Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 644 – Are you scared? (6)

“N, nooooo!”

“Crazy bastard! Do you think we are the only ones who will die? Everybody will die! Do it if you dare!”

The people wearing grey priest outfits were shouting.

Their eyes were focused on Raon and Cale, who were heading to the altar. They then looked toward the rose gold thunderbolts that looked ready to pierce through the black wall and strike down at any moment.

However, nobody dared to move.

“All those who worship the Demonic race will curse you Cale Heni…ugh!”

“Curse that Dragon, ahhhh!”

Baaaaang! Bang!

Pink arrows landed right in front of the priests who were shouting curses. Those arrows would have gone right through their heads if they moved even one centimeter closer.

“Thank you, Dodori!”

“This is just basic stuff, my hoobae Dragon!”

Cale just quietly observed the scene with his arms crossed.

“…Ugh. Ugh.”

He was using king Bakehe as a chair.

– Cale. Will you purify things right away once that young Dragon destroys the sculptures?

Cale nodded his head at the Super Rock’s question.

It wouldn’t be weird if he told Raon to hurry, but Cale looked relaxed. However, his mind was not relaxed at all.

He wanted to take care of everything as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he could not hurry.

“Please go back inside!”

“We will get you out again if you go in for now! We’re not going to lock the cell doors. Do you see those thunderbolts?! You’re done for if you get struck by it!”

The Ranger Brigade members had stopped rescuing the hostages and were sending them back into the cells.

‘It’ll be bad if the hostages get hurt by the fiery thunderbolts.’

Cale was very good at controlling the fiery thunderbolts, but he didn’t want any accidents where a hostage who was moving got injured.

He needed to be super careful because a lot of their bodies were messes right now.

That was why Cale kept up a poker face while hiding his nervousness.

– Cale. You seem quite nervous…is there a reason for that?

The ancient powers realized it.

And Raon, who peeked behind him, realized it as well.

– Human! Is there anything urgent? Why do you look like that even though grandpa Ron isn’t telling you to drink lemonade?

Cale didn’t respond to Raon and only answered the ancient powers in his mind.

‘There are only four of them.’

Only four of the sculptures were here.

Then where were the remaining four?

Cale said a single statement out of nervousness.

“…There are no Dark Elves here.”

The hostages had cheered with joy, thinking that Cale was young master Naru.

They had reached their hands out for him to save them.

The Endable Kingdom’s citizens had never given up their will to survive, even though their bodies were injured and tired.

But the Dark Elves were not here.

Of course, Cale had only taken a quick glance, so he was waiting for a report from the Ranger Brigade.


The Ranger Brigade members who had inspected the cells from top to bottom urgently shouted toward Cale.

“Not a single Dark Elf is here, sir! The lower cells are all empty, sir!”

“Over half of the cells are empty, sir!”

None of the Endable Kingdom’s Dark Elves who were also going to be used as sacrifices were here.


Cale realized that his thoughts had been correct. He immediately opened his mouth.

“Hurry! Speed up!”

The Ranger Brigade members increased their speed to move the Vampires back into the cells.

Their jobs were almost done, but Cale was just getting started.


Cale stood up and grabbed king Bakehe by the hair.

“Hey. Where are four of the sculptures?”

“Mmph, mmph!”

Cale pulled king Bakehe’s hair even harder after seeing him desperately shaking his head.

Cale’s stoic expression as he asked was quite contrary to everybody else’s anxious faces, making Bakehe scared.

He didn’t know whether those red thunderbolts would strike down at him.

“Then I will ask a different question. Where did the Dark Elves go?”

“Mm, mmph.”

Bakehe hesitated after hearing the question.

Cale quietly looked at him for a moment before moving while dragging Bakehe behind him. He was headed toward the altar. Cale’s silent action made Bakehe feel as if Cale would break him as he was planning to do with the sculptures.

It was at that moment.


Cale nonchalantly commented before looking down at him.

“You’re quite heavy to drag. Shall I get rid of some weight?”

King Bakehe turned pale.

‘Weight? What weight?’

He then looked down at his body. They had taken his sword and he only had his clothes, which meant that the heaviest thing right now was his body. Just thinking about how to lessen the weight was terrible.

A swordsman’s body was extremely important.

He looked at Cale’s eyes.

