Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 605 – Even if it takes my last breath (5)

Choi Jung Soo instantly started to frown after hearing that Cale wanted to fight.

“What do you think you can do in your current condition-?!”
“Do you have any other ideas?”

Choi Jung Soo was at a loss for words.

Was there another way to take down this upgraded yellow monster right now?

There weren’t.

This damn upgraded monster was even using the blue head’s abilities.

It was larger than before and its body was even stronger.

It had the yellow head’s original electricity, dirt, and sound abilities.

It now also had the blue head’s water, horn, and poisonous fangs.

Finally, it had those scales that only Lee Soo Hyuk’s sword was able to pierce.

Was there a way to overcome all these things and kill this monster?

‘…For a very long time.’

It was possible if they fought with it for a long time.

There was only one monster. In comparison, they had a lot of people.

But Choi Jung Soo lowered his head after hearing what Cale said next.

“A lot of people will die if it continues like this.”

Choi Jung Soo could see the battlefield as he looked down.

He could see Choi Han charging forward again.

“Aren’t you pushing yourself too hard?”

Kim Min Ah was following behind him.

“I can’t stop.”

She started to frown after hearing Choi Han’s response.


She swore before charging past Choi Han.

She then swung the large spear in her hand with everything she had.


The monster’s eyes headed toward Kim Min Ah. They then curled up.

It was as if it was laughing at him.

“Don’t laugh at me, you stupid oversized eel!”


The spear started to crack from the strength in Kim Min Ah’s grip. That was how angry she was at the monster right now.

One hour.

She had not been able to damage the yellow monster at all while fighting against it for an entire hour.

The spear stabbed forward to try to break through the scales.


However, the spear hit the firm dirt surrounding the yellow monster, no…

“It’s boulder.”

It hit the dirt barrier that was as strong as a boulder and the attack was nullified.

Then the yellow monster released its ability.

Crackle, crack!

Golden currents turned into a spear and attacked Kim Min Ah.


Choi Han rushed past her and moved forward.

Kim Min Ah started to frown.


Choi Han was in the front once again.


The currents crashed into the black aura.

The powers that clashed so hard that they looked as if they wanted to gobble each other up exploded and disappeared.

Choi Han jumped through the smoke created from the explosion.

“Han has such great stamina.”

Kim Min Ah saw Lee Soo Hyuk make that comment before he disappeared into the smoke as well.

Choi Han’s sword slashed against the yellow head’s horn.

The yellow head then quickly moved its large body.

“…What a smart eel.”

It was to handle Lee Soo Hyuk as it expected him to come after Choi Han.

That was dangerous for Lee Soo Hyuk.


Water turned into arrows.

Electric currents then surrounded those water arrows as they flew toward Lee Soo Hyuk.


Lee Soo Hyuk’s body rolled on the ground to dodge those arrows.


The yellow head’s tail that was covered in dirt thorns came flying toward him.

“Are you okay?”

Choi Han parried that tail away.

Lee Soo Hyuk chuckled before getting up.

“Aren’t you protecting me too much?”

There were two reasons as to why they had not been able to attack properly until now.

One was that Cale, who was able to launch widespread attacks, was currently unable to fight.

The other was that Choi Han could not go all out.

“…We cannot let anybody die.”

Choi Han was busy making sure that nobody would be killed by the yellow head such that he could not fight properly.

Cale had said that they must make sure that everybody survived.

‘The vanguard attack squad has already retreated to the back.’

The vanguard attack squad was waiting at a distance in order to dodge the monster’s numerous AOE attacks.

But they were not just waiting, they were fighting.


There were extremely agitated monsters that would show up to attack every so often even with an unranked monster being here.

“Slash it! We can’t let it pass the boundary!”
“Gather together to fight if you don’t want to die!”

The vanguard attack squad was dealing with these monsters.

Choi Han’s gaze headed toward the castle walls for a moment.

