Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 81 – Flustered (3)

Currently, Cale was inside Litana’s tent. He had slept in for the first time in a while before slowly walking over. Litana looked at Cale before starting to speak.


One of her subordinates moved to stand in front of Cale at her calling. He had met Cale inside the cave. The novel had given Cale information about Bin, one of Litana’s most loyal and strongest subordinates.

“Bin will guide you to the location.”

Litana handed Cale a document. Cale had to work hard to maintain his expression once he got the document.

“Miss Lina, you can’t do this. This is too much.”

She could see that Cale seemed to be bothered by this and starting to smile, thinking this person really was a very good person.

“No, it is not too much at all.”

The document Cale received had Litana’s name and thumbprint stamped on it. It would be a complete contract as soon as Cale signed it as well.

There was one other spot that was left unfilled in addition to the spot for Cale’s signature.

The location of the land and size was missing.

Litana started to speak.

“It is complicated if it is someone’s personal property in the section, but if it isn’t. I will take care of everything so have as much as you want.”

Everything she said sounded like angelic singing to Cale. The sound of money flowing in was always beautiful. Litana was a generous person.

“How can you give me a contract like this? What if I said I want the entire shoreline or something?”
“I knew you would say something like that. But it does not matter. Take it if you would like.”

She really was the type to pay back gratitude as best as possible. Cale realized why Litana was sending Bin with him instead of someone like one of the chiefs or advisors.

‘I guess she is really planning on giving me whatever I want.’

Cale put on a helpless expression.

“I think having a lot of land is just cumbersome. I just need a small enough area for me to rest whenever I get a longing to see the jungle.”

This made Litana think about how she could pay back this extremely good person. Cale must have told his crew to help, as his subordinates had woken up early to help with the restoration of Section 1.
Of course, Cale had woken up late and did not know what his crew was doing.

“Mr. Cale, may I know your family name?”

Cale suddenly felt chills on the back of his neck. He had a bad feeling that he might end up in a complicated situation if he made the wrong move. That was why he answered back on reflex.

“I just wish to leave quietly. Let’s forget about what happened yesterday and just look toward the future.”
“You really are not giving me any way to pay you back.”

In Cale’s opinion, there was no need to pay him back. Nothing she could give would be worth more than the Magic Stones.

They were not low or mid-grade Magic Stones but a load of the highest-grade magic stones. They were all already refined as well.
Cale had no idea who buried all of them in the Jungle, however, the novel explained that it had been hundreds of years. That meant that there was no owner for these Magic Stones.

Litana looked out the tent and started to shout.


‘Ten? The Black Panther?’

“Please take him with you. Ten will find the quickest path for you.”

Cale turned around after getting the chills. He couldn’t tell whether the panther was smiling or smirking, but it was revealing a fang that was the size of Cale’s arm.

“Ten seems to be happy to guide you Mr. Cale. You can ride him. Since this is a token of my appreciation, please accept at least this much.”
“…I will.”


The Black Panther approached Cale like it was happy. Cale dodged to the side.

However, he was on Ten’s back a moment later. Litana was amazed.

“This is the first time Ten has crouched down for anyone else but me. Ten is really a good judge of character!”
“I see.”

Cale didn’t feel welcomed while hearing the Black Panther growl. It was fine when he was on here with Litana since he was with the panther’s master. Sitting on Ten on his own felt like he was putting his face into a Tiger’s Den.

“Young master Cale, we will follow you soon.”

Cale nodded his head at Rosalyn’s words.

“I leave it to you.”

The only people going with Cale were Lock, Bin, and Beacrox. Of course, Raon was following them while invisible, as usual.

“Not a problem. We will help with the restoration until Mr. Hans and On show up. Then we will head over as well.”

Cale had asked Rosalyn and Choi Han to wait for Hans and the children who were recovering the remains of the lost people.

‘I can’t have Rosalyn there with me.’

Rosalyn was a great mage. It would be complicated if she ended up finding the Magic Stones.

“Then let’s go.”

The rest of the group urged their horses forward at Cale’s statement. All of them had a lot of stuff on their horses.

“Have a safe trip. Thank you for everything.”
“It was nothing.”

Cale gently responded to Litana’s goodbye. He could not let his guard down until the end.

“See you again next time.”

‘What a terrible thought.’

If he was to see Litana again, there was a very good chance that it would be on the battlefield. That was why Cale had no desire to see her ever again. He just responded back with a smile.

“Ten, shall we go?”

Cale respectfully asked the Black Panther, who then started to move. The horses followed beside him while Litana watched him from behind.

“Are you okay, your highness?”
“I’m fine.”

She quietly responded to her subordinate’s question. The Black Panther Ten was the first life she had ever saved. Since then, they had always been together. Although it was only for a short time, this was the first time that Litana had ever left Ten with someone else. ( Lady, did you forget that you were just without this panther in the forest? )

Cale did not know about this as he headed toward Section 1 on Ten’s back. The Jungle people all stopped moving and greeted him when he went by. Each of them had their own way of doing it, but they all bowed to Cale in one way or another. Litana must have said something, as there was no fanfare or very passionate responses.

