Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 695: How did it get here (2)

There were two colors of light that looked as if they would swallow the openings between the black smoke.
One was gold, while the other was beige. When the beautiful glow of the mana generated by the two Dragons covered the area so that the black smoke was no longer visible…

“That, that-!”

A black light burst out of the Lion Dragon.
The light was pure black in color without anything else mixed in. The people watching subconsciously flinched or curled up after seeing the sudden black light.

“Is the monster launching another attack?”

They were certain that the monster was responsible for this black light.
However, the individuals who were closer to the battlefield slowly started to recognize the identity of this black light.


Queen Litana gasped.
Her eyes were observing a Dragon that was slowly moving away from the monster. She could not see it clearly because of the black light, but it didn’t look as if the Dragon was retreating out of fear.

‘That must mean-!’

There was only one other reason for the Dragon to retreat.

“We won.”

The chief executives of the different kingdoms heard Cale Henituse’s voice at that moment.
The black light bursting out of the monster slowly disappeared, and the monster’s knees buckled.


This noise could have been considered to be loud, but it was quiet compared to the explosions they had heard during the battle.
However, this noise sounded louder than anything else to the individuals watching.

The monster’s knees buckled.
The monster’s body slowly crumbled down until the monster’s upper body leaned forward and it fell flat.


Silence filled the area once they heard that noise.
People were looking at the monster’s back that was a mess, as well as the monster’s eyes that had lost their light as it lay there without any movement.

“W, we won-!”

One of the Roan Kingdom’s soldiers raised his hand and plopped to the ground.


The weapon in his hand fell to the ground. However, nobody was scolding the soldier for dropping his weapon.
The soldiers who had swallowed their fear and maintained their positions released all the pent emotions inside them after seeing the fallen monster.


It was not a cheer.
It was a shout of relief that this monster was finally dead.
That relief started to spread all around. People plopped down, raised their hands, and released their pent-up emotions.
It was getting rowdy all around.

“Mm. This is…”

The chief executives of the kingdoms that had sent reinforcements, and even the Roan Kingdom’s chief executives, couldn’t help but have awkward expressions on their faces.
They had pretty much not done anything in this battle.
That was why they could not be happy. They felt sorry that they were unable to do anything despite coming to help.
They especially felt this way after looking at Cale, who was quite the mess.

“We barely did anything.”

Caro Kingdom’s crown prince Valentino looked down at the ground and mumbled apologetically with embarrassment.

“Why are you saying that you didn’t do much?”

They looked up after hearing a voice. Cale was fixing his messy shirt while speaking in a nonchalant voice.

“It is amazing enough that you all came here knowing that you may die.”

Cale meant what he said.
The guardian protecting the sealed god’s temple. A monster that was stronger than Dragons. These people had all come here to help them take down the monster while knowing the danger they would face.
This was especially true for people like crown prince Valentino, Toonka, Litana, and the others who represented or would represent their respective kingdoms in the future. They could have chosen to send reinforcements and not personally show up, but they had all come with their minds made up to join the battle.
That alone was amazing.

Of course, Cale added on a statement as he had that thought.

“But I am concerned. I don’t know how long it will take to restore Puzzle City and the area around it. We still have so much to do, but we will have to take care of restoring the city once everything is done. Oh my.”

The chief executives advising the representatives of the reinforcements flinched after hearing his statement. But Commander Toonka, the representative of the Whipper Kingdom, responded immediately.

“Don’t worry! The Roan Kingdom is our friend, just like how you are my close friend! We will help you out until the end! Ahhahahahahahaha! We don’t have money, but we have plenty of muscles! Hahahaha!”

The chief executives who came to advise Toonka started calculating something after seeing the bright smile on Toonka’s face.
The chief executives of the other kingdoms started calculating what to provide as support for the Roan Kingdom’s Puzzle City restoration after seeing the expression on their respective representatives’ faces.

‘This is good.’

Cale watched with satisfaction.

‘I’m sure that his highness will be happy with this as well.’

The news about their allies providing support to restore Puzzle City would be a great gift for Alberu, who has spent so much time fighting against this monster.

‘The Roan Kingdom is actually the most affluent of all these kingdoms.’

The Roan Kingdom had enough money to restore Puzzle City on its own without any assistance.
But the crown prince would be very happy to get support. The Roan Kingdom would be able to more handsomely reward the residents of Puzzle City and the people who participated in the war if they had support from foreign nations.

