Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 675: The Falling Sun (3)

Nothing was touching his back.

Alberu Crossman now realized it.

‘There is nothing behind me to support me.’

The only thing left was to fall.

‘I am falling right now.’


A short laugh came out of his mouth.

His white armor that had been spotless was crushed and burnt in multiple locations.

Alberu gave a short evaluation of his current condition.

“It’s perfect.”

His fall was perfect and beautiful.

He recalled what had happened a few moments ago.

* * *

“Crown prince. Here we go.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mila’s body quickly charged toward the Lion Dragon with Alberu on her back.

Alberu had no choice. He had to listen to Mila, Cale, and Rasheel’s voices at the same time.

“The Lion Dragon was about to launch a new attack before you attacked it just now.”

– Your highness. The Lion Dragon’s new pattern has been captured on the screen. It was an attack from its mouth that looked similar to a Dragon’s Breath.

– Hey! Be careful! This great being doesn’t care whether you die or not, but I am going to hate it if you mess with my great plan! So, listen carefully.

Rasheel’s voice was the loudest.

– I saw it clearly from the front. It was similar to a Dragon’s Breath, but it was more sinister and ominous.

A power that felt ominous even to a Dragon.

Rasheel seemed to be telling him that he needed to be careful.

– Your highness. Please get hit by the shield instead of the breath attack before you fall. I believe that will be the safer approach.

“Crown prince, I will dodge well so respond fittingly.”

Cale and Mila seemed to agree.

But at that moment…

I’m not so sure.”

Alberu seemed to have a different opinion.

“It doesn’t seem like I need to do that.”

– What do you mean?

Cale seemed confused, while Rasheel, who was on the Dragon half-blood’s back as he continued to pretend to be Choi Han, delivered a message into the charging Alberu’s mind.

– That power… Yes, it felt as if it was dead mana that had turned sinister and disgusting! Even I felt as if my scales would melt immediately if I touched it!


Another quiet laugh came out of Alberu’s mouth.

“Little brother. I saw it too. I saw that thing.”

He saw that red power as well.

This power that even a Dragon was telling him to watch out for…

Alberu had seen it clearly.

It happened after he landed the first ever attack on the Lion Dragon.

The bullet had exploded and the monster had roared and turned around to find the enemy who had attacked it.


Alberu had seen the strong and mysterious force that the monster had been gathering in its mouth prior to determining that Alberu was its target, slowly disappear.

It was an unfamiliar but familiar power at the same time.

“It should not be able to kill me with that power.”

– …Are you talking about that Breath like power?

Cale asked but Alberu shared his feelings instead of responding.

“How entertaining.”


As he stood on Mila’s back and felt the wind rushing past him on their way toward the monster…

The Lion Dragon was holding its shield and slowly opening its mouth.

Rasheel had said the following.

‘It felt as if it was dead mana that had turned sinister and disgusting!’

Alberu had felt something the moment he saw the red force inside the monster’s mouth.

‘The foundation of this thing is dead mana.’

He also thought that it would not be able to kill him.

He had blood rushing through his body that would allow him to survive this attack.

“You said that the god that this monster is protecting is a god served by the Demon World? It’s the God of Despair?”

– They said he is the God of Despair.

“Really? Is that why this thing is using dead mana?”

Alberu commented as if he was enjoying the current situation.

“This god is a good match for me.”

It seemed like a good match for multiple reasons.

Alberu looked down at his hand.

– Alberu Crossman-nim, please give me whatever order you wish.

This white spear from the Sun God…

This spear was made by an expert on Earth 3 and was able to damage the Lion Dragon.

‘So the people on Earth 3 were able to get rid of this monster without this weapon?

How amazing.

This weapon is amazing as well.’

That mighty weapon was in Alberu’s hand now.

Had the Sun God given it as an apology for the curse on the Crossman Royal Family?

‘No. There’s no way.’

Alberu Crossman… It was probably because there was a reason he needed to hold this white spear in his hand.

The Lion Dragon.