“Mmph, mmph, mmmmmph!”

Bakehe was flailing as much as possible and looked as if he wanted to say something.

‘He means it.’

This bastard really was finding it heavy to drag him. Then he really might do as he said!

‘Please! Please let me talk!’

Bakehe desperately flailed and Cale happily ungagged him.



Cale’s eyes clouded over once he heard the Bear King Sayeru’s name.

“Sayeru took all of the Dark Elves back to the Endable Kingdom a few days ago! H, he said that we should divide the locations after it was found out by Duke Fredo a, and took the Dark Elves back while not bringing over the sculptures he was planning on bringing! He said we need to change the number of summonings! I’m telling the truth! Please believe me! Ugh!”

Cale released his grip, and Bakehe fell to the ground. Cale didn’t even glance at the fallen Bakehe.

Nervousness was visible on his face now.

Duke Fredo had said that there would be two summoning rituals.

One was to summon the sealed god.

The other was to summon the unranked monsters into this world.

‘But they’re splitting the unranked monsters’ summoning into two again?’

Cale quickly headed toward the altar.


Half in the Endable Kingdom.

Half in the Sez Kingdom’s Mount Nex.

The unranked monsters would be summoned in split locations.

“Human, what’s wrong? Your expression is quite tense!”

“The bottom!”

Cale pointed to the bottom of the altar.

“Destroy the bottom!”


“T, throw your body!”

“Let’s sacrifice ourselves! We must stop this!”

The priests screamed and ran toward the altar once Cale pointed to the bottom of it. They seemed to have forgotten about Dodori’s arrows, but there was someone who was quicker than them.

“Hmm? I got it, human!”

Crack, crack!

Raon could see something black in the cracked area the moment his black aura cracked the bottom of the altar.

“Huh? Huh?!”

Raon’s eyes opened wide.

“What is that?”

Dodori reacted the same way.

A black pattern appeared once the bottom of the altar was destroyed.

“That’s weird. It looks like a magic circle, but it is different from the ones I know.”

“Dodori, t, this seems to have black magic mixed in it!”


A black magic circle had been hidden under the altar.

“I, I didn’t know! Human, I didn’t know this magic circle was here because I didn’t feel any traces of mana!”

A magic circle without mana would just be a picture or a peculiar pattern. Magic circles only worked if there was mana to activate it.

There was a large amount of dead mana here to activate the black magic circle.

These dead mana were transformed to become even more powerful.

“Human! T, this looks like a teleportation magic circle!”

Cale immediately asked once Raon figured out what it was. He seemed quite calm, as if he had expected it.

“Figure out the coordinates.”

“Hmm? The coordinates? It’ll take a while because it is black magic-”

Although his voice was calm, Cale didn’t have the time to listen to Raon’s full statement.

He just said two words.

“Puzzle City.”


“See if the coordinates are set to Puzzle City.”

Where would they send the unranked monsters once they were summoned?

The chances of them being sent to Puzzle City were quite high.

And if things were the same as Cale had heard, all of the sacrifices for the summoning ritual should have been here.

However, half of them and half of the sculptures were in the Endable Kingdom.

‘I’m sure Dorph told Sayeru that they were being attacked here.’

Bear King Sayeru was guaranteed to be at the Endable Kingdom preparing to summon the other four sculptures with the Dark Elves as sacrifices.

‘Once Sayeru learned that they were attacked here-’

Cale started to speak.

“…He might have proceeded with the summoning.”

That altar probably has a teleportation black magic circle hidden at the bottom as well.

Both of them would probably have their coordinates set to the Roan Kingdom’s Puzzle City.

The plan was to use the monsters to destroy Cale Henituse’s foundation, since he was the most bothersome pest in their attempt to summon the sealed god.

‘I need to hurry.’

Cale had realized that he did not have much time the moment he heard that the Dark Elves were not here.

“Commander-nim! We have everybody under cover! We have taken cover as well!”

“Human, do I need to find out the coordinates?”

He could hear the voices of the others around him.


“It won’t do anything if we attack those bastards! Destroy the glass coffins!”

“Oh great Demonic Gooooood!”

He could also hear the shouts of the enemies.

Cale opened his mouth in the midst of all the noise.


“Hmm? I’m figuring out the coordinates!”