‘Plus, it’s not like we only saved the Roan Kingdom. We saved the entire Western continent. We should gain something for all of our hard work.’

Getting at least a small reward for working so hard to maintain peace on the continent would make it worth putting in the effort.
Cale had that thought as he slowly started walking.

“I guess I should go greet them.”

The representatives of the different kingdoms nodded their heads and followed behind Cale.

“Young master Cale!”

Rosalyn walked over to Cale’s side at that moment.

– Human, I am here too! Human, your mom is keeping an eye on the fake Hilsman so you don’t have to worry!

Raon was with her while remaining invisible.


On and Hong slowly stood next to Cale as well. They all wanted to go greet their allies who had just finished an arduous battle.
Cale did not say anything as he headed past the barrier.


The barrier that had separated the monster from the people slowly created a path as Cale approached it. Cale took a step out of the path created within the barrier.
Rustle. Debris scattered as he stepped on them. Cale didn’t pay any attention to it as he only looked forward.

He saw the fallen monster.
He then saw the beige-colored Dragon Mila, who was leaning on something probably because she was tired, as well as the pink curly-haired Dodori next to her.

Finally, Eruhaben-


Cale’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Eruhaben.
Eruhaben quickly polymorphed and turned into a human before running toward the fallen Lion Dragon.
Mila and Dodori responded with shock as well.

‘…Over there-’

Choi Han and Alberu were by the fallen Lion Dragon. The two of them had gotten the closest, getting all the way into the monster’s insides to fight.
With two Dragons looking in that direction and Eruhaben urgently running toward them…

“There’s no way, right……?!”

Rosalyn’s voice was slightly shaking, and Cale’s steps quickened. The people behind them stiffened up while Toonka subconsciously frowned and shouted.

“Did the two of them get hurt?!”


Cale’s low and cold voice made Toonka flinch and shut up. Toonka could only see Cale’s back, but the mood around him felt quite foreign. The others must have felt the same way as they all shut up and did not dare to say anything.


Rosalyn covered her mouth with both hands at that moment.
Her eyes were looking at Choi Han, as well as something slumped over in Choi Han’s arms while covered in Choi Han’s cape.

Choi Han’s clothes were ripped and dirty. He looked like a mess from head to toe.
Eruhaben, who had now reached them, urgently opened his mouth.

“…The crown prince-”

That something slumped over in Choi Han’s cape…
He was sure it was the crown prince.
Eruhaben grabbed the edge of the cape instead of saying anything else. He needed to quickly check Alberu’s condition.

“You cannot do that.”


“You cannot do that right now, Eruhaben-nim.”

Choi Han’s gaze moved past Eruhaben’s shoulder. The ancient Dragon looked in that direction as well and saw Cale and the others behind him.
Cale reached his hand out after getting a little closer.

“Please wait.”

He stopped the chief executives from getting any closer.
The people behind him had to stop walking after seeing Cale’s gaze once he turned around.

“Please wait right here.”

They did not dare to get any closer to Choi Han after hearing Cale’s respectful yet firm voice that clearly set the boundaries. Cale confirmed this before slightly nodding his head at them and heading toward Choi Han again.
Rosalyn, On, Hong, and Raon followed behind him.


Choi Han, who had looked calm this whole time, finally frowned a bit.

“Everything okay?”

Choi Han slightly bowed his head at Cale’s nonchalant question.

“I checked that his highness does not have any large external injuries. I believe that he as fainted.”

“What about you?”

“Excuse me?”

“Are you okay?”

Choi Han was at a loss for words for a moment before biting down on his lips at what Cale said next.

“You look terrible too.”

“I, I am okay.”

“Okay. Good job.”

Cale gently patted Choi Han’s shoulder. Choi Han was thinking that Cale never changes. Cale had no idea what Choi Han was thinking as he slightly lifted the cape in a way that the others would not be able to see.

‘As expected.’

Alberu was there with his eyes closed in his quarter Dark Elf form as the spell was released.

– Human! The crown prince’s spell was released?

Cale nodded his head instead of responding. He lowered the slightly lifted cape and tightly bundled the crown prince again.

– Is the crown prince okay?



Raon’s concerned voice as well as On and Hong’s worried gazes were directed at Cale.
Rosalyn and Eruhaben looked tense as well.

“It looks like his highness has fainted, but let us escort him inside to check his condition.”

Cale looked at the cape and shook his head.