‘It really is best to leave quickly.’

Take action and then leave as fast as possible. Cale realized that that really was the best way to avoid annoying things as he quickly headed to the black ash remains of Section 1.


Cale got off the Black Panther’s back. He could hear Raon’s voice in his head.

– Wow! There really is nothing here!

There was nothing left in the Section 1 shoreline.

– Even the sea is black!

The sea by the shoreline really was dyed black by the ashes. Cale just quietly looked out toward the sea and the scenery.
A cool yet salty breeze blew by his side.

The Queen’s subordinate, Bin, who came with Cale observed Cale’s actions. The queen had told him to report everything Cale did.

“I bet this was a really beautiful place.”

The subordinate flinched at Cale’s statement. It was the truth. It really used to be a beautiful place.

“The sun will set soon, so can I look around a bit? I’ll let you know once I decide on the plot of land.”
“…I understand.”

It was almost time for the sunset.

Cale patted Lock’s head as he started to whisper.

“Play with Ten for a bit. Don’t follow me.”
“Yes sir.”

Lock now listened without asking questions.

Cale headed toward Beacrox, who was standing there with a frown. He didn’t like all of the ashes in the area. Beacrox, who had not taken off his white gloves for a couple days now, started to speak as soon as Cale approached him.

“I will keep that Bin or Bee or whatever his name is occupied.”
“I knew you’d understand what I want.”

Cale then followed up with an unexpected question.

“Beacrox, have you been to the Roan Kingdom’s Northwestern region?”
“I have not.”
“Really? Don’t you want to take a look?”
“I must take care of the Henituse Estate’s kitchen.”

Beacrox looked toward Cale with a confused expression as Cale started to smile.

He needed a torture expert soon.
He needed someone for physical torture and mental torture.
Beacrox was the best when it came to physical torture.

‘The mental torture can be done by the crazy priestess, who is probably with the eldest son of Marquis Stan right now.’

Cale patted the still confused Beacrox’s shoulders a few times before heading toward the highest hill in the area. The Black Panther and Bin watched him for a bit, but they soon had to deal with Lock and Beacrox.

That was why Cale’s steps were very light. No, it was very light as he was thinking about the Magic Stones.

He felt the same way when they found the Magic Tower’s liege’s room. Every time he became a step closer to a slacker life, Cale’s heart jumped with joy.

– Weak human, you look very excited!

Raon was correct. Cale was excited. He verified where everyone was located before heading toward the highest point by the shoreline. He headed to the top of the hill.

Only ashes were left here after the fire.

– Huh?

Cale started to smile at Raon’s response.

The Magic Stones were found by chance in the novel. This place was normally filled with tall trees such that you couldn’t tell what was underground. However, once the trees all burned down and left behind only ashes, the Magic Stones were revealed when the ashes and dirt happened to flow away due to the rain.

“Maybe about here?”

– Human, there is something five steps to the left from here!

Cale took five steps to the left following his amazing navigation system. The Black Dragon was omnipotent. Dragons had the greatest sense for mana in the world.

Cale moved to the spot Raon mentioned and crouched down. He then took out the small hoe that he had used when he earned the, ‘Sound of the Wind.’

Dig. Dig.

The hoe dug through the black ash and dirt. The ground was a bit mushy from the rain and thus was easy to dig, however, Cale cautiously dug like it was the most precious thing in the world.

And then, finally.


Cale couldn’t help but let out a gasp of admiration.

He found a very average looking, but large metal box. However, that rusty box looked colorful. Cale worked hard to dig around the box.

– Human, why are you working so hard? I’ve never seen you work so hard before.

Cale ignored Raon as usual and continued to dig until the opening of the box appeared. It was so big that he needed to move as quickly as possible to finish before sunset. He was excited.

– All you had to do was ask me to clean it.

Cale stopped for a moment.

– I will take care of it!


A small noise was made as black mana floated in the air and got rid of the dirt and ashes. Cale realized that he had been too excited. He took a breath to calm himself before pointing to the lock.

“Break it.”

– Alright.

The lock was easily broken.

Cale took another breath before slowly grabbing onto the lid of the box. Highest grade Magic Stones. Money was good, but this was a precious ingredient for his sturdy and safe sweet home and sturdy transportation vehicle. He would put these ingredients to use until he died.

He slowly opened the lid.

Screeeech, clung.


Cale let out a noise of excitement.

All sorts of vibrant colors appeared in front of his eyes. These Magic Stones had not changed at all, even after hundreds of years. The colors of these highest-grade Magic Stones were very vibrant and beautiful.

The corner of Cale’s lips started to twitch as it went up.

“Oh! Good stuff! Human, we found another treasure!”

Raon removed his invisibility and landed next to Cale. He then tippy-toed to look inside the box. Raon’s actions made Cale look around to make sure no one was around before he lifted up a Magic Stone.

These bundles of money.