“You don’t need to do that anymore. Step back and create a teleportation magic circle. Make it so that we can go whenever I give the signal.”

“Huh? What about the sculptures?”

“We are teleporting to the Endable Kingdom. I will take care of the sculptures.”

And then…

“Contact his highness, no, contact everyone with the Grade-1 warning. Tell them to send the troops to Puzzle City.”

Cale called forth the wind.



Everybody other than Raon and himself was pushed away from the altar by this sudden gust of wind.

Finally, the roars that had been quietly waiting in the sky started to burst out.

Ruuuuumble- ruuuuuuumble-

Everybody looked up after hearing the scary noises.

The citizens of the Sez Kingdom…

The Vampires and Ranger Brigade members hiding in the cells…

Even Cale’s allies and enemies fighting in the middle of the mountain…

Everybody watched as the black wall was destroyed.

Then all they saw was red.

There was no noise.

As this red light that might last for only an instant or forever covered their sights and suppressed all other senses…

And as they noticed the moment that was happening…


A loud explosion that felt as if it might explode their ears shook Mount Nex.

The people outside could see the rose gold thunderbolt piercing through the top of Mount Nex.

The people inside the pit at the peak couldn’t take their eyes off of this phenomenal sight.

The red light was so beautiful that they couldn’t take their eyes off of it, even while knowing that touching it would mean that they would die.


The thunderbolts accurately pierced through the four glass coffins. The fire gobbled up the things inside.

The purification had started.

However, the others could not see it properly.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!

They could not tell what was going on because rose gold colored lights were shooting up endlessly from the coffins.

The priests started to panic.

“No! All of the dead mana we worked so hard to gather!”

“We need to go to the center!”

“Cale Henituse—!”

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything.

They wanted to harm Cale Henituse, who had created these fiery thunderbolts, but… They could not reach Cale.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

The center of this area…

At the altar with the sculptures…

The rose gold thunderbolts that were surrounding the altar, striking down, shooting up, just to strike back down, created an isolated area in all directions.

Cale and Raon were the only ones in this isolated area.

Raon spoke in a shaking voice.

“H, human!”

Raon gulped as Cale’s face did not look good.


Cale, who had turned pale after using a lot of the Fire of Destruction, looked toward the item he had just taken out of his spatial pocket bag.

He just grabbed a badge from the first clothes he could touch, so it was a badge with the Roan Crest from his Commander uniform.

That badge was vibrating intensely.

Raon’s eyes sparkled as he shouted.

“Human, did you loot them in the end?”

The four sculptures that should be on the altar were completely gone.

The transformed dead mana pouring out of the coffins that had been connected to the sculptures were turning into ash after touching the rose gold thunderbolts.


The aura that had been surrounding Cale’s body slowly dwindled until it disappeared.

He tightly clenched the badge. The badge quieted down as if it was being dominated by Cale.

This was Embrace, the ability Lee Soo Hyuk had given him.

This was the third time Cale had used that ability.

The sculptures that the White Star and his subordinates had worked so hard to prepare were under Cale’s control now.

“Yeah. I’m going to loot the rest of the sculptures too.”

Cale would normally get rid of everything that might do some useless crap in the future, however…

“I’m too annoyed to just let them off easy.”

He needed to smack them from the back extremely hard to feel better.

The four sculptures were forever under Cale’s control now, and Cale wondered if he could do something with them.

Of course, he didn’t know how to do that right now.

There may be no way to do so.

‘Then I just need to destroy them.’

Now that they were under Cale’s Embrace, nobody else could take them out nor destroy them.


“I got it!”


Raon and Cale were surrounded by mana.

“Tell the others to take care of the rest before coming over.”

“I got it, human!”

The teleportation spell started to activate.

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang!

The rose gold thunderbolts were still striking down, and they would turn into ashes and disappear once everything had been purified.

In the future, people will discuss the black wall that covered Mount Nex and the radiant rose gold thunderbolt that pierced through it as the prelude to the greatest war since ancient times and the first step of the noble sacrifice.

It was also the start of the final battle for peace for the individuals who will be heralded as heroes in the future.

Translator’s Comments

Oh snaps oh snaps oh snaps! “It was also the start of the final battle for peace for the individuals who will be heralded as heroes in the future.” Clopeh would go frantic over this statement!

What will happen next?

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