‘Long distance attacks aren’t easy either.’

They couldn’t damage the boulder-like dirt armor and the scales no matter how many times they attacked from a distance.

The only damage they could cause was with Lee Soo Hyuk slashing at the monster while Choi Han and Kim Min Ah distracted it.

At first, they had assumed that they would be able to attack it in the same manner they had attacked the blue head once Lee Soo Hyuk damaged the scales.

‘But the scales are much thicker than last time.’

Lee Soo Hyuk had damaged the black scales, but his attacks had not been enough to completely cut through the scales and reveal its skin.

Was it because he lacked the strength to do so?

It wasn’t that.

This was not a narrow subway tunnel like before and the yellow head was able to move quickly despite its large body.

That was why minor injuries were all he could cause.

“Han, I don’t think it’s going to work.”

Lee Soo Hyuk needed to properly slash those scales.

The other options were to attack its horn or inside its mouth.

Those were its weaknesses.

But the yellow monster thoroughly protected its horn and the inside of its mouth from Lee Soo Hyuk.

It was quite the intelligent monster.

Lee Soo Hyuk knew that as well.

That was why he started to speak.

“I need to climb onto that monster’s body.”

Lee Soo Hyuk calmly continued to speak.

“It’s impossible for me to grab that monster, so I need to at least get on it in order to launch a proper attack.”

No matter how fortified these scales have become, Lee Soo Hyuk’s sword would be able to slash it until its flesh is revealed as long as the monster stopped moving.

“But the chances of you being seriously injured goes up if you do that.”
“Han, we don’t have time.”

Lee Soo Hyuk had given everything he had to attack the yellow head a couple times already.

He might not have enough strength to use his slashing ability soon if it continued like this.

“Han, as long as I create a deep enough injury, Jin Tae, Min Ah, or you will be able to open it up.”

If they could do that, the long-distance attack squad had much higher chances of hitting the enlarged injury.

“This is the right thing to do.”

Lee Soo Hyuk’s plan was decided while keeping Kim Rok Soo still out of the fight.

Choi Han started to speak.

“I will climb on top of it and suppress it. Please aim for that opening.”
“We have better chances of success if you distract the yellow monster and I get on top of it.”

He was right.

That was why Choi Han closed his mouth for a moment.

He recalled Cale’s gaze.

At that moment…

“Han. I won’t die.”

Choi Han started to speak after seeing the smile on Lee Soo Hyuk’s face.

“Please take care of it.”

The plan had been set.

All that was left was to put it into action.

The two of them made eye contact with the yellow head that was quietly looking down at them.

Choi Jung Soo started to speak while looking at them from up in the sky.

“Yeah. We can’t let anybody die.”

He raised his head and looked at Cale’s back.

Cale was standing firm, but his back looked quite weak compared to usual.

Although he couldn’t see it because Cale was wearing a thick uniform, Cale’s neck and hair were quite wet from cold sweats.

“…Then what about you?”

That was why Choi Jung Soo asked this question.

“Will you not die if you do that?”

Choi Jung Soo hated himself for being so weak.

Objectively speaking, he was not weak. But he didn’t have enough experience to fight in the vanguard and he was weak compared to Choi Han, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Kim Min Ah.

“Yeah, I won’t di-, ugh!”

Choi Jung Soo could see the dark red blood spurting out of Cale’s mouth even while standing behind him.

“Look at you lying about not dying when you’re in such a serious condition!”

Choi Jung Soo was telling Cale to hold onto him, but unfortunately, Cale could not hear him.

‘…Why all of a sudden?!’

He felt a pain that was much more painful than before.

The pain from earlier was already hard enough to handle, but Cale’s body was now shaking from a pain that was much worse.

– …Cale!

It was at that moment.


He heard a voice.

– Hey, are you sure this is connected?

– I think so.

– Then why is he not responding?

They were familiar voices.

