueller’s words. He had never seen Mueller looking so confident. He was even wearing his best clothes with the golden brooch. It was at that moment.

“He should be easy to handle.”

Cale relaxed after hearing Violan’s observation and started to speak.

“Please take care of Mueller.”
“Sure. You don’t need to worry.”

Violan’s cold gaze headed toward Mueller. They say that a fox becomes king when a tiger isn’t around. Mueller did not know about any of this as he acted like a king.

“Will you go after verifying the blueprints?”
“Yes. I will return as quickly as possible.”

Cale just responded to Violan’s worried expression with a smile. He had to leave here again.

Cale took care of the things he needed to take care of before he returned to his room and laid on the couch. He peeked toward Choi Han, who was across from him, and started to speak.

“Choi Han.”
“Yes sir.”
“Let’s go.”
“… We have only been here for 4 days. We are going already?”

Choi Han continued to speak.

“I will gather everyone.”

There was a reason Cale had only called Choi Han over.

“Only we will go this time.”

At that moment, the existences that always resided in Cale’s bedroom revealed themselves.

“It has been a while since it has been just us!”

Hong and On lightly jumped off the bed and approached Choi Han.

“I will naturally go as well.”

Raon removed his invisibility and sat down on the table next to the couch.
Choi Han looked around at the team when he heard Cale’s voice.

“Beacrox will follow us later. However, we will first move with this group. There is something we need to take care of with just us. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.”
“…Is it Marquis Stan and company?”

Choi Han really was a smart guy. Cale started to smile.

“I knew you were sharp. Get ready to go.”

This was the team that originally met and rescued Raon. They had gathered together to move for the dragon once again.

That night, a basic carriage without any crest on it stealthily left through the back door of the Count’s estate. It was heading toward the Northwest region of the Roan Kingdom.

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