This monster was summoned through people’s deaths being used as sacrifices. It was only natural that the power used by this monster would hold the power of the dead.

No matter how white it was or how holy it looked, its true nature would not change.

‘Yes. Just like how the fact that I have Dark Elf blood cannot change.’

True nature and reality would not change.

That meant that if the power used by this monster was dead mana or used death as a foundation, it would not be a ‘big’ obstacle for Alberu.

It helped him realize something.

It helped him realize the reason the Sun God gave this weapon to him, Alberu Crossman.

He realized something else as well.

“Just trust me.”

He said to his allies who would be listening to him.

“I will show you the most splendid fall.”

Even if it was splendid, it was still a fall.

But even if it was a fall right now…

‘In the end, I will be the one to take this monster’s life.

I will be the one to save these people…I will be the one to save the citizens of our Roan Kingdom.’

It put a serious amount of pressure on Alberu but also made smile.

“Crown prince! We will crash into it soon!”

Alberu kicked off Mila’s back and shot forward once he heard her voice.

He was charging straight toward the face of the monster that was glaring at him as if it wanted to kill him.


The monster’s mouth opened.

Inside of it was a force he was familiar with, albeit slightly different. The ominous and sinister force was gathering inside its mouth.

– Preparations are complete.

Alberu charged toward that open mouth once he heard Taerang’s voice.

Mana was gathered at the tips of his feet to push him forward.

At that moment…

“Crown prince!”

– Hey! It’s different!

The two Dragons suddenly responded with urgency.


Alberu’s eyes then opened wide.

Inside the monster’s mouth…

That red force that was similar to Dragon’s Breath…

It was not that this time.

“…Must… kill……”

The force that was gathering inside the monster’s mouth as it talked…

It was dark red this time.

– Hey, it’s an even stronger force this time! Will you be okay?

Rasheel, who still had to pretend to be Choi Han, urgently asked.

However, Alberu clenched the gun in his hand with both hands as he responded.

“Proceed according to the plan.”

That would be enough.


As if a large typhoon was striking the ground… The dark red force that shot out of the monster’s mouth made such a loud noise that made people’s ears ring.


“S, shit-!”

As people blanked out in fear as they watched that force release from the monster’s mouth…

Alberu curled up. He heard a Taerang’s voice in his ear.

– Commence transformation.

The white gun in Alberu’s hand started to change form.

Just as the dark red light in the sky made it impossible for people to see anything…

‘It’s coming!’

The curled up Alberu could feel the dark red force coming toward him.


His hands were shaking.

This force was extremely strong. It was so strong that his instincts were telling him to be afraid.

This force had despair inside it.

But, as if to show that death was the end of despair… He could feel death inside it.

Alberu’s shaking slowly disappeared as he felt the death.


Dark Elves were used to that power.

Taerang calmly commented in a mechanical voice.

– Reconfiguring the weapon with the image inside Alberu Crossman-nim’s mind as the foundation. The image utilized will be ‘Cale Henituse’s Indestructible Shield.’

The white gun started transforming into a shield that was wide enough to cover Alberu’s curled up body.

The artificial wings that appeared on the sides of the shield wrapped around Alberu’s body.

It happened in an instant.

There were others who were with Alberu at that instant.


Mila shouted toward the Dragon half-blood as she retreated.

However, her beige-colored mana used the moment everybody’s view was blocked by the dark red light to move toward Alberu.

It landed outside Alberu’s shield.

The first magic barrier had been created.


Then there was Rasheel, who was retreating on top of the Dragon half-blood.

“Well, it’s nice that it covered everything.”

He stealthily used that opening to send his grey mana toward Alberu as well.

A grey barrier was now on top of the beige barrier on top of the shield.

“…Will this be enough?”

Of course, that was not all.

Alberu called out to someone as he floated there with his body curled up.


Underneath the white shield… There was a black barrier surrounding the curled up Alberu’s white armor.

It was Alberu’s magic cast with dead mana.


The dark red force soon struck Alberu.

Alberu closed his eyes.