– I knew we shouldn’t trust the Super Rock!

– …My hypothesis should not be wrong.


“Why can I hear your voices?”

– Huh? You can hear us?

He heard the Fire of Destructions voice.

– I guess he can hear us.

The husky voice of the Sound of the Wind commented as well.

– I knew that my hypothesis was correct. Ahem. Ahem.

The Super Rock chimed in with a tone of relief as well.

This was the first time in a long while he had heard the voices of the ancient powers since he had not heard them since he came to this world.

‘Why am I able to hear their voices?’

He could hear the Super Rock’s voice.

– A gap was created as your body and soul was shaken up which created an opening for us to communicate with you.


This extreme pain that was quite dangerous for him…

The White Star’s attack that was probably taking place on the other side…

“Ha, haha-”

These things did not only bring negative results.

Cale could not help but laugh.

“Hey, why are you suddenly laughing after talking to yourself?! Hey, Kim Rok Soo! Commander-nim!”

Cale just ignored Choi Jung Soo’s anxious voice.

His mind became clear even through the pain.

A path had been created.

“Am I able to use my original powers now?”

He had been using the ancient powers at half-power until now.

– No. You are not able to use all of your original powers.

The Sound of the Wind calmly responded.

– But we are able to connect one power to you!

The Fire of Destruction had added on.

The Super Rock started to speak in a serious tone at that moment.

– It sounds like you know about it already, but your body on this side is under attack. Your friends are trying to save you, but it won’t be easy.

He knew it would be hard.

The White Star was quite strong and neither Cale nor Choi Han were there right now.

– Anyway, we will send the Vitality of the Heart to you since we can only connect one of us.


Cale shook his head.

“It’s fine.”

– What? Do you know how much you’ve bled already?

Cale shook his head after hearing the Fire of Destruction ask in shock.

The Vitality of the Heart.

He did not need that power right away.

‘The pain I’m feeling right now won’t disappear just because my ability to regenerate and heal comes over.’

His face that was pale from coughing up so much blood might look better, but his friends on the other side needed to work hard for this pain to disappear.

There was one more thing.

‘I need to overcome this present situation.’

Cale looked down.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Han had stepped forward with Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum following behind them.

It was obvious what they were trying to do.

It was easy to tell after having observed everything until now.

“…They’re probably thinking about fighting knowing that they might get injured.”

Lee Soo Hyuk or Choi Han, one of those two probably made up their minds to do something that could get them injured.

That was the only way to grab this yellow monster and create an opening to slash its scales or attack an area without any scales.


Cale started to speak.

“I need the shield.”


The Super Rock barely managed to speak as if a cat got his tongue.

– Are you still thinking about protecting others in your current situation?

Cale closed his eyes so that he could focus on his conversation with the Super Rock.

Choi Jung Soo and the Steel Feather Hawk were looking at him with gazes that seemed to be asking how a person could be like this.

The Steel Feather Hawk was actually tearing up.

“…My dongsaeng… Is too good of a person…….”

But neither of their voices reached Cale.

He was focusing on the Super Rock and the other ancient powers.

At this exact moment…

The Indestructible Shield was what he needed.

– Then should I go?

The glutton priestess cautiously asked.

She didn’t seem to like this idea.

But Cale needed her.

His eyes were brimming with vitality when he opened them again.

“Huh, huh? Dongsaeng? What is it, my dearest dongsaeng?”
“Let’s head to the castle walls.”
“Yes, yes! I’ll do whatever my dongsaeng asks me to do!”

The Steel Feather Hawk quickly headed toward the castle walls.

Choi Jung Soo was looking at him with confusion.

“What are you trying to do?”

It was because he knew that Kim Rok Soo was not going back to get some rest.

Cale smiled and started to speak at that moment.

“To find a way for us to win.”

Choi Jung Soo asked back, but the Steel Feather Hawk had lowered her head after arriving at the castle walls.