The Magic Stones used in the magic devices from the Whipper Kingdom were usually low or middle-grade Magic Stones. That should give one an idea about the worth of these highest-grade Magic Stones.
Someone at the level of the Royal family would use high-grade Magic Stones.

The worth of these Magic Stones would go up based on how severe the wars became. There were all sorts of places he could sell these to. Crown prince Alberu would definitely be one of his biggest buyers.


Raon lifted his head up from the box to look at Cale. His wings were fluttering.

“I want some too!”

Cale flinched before deciding to be generous. He then patted Raon’s head and pointed to the box that held a couple hundred highest-grade Magic Stones.

“I will give you the one you like the most from there.”
“Really? Thank you human! You are a very good person!”

Cale was happy to see that this four-year-old was excited to get just one of these Magic Stones.

“So, hide it well in that spatial dimension of yours. Got it?”
“Alright! The seed and one Magic Stone are mine!”
“Sure, sure.”

Raon was making sure to follow up with details like a proper dragon. Cale wondered if this was Raon just getting used to the world as he watched the sunset for a while before heading back down to the shoreline.
The still setting sun made a beautiful image behind Cale. He put a gentle smile on his face as pointed to the hill and started to speak to Bin.

“I could see the sunset well from the top of that hill. Can I get a small plot of land up there?”
“Of course.”

Bin was amazed after seeing the size of the land Cale was asking for. It was just large enough to fit a small villa.
Cale kept his copy of the contract as he started to speak.

“I’ll just stay here until the rest of my group gets here.”

Bin, Beacrox, and Lock quickly unloaded the supplies and put up the tents. Cale was going to wait for the others at this location.

One week later, everyone had gathered together. Cale, who had been laying on a chair by the shade created by the tent, opened his eyes once they gathered.

“Shall we head back?”

Deputy butler Hans couldn’t help but think Cale was his usual self as he stepped forward. He didn’t know Cale meant the Henituse territory when he said, ‘head back.’

“Are we heading back to the Whipper Kingdom?”
“Then why would I tell you to come here?”
“Then where are we heading back to?”

It was not just Hans. The others also became confused at Cale’s relaxed demeanor. However, only one person, the only person left to bid farewell to Cale, Bin, was quietly listening.

Cale sat up on the chair and pointed to a location. The group could see that he was pointing to the sea.

“Oh! Maybe?”

Rosalyn looked toward Cale with a questioning gaze. Cale started to speak as everyone looked at him.

“This is the sea.”

At that moment.


He heard the sound of a horn in the distance. A single ship was heading toward the group.
They were familiar with the ship, as it was the same ship they had taken to get to the Whipper Kingdom.

“Are you leaving now?”
“Yes. Thank you for everything.”

Cale and Bin casually chatted with each other. He walked past the group who were looking at the ship and headed toward the shore.

“Young master-nim!”

At the head of the rapidly approaching ship was Billos who was waving at Cale. Cale smiled at the excited Billos and shook a magic bag in return.

Once the ship stopped hear shore, Billos took a small boat and headed toward Cale.

“Haha! Thank you very much!”

Billos was extremely happy after receiving the second bag of magic devices. Cale turned around to look at the group, who were all also looking at him.

“Let’s go.”

At that moment, he heard a vicious voice in his head.

– Human, is it now time for my revenge?

It was Raon. Cale nodded his head. He climbed on board and felt the cool breeze before blinking his eyes.
The ocean breeze was very nice.
Cale was heading back to the Henituse territory, his hometown.


“Welcome back.”

Count Deruth warmly welcomed Cale back. Cale, who had returned quietly without informing Deruth that he would be back, immediately headed to the Count’s office to report to his father.

“It is thanks to you worrying about me that I returned safely.”
“It’s good to see that you don’t seem to be hurt.”

Deruth was thankful and happy to see that his son had come to find him first. However, he then had an odd expression on his face. His gaze moved to the bottom left side of Cale.

“Mm, and who is this?”

Cale bluntly spoke, and a loud voice rang through the office.

“Hello, nice to meet you!”

Mueller seemed to have eaten well the last few days, as he looked much better than when Cale had found him in the Tower.

“My name is Mueller Hon, the successor to the Hon family that has specialized in construction and development for over 200 years. I will do my best with any task you give me!”

It was a very loud introduction. Deruth was confused.
Construction? Development?
He looked toward his son with confusion. At that moment, Cale called out to him.

“My lord.”

Cale did not call Deruth father, nor even Count. That action made Deruth become serious as well. Cale was now addressing Deruth as the lord of the territory.

“I heard that you were reinforcing the castle walls. I’m sure you have a reason for it?”

Deruth had been reinforcing the castle walls starting around when Cale had headed to the capital. The reason for that came out of his son’s mouth.

“I believe you expect that the era of wars will start soon as well, my lord?”

Cale could see his father’s eyes turn cloudy. Cale pushed Mueller in front of him.

“This guy is the descendant of the family that built the Magic Tower.”

Cale could see Deruth flinch. Castle reinforcement, Magic Tower, Cale knew Deruth had understood.


Cale spoke to his father, Deruth.

“Let’s give it a try.”

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