“He shouldn’t have pushed himself so hard to fight. Why the hell would he faint-”

On and Hong stared right at Cale after seeing that Cale’s voice was not as cold as before.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“…I have nothing to say, nya.”

“He’s right, nya.”

– Human! How can you never reflect on your actions?! Human, you should take note as well!

‘What are they talking about?’

Cale didn’t have the time to decipher the gazes of the children. Alberu seemed okay, but they still needed to quickly check his condition.

“There is a healer over here!”

Crown prince Valentino raised his hand and shouted from a bit away. One of the people who came with him to advise him was a healer.

“He is our dedicated royal healer and extremely skilled! He can get started on the crown prince’s treatment right away!”

Valentino sounded excited as he spoke with good intentions. Choi Han looked toward Cale to see what he would do.
Cale gave a short response.

“Thank you for the offer, your highness, but this Dragon-nim has agreed to take a look.”

He looked toward Eruhaben, who slowly raised his hand.

“I can do it.”

“That is what he is saying.”

Valentino awkwardly lowered his hand.

“Haha, then that is a relief.”

At that moment…

“Your highness—!”

The Royal Knight Captain walked over completely pale. His face was full of panic.

“H, how did you end up like this, your highness-!”

He looked as if he wanted to lift the cape off Alberu at any moment to take a look.

“W, why have you covered him up like this? A, a lot-”

Was he hurt a lot? Was he in critical condition? The Knight Captain wanted to ask but could not get himself to do so. He looked back and forth at Choi Han and Cale with desperation in his eyes.
He then took step after step toward Choi Han and Alberu.
Choi Han’s pupils started shaking, and he started speaking with a face that seemed firmed with resolve.

“His. Highness. His. His. Ragged. A.-”

Rosalyn and the children averaging nine-years-old couldn’t help but frown.
Cale got in between Choi Han and the Knight Captain at that moment.

“Choi Han. His highness did not want to show his ragged appearance to other people?”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han only said those two words.

“Captain-nim. I believe that his highness, that my hyung-nim did not wish to show a weak side to the citizens of the Roan Kingdom. He probably only wants to show a positive appearance to his people.”


The Knight Captain furrowed his brows and clenched his fists.

“I see. S, such big picture thinking.”

“Hyung-nim is someone who is great enough to have such large-scale thoughts on his mind. He always wants to remain the sun of the Roan Kingdom.”

“That is right. His highness is that kind of person.”

He nodded his head and shouted toward the knights behind him.

“We must escort his highness inside!”

The knights quickly lined up in two lines. However, Cale stopped them.

“I do think we need to hurry. So it is okay.”

Cale looked toward Eruhaben who cast flight magic on Choi Han and Alberu.

“We will head in first.”

“Please check everybody’s conditions.”


Eruhaben flinched at the term, ‘everybody,’ for a moment before looking at Choi Han and himself and nodding his head. The three of them quickly flew over to the Puzzle City City Hall.
Cale looked to confirm that they were safely inside before looking at the people remaining here.
Their joy only lasted for a moment and they were now looking at the evidence of the fierce battle with concern and worry. Cale simply said one sentence.

“It is now opening.”


Someone gasped after understanding what he meant by that.
They all started to look up at the sky one by one.

“O, over there-”

Without any noise…

“…The black smoke has disappeared!”

As if it had been there the whole time…

“That building is…?!”

The black smoke had disappeared and a building was slowly appearing in the sky.
Rosalyn quietly mumbled.

“That is the Temple of the Sealed God.”

It was an extremely luxurious and holy-looking temple made of white marble that could not be compared to anything on this continent.
The temple shone even more beautifully under the light of the orb with Divine Power that Alberu had shot up into the air.
Nobody would ever think that the God of Despair would be sealed in such a place.

This temple floating in the sky… Stairs started to appear one by one from the temple that was glowing from the holy light instead of the moonlight.
More steps started appearing and heading down.
The staircase finally reached the ground.


Cale scoffed in disbelief.

“Is this being done on purpose?”

The staircase ended right in front of Cale.
Cale touched the golden plaque he took out of his pocket as he recalled Ahn Roh Man’s words.

‘If thousands of lives were sacrificed during the seven nights and eight days to kill the Lion Dragon… Tens of thousands of lives were sacrificed in the year it took to reach the end of the temple.’

One year?
Tens of thousands of lives sacrificed?

Those words were not included in the plan inside Cale’s mind.

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