Everybody could now see Cale who was on her back.

“…Shit… Commander-”

This was the moment Heo Sook Ja and the others finally realized why Cale had only been watching from the air after giving the order to attack.

“Commander-nim. Are you ill-”
“I don’t have time to chat right now.”

Cale was looking at every corner of the castle walls until… He saw someone standing with Grandma Kim and mister Jang Man Soo.

He had asked this person to come here with Jang Man Soo just in case, but he had no reason to use his powers until now.

“Mr. Jae Ha-Jung.”

During the battle at the original shelters…

Bae Cheol-Ho, Park Jin Tae, and Joo Ho-Shik had been the leaders of the original central shelters.

Jae Ha-Jung was from Bae Puh Rum’s eldest uncle, Bae Cheol-Ho’s shelter.

He had protected the shelter from the monsters’ attacks until Cale’s reinforcements had arrived.

He had used wood to do it.

“Please get on.”
“Excuse me?”

While Jae Ha-Jung was confused by Cale’s comment…

“I got it!”

The Steel Feather Hawk bit down on the back of Jae Ha-Jung’s clothes and threw him into the air.

“What is going on?!”

The Steel Feather Hawk had placed Jae Ha-Jung on her back while he was frozen stiff in shock.

Choi Jung Soo caught him and sat him down.

“Please help me.”
“Excuse me?”

He heard Cale’s request as soon as he was seated.

“Mr. Jae Ha-Jung, you are able to create trees and make them grow, right?”
“Yes… I can? But I can only grow five trees at max.”
“That’s plenty.”

Jae Ha-Jung suddenly got the chills after seeing a pale Cale who was covered in blood smiling brightly at him.

The people who had no idea what was going on could only look up at the sky with confusion.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Han, who had been about to go attack the monster, were two of those confused people.

“What is Rok Soo trying to do? Who is that person?”
“That person is Mr. Jae Ha-Jung and his ability uses wood-”

Choi Han flinched as he responded.

It was because a thought passed through his mind at that moment.

One of Cale’s abilities that really astonished people and made them gasp in the past…


In the central region of the Jungle… When dead mana was going to be spread all over the area Litana lived in…

Cale had used this power at that time.

“…Is he planning on using the tree trunks?!”

Choi Han started to frown.

The numerous tree roots and trunks had traveled through the night in the past and headed for the palace at the center of the Jungle.

This astonishing power…

If it was this power…

‘It can tie the yellow head down!’

Choi Han started to frown significantly once his thoughts reached that point.


‘Even though he tells us to live, why?! Why?! Why does he push himself overboard each and every time?!’

Choi Han glared at the sky instead of at the yellow head. This was a glare of sorrow and not anger.

“Han, what is it?”

The Steel Feather Hawk started to head down as Lee Soo Hyuk asked with confusion after seeing Choi Han just looking up at the sky instead of attacking.

Very small seeds fell to the ground at the same time.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

These seeds that were so small that most people would not be able to see them as they fell into the ground.


Trees started to quickly grow from these seeds.

The trees stopped growing once they were the size of an average adult.

“That’s good, Mr. Jae Ha-Jung. I’ll take it from here.”

Cale looked down.

The yellow head was glaring at him. It was an inspecting gaze that seemed to be wondering what Cale was trying to do now.


Cale started to smile.

– Don’t overdo it.

He heard the Super Rock’s concerned voice.

– Don’t worry. I’ll do a good job.

The moment he heard the glutton’s response…

Cale reached out both hands.

That was how it started.

Plop. Plop.

The trees started to awaken.

Crack, crack.

The asphalt started to crack and the crack started to spread while looking like spider webs.

And through those cracks…


Large roots started to come up.

The trees started to grow once again and their trunks became thicker.

All of the roots and trunks started to move in one direction.


They all seemed to be heading toward the yellow head.

It was now a battle of strength between Cale and the yellow head.

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