Through the ear-piercing noise…


The first grey barrier was destroyed.

A Dragon’s barrier was destroyed that easily.


Mila’s barrier was next to rip apart and disappear without a trace at the dark red force.

– Danger.

The weapon may be damaged by this strong power.

Current appearance will be removed upon 90 percent damage in order to restore self and for AS. (TL: AS stands for After Sale Service, better known in English as customer service.)


It felt as if a meteor was falling directly at Alberu.

Alberu’s whole body was shaking despite being underneath the shield.

– 10%… 30%… 50%…….

He continued to hear Taerang’s voice.

Alberu had a thought on his mind.

‘This power will weaken eventually.’ Similar to a Dragon’s Breath or a typhoon… It would strike hard and then pass by.

– 60%… 70%… 75%…….

It was easy to tell.

Taerang’s report of damage was slowing down.

The monster’s attack was dwindling down.

This dark red force will soon disappear and the dark red light that covered the sky will disappear as well.

People will then be able to see the results of the explosion with their own eyes.

Alberu was waiting for that moment.

– 88%… 89%… 90%.

Once Taerang’s voice said 90 percent…

Alberu recalled his weapon.

He then opened his eyes.

“Well… It’s almost done.”

It had only taken a few seconds. It was not a few minutes, but a few seconds.

But two Dragon’s barriers were destroyed and Taerang, a weapon that can break through this monster’s scales, was 90 percent damaged as well.

As for the weak remnants of this dark red force…

Alberu faced it head on.

– Danger. Danger. Extremely likely that user will be in serious danger. Danger, danger!


He had a thought at that moment.

‘…It failed.’

His black barrier that he thought might be able to completely block this power was unable to completely block it.

His white armor and helmet burnt black as if they had been surrounded by fire.

Alberu’s mouth opened.


He let out a short groan.

He felt as if his whole body had been pounded by a giant boulder.

He then made a comment.

“…It succeeded.”

He had felt a wave of pain; however, he did not bleed or get injured.

Numerous barriers had been destroyed, but they had done their job to protect him.

His armor and helmet were burnt black, but they also protected him as well.

Alberu, now in his black burnt armor, fell to the ground with the white spear in his hand.

The Lion Dragon was looking at him.

Alberu closed his eyes as he commented toward the red eyes of the monster that was observing him.


I’ll be back soon.

I’ll come back to kill you, you bastard.”

The people on the ground who could not hear him screamed as he fell.


“Oh, his highness, his highness!”

“Even his highness…! Noooo! We must quickly rescue his highness!”

Pandemonium struck the people on the ground.

It was at that moment.

– Scratches discovered.

Alberu’s eyebrows twitched.

– AS necessary for explanation of the restoration process.

Taerang spoke in its usual calm voice.

– You are being connected to your AS representative.


Being connected to whom?’

Alberu almost opened his eyes in shock.

It could not be helped.

This weapon, the Unbreakable Spear, was a weapon that had crossed over from Earth 3.

– Current AS representative is Ahn Roh Man.

Starting connection. You will be connected to your AS representative once the music ends and all conversation will be recorded.

– Ding! Doo doo dooo~, doo dooo doooo!

Weird music filled Alberu’s mind.

But the song ended a few seconds later and he heard a person’s voice.

– Hmm?

Why am I suddenly being connected to a disappeared item?

Alberu became anxious after hearing this Ahn Roh Man person’s extremely anxious voice.

– What the hell? Is it really connected? AS? Ha! Who the hell is the arrogant prick holding my item right now? Who are you?

‘…Did I really connect to Earth 3?’

Alberu was flabbergasted. However, a thought rushed past through his mind at that moment.

‘Hold on…that world is where they killed the messenger of the sealed god, this guardian monster, isn’t it?’

That meant that they had opened the temple of the sealed god once as well.

‘If they had time to leave this weapon behind, didn’t that mean that they had successfully stopped that temple as well?’


The corners of the mouth underneath the helmet of the falling individual slowly curled up.

The Sun God had not stopped at giving a single weapon.


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